Monday, 30 December 2019

My Girlfriends Stepmother 1 (NSFW)

Kenny woke up feeling a little unwell his body felt heavy and he just felt really strange, he was staying over at his girlfriends place which he hated because of his Girlfriends Stepmother Monica, because Caitlin’s dad had died young and Caitlin’s real mum was a not in the picture Monica considered Caitlin her child and she would do anything to protect her and she was a complete bitch and she hated Kenny because he was the one who had taken her Step daughters Caitlin's virginity and she did not think he was in anyway right for her. 

The night before Kenny had finally snapped and said he was going to run away with Caitlin and marry her and live a great life together and that there was nothing she could do to stop them but Monica told him there was no way she would allow it but Kenny knew she could do nothing he and Caitlin loved each other and both were leaving in the morning.

“Arghhhhhhh” Kenny screamed as he saw his reflection in the mirror there he stood but instead of his young 24 year old body it was Caitlin’s 45 year old step mum, Grabbing his face and then the tits which now hung from his chest Kenny started panicking again.

 “WTF....why am I Monica.....Holy shit.....” Kenny ran through the house naked in Monica’s body her boobs bouncing as he ran and he barged into Caitlin’s room but she was not there but on her desk laid a note from Caitlin addressed to Monica, a still shocked and shaking Kenny opened up the letter and read it 

Mum, I’m sorry me and Kenny are leaving this morning forever, I love Kenny and want to spend my life with him, he says he will protect me and I believe him, hopefully you can be happy for me, Love Caitlin’ 

Kenny dropped the note and looked into Caitlin’s nightstand mirror, Monica had stolen his body in order to keep Caitlin from running away with him, Kenny grabbed Monica’s tits “Holy fuck, what am I going to do...I’m stuck as a milf”

Kenny got his new body dressed in a top he found in Monica’s room and tried ringing Caitlin but she must of changed her number because the number on Monica’s phone was not ringing after sitting there for a while trying to think of what to do Monica’s phone rang, Kenny a little nervous answered the phone and spoke “Hello” 

“Oh hello Monica....” Kenny knew that voice it was his 

“What have you done, you stole my body...your a freak....give me my body back” his body just laughed 

“No no you thought you were going to take my Daughter away from me, well you were wrong even if I have to spend my life as you being my step daughters boyfriend then I will” Kenny was in shock

 “Your a complete nut job, swap us back” but the phone just went dead, what the hell was Kenny going to do as he sat there on Monica’s bed still looking at the body which he was now stuck in, after a while though Kenny realised that Monica’s body was actually good for a woman of her age maybe it would not hurt experimenting before he attempted to track down his body.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Trying To Be God

James looked blankly up at the sealing, this was his life now stuck as some housewife dealing with her new husbands lust, he had just been fucked by him and knowing this was the start of the rest of his life James felt never happy or sad he struggled to feel after the accident which had caused him to be in this situation he just had to come to accept this life he had created for himself, he was the one who tampered with his own soul trying to make himself powerful by using a machine to make him like a ‘God’ but it back fired his soul was torn from his body and his body destroyed, his soul drifting free without a body it had to latch onto something living and found Bethan and woman who’s soul was nearly broken due to the pain of her marriage and life, which was better than being a drifting soul or being dead but he had destroyed his life and his dream, the ripping of a soul from its body weakened it he had to just carry on living the life of a housewife because death is the only other option.

In The Blink Of A Eye

“Give it back!!!” Crystal shouted as she approached her body, her body span around fingers playing with her boobs and spoke “What you going on about, man” Crystal in her strange Male body walked closer to her body and spoke again “My body you stole, it” her body laughed “Your insane, now go away” Crystal was getting changed into her new bikini when she heard someone enter the changing room, thinking it was her friend she stepped out to be greeted by some guy holding a Glowing stone in his hand, he had walked up to Crystal and kissed her, next thing Crystal knew she was waking up in the guys body. “You fucking stole my, You bastard” but the guy now in her body just laughed and called over some guy who spoke “Hey mate I’m not sure what kind of crazy person you are but please leave” Crystal looked at her body who stood there with her arms folded and small smirk on her face “NO NO NO, I’m not leaving without my body” but the guy just grabbed her and pushed her towards the exit and as Crystal was being pushed out she could see her old body waving sarcastically at her, she had expected a fun day at a the local nightclubs Pool party but now she was being thrown onto the street in some guys body knowing that the guy was now in complete control of her life and she had now way of proving it, but when she checked her pockets for some kind of clue she pulled out the stone the guy used to swap there bodies, but it was not glowing anymore. Crystal was still trying to get to grips with the last 40minutes of her life, in no of an eye she had lost her life.

A Tasty Treat

When Darren was in his old body he use to sit in this doughnut shop literally 24/7 but when he was a in his old body no one spook to him but how he’s In his sister best friend body, after the great mind swap hit there local neighbourhood every guy in the shop wanted to speak to him and buy him doughnuts, Miley who’s body he was in worried that Darren would make her body look fat but Darren was not stupid he wasn’t going to ruin this body

When a guy who had been chatting him up for a hour said “Hey if you come home with me I will give you another tasty treat” it took Darren a while to realise what he meant but after spending the night with the guy, Darren found that he preferred this guys tasty treat.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Alone In His Teachers Body (NSFW)

Elliot had been one of the luckiest guys in the history of swap class, he was a legend, due to the odd number of people in his class he was swapped with his teacher Mrs.Moore who all the boys found very sexy but because Elliot's mum had been explained about the circumstances surrounding this years swap class by the school, Elliot was unable to have any alone time with his new female body, his mum caught him touching his new boobs while he was in his room and had lectured him about respecting his new body....but later that night Elliots mum fell asleep while watching tv so Elliot slipped into the laundry room started a machine up and jumped on, the vibration was amazing his new body was so horny, he rubbed his new pussy and grabbed his massive tits, boobs he looked at every time he was in Mrs.Moore’s class, he did not know how long he would get before his mum came looking for him, just as Elliot orgasmed in Mrs.Moore’s  body his mum opened the door to the laundry room to see Elliot recovering from on hell of a orgasm in his teachers body.

Elliot was never again able to get some alone time in his teachers body but the time he got was very special.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Sneaking Into The Party (NSFW)

William and his friend Lucas were desperate to get into the exclusive parties which happened at the local night club, only certain invited guest can go and experience what is meant to be a life changing party, so William and Lucas managed to enter the night club through an open fire door, they both waited till the party started and just blended in the crowd of party people, just then a man came on the mic and said “10 seconds until the swap happens” Both friends looked at each other and then both friends found them self in a different part of the night club William looked down to see a large pair of tits on his chest, he grabbed them in shock and then looked at his new smaller feminine hands he then in panic tried to walk but nearly fell over due to the high heels shoes he now had on, after feeling his body up for another couple of minutes he realised he was now a girl look around the night club loads of men and women were doing the same as him all examine there bodies loads of women were charging into the bathroom, and after going into the bathroom himself and looking in the mirror a very cute girl face looked back at him, William grabbed his face in shock he was not just a woman he was a sexy woman. William left the bathroom to try a find Lucas but he could not find him, so as William got to grips with his new body he got a drink and collapsed into a couch, his feet were killing him. As he sat down he realised something this girl was not wearing panties, William stuck his tongue out and smiled it, looked like this girl was not aware that this was a swap party and maybe came here hopping  to get William carried on sitting on the couch a man sat next to him and smiled at him “I’m regretting not wearing underwear now” William shot up and covered his new area up “Is this your body, I’m sorry” the man smiled and Laughed “It’s fine, if your up to it maybe I could still get some action tonight”
It must of been the affects of drinking in this smaller body but next thing he knew he was fucking this guy who was actually the girl who’s body this was, but William did not care he was kind of enjoying it.
As William got his girls body dressed back up with some assistants to help him get his bra back on he wondered what happened to Lucas.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

