Saturday, 31 August 2019

Sex With A Experienced Woman (NSFW)

Dan was sitting there one night thinking about girls, he was a lonely single virgin who had a crush on most of the girls he knew but really all he wanted was to be shown a good time by a woman, he wished one night on a shooting star 'I wish I could be with a real experienced woman' Dan passed out and when he awoke up he could feel a pleasurable feeling coming from his what he thought was his penis but then he realised that he had boobs and looked down to see a girl going to town on his PUSSY!!!!!! "Oh my fucking god" said Dan. "I know babe your pussy is so tasty...." said the girl who stood up and said "My turn darling and then later maybe you can put the 'strapon' on"

Dan had got his wish he was now with a experienced woman, he did not care he got his wish he was having great sex, a lot of sex...

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Tricked By The One You Trust 1

Marie was a 67 year old grandmother who had been looking after her granddaughter since she was 4, she had been in a accident and her parents were killed she survived, Kelly was 18 and she loved her grandma and did anything she asked her to do, Kelly’s mind was damaged during the crash she had been made kind of ‘Simple’ so she had trouble with some aspects of life but Marie could not get over what a body she had she was stunning, Marie thought that Kelly’s mind in that body was a waste so started hatching a plan ...Marie knew her granddaughter would do anything she asked maybe she could use some voodoo ritual from her great grandmothers book to steal her body...... Marie spoke to Kelly and told her about this fun game were she drew a circle on the floor and Kelly sat in it with her and did what she did, Kelly just agreed with her grandma and followed what she did........They both little a candle both, cut some hair off and put it into a pot....when they were close to finishing Kelly said “Who’s winning grandma” Marie looked at the body which in minutes would be hers and said “Oh Kelly my darling I’m the one who’s winning here” they both touched hands and then from both of there mouths a white fog like mist shot out into each other’s bodies....when Kerry awoke she started screaming as she saw her body starting to undress “You really are a stupid little girl” Marie got up and grabbed he ran new young body “Grandma why am I You, is this part of the game” Marie rolled her eyes and said “No Grandma this me stealing your body” Marie walked from the room leaving Kelly confused and freaked out in her grandmas body.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Dat Ass...

Growing up Caleb had all ways been a fan of perfectly formed bottom, when he swapped bodies with a girl out of nowhere he was shocked but her bottom was perfect to Caleb he wanted to just walk about showing it off he put on the shortest shorts he could find in this girls room and just went out not knowing who he was or where he was...all he knew is he had a arse to die for and he wanted the world to know.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Requests Update

I have been away on holiday for last the keep going up are scheduled ones all requests made I’m working on...Will have some up by the weekend.....I’m not ignoring any of your brilliant ideas. 

Many thanks 

Swapper dude 

Happy To Be Each Other

Kerry and Billy had been friends since they were toddlers there families went way back both there dads worked in a company which events items for governments around the world. Kerry’s dad was quite careless and use to leave his invention all around the house, one day he left a hand held device on the table in the front-room Billy was over to play some games and listen to some music when Kerry showed him this strange device Kerry said “Want to try it?” Billy replied “What is it?” Kerry started putting leads onto his head and placed them on hers, then she replied “I think we can read each other’s mind” she turned it on and her brain felt, like it was emptying....when she started to come around she saw her body get up too, “Holy shot Billy I’m you “ Billy took no time he grabbed and squeezed Kerry’s quite large boobs and said “Wow...those are amazing....I have a boobs and vagina, I have them....Fucking hell” Kerry was looking at her body then looking in shock as she saw her body touching its self all over she said“Your so hairy Billy and......fuck your cock is massive” Kerry’s hand was down Billy’s trousers and feeling his penis as quick as a flash “we should stay like this for today then swap back later, maybe have a day in the opposite sex body, would be awesome....” Billy who already planning his day said “Yes, see you back here at 9”

When Kerry’s returned home at 9 she walked into see her body sitting there hands on its heads crying “What’s wrong Billy” She said putting a arm around her old body “Your dad took the machine back to work he said that it’s no good and he’s going to destroy it” Billy said this through the tears poring from now his body forever, Kerry said “Fuck well to be honest I’m happy to be you I love being a man” Billy looked up at his former body and said “I love being you too, your body rocks” Kerry with her new face looked confused and replied “Why are you crying then” Billy said “I have started your period and it’s agony” Kerry got up in Billy’s body grabbed Billy’s slender new hand and said “Come I will show you what to do.”

Oh Shit.....(NSFW)

“What the fuck Cameron” said Trent in Sophie’s body who he had been switched into just that morning in his schools swap class program “You know the only rules we have, are no tattoos and no sex, not only did we have sex but you have cum in me you idiot” Cameron pulled his penis out of Sophie’s vagina and just said “Oh shit, and quickly got up and dressed and ran out of the door leaving his mate to lay there cum leaking out of his new area.......hopefully Sophie’s body doesn’t  get pregnant or he will have some tuff question to answer when he tells his teacher what has happened.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Dog Wife....Perv Husband (NSFW)

Wayne accidentally swapped his girlfriend with his pet dog ‘fifi’ When He was testing out a strange device that he found discarded in a bin, he was shocked when he saw his wife barking and walking on all fours, my wife was freaking out in the dogs body, weeks had gone by and Wayne could not get this machine to work again, then Wayne’s wife’s body came in completely naked with her favourite pink bone in her mouth and raised her bottom in the air and Wayne knew that’s what she all ways did when she was in heat .....Wayne then spent a couple of days enjoying his dog wife’s sex drive, when Wayne fixed the machine and swapped there bodies back, his wife said “I’m feeling disgusting you don’t have any idea what being a dog is like”....but Wayne was just thinking of how much in a strange way he had liked having sex with technically his dog.

Just For A Laugh

Just for a giggle Jenny and Chuck tried a body swap meditation that according to there yoga teacher he used once a week to swap bodies with his wife....they got the instruction of how to perform the ‘3rd eye swap’ they sat down and concentrated hard.....when they woke up both were shocked to see they were each other...Chuck jumperd up grabbed his boobs and started undressing his girlfriends body, she was shocked she said “Holy shit it fucking worked I have your penis” Chuck put a finger close to his new vagina and said “Well how about we have some fun, then swap back” Jenny jumped up grabbed her former dainty hand and pulled her former body up to there bedroom...After a amazing and eye opening hour of love making they both got prepared to swap back and both said they might make this a weekly thing as well.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Still Very Pleasurable (NSFW)

Stan and his sister Crystal had been swapping bodies since they can remember, swapping into each other’s body had got more strange as the siblings got older, Crystal was a good looking girl and Stan had swapped bodies twice while his sister was having sex but normally it was just when she was waiting for a bus or while making dinner for her boyfriend, they had both got to the stage were things did not faze them but for Stan he secretly looked forward to swapping bodies with his sister while she was having sex even after swapping bodies twice while she was having it, the shock of being in his body watching, then in the middle of passionate and animal like sex was still very pleasurable.

