Thursday, 28 May 2020

Home Alone 2 (NSFW)

Logan took of Sarah’s clothes until he was standing in front of the mirror with just her panties on, grabbing Sarah’s boobs Logan cried out as the feeling of being able to grope these lushes breasts made him shudder with pleasure. 

Pinching his new nipples caused him the quiver it felt like Sarah was very horny, he could feel his Vagina starting to get wet plunging his hands into Sarah’s panties he almost cried he had his finger inside a real vagina, he pulled his finger out and sniffed them, Logan could not believe what he was doing he was in the body of a gorgeous woman playing with her Boobs and Vagina, his Mums best friend. IT WAS CRAZY. 

After playing with his new boobs for a while, Logan went into the bathroom, dropping his panties he climbed into the shower and turned the water on, the feeling of the water hitting his new skin was a amazing feeling, he never normally spent long in showers but today could be an exception. 

Just Don’t Do Anything Embarrassing

Adrien was told by his Girlfriend Daphne not to do anything stupid or embarrassing while she tried to find out how the hell they had both swapped bodies, She told Adrien Just to go to work and act like she normally did. 

Daphne presented a tv show on which she and her Co-Host spoke, played and discussed New Games, Movies and technology’s. So all Adrien had to do was go on tv and wing it, but after getting a bit carried away with it all Adrien forgot that he was on national tv and when he groped his own boobs while his new co-host was talking everyone on set and watching found it very strange. 

When Adrien returned home Daphne was outraged by his behaviour on Tv but told him he better get use to it as she had no idea what caused them to swap bodies or how to switch back. 

You should do a caption based on this gif

Nearly 50 Years 2 (NSFW)

Betty enjoyed life in her Granddaughters Body, Maria’s body was amazing but after a couple of months in her body Betty found out she had some problems All though she enjoyed her first night of sex in 50 Years she found the next 6 or 7 times really boring she thought maybe it was Maria’s current boyfriend but after hitting some more bars and meeting more men, Betty came to the conclusion that Maria’s body was just not sensitive enough for Betty she could not spend another 50 years in this body. 

But one night after speaking to Maria’s best friend Tracey about sex, Tracey told Betty that she found sex really tuff in her body, sex for her was to much she could not cope with how Sensitive sex was, Tracey told Maria that her current boyfriend was amazing in bed but Tracey found it hard not cum early. Betty liked the sound of this she wanted sex that really rocked her world after 50 years of no sex and then Months of adequate sex in Maria’s bodies, Betty decided to ask Tracey if she wanted to swap bodies, and after explaining to Tracey about her body during sex to he surprise Tracey agreed, performing the spell which did effect Maria’s body’s life energy but after swapping With Tracey and getting use to her new body, she went home and started fucking Traceys boyfriend. 

As Betty lowered herself onto Her new Boyfriends cock she felt a surge of pleasure which made her cry out, this was it, this is what she wanted it had taken her 50 year It she had found the perfect body plus Tracey was loaded with family money, All it took for a Betty to find her perfect body and life was betraying her Granddaughter and tricking her best friend into switching bodies. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What Have You Done

“Stay away from me you freak, why do you just like me ?” Ben was so confused, moments ago he had returned home to find Aubrey in his house a girl who he had dated a couple of time but he broke it off with her because she was a little creepy “Oh hey Ben my darling Im here to be with you forever, we will never be apart Ben, I’m going to be with you forever” 
Aubrey took a device out of her pocket and pushed a button and next thing Ben knew he was looking at a copy of himself in front of him. 
“I’m you Ben, I’ve become you I wanted to be with you all the time And this is the only way, I Love you Ben and now I’m you, you can never leave me.”
 Ben then put his hands out as The copy of himself walked towards him as he did this he noticed that his hands, were not his hands, plus he noticed he now had purple hair, grabbing Aubreys long purple hair Ben Spoke “What Have You Done?!” Ben rushed towards a mirror and saw Aubrey’s body looking back at him. 

“I’m In your body, you crazy bitch....swap us back....NOW!!!!” Ben charged across the room towards Aubrey in his body but she just stood there “No Ben, I’m finally with you forever..... I’m no longer Her” Ben could not believe it as he stood there watching Aubrey in his body, he tried to over power her and tried to get the device back but she grabbed Him by the arm and throw Ben out of his own house as Ben turned around Aubrey Smashed the Device and laughed slamming the door shut.

Weeks later and Ben was trying to accept his situation, he was living in a small apartment and working as a waitress in a local cafe, being a woman like Aubrey was hard, everyone who knew her avoided her she was in there eyes the local nutter, he had to accept that he was now stuck in ‘that crazy bitches body forever’. 