A Freak Event

“I have a vagina” Luke said as he grabbed his aunts private area....Carol looked at her own body and then he young man hands “What the fuck just happened, why am I you?” But as Carol looked at her own body for an answer but Luke her nephew was grabbing and playing with her boobs and laughing “Luke, what did you do ?” Luke stopped playing with his aunts boobs and spoke to his Aunt in his body “I did not do any thing you were telling me off because I have done no house work since coming to stay with you and then there was a flash, and I was you” Both aunt and nephew looked at each other and Luke continued to examine his Aunts body, “Stop touching my boobs” said Carol “Sorry” said Luke
Both Luke and Carol spent the next couple of days checking the internet on people swapping bodies for no reason but after searching the internet for days they found nothing, so both Aunt and Nephew had to agree to live each other’s life and hope one day they will swap back they both hoped that the Freak Event witch switched there bodies would swap them back.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Something To Remember Her By (NSFW)

Peter was a good A* student who had not Brocken a school rule in his life but In order to graduate with full marks he needed to complete one tears of swap class, he was nervous about being put into another body but he had to get perfect grades. So
when Peter swapped with Ann-Marie in swap class he was In for a shock he did not expect to be swapped with the sexist girl in school. Ann-Marie was the girl all guys lusted after and looked at during class, she was amazing, all the boys wanted to swap with her but peter to his surprise had the pleasure of being her for the next 2 months, standing naked in front of the mirror looking at the perfect form in front of him he could feel his new lady parts starting to get wet, but Peter followed the rules and rule 2 was no inappropriate behaviour in you partners body, so the months passed by and Peter had been the perfect gentleman in Ann-Marie’s body but when his teacher said that tomorrow would be the day they would swap back, he decided he needed something to remember his time in Ann-Maria’s body so he got her phone out and started recording he had found her dildo two weeks earlier and now was pushing slowly into his aching pussy, he felt bad but after 5 minutes his pussy was oozing juices and Peter was finding it hard to not shout each orgasm made him tense up more, he was in heaven. He upload the video to his private blog and deleted the video from her phone laying there in the after glow of multiple orgasms Peter decided to shower in this perfect body one last time.

Rushing home from school after swapping back into his body, he ran into his room and logged into his blog.....and there it was... he clicked play and enjoyed every minute of it.... reliving every moment of it.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Nearly 50 Years (NSFW)

As Betty laid there naked in her granddaughters body playing with her new perky tits pinching the nipples, she was staring forget about the slight feeling of guilt she had about stealing her granddaughters life, Betty had hated growing old and always wanted to find a new body to take so she could live on, yet she had planned on stealing her nurses body but that meant she would have to work, she needed a body witch came with a easy life unfortunately the only life she knew like that belonged to her beautiful granddaughter Maria after using he last life energy to perform the swap killing her granddaughter instantly after playing the upset granddaughter as she stood over her lifeless old body she and Maria husband returned to what would be Betty’s new home, Betty loved her granddaughter Maria but then desire to live was stronger she now had it all a beautiful body sexy husband and most of all the money. Laying there preparing for her new husband to come in she rubbed her knew pussy enjoying the feeling of the wetness and strong need to be fucked.

As Jeremy came in he kneeled down in front of her a plunged his head into Betty's aching pussy, the feeling Betty felt as Jeremy licked her pussy was so pleasurable she could have past out she had forgotten what the feeling of sex was like, Jeremy stopped licking her pussy and laid down next to Betty who’s vagina was aching so much more after being licked. Betty lowered her self over Jeremys Cock and screamed out in pleasure, it had been 50 years since Betty had fucked a guy...50 long years but with each thrust of Jeremys cock she knew it was worth the wait, 5 months later and Betty was so adjusted to Maria’s life that no one knew she was actually a 94 year old lady enjoying the pleasures of her granddaughters body.

The Sexy ‘Matthews’ Sister

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!!?” Said Annie from her younger sister Bella’s body, as she looked at her body for an answer in why she was dressed in her red lingerie and clearly touching her body, why like her was she not freaking out....but before Bella could speak Annie realised what Bella had done “You Bitch you know that the device dad brought home would switch our bodies....didn’t you....?” Bella sat forward and a evil smile appeared on her new beautiful face “Yes I knew what it did and I knew it was the only chance I had to become the sexy ‘Matthews’ sister, you don’t know what it’s like being me having a sister like you who’s got it all; the face, the body, and these curves your just perfect and then me I’m only 3 years younger than you but people think I’m 10 years older than you, I have no chest and my body is just awful my skin is not as soft and smooth like yours either, I had to have your body I needed a better life, I’m sorry”
Annie was in shock her little sister was betraying her trust she was stealing her body and also her life
Annie spoke “You are beautiful....” “Don’t bother little sis I’m not swapping back, so save that speech I know as good as you, my....well your body now is not beautiful, but this body is I mean look” as Bella finished speaking she sat up from her new bed and cupped her new boobs, “Look at these tits” Annie looked at her sister playing with her tits and started crying “You tricked me , you betrayed me...Your no sister of mine...your....your...EVIL!” Bella was just ignoring her upset sister, she was mesmerised by her new reflection “I can’t wait to try out this body with your boyfriend....I bet he can make me feel like a real woman” Annie ran from the room in tears she was not sure what had just happened her sister had clearly been planning this ever since there dad returned with the strange device, she felt stupid for being tricked by her evil sister
Annie had to accept her new life but every time she looked at Bella in her body she was reminded of her betrayal.

What A Way To Spend A Holiday (NSFW)

James was laying in bed thinking of the 2 weeks holiday he had now from school and how he was looking forward to playing his new video game and going out with some friends, as he got up to get washed and dressed he opened his bathroom window and he was hit with the smell of his next door neighbour a quiet sexy milf called Angela who was always smoking weed in the garden, as James carried on getting dressed he felt a little unwell the smell of the weed was making him feel strange as he walked over to close the window he felt worst and before he could reach the window he collapsed....

As James started to come around he could feel a massive aching pain in his head like he had been hit on the head by a hammer, when James finally opened his eyes he realised he was not in his bathroom and looking down he was not in his body...”Holy fuck” shouted James, as these words came out of his mouth his new manicured hands grabbed his throat in shock of the voice that came out, he knew that voice from anywhere he was in the body of his next door neighbour Angela, lifting the white top up which he was now wearing he grabbed his massive tits “Oh my god these are so big, what the hell happened, why am I Angela” as James looked at the rest of his body he realised the one area he had not checked, slipping his hand down his new jeans he felt it and wet and sticky vagina, without thinking he slipped a finger into it causing a surge of pleasure to course through this mature body....he carried on pleasuring his new vagina until the door bell went.