The Bucket List (NSFW)

Ruth had a bucket list to do before she died one of those things was to have one last night of dirty sex, Katy, Ruth’s Granddaughter knew about this list and wanted to help her 86 year old grandma out. When Katy surprised her grandmother with a 24 hour body swap device she was so emotional that her granddaughter was allowing her to complete her list by using her they got chatting Katy told Ruth that her boyfriend was coming over tonight and to have a great time in her body....the swapped happened and Katy looked in the mirror at her old body which would be hers for the next 24 hours, Ruth was just standing there looking at her granddaughters beautiful face, she looked at her young unwrinkled hands and her new boobs which were bigger than hers had been even in her prime.....Ruth spent time naked in her granddaughters bedroom admiring its beauty, she then heard the door open were Katy’s boyfriend Darren stood there and said “Wow babe your keen let me just shower then it’s sex time” Ruth laid down in her granddaughters spread her legs waiting for a fantastic night of sex, Katy had told her grandma that her boyfriend was great in the sack......35 minutes later she still riding Darren’s large Rod and as smile appeared on her borrowed face as she hit another orgasm realising what a amazing body this was and how lucky she was to be having her last wild sex night in it...when Ruth had finished after nearly an hour of love making she turned back to Darren and said “How long till your up for round 2”

When the to girls swapped back Katy said to her grandma “Jesus, grandma why is my vagina so sore” Ruth smiled slightly and said “Sorry my sweet but it was my last time so I made sure I got quite a few rounds in” Katy laughed and said “I’m so glad you have complete your bucket list grandma.”

A Horny Swap (NSFW)

Terry was walking down the road one day when a bright flash caused him to black out when he awoke he was in a girls body, instantly he could feel his body burning, his body was aching all over he was so horny, even though he was so confused about the switch there were people all around equally confused but despite this he had to masturbate he put one hand under his skirt and the other hand up his crop top to feel his new sensitive boobs after bringing himself to complete satisfaction he saw in a Shop tv window that there had been something called the Great Mind Shift which had cause most of the world to exchange minds and bodies, just as Terry had finished watching the new report his body started to feel horny again, for terry swapping into this body which he found out was called Charlotte, she was clearly some kind of nyntho when he finally got back to where Charlotte lived he found loads of different sex toys and magazines.....he then found himself having to relive his new body again.....and.....again....till morning.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Your Fired

Richard was a horrible boss, sexiest and did not care for his staff he was yelling at his secretary who was 9 months pregnant because she was 5 minutes late after a tuff night and morning.....Richard shouted at Beth for ages in front of everyone. Then in the Richards office she then got angry and she knocked all his stuff of his desk , this had nocked off a statue that was given to Richard by his Chinese Sponsors, instantly both boss and secretary swapped bodies, Beth seeing what had happened thought quickly and told her shocked body to get out “Your fired” Richard was so confused what had happened, he left the building of the company which he had built from the ground up in his pregnant secretary body.....when he was walking down the road....the situation had just hit him he had just swapped into a pregnant woman's body he dropped the box of her office things and started to freak out grabbing his tender boobs and stomach, he then felt water trickle down his leg he was going in to labour he was then helped by passing people as he was rushed to hospital...Richard this morning was making million pound decision and now he’s having a baby.

Wasting Your Life And Body (NSFW)

Danielle was complete book worm who had a killer body and the looks to make any man fall in love with her but she always dressed in baggy clothing she did not really go out with friends and spent most of her time in her room reading sci-fi novels and paying pc games, her mum Trudy always told her that she was wasting her young body and her life, Trudy hated that Danielle had everything she did not have the looks, body and the ability to achieve so much when she was young....Trudy decided that her daughter did not deserve her body and life and that she would use it much better, so trudy researched for ages how to swap bodies with a person and found that it was a complicated procedure, Trudy took 4 weeks making a potion recipe she had read online to steal her daughters body and live the life that her daughter was wasting and not living correctly....after making Danielle drink to potion both swapped bodies “Mum, what have you done why am I in your old body” But Trudy was already checking out her young daughters body grabbing everything she could boobs, bum and as she looked down her daughters baggy trousers under her panties she saw a slightly hairy but tight pussy, she could have cried..... “I’m taking this life and body from you as you don’t deserve it you won’t achieve what you should so I’m going to live your life in this body for you” Daniele in trudy’s body just stood there in shock with her hands in front of her frozen looking at the aging hands on her mother, she could not believe what her mum had done, she was now 30years older and had lost her life to her evil mum....couple of days later and Trudy in Danielle body had been out brought a new sexier wardrobe and managed to get a hot date for the evening.....she got dressed and went to her old body who was curled up on the sofa crying and watching Tv “Don’t wait up mum, I’m going to have some fun tonight in this body so you may want to take my sleeping tablets now, bye bye” When Trudy returned after fantastic night out with her date she sat on the sofa lifted her sexy smooth leg which she had got waxed earlier in the day onto the sofa with her new high hills on and showed to her dates amazement that she was ready for her daughter to lose her virginity.....after a strong and passionate night Trudy awoke to her daughters sexy nude body in the after glow of a great night and went down stairs for breakfast she saw he old body sitting there and said “You were a fool my darling this body is fantastic and you were a idiot by wasting it sitting around doing nothing, but don’t worry mummy will show you how to use it”

Danielle in the end left her mum in her body as she could not stand seeing what her mum was doing to it, Trudy was having so much fun with her new life and she was going to show what a better life it will be with her in charge. 

Freaky Friends

When Jill (left) woke up in Molly’s body (Right) they were both confused they were having a girls night in and had decided to watch freaky friday half way through the movie they both kind of agreed that life as each other would be great...waking up in each other body  the next morning, after the initial shock, the swap did not really affect the 2 girls. weeks later they meet up in each other’s body and settled down to another girls night...they both had a quick chat and giggle over being in each other’s body. Jill then said “want to go clubbing as each other should be a riot”.... “yeah being you is so easy” said molly “hopefully I can get a couple of free drinks if I show you tits off a bit” Jill laughed and said “you cheeky bitch” both girls then laid back with the wine a carried on talking about there next night out.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Body Swapper For Hire

Being a body swapper for hire had it low points like any job, when Eddie last week was hired by a 80 year old man for the day to attend his daughters birthday party he found it a hard days work.But Eddie was excited by those days when he was hired by beautiful women, the last time he swapped with a woman it was a girl who was a journalist and wanted to see if a day as a man was different then being a woman, For Eddie this was a great job got to stay at home in her body have some fun watch Tv and just chill.....When Eddie arrived at Imogen’s flat and she explained what she needed Eddie to do, he was a bit surprised....”I need you to break up with my girlfriend” said Imogen, Eddie nodded “That’s fine no problem shall we switch” and just like that Eddie was standing there with Imogen’s hands on her waist and having a quick peek at her boobs and said “let’s get this show on the road”
Eddie had meet up with Imogen’s girlfriend Charlotte and found her to be perfect for him he ended up keeping Imogen’s body so he could be with his soul mate. Imogen ended up happy is his body as she found it easier to pick girls up as a man.

