Monday, 19 April 2021

What Time Do You Call This ?

Patricia opened the door slowly and closed it trying not to make a sound but as she went to turn around she heard a familiar voice 

“What time do you call this ?” Said Shannon her Granddaughter from her elderly body. 

“You told me you would be back before 12, I don’t want to be in your body much longer grandma” said Shannon. 

Patricia was approaching her 80th Birthday and she had one wish that was to go on a girls night out just like her granddaughter Shannon did every couple of months she wanted to get dressed up and party one last time, feeling a little upset for her Grandma she decided to swap bodies with her for a day so she could experience one last night out. 

“I’m sorry Shannon but I lost track of time, I had a great time... I love feeling this young and sexy again” Patricia looked down at her granddaughters beautiful body and smiled. 

“Well grandma it’s time to swap back so if you could get changed into something a little more relaxing and meet back down here I will perform the swap back procedure” Patricia nodded.

walking up the stairs to get changed, she took her time having one last look at the young body which for the night had been hers, she had loved being able to have one final night out with the girls but knew it was now time to return Shannon’s body back to her. 

Walking into the room Patricia saw her frail body sitting there and she sat down too...... 

Patricia sat there two weeks later watching as Shannon left to go night clubbing with her friends, Patricia was so jealous she wanted to feel young again, when she remembered she still had the body swap device Shannon had not returned it to the shop in the mall, Patricia picked the device up and smiled as she thought of a plan.........

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Swapper For The Stars 2

Alison Brie was Marks next job and this one was again a very easy job, Alison did not want to go to a film premier so she hired Mark to swap bodies and make him go in her place. After swapping into her body Alison took Mark to her changing room and pointed to the clothes she wanted Mark to wear to the award show and without any other real info she just left in his body to catch a movie. 

Mark had never had this freedom before he was alone in a sexy celebs body in her house and was able to try on some of her clothes, Mark checked out his body and tried on some of Alison’s most sexy underwear before getting dressed for the film premier, after the premier he received a text from the real Alison saying she would meet him back at her place in the morning......Another night for Mark to explore another sexy body. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

All Grown Up

Melisa was devastated when her 9 year old niece Nancy stole her then 31 year old body leaving her stuck in her 9 year old body. It turned out that Nancy was jealous of Melisa’s mature body and did not believe she would grow up to be as sexy as her so she stole her body. 

10 years later and there sat Melissa in the body of 19 year old Nancy looking forward to seeing her former body, Melisa was devastated for years about being stuck in Nancy young body but after many years Melissa realised that Nancy’s body was maturing nicely and by the age of 16 she that Nancy’s body was far better than her own.

Melissa watched as her Niece walk into the room in her old body now 41, Nancy looked at her old body the body that 10 years ago she had left forever. 

“I’m beautiful, I don’t believe it....” Nancy stood there in the body of Mellisa mouth open in shock. 

“I must admit when you stole my body I cried for months, but in the end I had to accept it and move on but for years it was hard and I still hated looking into the mirror but now I feel amazing, this body is 10x better than my old body and a lot younger, so I’m off our now Aunty Melissa....” 

Melissa felt so good as she walked past her old body and out the door, she had wanted to show what Nancy was missing for years and now she could go on a enjoy her young sexy body.  

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Living The Swap Class Fantasy (NSFW)

 Duncan snapped another photo of Olivia’s sexy body in a different pose, he knew he was breaking all of the swap class rules but he did not care he was living the swap class fantasy he was in the most sexiest girl in the schools body and he was going to enjoy it. 

Duncan just laid there legs spread looking into the mirror at the body which was his for 6 weeks he put the phone down and started playing with his new equipment one hand playing with his boobs the other rubbing his new pussy, after having some fun for a while his phone rang. 

“Duncan it’s me Olivia, How’s it going in my body ?” Said Olivia 

“Yeah really well I having a lot of fun” spoke Duncan 

“What’s that suppose mean, you little perv......” 

hanging up the phone Duncan laughed and carried on playing with his new body, he knew that it was impossible for Olivia to prove he had done anything to break the rules while in her body so Duncan was going to jump in the shower and explore this body even more. 

Friday, 9 April 2021

There She Was

Curtis had ruined the life of the body he was currently in and needed out, he had just learnt in the space of 2 hours he had gotten a girl pregnant and that he had STI, swapping bodies with another person was the only way out of his current predicament, it was a shame because being Jack had been amazing he was a very good looking man that all the ladies wanted, leaving this body would be hard so he needed to choose the correct body, Curtis has always said that he would try being a Female next time and was looking around for his next body when he turned a corner and there she was.

The sipping on a drink outside a cafe she was the most beautiful girl Curtis had ever seen in his life she was prefect for him and he wasted no time swapping bodies with her. Curtis looked at his little petite hands and felt his face and new long hair, he had never felt so small before he looked down at the dress he was wearing and the smooth little legs which he now had, he looked at his feet wiggling his new tiny toes and then he felt for what for many years and for many different bodies had always been a penis but now he felt nothing but a pussy. 

Grabbing his new boobs and giving them a squeeze he knew he had picked the correct body standing up he nearly feel over he was not use to walking in shoes like this but he was eager to learn about his new life and Start seeing what being a woman would be like. 


Monday, 5 April 2021

At Least Finish Your Story Andy..... (NSFW)

For Andy swapping bodies with Laura was horrible he hated it, all the female things he had to deal with drove him mad but all that changed when he found Laura’s vibrator in a draw one day. 

Now Andy lays there for hours experiencing mind blowing orgasms, so strong that sometimes he fells he may die, masturbating as a girl was 100% more fun than being a man, multiple orgasms alone made being a woman now worth it for Andy. 

Andy does have more of a story but he can’t tell you because he’s to busy Masturbating.......

Becoming Addicted (NSFW)

Tony did not like it at first when his girlfriend use to swap there bodies during sex but after feeling his first female orgasm Tony now demands that they swap bodies before sex.

Tony sat on top of his own dick bouncing feeling waves of pleasure course through his girlfriends body, Tony stopped bouncing up and down and spoke to his girlfriend in his body. 

“Your not going to cum yet are you because I’m not done yet” said Tony 

“No Im not” replied his girlfriend 

“Fantastic” Tony started up again 

Tony was becoming more addicted to being In his girlfriends body he spent days sometimes as her before begrudgingly swapping back to his own boring male body, Tony was addicted to being in his girlfriends body and was really disappointed when she did not want to swap bodies for sex.