Quickly trying to dress Angela’s body up he struggled to walk in the high heels now on his feet, he opened the door to find his own body standing there, it spoke “James, is that you?” James replied “Yes” while still holding onto the door for support, Angela walked into the house in James body and picked up the joint she had been smoking earlier and turned to talk to James “Fuck this weed says it will swap the bodies of the two people who smoke it, but it must be a really strong to swap use considering you only inhaled the smoke from it” James looked at the joint and then at his own body and spoke “So if we smoke that we will switch back?” Angela nodded slowly while looking a the joint she looked at James and said “Well I did not plan on swapping with a boy, but it might be a experience, how about we try these bodies out for a coupe of days, no doubt you would want to have a girls body for a couple of days” James looked down at Angela’s body and thought back to the pleasure he was experiencing while fingering his new bodies pussy “Okay maybe a couple of days won’t hurt” said James. Angela brought a massive smile to James face and said “I will be back in two days when we can light up and swap back, see ya” As James watched his own body leave, he realised he was now in possession of a sexy milf woman’s body and had her permission to play with it, he spent no time he went into her bedroom and started trying on her sexiest clothes, James did expect this while on his school holiday.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019



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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Just Like The Movies

Danny and Mary had been married for 10 years now they had been in love since meeting at school, the first few years of the marriage had been amazing but the last couple had been difficult, Danny had been growing distant from Mary and there sex life was non existent, Mary had arranged the day before for both of them to see a couple therapist, the therapist listened to both couples concerns and worries and told them she knew exactly what to do, after talking to the couple some more she told Both Mary and Danny to go home, go to bed and wait for a change in there marriage.

When there alarm went off the next morning it took only seconds for the couple to be screaming the house down waking up in each other’s  bodies was not what they were expecting, realising he was now a girl Danny grabbed his wife boobs which now sat on his chest and they shot out of bed to go to the mirror.

After Danny and Mary calmed down they started looking at there bodies as Danny carried on checking out his wife’s tits Mary spoke in her new Male body “Wow, she said there would be a change when we woke up but did not think it would be this” Danny finally stopped playing with the boobs on his chest and spoke “It’s like those movies, where a couple switch bodies and learn more about the how the other half live” Mary spoke as she grabbed the penis in her husbands pants, “That means I will have to live as a man, well that does mean that I don’t have to put up with my period next week your be having that to deal with” Danny grabbed his wife’s stomach sat down on the bed and said “Oh shit” Mary sat next to him put her new masculine arm around her own body and said “Don’t worry I will show you what to do when it starts”

Just like the movies all worked out well for the couple after many weeks living and understanding and learning about each other’s needs and also having a very intimate night in each other’s body both swapped back.

Friday, 6 December 2019

The Body Hopping Best Friends 1 (NEFW)

Connor and Tyler had been friends ever since they both meet while in another’s person body, both boys now went around the word hopping into new bodies and having as much fun as possible, this week they had hopped into a lesbian couple they saw in a hotel where they had been hopping bodies all week, both boys noticed these girls because they both had great big tits, after taking control of them, they both started admiring them selfs in the mirror in there room and wasted no time stripping a playing with there new large assets, both boys like to play pranks on there victims by recording some really weird stuff on there phones for when they regained control of there bodies, they loved the idea of people not remembering the wild and sexy nights they had in peoples bodies, Connor and Tyler found there new bodies most revealing clothes and started recording and drinking.....

After a wild night of playing with there and each other’s bodies the guys watched the video back, after finding that there drunken night of fun was even better when watched back, Connor decided to dress in the girls Bikini and head down to the pool, but Tyler was not done yet with exploring this body he stayed behind, unknowing to Connor he had found a vibrator in this girls luggage and was looking forward to using it.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

This Is The Life (NSFW)

Debbie wanted a easy life she wanted to marry a rich older man and spend her days sunning it up on a beach somewhere but after years of trying to find the right man to marry she had no luck but one day she finally found him but he was already married to a very sexy young busty lady called Megan, Debbie wanted he life so much she used a illegal version of the technology used by ‘Body swap Incorporated’ to steal he body, she used all her money to switch bodies with Debbie....after a few days of being Debbie she was getting her dream she was laying on a beach naked in her new sexy body with her new rich husband away on business, after laying about for the day in the sun she went into town and spent a great relaxing time at a 5 star Debbie sat the being pampered she sipped her champagne and said “Now this is the Life”

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Bruce The Dog

Bruce the dog was a loyal and much loved dog for Denise in a way he was a companion of Denise, she found him to be a great person to talk to about all her secrets she spook about her life,friends,family and boyfriends part and present but one day Denise was walking Bruce at his favourite park when Bruce found a strange statue in a half dug pit in the middle of his favourite woods he returned to Denise with this Statue in his mouth Bruce was so happy he could bring something back to his owner but as Denise went to grab the Statue it started to shine brightly and next thing Denise knew she was looking at her body unconscious on the ground, it took her a few moments and then it hit her she was Bruce.....When Bruce came around he raised himself onto all fours and started barking in Denise body some how she managed to get herself back to her apartment she was finding being Bruce strange she was of coursed freaked about being her pet dog, as she sat there she could smell that Bruce was over due for a bath, she tried to get he old body to touch the statue again it took a while but after a while she finally got Bruce to touch it nothing happened and in Bruce’s confusion of being human he accidentally smashed the Statue. Denise started to whimper as it was the only way she could cry in Bruce’s body she was stuck as her dog.

4 weeks later and a more adjusted Bruce took Denise out for a walk, turns out that a couple of weeks watching tv helped Bruce to speak and he had no problem going about as Denise as for the last 3 years she had told him everything about her life, and for Bruce he now was looking forward to taking care of his owner and as they went to get out of the lift Denise looked up at Bruce and he looked down and spoke “I know that look, someone’s got a full bladder” Bruce was able to live the human life and loved taking Denise for walks but he did sometimes have the urge to chase the tennis balls.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Tribal Curse 2 (NSFW)

As the full moon appeared in the night sky he could feel himself starting Kevin could feel himslef leaving this body after a moment of feeling nothing, Kevin was sitting at a table as he came around he chocked, he the swallowed what tasted like potatoes, as Kevin looked around he saw that he was looking at 3 people sitting around a table “You okay darling, did it go down the wrong hole?” Kevin said nothing he  as he felt his chest he was still a woman but based on the fact these tits were now smaller and that he was sitting having dinner with what looked like this girls parents he realised he must be in the body of there guys daughter, Kevin excised himself from the table and looked for the bathroom around the unfamiliar house as he looked at the face in the reflection of the mirror he grabbed his face and spoke “Im young, a lot younger than Mrs Clay” Kevin started to take of his clothes and examining his new younger form. he thought to himself that this curse would be bad but so far he had not really had a problem with any of his bodies, Mrs Clay was older and having sex with a man was a little strange, just then a voice spoke from outside the bathroom door “Jenny are you okay in there ? You did not finish your Dinner” Kevin looked in the mirror again and said “Hi Jenny” he got dressed and quickly opened the bathroom door “I’m fine.....Mum I’m just going to have a early night” As Kevin finally found what must of been Jenny’s room he opened up the laptop inside and looked for info on his new body, she was 18 and going of to college in 4 days, as Kevin continued to search the laptop he found a folder marked ‘Private’ he opened it up and found loads of porn and all lesbian porn looked like Jenny was a secret porn lover, after a little while Kevin was laying on the bed naked getting to grips with his new body, after bringing himself to a satisfying climax he just thought to himself this curse thing is not a problem, thought it was meant to be a punishment.....