Blackmailing Perv 1

“Are you certain this will work” said Joe to his Aunt Michelle who was only his kind of Aunt she was his Uncles second wife  “Of course it will you drink it and I will get Grace to drink some and you will swap bodies” Joe picked one of the bottles up which his aunt was using to brew this position, Joe was a little bit of a perv he Fancied his cousin Grace it was wrong but he loved her so much he wanted to be her “Right drink some of this now and wait a bit until I get her to drink some, then you will feel a bit dizzy then when you wake up you will be her” Michelle was only doing this for Joe because he had taking pictures of her cheating on his uncle, she had no choice she loved the lifestyle her husband had given her...
Joe was starting to feel the effects of the potion he had just drank so he went and sat in his room until the swap happened, her could not wait as his Aunt was not getting off with cheating on his uncle that easy, he was planning on using these photos to his advantage for pleasure when in his Cousins body....

“Hey Michelle” said Grace as her stepmom walked in carrying the potion, as Michelle walked up to her step daughter who she had raised since she was young girl , but keeping her relationship with her husband was more important the money, the life style..... “What’s that you’ve got there Michele” said Grace “It’s just a drink i made for you, come on now drink up” as Michelle pushes the drink towards her step daughters mouth and made her drink it up she knew it was only moments till Joe would be in her body as Graces finished the last drop Michelle watched has Graces went all dizzy and the she looked at Michelle grabbed her bare stomach and said “Fucking fantastic, it worked look at this body, her boobs” his hand slipped down the front of his cousins tight jeans and Joe said “Michelle if you think I’m going to delete those pictures yet you have another thing coming, I want you to show me a good time in this body, only then will I delete the pictures” Michelle put her hands on her head and said “fine, we do this then I swap you and Grace back and you delete those pictures”
Joe said “okay” but he was already starting to hatch another plan

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

A New Life Everyday (NSFW)

Adam’s had a strange life everyday he swapped bodies with a new person, he had spent a day as the local police chief, as a 2 year old boy and also a local homeless man.....So when he woke up into a young Woman’s body having spending most of the week waking up as different resident in the local care home,  he was going to spend the day enjoying himself as he was not sure if he would wake up in a body so beautiful again, he found the ladies vibrator plugged it in and started masturbating and playing with his body until the clock hit 12 then next thing he knew he was not holding the vibrator anymore he was waking up as a 46 year old fat guy....he had enjoyed his day in the young girls body and was looking forward and hoping to get another chance of being a sexy woman.

Boobs On Display (NSFW)

“Hi, uncle Roy” said Roy from his nieces body, Roy had swapped bodies with his niece when the great mind shift event happened, the worst thing for his niece Emma was that Roy walked around all the time with no top on just her boobs on display, “look I know we will be stuck like this now but can you put a top on please”
Roy lowered the sunglasses and gave his boobs a squeeze “As you said these are our bodies now, so I will do what I like with this body”
Roy loved his new life he was young attractive and healthy he was happy that the great mind swap had not swapped him with the 76 year old man next door, he finally agreed to get dress after he had a shower, 2 hours later he returned clothed and looking satisfied and said to his old body “Are you happy I’m clothed now” little did his niece know that he had spent the time in the shower soaping up his new body and using the shower to pleasure his new female parts.

Monday, 19 August 2019

A Job For A Job (NSFW)

Trevor’s wife had been out of work for a year, when it came to return to work she was nervous about a interview coming up Trevor had a idea he would use a spell off the internet to swap there bodies and go on the interview for her. “Thanks Trevor,for doing this for me, please make sure you get this job, agrees to anything they ask for, I’m up for anything” Said Nicky in her husbands body.
Trevor sat there in his wife’s body and had spoken about her CV and what she can bring to the job the interviewer got up and said “just one thing I need to check”

The man got up and removed his trousers and underwear and pointed at his penis, and Trevor said “oh my, when his wife said to do anything to get the job, he did not think she meant that” but Trevor did want his wife To get a job but not here, he got up in his wife body and said “no way I’m having sex with you to get this job” the man just smiled and said “Well what about a blow job and the job yours and we will say no more about it.” Trevor thought About his wife saying ‘anything’ he got down on the floor and shuffled over to the mans big member closed his eyes and latched on and started.....he got the job for his wife and her boss got a job as well.

Why Would I Swap Back

“Why would I swap back” said Jeromy in his stepdaughters body, they swapped bodies when they had been testing Jeromy s new mind reading device when it broke and swapped there bodies he said 2 days ago he was going to fix it but Jenny had not seen him even try,so she asked her former body if there was any progress with the broken machine “I am not going to fix that machine why would I, I’m young and sexy and with this body I don’t meed to be rich for inventing the worlds first mind reading machine to be happy, I just need a mirror and maybe a dildo to be happy” Jenny in her dads 62 year old body said “You creep, but You can’t leave me like this” Jeromy who was grabbing his new boobs said “Well guess what Jeromy I am, I’m not going back to being old and decrepit now I’m you, so get used to it, now I’m going out to a pool party so don’t wait up, old man” Jenny watched as her body went out the door, she then started to panic and get really worried, she then felt a pain in her stepdads chest and in his arm....she collapsed to the floor.....when Jeromy returned who from the party he did not have to worry about his stepdaughter wanting her body back anymore, she had died of a heart attack in his body.....Jeromy put a arm around his crying wife well now his mum and thought about his future as his sexy stepdaughter.

Any Time Now (NSFW)

“Wow babe again” said Boris as he walked in on his girlfriend spread on the bed ready for another session, little did Boris know that his girlfriend body had been stolen by a woman in the nursing home she worked in, Dorothy inside the beautiful body of Cindy had been wanting another go at sex before she died and decided to use her ancient necklace one last time and stole Cindy’s body the power of the necklace had been fading and Dorthy was surprised it had the power to have swapped the two girls bodies. “Hurry up and fuck me “said Dorothy in her stolen bodies sexy voice as she knew she could return to her old body any time now.

