Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Enjoying Shower Time (NSFW)

Having a shower normally for Matthew was boring, in and out in 10 minutes but after he and a co-worker swapped bodies he had been enjoying showering much more soaping up his new female body never got boring and he also found ways to make himself laugh like push his new tits up against the glass, shower time for Matthew is now his favourite time of the day. 

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Show And Tell (NSFW)

 It was tradition at Barney’s College for all guys who swapped into girls while taking part in swap class to show there new bodies to there friends, it was banned by the school to display or abuse your swap partners body but it still happened and Barney was not afraid of breaking the rules. 

After the swap people spoke to Barney about the body he was now in, Dixie she was a very quite but attractive girl who Barney was going to be for the next 6 weeks, After talking to some of his friends about what it felt like to be a girl and what having boobs and a vagina felt like, Barney said to his friends 

“8pm tonight at Harry’s dorm room, it’s the ‘Show And Tell’ I will show all of Dixie’s body to you....” 

Barney removed his clothes back in his dorm room and he looked down and his new boobs and started to play with them, moving his hands down to his new pussy he started rubbing his new slit causing his body to tingle a little, looking at the clock he saw it was 7:50 pm and he got dressed and headed to the ‘Show And Tell” 

Barney sat down in his body and watched as 5 boys now in girls body showing of there new bodies and then it was Barney’s turn he went into the bathroom and removed his clothes and prepared to walk out. 

As he walked out people cheered and shouted things out like “Nice Tits” and “Look she shaven” After a while Barney went back into bathroom and got dressed, all the boys laughed and giggled about there new bodies and laughed about the fact that the girls would never know anything about this tradition. 

But little did they know that the girls knew about this tradition and in a dorm across campus the girls in there guys body were doing the same things. 

Friday, 15 January 2021

Horny Is Not The Word (NSFW)

Kevin was your average family man he was a married 52 year old man who worked as a account manager but that was all before ‘The Great Mind Swap’ put him in the body of 26 year old Maria at first he was shocked about being a 26 years younger and of course being a girl, after examine his new body he was shocked by how pleasurable he found masturbating as a girl he was shocked when he made his new body orgasm, this one orgasm would course a problem for Kevin as he found himself masturbating 24/7. 

Kevin purchased everything he could to make his new body feel great but he was finding sex toys a little boring so he went out a seduced a very well endowed man and had a night of passion it was great but as he awoke cum still leaking out of his aching pussy he still needed more, so he picked up a dildo and started thrusting it into his aching pussy, this body was something else it was not horny that was not the word to describe this body but Kevin could not think of word to describe this body he was to busy masturbating.  

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

You Did This

Jason was so pissed at his mum (Donna) she knew never to mess around with dads inventions as they could be dangerous, Jason’s day Roy worked for the government and was always trying to design new things, Roy never spoke about his work and Jason never asked but Donna was a bit more curious and went into Roy’s office and started playing with things, when Jason caught his mum playing with some device he confronted her and in a panic she dropped the device she was holding causing it to make a sound and flash a bright light. 

Jason woke up on the floor to screams as he looked up he saw his own body standing there 

“Jason what’s happened, we’ve switched bodies....oh my god” said a hysterical Donna from her sons body. 

“What have you done , Mum I have your body.....disgusting......” Jason looked down at his mums body. 

“Look at the device it has a number saying 24hours, maybe that’s when we swap back ?” Said Donna looking at a very uneasy Jason who was very uncomfortable in his mums body. 

“We have to tell dad” said Jason but his mum replied quickly 

“No, please Jason 24hours and we switch back I ask you just to wait please” Said Donna pleading with her son 

“No I don’t want to be stuck in your body, at all plus dads taking you out tonight for a surprise anniversary dinner, and no way I’m going on that” Said Jason trying to fold his arms together but his mums boobs got in the way. 

“How about a new car if you don’t tell dad ?” Said Donna 

“Fine” said Jason smiling a little bit 

After agreeing to not tell his dad about swapping bodies with his mum Donna told Jason what to wear and then 20 minutes later he came into the front room unhappy 

“You do this mum and I’m helping you out there’s no way I’m going out in this dress, your boobs are hanging out” but before Donna could reply Roy came in from work. 

“Wow Jason you told your mum didn’t you, well at least she ready to go” 

Roy looked at his former body who mimed a car to remind Jason why he was going a long with this, Jason left with his own father and had a strange night but what Jason and his mum did not know was that 24 hours was not how long until they swap but how long until there stuck in there current bodies. 


Sunday, 10 January 2021

Demands Not Meet

Brenda was trying to get back into her own home to find Adam the bastard who stole her life and her body 2 months ago. She got in via a broken lock on door at the back and made he way inside to find Adam and demand that he swaps them back. Adam stole Brendas body 2 months ago when he was around studying with Brendas son and as she saw him to the door it happened she was suddenly in Adams body and all her body did was smile and push her out of her own house. 