Oh wow wrong Kevin is.........

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Another Day 2

Brian had not found being a woman any more exciting or pleasurable then being a man, after a while having boobs and a vagina becomes the norm he was struggling more with the periods he now had to go through in this body not forgetting putting on a bra. As he sat on his bed he could feel the stress of what he thought would be a relaxing new life, his job was okay to start with as Jennifer but his new boss is always looking at him strangely and constantly flirting with him, he had to accept that being in a body like this meant men would flirt with him but the entire situation for Brain was getting to much plus after almost 6 months as Jennifer her body was crying out for some sexual relief even the dildo Brian purchased was not helping, his body needed sex, Brian continued to rub his neck knowing that he would have to accept reality and fulfil his bodies urges but for now he had to go to bed a prepare for another day as Jennifer.

Part 1

Friday, 29 November 2019

Major Crush (NSFW)

Sophie was in trouble she had a major crush on her daughter Jenny’s boyfriend Samuel he was just so perfect he was just everything that Sophie’s husband was not, Sophie saw him once without a shirt on and his body made her run to the bathroom where she found herself fiddling with her vagina thinking of his muscular body, she needed Samuel but she knew that there’s no way he would cheat on Jenny they were in love, plus Sophie was not as stunning now as she once was.

She planned something very evil and a little unfair on her daughter she thought that if she could not sleep with him in her own body then she just needed to be Jenny, so unknown to Jenny, Sophie found a spell on the dark web that would switch there bodies, after tricking Jenny into reading the spell Sophie awoke to a nice surprise she was now in her young daughters body after expecting her new younger body she could hear screaming coming from her own room, after dealing with a angry and upset Jenny in her body Sophie called up Samuel and asked if he wanted to come over....Samuel had not been 2 minutes through the door and already Sophie was removing his trousers and when she saw his big cock stand to attention, Sophie thought to herself with a shocked expression on her face “Bloody hell Jenny is one lucky girl, well I guess I’m the lucky on tonight.”

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Betrayal And The Brother 2 (NSFW)

Dan could not believe it as he undressed his new body slowly, Hannah was true to her word after they swapped back, she got her friend Rebecca to come around who was sleeping with her  boyfriend Hannah confronted her and they had a massive argument and Hannah finally said to Rebecca that she was going to be punished for her betrayal of there friendship next thing Dan knew he was standing in front room with Hannah who was smiling and spoke “Hey brother told you I would swap you with Rebecca”  there in front of Dan’s eyes was Blonde hair he had Rebeccas's body as Hannah went up stairs to deal with Rebecca who was already panicking due to the fact she was now her friends dorky brother, Dan wasted no  time examining his new body he was in disbelief over this he felt kind of wrong checking out and showering his sisters body but he would not feel bad about checking out this body not one bit ......Hannah came down from up stairs and was stunned to find Dan was gone, he was already on his way back to Hannah’s house....and he was going to enjoy himself in this body after getting undress to shower he received a text from Hannah he had two weeks to enjoy this body and Hannah was planning on making Rebecca life hell in his body but Hannah wanted Dan to do one thing for him mess up Rebecca’s relationship with Hannah’s now ex boyfriend, Dan was not sure how to do this but replied that he would, but for now he was thinking of only one thing soaping up this bodies tits and maybe feeling what a women’s orgasm is like.

Check out Part 1

Monday, 25 November 2019

Things We Do For Love (NSFW)

Bruce’s girlfriend Crystal was super sexy and he loved everything about her except her work ethic, because every time she had a shift at the local takeaway she used her old family powers to swap with Bruce he had Already done about 20 shifts but he loved his girlfriend so he agreed to another shift in her body. That night while on a break he took a picture of his girlfriend sexy body and sent it to his Crystal, she replied quickly telling him to behave he will get her fired. After the shift ended he look at Crystals phone, she must of being getting aroused looking at the picture Bruce sent because the picture she had sent him was of his member standing to attention with a condom on, Bruce thought that he would be swapped back into his body for sex but when he got home, he was wrong very wrong indeed.

Crystal was now going to work in her own body doing her own shifts but now Bruce was being swapped into her body for there romantic evenings, turns out crystal enjoyed using Bruce’s cock on her own sexy body.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

What Are You Wearing

Joe had dressed his sisters body Jasmine in a way which he knew would piss her off, she caused the switch she said on the night before they swapped that ‘Joe did not understand how hard it was to be a woman in this world’ So now it seemed they were stuck as each other for now Joe was going to show his sister what she was missing, so when he walked up to his old body in the street his Sister shouted in complete shock as she saw the outfit Joe had dressed her in

“WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!!!!????” Said Jasmine

As Joe posed in his sisters body he heard a man across the street wolf whistle at him “Nice legs sexy, that skirt makes your arse look great” it was the first time Joe had understood the problems women had in the world. Jasmine heard the man whistle and shouted back “Hey man don’t wolf whistle at my brother” the man looked confused at this but as both siblings burst out laughing the man just walked away, Joe and Jasmine learnt lessons each day about life as the opposite gender, finally after months of being in each other’s body they swapped back both learning some valuables lessons about the opposite gender.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Tribal Curse 1 (NSFW)

Becoming a different person after every full moon was a curse that was put on Kevin when he disrespected some Tribal woman while on holiday, he would find himself sometimes in different parts of the country and sometimes the world people from all walks of life, man or woman, but this full moon he had swapped into Mrs Clay body a close friend of the family. Kevin awoke to find himself naked laying on a bed he look up into a mirror to see who he had become, after to seeing the face looking back at him his hands grabbed the boobs which now sat on his chest and the Vagina which was now between his legs, Kevin had been a woman before so was use to these body parts but he had never been someone who he knew, Just then the door to the bedroom opened and Mr Clay came walking in naked, Kevin noticed the Large erection he had and knew that he had become Mrs Clay just as she was about to have sex with her husband, before he could say anything Mr Clay was inserting his cock into Kevin’s pussy, the pleasure was to much each thrust gave Kevin new waves of pleasure, Kevin had never had sex with anyone in all the female bodies he had been in but for once Kevin was looking forward to the next month of being Mrs Clay, he may as well  enjoy it because he did not know who he would become next Full moon.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Horny 24/7 (NSFW)

The Great mind swap had at first for Andy been great, he was a 53 year old accountant in a dead end job and a loveless marriage which was heading for divorce. He thought things would change when he awoke in the body of Tara a 22 year old Model from London, he was in shock as he looked in the mirror at his new body, he was young and sexy with a great pair of tits and he had gained 31 years back on life, but not long after the swap he started to find out that Tara body had a problem he started to realise there was a problem when he felt a strong aching in his new vagina like a itch in his new area and as he put a hand down it was soaking wet, a strange creamy liquid coming out and crying out, so as Andy laid there fingering his aching pussy boobs bouncing all over the place just about staying in his new bra he thought maybe this wasn’t as great as it seems this girl turned out to be horny 24/7, no matter what Andy did every 20 minutes his body was crying out for another finger fuck, Andy even tried sex with a man but although it felt great he was still so horny after that he had to go into the toilet and masturbate, in some ways he wished he was back in his old body living his normal life.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Test Subject