A Personal Touch (NSFW)

Stanley had a strange gift he could swap bodies with people he touched, he learnt this the hard way when he was young he swapped bodies with his mum and only swapped back after touching her again she had freaked out when she saw she had become her son, he used this ability rarely and had to spend his entire life wearing gloves but on the first Monday of every month he swapped bodies with someone this month was his favourite milf Monday, he knew who he wanted to swap with for the day, his own Spanish teacher miss Fernandez she was sexy and in her mid 40s with a pair of boobs to die for, which had meant he could not concentrate on anything in her class, he knew swapping was tricky as there person he swapped with ended up in his body  freaking out like his mum did, his plan was to drug his own body while he took over her body, well here it goes he swallowed 2 sleeping tablets and nocked on the door of his teacher she answered and before she said a word he touched her on the check and then it happened he was now looking at his body slumped on the floor asleep...he dragged it in and got straight down to it removing her cloths and grabbing those boobs as he looked out of the window to make sure no one had scene anything....he played with his body until he could here his body starting to stir he went to it touched his boobs one more time, took 2 more sleeping tablets in miss Fernandez’s body them touched himself on the head..he woke up and left quickly, He then thought about next months swap and wondered on home, Miss Fernandez woke up naked on the floor trying to remember the last day.....but she couldn’t Stanley’s plan had worked well and in his next class with miss Fernandez he smiled and started staring at her boobs once again.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

A Lot Can Change In A Year (NSFW)

Mike (left) had been stuck as his sister Danielle for about a year now, the body swap between him and his sister was caused by them both wishing for the other to understand each other’s life.....he freaked out when the swap happened he did not want to be his sister, don’t be mistaken Mike loved the ladies and he had sometimes thought about being in a woman’s body but his sister disgusting, in trying to feel more like a man he shaved his hair short, tried to keep his body well covered showing none of his sisters boobs and dressed like a man. His sister and him never swapped a year on there views had changed both were more accepting of there bodies Mike had accepted his new life he had started exploring his body and all its pleasures and had discovered that his sister was a lesbian anyway so his bodies desires were no different than when he was a man. He had meet a girl while at the gym and was looking forward now to having sex with her..
 A year ago having sex in his sisters body would of made him he and Melanie his new girlfriend locked into a passionate kiss he knew then that he was going to enjoy this night in his body as now he viewed himself as a girl and this body his.

As he removed his clothed and laid back on the bed he looked down a saw his boobs, which a year ago freaked him out every time he saw them, then Melanie licked his erect  nipple and he felt his vagina grow wet and Melanie’s hand slipped down and entered his area.....2 hours later after having orgasm after orgasm in his body he could hear a noice coming from down the hall, maybe his sister had got a girl of her own and was accepting life as him as well.

All Ways Looking Out For Me Dad

“Dad when you said you would help me sell my cookies to win first prize at my brownie meetings, I did not think you would arrange to swap our bodies and do it for me” said Silvia from her dads Simon’s body, her body span around clutching a box of cookies and said “ I know my darling but if your going door to door selling these things around here I want you to be safe and as you won’t let me come with you this was the next thing I could think of” Silvia spoke as she sat her dads body down on the sofa “You have always looked out for me dad, that’s why I love you so Much” Simon had always been worried ever since Silvia said about going around selling these cookies in the ruff area they lived....he could have just brought all her cookies himself.....but in one way it would of been cheating and in another way he would of not got to spend some time in his daughters lovely body....he spent all day selling cookies and had a little flirt with some tuff  clients and got twice as many sale’s than his daughter would of......hopefully he could help his daughter out on the Christmas cookie completion as well.

The Goth Next Door (NSFW)

Tony had a thing for goth girls, his neighbour Laura who was in her early 30 was to him very sexy and just his type  her tattoos and the dye in her hair, she just has that look which maid Him happy, he was very much smitten with his neighbour, Tony’s dad once said that all goths smoked weed and did not live lives of normal everyday people. But Tony all ways stared at her when ever he could and he was convinced.....she had caught him looking.

One day he was walking home when he saw a man walking quickly away from Laura’s door as Tony looked he saw her holding a brown envelope, Tony thought surely his big crush did not smoke weed....Tony thought he would check.....we sneaked up to her bedroom window and saw Laura sitting on her desk rolling a cigarette with some blue looking tobacco, just then Tony knocked a plant pot over and Laura turned around and saw to Tony there...she looked at Tony and back at the cigarette she has just rolled and said to Tony, who was expecting to be told off badly, but she said “Oh hey Tony, you want to come in” Tony who was shocked by what Laura said took his time to process it before nodding and entering the front door and going to Laura’s bedroom. Before Tony could say anything Laura spoke “I’ve seen you looking at me, well staring at me do you, fancy me? ” Tony who was so nervous and said without thinking “Yes” it was in that moment he felt so stupid he was a 18 year old school boy, why would the amazing Woman in front of him be interested in him. She looked back at the cigarette, picked it up and spoke “This saw me role is a special type of weed that swaps people’s body, I was going to test it on some friends but I think you will be okay, you live next door I know you and I don’t mind if you want to explore my body either I just want to feel the high it gives you when you continuing smoking after swapping bodies you see that’s how you get the high” Tony said “okay” so quickly after Laura stopped speaking she she lighted the joint as she called it and took a big drag she handed it to a nervous Tony who took a drag...coughing....he felt dizzy and he started losing his sight and his head felt heavy.....then he head shot up and as his vision returned he saw his body laying back in the chair still smoking.......his body looked liked it did not care anymore it was enjoying the high he grabbed Laura’s boobs and pulled one out slightly looked at his body and left the room the explore his crushes body..alone.......until he guessed the drug wore off and they swapped back.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Game Over

Danny was a big gamer, he always wanted to be like those famous streamers and have a really successful channel, but no one would watch his videos. When he swapped bodies with the girl next door in strange circumstances after a terrible storm. Strangely people started watching his videos, but his gaming skills were not the Reason for his viewing figures rising......his new bodies skimpy outfits May of been the reason....

It’s Not Gay

“Look just kiss me you idiot, shut up keep saying it’s gay it’s not we are both girls” said Andy (left) he then just kissed David (Right) who was not satisfied about kissing Andy knowing he was really a dude, but when Andy landed a kiss on David’s soft female lips he raised his hand a touched Andy’s smooth female neck and started to get into it..... they broke away from there passionate kiss and Andy said “see your getting into it, told you it’s not gay” David pulled the Sexy female body Andy had been given in swap class close to him and said “shut up and kiss me”

The Over 40s Class (NSFW)

For Mario being a personal trainer was his dream job, he loved it getting people there dream body was great  and good  feeling ,he  no could not lie the money was a big pulling factor some women would pay anything for a killer body, but the best and most money he ever got was from Gloria in his over 40s class she had approached him about personal training, Mario was happy to do it, Gloria Said “great come to my personal gym tomorrow the address is on my card” Mario looked at the card and said “Wow, you live on the upper park side nice”

Next day Mario had arrived at Gloria’s massive house and was shown the gym, it’s then when Gloria told him that she had earns her money through working long hours and she personally did not have time to train with Mario. A confused Mario said “then why did you hire me then” Gloria went to a desk draw and pulled out a small device with wires going to a small ringed helmet “We will swap bodies for the session so you can work on my body and I can carry on my important work” Mario looked at Gloria’s body, she was very good looking for a woman her age but the thought of swapping bodies was just weird, he replied “no I’m sorry but I can’t....” Gloria handed him a cheque while he carried on given reasons, he stopped talking and said “Holy shit Erm....well I guess 4 hour long session in your body will be okay” A big smile appeared on Gloria body and she started setting up the the device.....the swap took but moments so Mario just got started laid back on the exercise ball and started his usual training programme...

