Monday, 30 September 2019

What A Party (NSFW)

Gill was dancing around drinking in the body of some male who had been at the party when, the host set off her body swap machine to swap everyone at the party, Gill had not seen her body since the swap...but she did not care, she was enjoying being a man...she felt stronger and could handle more alcohol, plus her new temporary body was kind of hot...but when Gill started to feel a bit tired from all the dancing and drinking she sat down....and to her shock her body was sitting there drinking a beer legs spread open witch no nickers on....she was mortified, in her new taller body she got up and spoke “What the fuck , who are you, where are my nickers....” her body pulled a face and spoke “Sorry is this your body, sorry I have never been a girl before and Well I may never be again....I just wanted to play with this vagina and maybe get some action” As Gill stood there staring  at her own pussy she could feel the effects of the drinking plus her new Male bodies penis starting to stand to attention...the person who was in her body could see Gills body getting a erection, so Gills body got up grabbed her by her big man hands and took her to a bedroom....30 minutes later Gill was lying next to her then hit her....she had just fucked her own body.....Just then Gill blacked out and came to....back in her body, the machine 4 hour swap timer had expedited, she could still feel, where just moments ago her borrowed cock was pumping her own body.....The body next to her stood up quickly got dressed and ran out of the room, Gill knew not of who she had slept with in her body....but she would never attended a party like this again.....

Don't Mess With Magic

“Where are you going ?” Said Amy from her 11 year old  sisters body Penny , as she saw her sister now in her 19 year old body picking up a jacket. “I’m going to the Mall, with your friends” as Amy watched her younger sister pull on her favourite Jacket, she spoke again “Your not going anywhere in my body, we have to try and switch back.” Penny in her new body turned around look at her old younger body and spoke “I’m not switching back, I may be a little older but, staying in this sexy body is just to easy I’m all grown up and I look dam sexy, look at this arse” Amy tried pulling her body as it walked towards the door, just then a knock came from the door as Penny opened it there stood Amy’s boyfriend “Hey, baby ready for town” As penny pushed her older body to the floor, she smiled and said “Yes, now give me a kiss” Amy could only look as her body walked off, every now and then kissing her boyfriend.....Amy wished she had not played around with a magic book they found in there new houses basement.....she had no choice but to hope her sister changed her mind a agreed to swap back...but Penny did not swap back, she left home leaving Amy stuck going through school and puberty again.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

These Vaginas (NSFW)

When Paul swapped bodies with a girl in the flats were he lived Beth after the Great Mind Swap hit, he was shocked by how much he had to adjust to his new life, his new body was so gorgeous just thinking about the fact that he was A girl turned him on....he was getting so horny, when he found a dildo in a box under the bed he stripped down and prepared to have something penetrate him for the first time....but 45 minutes later after..Bringing his new body to orgasm after orgasms...causing multiple juices to shoot out of his new area he was still going....he stopped pumping the dildo in as he shook his new slender hands as his body hit another peak of pleasure her spoke “I just can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this, It’s just to much but I can’t stop.....I’m cumming again and again, there’s no stopping these Vaginas ” Paul slid the dildo in and out of all his bodies holes until he started to feel a little sore he sat there naked eating some food he thought “Maybe I could go out and find a real cock to do the pumping, constantly sticking that dildo in and out, is causing my arm to hurt”