Gavin was in trouble he was walking home after  working the night shift at a local petrol station when he was hit over the head by someone who came out of no were behind him. He woke up in what looked like an old basement, trying to move he realised he was tied down to a chair his head was still throbbing from the hit over the head.  Out of no where a scream from the other side of the room as Gavin looked across he saw a girl tied to a support beam, just then a man walked in to the room , he removed a cover which once removed showed a strange machine he looked at both Gavin and this girl laughed and then he then spoke “you both must be wondering why I kidnapped you both you see I need some test subjects to use before I use this machine on Lady Marshall who is paying me to make her young again, sorry my darling but your body is not really what Lady Marshall wants, she needs a body of pure class and much more attractive then you” Both Gavin and this  woman spoke Gavin spoke first and the girl burst into tears “Your going to use that machine to swap my body with that girl...your going to kill us” he said this Gavin because as he looked at thIs machine more it looked poorly made and just like loads of parts from different computers, the Man laughed and replied to Gavin “That’s why I’m testing the machine on you two” The girl who was still crying just shouted “YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME!!!!LET ME GO!!!!!” the man brushed his finger on the girls face and laughed “Sorry my sweet but you are to valuable to let go, I need the money and then I will find myself a new younger body....I need this machine to work” the man then placed wires to Gavin head and placed the same type of wires onto the Girls head, the man laughed and pushed a button in the main panel of this machine which flashed and made loud sounds. Pain coursed through Gavins body he could feel his body burning like it was going to set on fire then.....nothing......when Gavin started to wake up he could see the man looking directly at him but he felt different no longer was he tied to a chair he was tied to the beam just like the girl, as he looked down he saw the body he was now in “You bastard, I’m a girl, I’m in her body” Another scream echoed through the basement but this time it was more manly, the girl had awoke again she was going mad in the chair, realising she was now a man she was going insane shaking the chair and swearing at the man, who rushed over a injected Gavins former body with something causing it to fall asleep he walked up Gavin and spoke into his ear “I’m going to be rich sorry, my darling” as he said this he Injected Gavin in the Neck and he feel asleep....

Once Gavin awoke he was still stuck in this basement but the man and his machine had gone, he could only look down at the body he was now stuck in...the girl was awake but just staring into space he tried to get her attention but it was no good the shock of now being a man was to much, so Gavin could only scream for help as he remained trapped not only in this body but in the basement as well.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

A Drink To Many (NSFW)

Ben and Paul had swapped bodies with two girls in there class as part of swap class, Paul was Annabelle (Left) and Ben was Katy (Right) unlike there own Male bodies both of these girls were 18, this meant that it was legal for them to drink now exited by this both boys planned on going out drinking in there new bodies, So that night they got dressed up and hit the night clubs, a couple of drinks in and both men were dancing and acting like fools, two guys who were sitting in a both close by invited them both over and got the boys some more drinks after a couple more drinks both boys  were flashing the two guys there new assists  of there new tits to the guys. After another couple of hours of drinking and dancing, both boys would wake up regretting there heavy drinking for Paul it was just because of the major hangover he was feeling but For Ben the hangover was the lease of his worries the major concern for him was the man laying next to him in his bed.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Edith’s New Home

Edith laid in her hospital bed staring at the ceiling, Edith was 90 years old a knew her time was short, she normally looked forward to Monday’s as it was visiting hours and her Daughter Beth and great granddaughter came to visit, Edith Great granddaughter Olivia had just got married she was so upset she could not attend the wedding but she was happy for her. When both Olivia and her mother arrived Edith spoke to Olivia and What early married life was like and the honeymoon her and Zac had been on. Then Beth spoke “Go on darling tell you grandmother your great new” Olivia grabbed her grandmothers hand as she always had done when she was ever upset, worried or had some great new to tell her “Me and Zac have brought our first home, we move in next week” Edith was so happy she kissed her granddaughters hand and smiled. But then Edith felt a sharp pain in the chest, clutching her chest both Olivia and her mother called for a nurse..two nurse came rushing in but by then Edith was unconscious....”We need the electric paddles” said one nurse, as always when worried Olivia went to grab her grandmothers hand but just as she touched it the nurse sent a shot of electricity through her Grandmothers body then through hers the pain and shock of this made Olivia pass out.

When Edith came around she was so happy to see she was still alive as she looked up she saw her Beth starting down at her she spoke “Where’s Olivia? Is she okay” Beth looked at Edith with a strange face, “Darling your confused you are Olivia, and I’m sorry but Grandma died, they could not do anything.” Edith raised her hands she was stunned she was looking down at Olivia’s hands one the left hand Olivia’s wedding ring was shinning, she grabbed her now long hair and then ran her hands down her body feeling the thin body of her granddaughter. Edith spent days trying to understand what had happened coming to turns with that the real Olivia was dead, she was now Olivia she was now married to Zac, the day Edith in Olivia’s body was released from hospital was the day Olivia was going to move into her new home, as Edith walked to her new husbands car she could not believe how pain free each step was and how her perky boobs and bottom wiggled while walking, when she walked into what would of been Olivia’s new home she looked around and thought to her self “Don’t worry Olivia I will make this a great home and make sure this body gets a good life,” 

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Fearing The Worst (NSFW)

Danielle rushed back to her house in a complete panic  she searched for the hidden key under the plot plant she was in a complete state she was still in shock, just 1 hour ago she awoke to find herself in her friends son’s body Jason, he was a strange young man who always looked at her in a odd way she had caught him looking at her boobs many times as well, she doesn’t know why she in his body or how this happened but she’s fearing the worse, what will she find when she enters her home....

As Danielle entered she looked up the hall way and saw her body looking back at her, there stood her body arms stretched over the door and her boobs on display. Jason had done what she had feared he had been playing with her body as she saw her massive tits hanging from her chest she felt a strange feeling in her new crotch area, her own tits were turning her on, she had to get out of there but when Jason removed her skirt and stood there naked in front of her, Michelle realised why Jason was always  staring she was one sexy Woman.

Would You Swap Back

Lana was proud with the way her daughter Caitlin had grown up and matured, Lana was older then most mums having given birth to Caitlin when she was 44, now Caitlin was 24 Lana was starting to feel her age, her daughter was very popular with the guys, no surprise as she had turned into a absolute stunning woman. Lan had always believed Caitlin to be sensible and Mature but one night when Lana found drugs in her daughters hand bag she went mad “You stupid girl why would you want to ruin your life and body with drugs.” Caitlin clearly drunk returned fire at her mum “Well What are you going to do about it your old Bitch!!!”
That night Lana came to the conclusion that Caitlin did not deserve her life and body, she decided to swap bodies with Caitlin to teach her a lesson, after using a online spell to swap bodies with her now panicking daughter she explained that she was being punished for abusing her life and body, the only way to swap back will be by living her life and realise  everything she had done and to help Caitlin achieve a great life....but being a stunning, young woman which all the boys fancied was hard to give Lana decided to stay young and sexy forever......

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Staying For Good (NSFW)

Mason had been using his body hopping abilities for years now, he was told by his grandfather that he had the gift and his grandfather taught him how to use and control the power, he swapped with many people he started of with men but mainly used it to swap with girls he fancied or just sexy people he passed in the street but endlessly swapping bodies was to much for Mason, he was finding it all a little boring the excitement of a new body had worn off. But all changed when he saw a girl who was one of the most cutest people he had ever seen standing outside smoking by a local restaurant, Mason found himself blown away by her beauty she was adorable, her face just made him stair she had a face which was to perfect, he had to swap with her.