4 weeks later and the last session was just finished Gloria in Mario’s body walked into the gym and said to Mario who was dabbing Gloria body down with a towel. She then said “you’ve done a great job you know, and you have been very respectful of my body” Mario said then honestly “To be honest Gloria I have had a peak at your boobs a couple of times and seen your, you know area when I’ve been to toilet” Mario’s body just smiled and replied while still chuckling “ that’s fine while you change back have one last explore for old time sake I’ve got to send some emails off then when I return we can swap back. Mario when straight into the massive changing room and started stripping off slowly and had a well deserved last look.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Matter Of Opinion (NSFW)

When Maria’s next door neighbour Kelly asked if She would swap bodies for a couple of days while she used her body...for well that was the thing Maria did not know really why she had swapped into Kelly’s body....for Maria, being Kelly would be fun she was a complete woman great body and massive boobs, Maria’s body was more flat in the chest, so when Kelly’s asked she just said “Yes”.

As Maria was dancing in Kelly’s bedroom trying on different dresses and playing with her boobs and new pussy, she heard the door shut behind her she span around  boobs flying while she did it, Kelly’s husband was there his reaction was one of shock and relief when he spoke “Thank god babe I thought you had grown tired of me sexually” while Maria stood there completely nude she watched Kelly’s husband strip down to his boxers then he dropped them to the floor, Kelly’s nearly feel to the floor, she couldn’t, could she but when Kelly’s husband touched her on her already wet pussy, that was it next thing she knew she was bouncing up and down enjoying orgasm after orgasm, when it was all over her husband said “bloody hell that was amazing” Maria laid there in her older body a little sweaty and feeling so satisfied she could have cried with happiness.

Next day when Kelly in Maria younger body arrived home ready to swap back with her body, she said to Maria “Wow what a weekend your body felt so good in the sack” Maria said “ you had sex in my body” Kelly put her borrowed arm out and said “Don’t worry I got the man to use a condom and he washed, you seem so happy to swap I just did not want to worry you with what I had planned I know it’s a bit cheeky of me” Maria’s said “it’s fine, I slept with your husband too” Kelly said quickly “Well you see what I mean, I needed satisfying my husband is just a shit lover and I would never cheat so I had to think of something else” Maria and Kelly swapped back and Kelly back in her body said “thanks for swapping with me and understanding” Maria just smiled and nodded, she was shocked that Kelly did not enjoy sex with her husband, she had the best sex of her life that night, in Maria’s opinion Kelly’s husband was a amazing plus generous lover and that night would stay with her for quite a while.

1 of Your 5 a day

“Hey sis, look I’m going to have 1 of my 5 a day” said Jonathan in his sisters body “well it nice to see you actually taking care of my body and not eating loads of junk food.” Jonathan and Mandy swapped bodies after there family curse which dated back to the dark ages had caused them out of all there family to switch bodies, there ancestors had upset a gypsy woman once and she said that once every 50 years 2 family members will swap bodies forever as a punishment, why this punishment, the family never knew really what there ancestor did. But the curse always caused Male to female body swaps. Jonathan had adjusted quicker than Mandy and was already dressing like a girl and planning his new life. Then Jonathan opened his sister leg ever so slightly and lowered the banana close to his sister vagina........and said “I will be taking good care of your body if you know what I mean and giving it one of your 5 a day but not in the way or place your thinking off”
Mandy swore and cursed at her brother “can’t believe your going to masturbate in my body.” Jonathan then stood up and said to his sister “ your forgetting this is not your body no more, so you better accept that your the big brother now, so bye bye bruv” then Jonathan walked away grabbed his ass as he walked to wined Mandy up.
It was not till later that night when Mandy was crying on her mother’s shoulders that she understood that she had to accept that her body she had grown up in was no longer hers and that her brothers body was hers now, I took some days but Mandy accepted her fate and tried to get on with her new life.


“Jackpot” said John, as he pulled down the top of the girl he had just possessed and had a quick peak at her boobs giving them a good old squeeze and then pinching one of her nipples, John was a body hopper but did not have the control or accuracy when trying to swap with other people, plus it took him 24 hours to be able to possess another persons body, because of this he had spent a day as his fat next door neighbours body and a 4 year old boy body three streets away. John always wanted to be a girl and now he was a stunning babe, he spent no time he rushed up stairs stripped of and started playing with his boobs and then moved his hand down to his crotch and put his had on a vagina, he said out loud “better get started only got 24hours......”

John’s only problem was that when he had finished in the girls body he was wondering how he would get back to his he hopped again and this time he was transported to a man in the local jail. John thought this may take time before he returns to his body.

Talk about a Getaway

Olivia was shocked as she was dragged away by police, she was confused as she could see her body laying on the floor, she was just walking home when a homeless guy came running around the corner carrying some kind of statue being pursued by the police, he ran straight into Olivia and she was nocked back and to her amazement next thing she saw was her body laying on the floor, with her legs spread.

Bert was a bit confused as well as he woke up laying on his back, he had just robbed the towns biggest antique shop he was tired of being homeless and just wanted something he could sell to get some money to help everyone in the homeless camp he lives in and help the have better lives......but it did not go well, the police were right behind him as he turned the corner looking for a get away he ran into another person...then he looked up as he woke up with less aches and pains that the last night he fell over, then he saw his old tatty clothed body being dragged away by the police then he looked down and saw he was wearing a yellow top and under that top were boobs and his hands then shot to his crotch as he could feel a void, “oh shit, I have a woman’s body” he stood up and looked at his reflection in some glass and said to himself “This is not what I had in mine when I wanted a getaway” he grabbed his boobs once again and thought well I must return to the my camp and show of what i manage to get while I was away....think they might be surprised.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

What are you doing ?