I Need A Holiday

“It worked” said Alison, from her daughters body, as she looked down she could see more of her daughters body then she thought, so she had packed her bikini, even though i said she was not too as she would just be eye candy too all the guys while on holiday. She raised a hand a pushed down in her daughters left boob and gave them a grab and said “Wow nice to have some tits which are perky, she’s so lucky, what a body” Just then the girl laying next to Alison raised her head and spoke “Holly, what are you doing ?” Alison looked and saw it was her daughters best friend Courtney “Nothing, I’m just having a moment, what were we talking about” Alison was hoping Courtney what not make to much of a fuse about seeing Holly’s body grabbing her own boobs.. “ You were saying how your mum before you left said she wanted to go on a holiday....but you said she was not really to busy...” It’s true Alison wanted to go on holiday she was a hard working mum and did everything around the house, but she had got no time for holidays were her daughter was jetting off all over the world, and she did nothing at home but cause Alison more mess, Alison thought it was her turn to do some work so , Alison got in contact with a so called ‘Witch’ who gave her a potion which if done right would swap the minds of her and Holly.....she brewed it and  she did not know how but it had worked.... so as Alison carried on checking her new young body out....Courtney said “Come on...let’s have a swim” Alison had a great week as Holly, being young and free meant she had been able to get the holiday she deserved, no work, no cleaning.. just pure fun and relaxation....

Friday, 27 September 2019


“What the fuck, April your such a hypocrite, you went on to me about me not touching your body or doing anything strange...and then I walk into my room and find you wanking in my body” April sat up in her brothers Darrens body his cock still standing to attention “I’m sorry I was watching a tv programme and I saw this girl on there and your little chap down here started to get excited, I tried to ignore it but I could not, one thing led to another and I’m in your room going to town on your cock...I know I’m a hypocrite but i was not expecting to be so turned on by seeing one girl on a tv, I always thought you were gay bruv, but that’s defiantly not the case”
“Well I don’t want to touch your skanking girl body anyway, even if we are stuck like this please cover my body up and stop wanking...”  Darren ran out in his new girl body feeling disgusted by the feeling he felt from his cloths on his new soft skin, he needed a shower “where is my blindfolded, i not seeing this body naked”

Thursday, 26 September 2019

178 Years Young (NSFW)

 Dotty was sitting there in her new body mirror in hand, looking at the new young sexy body she now had, Dotty was feeling a little bad, she was 178 years old and was using a ancient idol to steal younger bodies so she would never die, she had just stolen her granddaughters body, Marnie, she was so sexy unlike any other bodies she had managed to swap with she was the full package great face, boobs were not to big but just right, Dotty could not help but admire her new face in the mirror....she thought back to the last couple of hours in her old body, tricking her granddaughter into touching the idol and saying the spell with it, her granddaughter freaked out broke down, and she just left in her new body, to carry on living life.
She looked in the mirror again and pulled back her New hair and puckered her lips a little, “I think maybe I might go blonde” Dotty places the mirror down and started feeling up her new body, she noticed her granddaughter had a belly button piercing, maybe some nipple pericing would look good too Dotty thought. In my last body I did not experiment enough, glad I get another chance

Dotty grabbed her new boobs and started pinching her nipples after being in a 82 year old woman’s body the feeling of sexual arousal was amazing she slid her hand down to her new Vagina and slipped a couple of fingers in and the feeling was so different, so sensitive and it felt more powerful, she continued fingering herself and massaging her boobs.....After a good session which ended in a orgasm which caused her to almost scream the flat down which was now her home....she got a text message on her phone, with her hand which was not wet with the juices of her new Pussy, she looked at the was her granddaughters boyfriend, Zac, he was as thick as two planks but he was hot, “Hey babe what you up too, sorry to hear about your Nan, going mad” Dotty replied with just a picture of her naked wet body with a caption saying ‘Come on over’ Dotty was looking forward to getting a real seeing too in her new body......When Zac arrived...she was not disappointed, as she laid there in the glow of another amazing sexual experience she thought to her self “I’m going to enjoy this body” 

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

I’m Ready (NSFW)