Once Mason had swapped bodies with this girl who he found out was called Rachael by the drivers licence in her bag he returned to her house and stripped naked. After a month of being Racheal he was still in love with his new body, this body kept him excited and always wanting more, he was in love...he was not interested in swapping back.....he staying in this body for good.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Take Your Time (NSFW)

“Fine, if your going to stroke my dick them I’m going to play with your tits” said Nick to his girlfriends Eva who was in his body and was getting carried away with masturbating her new male Cock “Wow babe you are going to town on my cock” Eva let go of the cock now hanging from her body “Sorry I just had to feel why you guys do it all the time, and I can understand why now what a felling” Nick started playing with Eva’s boobs “Babe your boobs are great, WOW!!! your nipples are so sensitive.” The couple wanted to improve there sex life there therapist said that this treatment is very good, feeling what each other like and need will mean when they swap back they can have better sex and be able to bring each other to levels of pleasure never experienced in the relationship. Eva was desperate to ‘Jack off’ her new body completely and Nick was going to use Eva’s dildo, but after 5 minutes of playing with each other’s body, Eva was pounding her Pussy his her new cock and Nick was screaming out in pleasure as each trust brought new realms of pleasure to him.....the therapist told them to take there time before sex but the couple were having sex every moment of the day, in every room and in every position possible.....

Friday, 1 November 2019

Update - Week Off


I’m going to take a week off writing captions, I feel like my last couple of post have not been great, need to rest the mind and come back with some new idea’s and also carry on some old caption series which I have neglected, I will return with some New posts on the 11th November

Any new ideas or request keep them coming, Comment below with ideas or Email me

Many thanks


Thursday, 31 October 2019

Truly A Best Friend

Jacob had never understood his best friend Gabby she always complained about her body she kept saying she was ‘Chubby’ and ‘Ugly’ but although Jacob had no intention of dating Gabby, she in his mind was not ‘Chubby’ or ‘Ugly’ he told her one day to stop speaking rubbish that she was a amazing person she was beautiful inside and out side, but what ever he said she just continued with her negative views about her body.

Jacob had just spoken to Gabby over the phone and she told him to come around hers she wanted to ask for a big favour, he of course said yes and went around to Gabby’s house. “Hi Gabs, what’s up?” Gabby sat down and started to speak to Jacob “I know you always say that my body is great but I need a break for a while, so I have found this swapping spell online, please will you swap bodies with me?” Jacob looked at Gabby in confusion “Swap bodies, well that’s just stupid there’s no way that spells real” Gabby grabbed him by the hand and in desperation spoke again “I need this Jacob please, your my best friend” Jacob thought about it for a while, Gabby was his best friend and maybe if he was in Gabby’s body he could show her that her body is not bad “Okay, i will do it” Gabby smiled and hugged him “You truly are my Best friend” both friends read out the spell and moments later they awoke to find they were in each other’s body Gabby was so happy to be free of the body she hated so much but for Jacob being in this Girls body was going to be strange after Gabby went back to Jacobs house which would be her home for a while, Jacob removed his top “How can she thing this bodies ugly, I think it’s perfect” he grabbed his new boobs and felt the skin of his new body, he spent the next couple of days falling in love with his new body, he had spoke to Gabby and she was loving being a guy, Jacob wondered if Gabby wanted to stay in his body Because he wanted to stay in hers, he just could not believe Gabby hated this body, Jacob adored every inch of it.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Bad Neighbours

Dora had done it she had stolen the body of her young next door neighbour Cara, Dora was 87 years old bed ridden and she knew her time was short Cara was a great neighbour she always came around to help Dora with stuff but Dora was so jealous of her, she could not get over how lucky Cara was to have a body like that, she was beautiful I’m Dora’s eyes she was the perfect body to attempt to steal.

She felt bad but she had no choice she could not leave this world, Dora’s family had been doing this for years but Dora never thought she would use the 2 Necklace’s to swap bodies with someone but she had too she needed to be young again, she needed to be Cara. Dora placed one necklace on then when Cara came in for a weekly visit, Dora started a friendly conversation and thanked Cara for all her help and to say thanks offered Cara the necklace as a thank you “Oh Dora it’s lovely, I’m going to have a shower later I will try it on after that” Dora smiled and after Cara left she waited for Cara to finish showering a try the Necklace on.....Suddenly Dora felt a jolt in her chest like something was ripping her heart out of its chest.....when she woke up she was laying on the floor of a bedroom she did not recognise. Dora knew it had worked as she stood up feeling no aches or pains she removed the necklace from around Dora’s no form, she then went up to the mirror and leant close to the mirror and without saying a word she felt up her new young form just then Cara’s husbands Micheal entered the room “Nice shower babe” as Dora span around in her new body she realised she was completely naked under the robe that Cara was wearing, she un done the robe which drop to the floor showing her new young flesh “Wow babe, You look amazing” Dora walked slowly up to Micheal as she walked she looked down at her new body feeling her new perky boobs and rubbing her pussy, she kissed Micheal on the lips and started undoing his had been years since Dora had been with a man....after spending a amazing night with Micheal, Dora got up too get a drink of water as she looked out of the window she could see a ambulance outside where she use to live, Dora had not given a second thought to Cara stuck in her body and by the looks of it the shock had been to much for her old 87 year old body but Dora did not care she was now looking forward to her new life in her new body.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Drop That Towel (NSFW)

Swap class was the most popular class in Jacks school, swap class is just a easy lesson to pass you get swapped with a random person in your class you could end up as a girl or stay as a boy for Jack he was the only one of his friends to be swapped with a girl and not just any girl Annie Black the most sexiest and popular girl at school she had a body to die for all the boys had a crush on her and wished to see her naked. Jack was loving being in Annie’s body not just because he could play with her tits 24/7 but also because all his friends were jealous.
One night Jack agreed to show them all Annie’s body over a video chat all his friends joined the chat and waited, Jack enjoyed teasing them by massaging his new boobs all the boys in the chat were now chanting “Take that Towel off!!! Take that Towel off!!!! Take that Towel off!!!!” Finally Jack undone the towel and it dropped to the floor, Silence followed as all Jacks friends just looked at the body on there screens, Jack stood there feeling up his body and then giving his new pussy a little rub he then spoke in Annie’s sexy voice “Sorry boys but this body is all mine and I’m going to enjoy it” all the boys in the Video chat shouted “No don’t go....wait.....5 more minutes” but Jack ended the chat and looked down at his body and smiled...and spoke out loud “Let’s have some fun with this Annie’s Black’s body, god I love swap class”

Monday, 28 October 2019

On Cloud Nine (NSFW)

Jim was on cloud nine, after the great mind swap swapped him with Amy who lived on the other side of town, he was shocked to be in control of a girls body but luckily Amy was a babe she was more attractive then his old body which was not difficult, he found examining Amy in the mirror a adventure, new body parts to explore and he found the feel of her smooth skin so exhilarating, when he saw the octopus tattoo he laughed while examine it he found it some what sexy, as he started to play with Amy’s stunning body as any man would do if they had easy access to boobs, he started feeling up his new boobs and playing with his pussy which with each touch it got wetter and his new body was becoming hornier each touch was causing his body to ache, he plunged his fingers into his now pussy...after pleasuring himself for a while he felt a climax and level of pure pleasure hit him a state of pure and untold gratification hit him he had never felt a feeling like it, and his new body squirted and dripped our juices down his leg and all over his new bed and body.....what a feeling he though as he laid there feeling a little sticky and sweaty after masturbating in his new body....Jim was now getting ready to shower this, now his body and what a body.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Hopefully Not Again (NSFW)