”Erm babe, what are you doing? ” said Clive from his wife’s body as she grabbed his left boob and started squeezing and pushing it about. Clive and Hannah has been Married for 12 years and had hit some problem in there sex life. The therapist they hired said to try as she called it ‘Swap therapy’ learn what each other wants and needs in bed for the next 2 days. Hannah stopped and said “For god sake Clive I’m showing you what I like, remember the reason why we are in each other’s bodies, I know it’s strange but come on babe show me what you like tomorrow night” Clive looked at his face and said “fine show me tonight what you desire in sex and tomorrow I will show you” Hannah said ecstatically “Fantastic, I will get a condom” Clive thought to him self in that moment he might be in for a long a satisfying night.... he laid back and prepared for his wife to return and get started.....he was right after the shock of being penetrated by is own penis, he had a great night and realised what a poor lover her really had been.

Counting Down The Days

Mel really enjoyed swapping bodies with her niece Diana, they agreed to there next swap date same day in one year. Mel was looking forward to being in that young sexy body again, she brought her self a calendar and was counting down the days till they would swap again.

For Diana she was looking forward to the swap but not for her aunts body really, but because she had asked her aunt to help her break up with her boyfriend the magic and just gone and she was terrible with break ups.

When they met up after another day of being each other, that got to talking about there days, Mel said in Diana’s body after taking a sip of coffee “I broke up with him for you, he did not take it badly, but to be honest with a killer body like this you can do better” Both girls giggled, then Diana spoke “Erm Mel that top your wearing is different then the one I had on this morning when we swapped bodies” Mel took her hands a grabbed her borrowed boobs and said “Sorry, but I had to pop your babies out, get them on display your single now remember” Diana laughed and got the waiters attention and said “well next year what about going on holiday when we swap bodies and making it a weekend” Mel eyes lit up and said “I’ll book the holiday you get yourself a sexy bikini for me to wear”

Both girls carried on chatting about life in general and each other’s bodies until swapping back later that night....and Mel started counting down the days once again.

- Follow up from booking in advance I am planning on making this a friendly kind of easy going series, will tag the series so it’s easier to follow and ideas for it let me know 

Gold Digger

When Lucy woke up in her stepmoms Diana’s body she was in complete shock, when she ran down stairs to try and find her body she nearly feel over her stepmoms big fake tits they were so heavy.

 When she saw her body in the door way to the dinning room she was stunned, her body stood there in a black skin tight dress which showed of her very natural and perky boobs, it was something Lucy would of very rarely dressed up in and  she had a pair of high hill on which Lucy would not think about going out in, she would break her neck. Lucy spoke to who she guessed was her stepmom

 “Holy shit was is going on why am I in your body” her body put her hand on the frame of the entrance to the dinning room and said

 “Oh hey, well it’s funny really and quite simple, I only married your dad for his money and now he’s in hospital on his death bed and I find out that I don’t get a penny of his fortune because he knew I was a gold digger from the start and just used me for arm candy and sex I could not accept that so I had to think and then it hit me, the reason I married your dad was because he had money and I had a poor childhood with no money, no nice thing but the only thing I did get given from my grandma was a coin, she told me it granted one wish to a persons biggest desire and because let’s face this body is fucking amazing, you....well I am a now in your sexy body, I did not have to think twice about stealing it who would not desire this body” 

Diana grabbed her stolen boobs and ran a finger down between her parted cleavage, Lucy replied

 “Stop that, what the hell am I supposed to do in your old body” her body did not react so Lucy said again “stop fucking touching my tits.......”

 Diana looked up smiling “Oh sorry your body was distracting me, I can not wait to give it a test drive later” 
Lucy sank to her knees and her stepmoms boobs bounced as she did it and really hurt her back.
 “Your stealing my body, I was all ways nice to you” as she said this to Diana in her body then flicked her the coin, Lucy caught it in her stepmoms hands
 “I feel slightly bad about this to be honest, you were always nice to me, so you can use the coin to get a new body if you like...but before you think about switching our bodies back...that don’t work”

Lucy could still not understand what had just happened, she had her body stolen by her stepmom and then was given the power to steal another persons life , she could not do she was thinking about the events of the morning, her body had moved towards the door picked up her car keys and Said
 “well I’m off to buy me a new wardrobe your clothes are not really sexy enough for me, maybe I will call your boyfriend up as well so you better pack up what you want from my old wardrobe and get out”

2 weeks later and Lucy who was still in her stepmothers fake boobed, botoxed filled body was sitting in a cafe, she had moved as far away from where her stepmom was living the high life in her body, but she could still not bring herself to steal another life.....but she was starting to think about it, this body just reminded her off having her body stolen.....Lucy then saw the young girl who served her the coffee she was now drinking and she got the coin out of her pocket and closed her eyes and made a wish.....but this was not what she desired as she really did not want to steal herself a new body, she had accept maybe she would be stuck like this forever.

Holiday To Remember

When Fred went on holiday with his mum he was expecting it to be another boring holiday but the one good thing about this holiday was Maria his mums friend a sexy milf who was tagging a long this time, he had met her many times and was always staring at her boobs, one day he was going for a swim he turned the corner and saw Maria there in a black bikini....Fred could not help it he looked straight at he boobs, she spoke..... “So you enjoying your holiday Fred ?” She then tugged at her bikini. Knowing that his small swimming trucks  must be showing that he was getting a boner because of the stunning mature lady in front of him. Out of no where Maria Said “so you like my boobies? Because when ever we meet you seem to stare at them a lot” a confused Fred said nervously “yes I guess do like them” as he said this Maria was looking down at his crotch noticing his bulge, she spoke “Well do you want to touch them?” Fred replied while stuttering “Yes, I guess” Maria then spoke some strange words sounding like some kind of Asian language and then suddenly Fred was looking at himself in shock he looked down and saw Maria’s glorious boobs and grabbed them in shock....Maria was pulling back Fred’s swimming trunks and said “that will do, well have a good holiday” and his body walked off back to his bedroom, Fred Put his hand down his black bikini bottoms and said “Wow as he brushed Maria vagina.” he walked quickly in his new body is new acquired boobs bouncing as he went back to Maria’s room and got completely naked and laid there grabbing the boobs he had looked at so many times he then saw a dildo on the bed side table and picked it up and plunged it into his new pussy and tuned it on........two orgasms later he decided to take a shower....this was going to be a fun holiday now he had a hot milf body.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Not All Men Are Perverts

Most people think ‘All men are perverts’ , well this was not the case in Simon and Patrica case, they are brother and sister and swapped bodies when there pet dog dug up a strange red and black wooden face mask with strange writing on it, they both put it on there faces joking about until the next morning they woke up in each other’s bodies.