Saturday, 23 May 2020

There Is No Reverse Spell

89 year old Maggie was a witch, the females in her family for generation had been able to practice witchcraft and Maggie was teaching her granddaughter Beth, as she also had the gift but Maggie was jealous of Beth’s powers she was a much stronger Witch. 

Maggie got Beth into the library where she kept all of her spell books, “Hi Beth, today I’m going to try a very powerful spell, but i think your strong enough” Sitting down on a chair Maggie opened the book and handed it to Beth “Grandma, what does this spell do? the title of it had been torn away” 
Maggie looked her granddaughter and smiled “It is just a spell which can make 2 people telepathic, so me and you can talk where ever we are , I’ve always wanted to try it should be fun” 
But Maggie knew full well what spell this was really and the reason for the page being torn away was because this was a ‘Body Swap Spell’ she need Beth’s body, her knowledge with Beth’s powers would be incredible plus the fact that she would be young again would mean she could live again. 

Beth spoke out the incantation and almost instantly the 2 woman’s souls ripped from there bodies. 

Beth woke up in bed feeling awful she felt like she had been beaten up, her back hurt plus she felt so tired getting up took ages, she was so stiff and then she saw it, her reflection “Arhhhhhhh, Grandma” she walked as quick as she could into the library where she saw her body standing there spell book in hand 
“Oh Good grandma. You trying to find a way of reversing this spell?” 
Maggie lowered the book and gave her granddaughter a quite evil smile “There is no reverse spell, Grandma, but I have found a memory altering spell” 

Using her new powers she was able to alter her granddaughter memory and now Beth was and had always been dear old grandma Maggie. 

Day At The Mall 2

Gavin walked towards Pam doing a silly walk with a hat on pulling a silly face, Pam looked at her former body and spoke 
 “What are you doing ?” Said Pam laughing a little bit from Gavin’s body. 
“Sorry, I just thought it would be funny” Gavin chucked the hat onto the shelf and pushed his long hair behind his ears. 

“I think we’ve done about everything it is possible to do in a mall” said Pam as she placed the item she was looking at back on the hook
“Yeah guess it’s time to go home, what did the guy say leave the mall and we swap back right” 
Pam smiled and laughed as she saw some guy check her body out and make Gavin look really uncontrollable.   

Walking towards the doors of the mall, both friends knew that as soon as they walk out the doors they would swap back.
 “I’m going to miss these” said Gavin having one last play with Pam’s boobs. “Well it has been a good laugh being each other for the day, I think you’ve played with them enough now thank you” Grabbing Gavin by the hand she pulled her own body towards the door. 

As Both Pam and Gavin walked out the door they were back in there own bodies before they good utter another word, both laughing as they saw they had returned to there own bodies, Pam spoke
 “What a day that was!” both friends walked off talking about there day as each other But for Gavin knowing that this ‘Body Swap Shop’ thing was safe and actually worked he was thinking maybe about using it again if not with Pam then maybe with someone else. 

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Should Have Read the Contract

24 year old Heidi sat at her desk, staring at the computer. She hated her data entry job what she hated more was she was having to do it from within the body of her boss, 54 Year old Carol.

When Heidi started the job she had signed a contract which she did not read, it stated that all boss’s could use there employees bodies at any time thanks to a new body swapping machine which was available to the public, this part of the contract was something that Heidi did not read so 4 days into her new job Carol her boss called her to her office where she told Heidi she need to swap bodies. 

6 weeks later Heidi was still stuck in Carols body and she was not showing any sign of swapping back. Very angry Heidi decided to confront Carol in her office barging into the office Heidi was shocked to see Carol in her body doing no work feet up on the desk listening to music. 

"Can I help you Heidi?" Carol asked with a sneer on her beautiful stolen face.

"It's been six weeks! I want my body back!" Heidi demanded.

Carol laughed wickedly "Out of all of my employees bodies, I like yours the best. You won't be getting this body back anytime soon...unless you resign. But I don't see that happening, good luck finding a data entry job that pays this well in this backwater town. I know you've got a mortgage, so the way I see it, you're stuck in this job... and you're stuck in my body."

Heidi went pale, she knew Carol was right and there was nothing she could do. She was about to walk out of the office in defeat when Carol kicked her high heels off and put her feet up on the desk.

"Where do you think you're going? You're not leaving until you've massaged MY feet slave!" Carol demanded while laughing wickedly.

This was so humiliating, but Heidi was stuck for the foreseeable future. It would be many, many years before Carol gave her body back... and she did not take good care of it.

Story by Molly.hayne