Brenda for a while was in shock and just wondered the streets until she was picked up by Adams dad who had gone out to look for him, days later and brenda returned to her house to confront Adam and saw him getting out of her car. 

“Swap us back now, you arse hole.....swap us back” Brenda raged at Adam who should no emotion. 

But after shouting at her own body for a while her own husband came out and told her to piss off, her own husband did not recognise her and to make it worse he took out a restraining order on her, she was now stuck in Adams body and had no way of talking to him. 

But now as she walked into the kitchen she knew it was her last chance to get Adam to switch them back there was Adam in her body putting away dished when she spoke. 

“Give me my body back” said Brenda, Adam jumped and turned around 

“Look who it is, it’s Adam nice to see you” Said Adam very sarcastically to his former body. 

“Please swap us back, why did you steal my life ?” Said Brenda 

“I stole your life for this body, I mean look at these boobs and this vagina, so sensitive I can’t stop masturbating, much better than being a wimpy boy” Said Adam flashing Brenda his new boobs 

Just then Brenda’s husband walked into the kitchen. 

“YOU, Call the police Brenda I will hold him until they arrive” Adam watched and played the scared wife as she spoke to the police officer she watched as they carted Brenda off she kicked and screamed shouting “I’m Brenda”....... “He stole my body”.......Adam was being comforted by his new husband and knew this body was his now forever.  

Would u be willing to do one where a boy steals his moms friends body using these pics?

Friday, 8 January 2021

When Your 18, I Will Show You

My Aunt Sarah was always very secretive about her life she told me she had a special power which she would show me when I was 18 a couple of weeks after my 18th Birthday Sarah invited me out with her and she said she would show me her ‘Special Power’ I was not excepting anything really. 

“Are you ready, Nathan you see I can swap bodies with anyone I like, I have in the past swapped bodies with your mum, my brother (Nathan’s Dad) and you older sister” Nathan looked at Sarah and was about to reply when he saw Sarah close her eyes......

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!! What’s happening.....I have boobs” a shocked Nathan pulled down Sarah top to show off her rather large boobs” 

“I told you I could do it, how do you feel ?” Sarah lent up agianst the wall laughed as she saw her nephew feeling her body. 

“Oh my god, I have a hand bag.......my cocks gone.....I have a.....no way this is mental.....” Nathan felt up his aunts body before stopping to look at his own body which freaked him out a bit. 

“Want to stay like this for a bit Nathan ? I’m happy for you to be me, as long as you behave” Nathan smiled and nodded

“Yeah, Sarah’s this is mental, and My mum and Dad know about it?” 

“They do but I haven’t told them about me swapping with you yet so I will meet you back at your house later and we will swap back” 

“Okay, Fine” said Nathan as he slowly rubbed his new boobs again 

“See you Later Sarah” giggled Sarah to Nathan. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Somethings Not Right

Lenny and Silvia were having friends and Family over for a bbq a way of celebrating there first Year of Marriage they had planned on using the pool, playing some games and having a good laugh with the people they loved the most. 

Lenny and Silvia walked out into the garden Lenny in his swimming trucks and Silvia in a lovely red Bikini that Lenny loved. 
“Babe I love that outfit, you look so sexy do you think we have time too.....” but before he could finish Silvia laughed and spoke 

“NO...we don’t people will be arriving soon so start on the food while I get the drinks ready...” both walked towards the BBQ when a bang happened a large flash and then a force that pushed Lenny onto the floor and Pushed Silvia back onto a chair. 

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!!!!” Said Lenny but instantly after speaking he grabbed his throat, and looked towards the ground to his shock he saw his body get up and speak rubbing its head 

“What’s wrong Babe....”  Lenny and Silvia looked at each other screamed then look at the bodies and Screamed.

“Lenny Somethings not right here, I’ve got your penis” said Silvia as she grabbed Lennys swimming trunks feeling the cock underneath. 

“I know what you mean I have a vagina, and tits.....” Lenny grabbed the boobs which and put his hand down to feel the gap between his legs.

The couple sat there in shock looking at each other feeling bodies parts and still grabbing there new equipment in shock, 2 of There friends walked around the corner and saw the couple sitting there groping there bodies 

“What’s going on guys, did you hear that bang a moment ago, weird” said there friends 

After a quick conversation both Lenny and Silvia decided to pretend to be each other at the party then try and work out why the hell they are in each other’s body, but despite weeks of research and asking people the couple remained stuck in each other’s body, other people had been affected by the Strange Incident which had caused them to swap bodies but no one would ever talk about the incident or swap back