Simon in Patrica body had been a true gent even though Patrica said he would be a perv like all Men, he had translated the writing and to his relief the swap only lasted 24 when he went to tell his sister. He was shocked when he walked in on her in his body in the middle of masturbating In the bathroom.....he said in his sisters voice scaring Patrica in his body“Well not all men are perverts are they” Patrica was lost for words Simon turned and left the room....the worst part was his sister finished off before coming to apologise........

Aunt you pretty 2

After the shock and discussed of Darren’s little deception she was then more horrified by seeing her body walking around in just her panties and bra “what the hell are you doing first you steal my body and now you abuse it by dressing and doing that to it”
Darren smiled and calmly said “well I’m not stealing your body you will get it back Its just  a extension on our swap, sorry”
June looked at her body and said “fine I guess it’s okay I haven’t had to spend any time with my husband ,please just take care of me for this lasts night and no funny business” Darren replied “okay right I’m off to bed ,I’m going to clean my teeth ,so I might be a while” as Darren skipped of in her body boobs bouncing dangerously s close to escaping the bra he was wearing June thought in her head “ Oh the little perv, ‘might be a while” she knew what that meant, but she could not be to angry she had explored a little her self with Darren’s body. But this is the last time she’s swapping body with anyone.overall she had hated letting her body be controlled by her Pervy nephew and  had to question why she agreed to this she was never swapping again with anyone she just wanted her body back, 7pm tomorrow was the time she was waiting for.

Im Sorry My Darling

“I’m sorry my darling” said Sue in her daughters body, she said while still looking in the mirror where she had been admiring her young pregnant daughters baby bump rubbing it over her dressing gown. “Don’t you I’m sorry my darling me” said Casey in  her mum s ageing body. When Sue had seen her daughters baby bum starting to grow and realised her daughter was going to be a young mum again she had to swap bodies with her. “You have taken away the chance for me raising my own child, I know you always said being a mum was a fantastic time in your life and raising me was your favourite part of your life and you would give your right arm to do it again, I did not think you would be so evil and steal my body” while Casey was saying this from her mums body, her body just carried on rubbing her bump, then Casey stolen body turned to face her. The smile had dropped from Sue’s stolen face and she said in a mean voice“look I have to be you, to do this, you will not be a good as mum as me, I raised you... in am the leave me a alone mum...your stressing my baby out”
“Your insane your stealing my life....will I ever get my body back....only maybe when I give birth to a daughter who then gets pregnant, then you can have this body back maybe” Casey cried as she realised she would never be able to be a mum to her baby and that her mum was insane...she left the room and Sue returned to the mirror dropped her dressing gown to the floor and carried on admiring her daughters pregnant body.

I have Boobies (NSFW)

When Aunt Kylie said to lay on the sofa and relax as she went to the library to research this necklace which had swapped our bodies she did not mention anything about not laying naked. Luke her18 year old  nephew thought the boy then removed his aunts bra.
He giggled to himself  in his aunts sexy laugh she had and said out loud “I have boobies”

The necklace was apparently a one way trip so he enjoyed many more viewings of his aunts lovely boobies.

Could Be Worst

 Antony swapped bodies with his mum during a world event know by the media as the great mind shift, he could not think of anything worst being his mother, after the shock of being a woman and his mum had to be accepted after scientist around the world could not explain the shift of people’s minds into other people’s body around the world and also it probably would not happen again. Antony had to accept his new body....his new life....his mum was attractive and having boobs was in some way fun for a young man, he had learnt to wash his mother’s hair and do her make up and make himself look pretty he thought to himself “Could be worst my best friend Jerry swapped bodies with his 82 year old grandma, I may of lost some years but I’m only 44 now” Antony carried on with making himself look pretty for a night out with fellow boy and some girls who had swapped bodies with there mums as well.

Final lesson (NSFW)

Anita was gutted this was her final lesson with her meditation teacher, Janet was a wonderful teacher, she was helping Anita learn how to reach a total relax state of mind and soul, Janet had all ways said in each lesson that “one day when you achieve complete relax ness of Mind and soul, you feel like a different person” Anita had very little troubles she was the daughter of a rich oil tycoon she had spent these weeks on her private island learning the art of pure Zen. As Janet approached she said “I told you my dear you have to be naked, Clothes will  mean you can reach complete relaxation of the body and soul there presents will only distract you, don’t worry I will be naked to for when it happens as well” as Janet stripped, Anita started watching Janet, Anita had always guessed that Janet was in her early 40s she had a nice body, but she could see it has passed its peak, boobs not as perky as they once was but still Janet was a good looking lady. “Okay” said Anita as she removed her cloths too. After they both sitting the nude Janet asked Anita to get into the meditation position from lesson 1, as Anita got in to the meditation pose , she closed her eyes as Janet said “remember making your body relaxed is not enough, it’s important to connect to your soul and make it relaxed so you will feel a pure difference in your body after you have relaxed your soul count down from 3, I will count with you and then open your eyes”. Anita nodded closed her eyes and started.She spent 20 minutes relaxing her body this she had learnt to do in her  2 and 3 lessons, then connecting to her soul and controlling it was last weeks lesson ,then the tough bit making her soul relaxed so it would feel like it It was leaving her body.

10 minutes of silence and Anita was concentrating then, she could feel it her soul feeling like it was leaving her body it was a great feeling, she felt....well this feeling was to much, it was just pure relaxation.
Then she said “3....2...1...” as she said this she could hear Janet counting down as well, it must of been the wind of being so high on a cliff top, but Janet’s voice sounded strange. Anita opened her eyes to a shock. “What the fuck” said a shocked Anita as she sat facing  her young nude 22 year old body. Her body then broke out a little smile and said “ Well done, you did it, sorry about this, a tycoons daughter, I could not resist taking your body just for the life style but when I saw that your body was as sexy as hell, I had to steal it” Anita stood up in Janet’s body feeling the slight sag of Janet’s boobs which as she noticed earlier were not perky she grabbed them and said “” still in panic she saw her old body touching her boobs and stretching her legs out and examine the youthful body she had just stolen. Anita was in shock, with no words coming from her new mouth. her body opposite then said “Think it’s time you leave Janet” and reached for Anita well now her phone, she opened it up a push the speed dial button for island security “Hi help me please this teacher is insane and is going to hurt me......” Anita watched still stunned so much in disbelief at what she had in some way over the Last 5 weeks had happily participated in letting this woman train her to help still he body through meditation. As she snapped out of this thinking, she saw her young body was dressed as two large security men grabbed her still naked older body which she was stuck in now. One of the security men said “that’s it lady your out of here” as they dragged her away she saw her body wave and turn and walk off into the distant......and out of enjoy her young life on her private island..... Anita was made to dress Janet’s body Then arrested by local police from the main land and taking back to the police station.She knew they would never believe her story about having her body she just accepted her charge and went on with her new life, it took many months to accept this older body but when she finally accepted it, she carried on teaching meditation maybe one day she could teach some girl to allow her to steal her body......but no matter how many people she taught no one could achieve the state of relaxation to make them swap bodies.