Caleb was around his best friends house when he started to feel ill he collapsed to the floor in pain, he felt like he was going to die, then suddenly all went black....when he started to regain consciousness he was in for shock as his eyes opened he saw his dad rubbing his cock and before he could ge to grips with who or where he was his dad rammed his cock into Caleb’s arse but as he looked down he saw boobs hanging from his chest and instead of a penis a vagina just then as his dad continued thrusting in and out he spoke “Oh Sophie, I’m so glad Caleb went out tonight he have not done it in ages” Caleb the realised that he had to be in the body of his mother, the shock of this caused him to freeze he could not speak or move he just laid there taking each thrust of his dad cock, after a while his dad pulled his cock out and cum flow onto Caleb’s mothers boobs and stomach, then suddenly again he felt the pain that earlier had caused him to collapse at his friends house and again he blacked out.....opening his eyes again he was laying down on the floor where he originally collapsed in agony in complete shock of what he had just experienced he tried to convince himself it had not just happened he had not just swap bodies with his mum and been fucked by his dad, but he knew it felt to real, he just was just hopping it would not happen again.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Stop Doing That

“Stop doing that!!!” Shouted Mia from her boyfriends Shaun's body, Shaun looked at his own body still with his hands grabbing his girlfriends boobs “Sorry there just so great, I mean I have boobs for god sake” Mia again shouted at Shaun and he finally stopped messaging her boobs, “We need to sort this out” Shaun picked up the strange device again which had caused the swap, “I’m sorry, but I’d did not know it would do this” Shaun watched his body place a hand on his hip, like she use to just before she was going to tell him off “I told you not to play around with it until we knew what it was, now look I’m you, what are we going to do?!?”

Shaun spent that day looking for something or someone who knew what this device was...well that’s what Mia thought he was doing while she went of to his job, when really he had showered in Mia’s body and tried on all her sexiest clothes and then he laid on the bed completely naked and started playing with Mia’s boobs, after a while his fingers were deep in his girlfriends pussy’s brining his new body to orgasm after orgasm.....Shaun then finally started to research this strange device, he could not find anything it looked like that would be stuck forever but that night they tried the device again but the device did nothing, they were stuck but Shaun was not to disappointed, he had his boobs to play with now for life.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Don’t Mess With Magic 3 (NSFW)

Penny now spent most of her time in her older sisters body partying and sleeping with guys, her boyfriend was not up to her speed she was now fucking all over town, her own sister Amy who was trapped in Penny’s body kept telling her to stop but Penny did not care she had the body and she was using it.
Her new boyfriend Garry was amazing his ability in bed and his great equipment just made her body feel great more then any other man, Penny grabbed his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it she screamed out in pleasure, Garry spoke “Fuck Amy your a sex maniac, but I’m not complaining....I just need to get......” but before Garry could finish Penny put a finger to his lips and just said “No talking just fuck me” They both engaged in another mind blowing, body shaking sex session and for Penny this was the best yet. There’s was nothing to ruin the fun she was having in Amy’s body.
Garry was still pumping Penny’s stolen pussy he kept kissing Penny’s nipples, which made Penny scream out “I love this body” Garry looked at her a little confused and then said “I’m cumming” Penny looked at Garry as he finished what was another great fuck, but as she laid there she could see Garry looking a little concerned “What’s wrong babe, that was great, you were great” but then Penny looked down at her pussy to see a white substance oozing out of it “What’s that?!!!” Said Penny with a very concerned look on her face “I’m sorry but you did not give me a chance to get a condom” Penny was still confused she had not really known much about sex before swapping into Amy’s body but after asking a confused Garry why it was so bad that he ‘Cummend’ in her.

She started panicking “What should I do, PREGNANT, I don’t want a baby...Fuck” Garry ran to the drug store and purchased the morning after pill....but 2 weeks later when Penny was a week later for Amy’s period her and Garry were fearing the worse when she looked at the pregnancy test. “It’s positive” said Garry, penny’s hand covered her face.....but then she had a idea a way of getting out of all this. I bet Amy will want her body back...but Amy was happy she had got use to her younger sisters body she saw her sister being a slut in her body as a reason not to want to swap back. This left Penny stuck in her Pregnant older sisters body turns out that there was something that could ruin her fun.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Looks Like You Should Not Off Called Me Fat

Callum was one of many kids at his school who were bullied by the cool kids they were a group of boys and girls who thought they ran the school other then being going looking they had nothing else going for them. The worst of those was Tammy Jacobs she was a big chested, blonde bitch and by the stories he had been told a complete slut. Callum was use to being called ‘Dork’ and ‘Nerd’ and ‘four eyes’ but one day while walking past Tammy and her friends she shouted at him “Hey fatty, you of to the canteen, for your fourth lunch of the day”.

Callum span around and in anger said “I wish you knew what it was like to be me and to be called fat all the time by people like you” Tammy just laughed and replied “Well that’s never going to happen, is it” as she and her friends carried on laughing at Callum he wished that it would happen to her, that would show her.
Tammy woke up the next morning feeling really bloated and as she tried to get up she found that her body was really heavy she then noticed her room was different she was not in her own room, then as she looked into a mirror on the wall she screamed in shock “I’m fatty Callum, WTF” she grabbed his phone with his chubby’s fingers and found her own Facebook page and called herself on face chat. Her phoned answered and to her shock she saw her own beautiful body smiling back at her “What the fuck Callum, why am I in your disgusting body” her body said nothing just shook a can of whipped cream and squirted loads into his new mouth after a while her own body spoke “Look like someone should not of called me fat, bye bitch” Callum hanged up the phone before Tammy could saying anything else leaving Tammy in his fat body crying as she felt the body which only yesterday she had been bulling at school the next day Tammy tried to explain that she and Callum had swapped bodies but no one believed her, they just did what she had done to Callum for ages, they just took the piss out of her new body and she had to accept it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Lets Get This Over With Then

Chloe had received a invitation Fromm old friend to attend a party weeks ago, and she was looking forward to getting out and wearing her new dress, but 4 days before the party the Great mind swap happened and caused Chloe and her Husband Simon to swap bodies despite the fact that her friends were now in different bodies, the party was still going to happen.
Simon shouted down the stairs while he tried to get his wife body dressed “This is stupid why are we going all our friends are now in bodies of people we don’t know” Chloe walked to the bottom of the stairs and shouted back up “There still our friends Simon we are going” There was no reply from Simon, so Chloe went and sat down, after a while she could hear what sounded like clunking of high heels coming down the stairs, her body came walking into the room looking so sexy “How that dress is so sexy Simon” he looked at her and just said “Let’s get this over with.” At parties normally Simon could have 5 or 6 pints and steel feel quite with it but in his wife body after 3 pints he was drunk and finding his old body rather attractive.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Hell Yeah