Little miss perfect

“Oh hey, not quiet Daddy” Racheal said as she smiled at he step dads face. He replied in a slight rage “you took money from my wallet again didn’t you, and you ate the dinner your mother left for me” he said as she carried on smiling “look I take your stuff because there nothing you can do about it, Im borrowing your car later as well” she said still smiling. Peter has always struggled with his step daughter she was a vile girl 21 years young and has no care in the world  for his stuff but his wife always saw her as ‘little miss perfect’ in her eyes.

“Well I have had enough of you taking my stuff if you want it so much then you can be me” he said this as he raised a Gem Which was so pretty his step daughter was forced to touch it she could not resist its beauty as she touched it there souls shot out of there mouths and entered each other’s body.

When they both steady them self Rachael said “ what have you done you creep give me my body back” she said from her step dads body. “Wow”said peter as he cupped Rachael’s boobs. “I’m sorry but you wanted all my stuff so you can be me” as Rachael look down to see where the Gem had gone she saw it smashed into a thousand pieces, as peter looked down and Back up to his old body he said with a smile of happiness and success “well looks like this is how it’s going to be little miss perfect, im going out with this body to have some fun, bye bye”
Racheal got down on all fours in her step dads middle aged body and started picking up all the Gems shattered pieces, she would not accept that she would be stuck as man for the rest of her life.....but there was no way of mending the Gem or switching back....she was stuck.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Wow Look At Me

As Kristen laid in her younger sisters body on a deck chair drinking juice as her sister body was only 17 and not allowed to drink she saw her 22 year old body strutting and stumbling around the pool “wow...look at me” said Kristen, her body walked towards her , while some steps her young sister took clearly showed she was  struggling with the high heel shoes her body was wearing and the revealing bikini showing her boobs and stomach made her young sister keep pulling it to make sure it was covering her borrowed boobs up “Hey sis, I know it’s a bit revealing but I’m only in your body for 24 hours and I want to have fun at this party plus, my body will never be able to wear a dress like this, even my body in 5 years please don’t Make me change” she stopped talking while sitting down on the stool.

Kristen looked at her young sister Tara in her body and said “I must be honest my body looks great, I said you could attend this party in my body and I stand by that, so have fun.....but not to much fun.” She looked at her younger sister, Tara in her older sisters body knew what that look meant but Kristen then said “have fun, I’m off to go out to dinner with mum and dad, can’t wait for a nice relaxing dinner, bye big sis” as Kristen in Tara’s body went off Tara could hear people arriving. Tara was ecstatic about being able to use this body for the party, she was ready to drink and dance, she stood up to pour herself a alcoholic drink and one of her sister boobs slipped out of her bikini. She popped it back in and thought to her self, maybe a little bit of fun with Kristen's boyfriend would not be having ‘To much fun’ surely that’s not wrong.

The Mafia of Moscow

When some of my friends invited me to Russia, I was surprised as we had not really spoken much since they both had been travelling. They called me up and asked me to come for a pint, as they spoke to me about this amazing trip to see Russia a beautiful country and the city of Moscow and all its people. These two friends Daniel and Ashley from school were willing to pay for the entire holiday they both said it would change my life. But when I got off the plane and entered the hotel room I was grabbed by 2 Russian guys then they tied me to a chair, my 2 friends spoke to a guy who appeared in the Corner of the room they both walked forward and said “ Sorry Tim, we owed this Russian mafia boss money and as we had no money we came to another arrangement” they both said this while the guy in the corner who Tim took as the mafia boss stepped close to him and spoke slowly in his strong Russian accent “You must be thinking how you will repay these gentlemen’s gambling debts your so called friends, well I run a big brothel industry in Russia and you will be helping me” Tim who was struggling in the chair said “how I suppose to help” then a woman tied to a wheelchair was pushed in and placed in front of Tim.

The mafia boss stroked the girls face with his hand and said “you will become her, she is one of my best but her mind has been damaged by a rival gang attacking my east Russian brothels they used a similar machine to the one in the corner they tried to use there poor machine to swap her mind back with her old body, her mind was that of my rivals daughter but there machine was not complete and her mind was wiped no memories or ability to walk or talk but her physical body is still fine it just needs a new mind” He then clicked his fingered and the machine in the corner was moved behind Tim with 2 helmets hanging from it and and a  computer in the middle. Tim and the girl where placed next to each other, helmets where placed down on there heads. Tim was screaming and shouting at Daniel and Ashley “You bastards how could you to do this to me, I don’t want to be a prostitute” but then a surge electricity hit him and that was it, he woke up in a bed hand cuffed to the head bored as he looked down he saw long hair and a pair of breast on his chest.....Tim screamed out and cried for hours....he then calmed and feel asleep after a man injected him with something.

Many hours later he awoke hopping that him swapping bodies with a Russian prostitute was a dream but as he opened his eyes he saw, his new long hair. Then the door opened and the mafia boss entered “I should introduced my self I am Pavel Daschev, I know what I have done to you is unfair, but business is business my darling” Tim felt weird being called darling, Pavel carried on speaking “You serve me and become trust worthy maybe we could find a more suitable body for you....we will see if you can satisfy my business partners well” Tim said nothing he just nodded “very well “said Pavel, just as he was about to leave he turned to Tim and said “your name is Alena and you alone will not pay of the debt so one of your friends will also meet the similar fate” he smiled and then left.

Tim had to accept this slight offer from Pavel he spent a week getting use to his body being made up to look absolute stunning to be fair his body was amazing. Then the door opened and his first client entered he raised his foot up on the desk and thought about the task ahead and started kissing the man. Knowing one of his so called friends would be swapped as well and meet a similar fate, made this nightmare a bit more better.

Best friends forever

“Oh hey, Samatha” said Bobby in his best friends body “what’s up dude, how is my body treating you” said Samatha. “I’m loving it, this was a good idea to swap bodies for a week to see what being each other is like...I must admit to you I did get a little curious about you body last night I could not help it” Bobby looked into the eyes of Samatha after finally looking up from the  floor, she replied calmly with a smile on her Male bearded face “it’s fine and it’s only natural, we swapped to experience each other lives and body, any way it’s been a week want to switch back now” she got the device out of bobby’s Jean pocket”

“Erm” said Bobby as he turned around and faced his own body “I would not mind another couple more days to be honest, I’m having so much fun and I want to go to that concert on Wednesday in your body”
Samatha raised her eyebrows and smiled “okay, okay but after the concert and then back to normal”
“Promise” said Bobby in his friends body as he jumped up and down he  forgot that he had boobs and both friends laughed and started talking about the fun and differences of each other’s body.