Vince had always wanted to see his next door neighbour and Family Friend Casandra naked but the chances of her being seduced by a nerdy teenager from next door was unlikely. So one night he scammed any strange online websites he could and he found a page about “Soul swapping” it was a dangerous and tricky spell, but his want to be Casandra was too much he collected all the ingredients and spoke the incantation “Res animam meam” he said it twice and then held to hair of Casandra he took from a jumper she left around there house one night.
Next thing he knew he sitting on a sofa, he looked at his hands “Oh Hell yeah!” He shouted as his hands shot down to the boobs on his chest he stood up nearly falling over due to the high heels Casandra always wore. His hand then slipped into his panties and felt the slightly wet vagina now in his possession. Vince wasted no time he did not know what would happen, would Casandra wake up in his body and come around or would the swap only last moments. He went straight to her room and stripped he was not disappointed he grabbed and admired every part of the body he had desired for a long time after bringing his body to a orgasm, the door to the bedroom opened it was Casandra husband, John stood there before he knew what was happening John was plunging his huge penis into Vince already aching pussy it was strange at first but he found after John got going the pleasure was on another level, if he thought Masturbating was fun sex was even better.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Life Swap: Danny’s Story 1

‘The Life Swap’ Danny Takes The Risk

Danny had read about a new procedure Called ‘The Life Swap’ People gambled there bodies, people take the risk on swapping there bodies with someone random in the world they may end up in a better body or maybe end up in a bad one, people from all walks of life were signing up and Danny wanted to take the risk he was 33 years old and had a boring job which he was probably going to be sacked from soon. He paid the £1000 fee and created ‘A Profile Pack’  this had basic info about Danny’s life. Before the ‘Life Swap’ took place he was told while watching a video about the rules and risks of this one way swap but for Danny he had nothing to lose.

He entered the Pod which would randomly place his mind into another body, it could be anyone, any age or gender.

A recorded voice spoke “LIFE SWAP IN 5.....4......3...........2...................1”

Next thing he knew he was standing naked in the pod but this time as he looked down he saw something he had not seen before, he saw boobs “I’m a girl.....bloody hell” the pod opened and a voice told him to take some time to adjust to his new form, he stood in the mirror and to his amazement the new reflection was a lovely looking girl with blue hair, she looked lovely why would she want to swap her life.
As Danny opened up this girls ‘Profile Pack’ he was in for a surprise.......

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Oh How I Wish

I always wanted a big pair of tits just like my neighbour Abbey she was so sexy I use to watch her walk around in her bikini during the summer. Maria was just a average looking 18 year old she had to her disappointment a very flat chest “Oh how I wish I had Abbeys bib tits” she shouted just then she felt a jolt in her body next thing she knew she was standing in a kitchen which she did not recognise she noticed her hands and her finger nails which were painted red. Just then she noticed the two large mounds on her chest “Holy shit I’m abbey, I would recognise those tits anywhere, oh my look at these tits” as she said this she raised her hands and grabbed the boobs she had long wanted and admired.
 Maria was now staring Into a mirror fully naked “I’m Abbey....I’m Abbey I just wanted her tits not her life” Maria did adjust to her new older bigger chested body but Abbey on the other hand hated being Maria she was so flat chested and so Tom-boyish she struggle to feel sexy and confident like she did in her old body and hated Maria for causing this swap.

What’s She Up To ? (NSFW)

Arnold was a controlling father he hated not knowing where is daughter Roxanne was or what she was doing she had told him that after school she was going around a friends house to study, Arnold was not to happy as Roxanne had said she was going around Tanya’s house but when Arnold called her mum Rita she said that Roxanne was not around her house, Arnold was outraged he had to know where she was and what she was doing, Arnold walked around his front room calling Roxanne phone but it was switched off he then had a idea he would use a body swap spell he once found on the dark web to switch bodies with her, he had to find out what she was up too, as Arnold set it up he was thinking of what she may be doing maybe drugs...or maybe she had run away from home, when he had got the spell all ready he held one of her hairbrushes as the spell needed the DNA of whom you were swapping bodies with suddenly the room he was in started  fading and going black and he could start to hear what sounded like a man groaning.....When he came to he found himself in his daughters body bouncing up and down on some guys cock, just as Arnold was about to lose it with this guy, he felt a jolt of pleasure surge through his body....well maybe he could have a go at him when there a loud moan came out of his daughters lips....

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Little More Training Required 2

Collin was so happy with ‘Bella’ the dogs progress in how well she had taken to being trained on how to act and be a human and be like Britney, she was no longer barking at the postman, peeing in the street or in the garden, she was using a toilet like a human too, the dog was adapting so well, Collin watched as ‘Bella’ posed for a picture and spoke “I’m a good dog....human aren’t I” Collin went up and was going to pat Bella but decided to hug her....Collin thought that his work with training Bella was complete she now was able to pass as Britney, but just then a man came around the corner, shirt off muscle on show and then Bella laid on the floor and raised her now human arse in the air, Presenting herself to this guy as she had done when Collin use to take her for walk in the park “Dam” said Collin walking her into the house, still some work to that department then.

Just then as Collin was watching Bella eating human food now with a knife a fork and a bark came from behind, he turned to see Bella’s dog body laying there, blood and deep cuts covered the dogs bossy, Britney had been attacked by another dog, cuts everywhere bleeding so much Collin shouted “No Britney swap back, quickly swap back” but the dogs body he was holding stopped whimpering and Collin sat there realising that his wife was now dead, just then Bella got up and came over to Collin and spoke “I sorry, she was a good dog and then she gave Collin a hug and kissed him” in a strange way Collin found the next couple of days with Bella okay he had trained her to be exactly like Britney, maybe he would just get another dog...and move on with his life with the new Brittany.he still had to teach her about sex as a human as well.

Easy Money (NSFW)

When Darren woke up in a strange girls body he went into a complete melt down, he knew nothing of how the swap had happened or who he was, after searching for a while he found a handbag which according the the driving licences said he was ‘Hayley Matthews aged 24’ he then plonked himself down on to a chair nearby and it was then he felt the mounds on his chest bounce, he grabbed what were a missive pair of tits, he then rushed around trying to find the bathroom or just a mirror, she was amazing, a pure beauty as Darren took her clothes off he almost cried she had the figure all girls want curvy hips flat stomach and as Darren grabbed his boobs again he then realised that he was now in possession of a vagina he dropped the panties to the floor to reveal this girls vagina......after some time examining his body he walked into the front room where he found a mobile phone, as he picked it up as used his finger to get the phone to unlock, as Darren looked through the messages, it showed that this girl may have caused the swap, she was in some big debt, no job and behind on rent....Darren was now realising that although this girl had the body...she did not have the life

Darren took some time to adjust he even tried contacting his old self but with no luck, he had gone for many jobs but no one was interested in hiring him, people only perved over this body, one boss saying “I’ve got a job for you” and pointing at his penis. Darren was almost about to give up when while laying there one night playing with his boobs, which he still found struck him, he wonder what people would pay to see this Darren went online and found a Cam Girl service were people charged to watch girls do stuff....Darren had no choice so he signed up and with in moments people were requesting live shows.....Darren set up the cam and looked at what the first person wanted ‘£400 for you just to fiddle with your tits on the cam’ Darren started to rake the money in...

6 months later and Darren was now leaving a great life with a amazing body, he was still doing the Cam girl job, he now was finically stable and could go out enjoying life and this he was starting to find this body needed some real he was Looking for someone to join him and do his first live sex show....Darren was not bothered...Male....or.....female .....