Bill and Jennifer were happily married, they loved each other so much and there sex Life was fine, better then most married people, they both still had a pure lust for each other. But Jennifer’s always wanted to make sure there love and lust for each other would not die, so she arranged through a 2 week body swap through a company called ‘Body Swap Incorporated’ Bill agreed to the swap, he and Jennifer returned home in each other’s body, still a little in shock....both went into the bathroom and stripped, grabbing, touching and fiddling there new body parts, Jennifer turned to Bill who was massaging his wife’s Vagina, “So the bill, you want to go to the bedroom, and you know” Jennifer grabbed her throat she was shocked by the deep ness of her new voice. Bill stood there and said “I may need some time, my dear, it’s a big steep sleeping with my own body” Jennifer smiled patted her former body on the shoulder...and said “I understand”
Jennifer had just finished showering in bills body she had considered having a crafty wank as it had been a week and Bill in her body was still not ready for sex as each other , but she did not...she walked in to there bedroom and saw her body spread eagled on the bed, Vagina on full view looking wet and Bill was holding  her boobs up and smiled “I’m ready” Jennifer wastes no time she jumped on the bed started licking her vagina and boobs. She the slipped a condom on her fully erected cock and started pumping her own Vagina slowly, she wanted to let Bill get use to the feeling of being penetrated...after 5 minutes of slowing fucking herself Bill spoke “Come on babe get me a good seeing too” Jennifer’s smiled and starting pumping faster and faster.....both Bill and Jennifer finished on mind blowing orgasms....Bill smiled at Jennifer and said “Shall we make it another week”

Night On The Town

Caleb was furious he sat there with his sisters arms crossed as her friend next to him carried on drinking and chatting, he hated his sister. when she came into his room earlier in the evening she told him she did not want to go out tonight and would he go in her place, Caleb had done this before but hated it, “No chance. Min not swapping bodies with you after last time” Last time Caleb was getting hit on all the time by boys and kept getting his drinks spiked ....but as he was sitting at home just about to play video game, then suddenly his surroundings changed and he was in night club sitting next to his sisters friends, as he sat there in a sparkling dress he could already see some boys getting ready to hit on him....

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Your A Better Wife In Every Way Possible

Craig had a massive fetish, ‘Body swapping’ the idea of 2 people swapping minds and especially genders, he had been on so many forums and blogs until he meet a person called ‘TheSwapMaster” he got to talking on the computer and they both found to have the same fetish, he then got the member to send a pictures it was a girl maybe in her mid 30s like Craig, just then his wife came in, she knew about his fetish and hated it, she teased all the time, when Craig first married Daisy she was young and fun now after 12 years of marriage she was almost attacking like old woman, covered up, and no sex drive... “talking to your fellow losers are you , you sad perfection mess” Craig quickly logged of the chat but had time to type “Sorry got to go, 100% Skype chat tomorrow”
Craig was so looking forward to Skyping with TheSwapMaster who real name was Mary Ann, they both logged into Skype and began chatting, Mary Ann spoke “why you log of yesterday?” Brian rubbed his eyes and spoke “My Wife came in, she hated me for having this fetish, I wish she was more like you” Mary Ann spoke if only we had meet 12 years ago, what’s your wife look like, Craig should a picture of Daisy on the honeymoon, looking free and wild, Mary Ann leaned close to the Camera and spoke “I want to be with you I love you, I know he are miles apart and your married but I will find a way” Just then the connection went “You complete arse hole Craig, talking to another person is one thing but Skyping women to share you sick fantasy is another you make me sick, your sleeping on sofa tonight now her out” Craig feel asleep on the sofa thinking of Mary Ann wishing he could be worth her.....

When Craig woke up from his terrible night sleep on the sofa he thought he better try and patch things up with Daisy as he walked into his bedroom he saw his wife, standing there in a sexy little outfit with high hills on, Daisy had not worn anything this sexy in years She walked up and kissed him then spoke “I did it, I had to search the dark web for ages but I found a way of swapping souls” Craig looked at his wife I’m shock and said “Mary Ann is that’s you in my wife’s body?” She grabbed his hand and said “I love you I want to be with you and this way I can” Craig gently touched his wife face and kissed it, for Craig knowing his wife now had the soul of the woman he loved, he accepted it he had the best of both worlds his wife body and Mary Ann Mind.....he was happy

Monday, 23 September 2019

Another Day (NSFW)

Brain woke up, throw back the covers, he looked down at the big boobs which now hung from his chest and that he now also had to carry about with him, at first when he awoke in Jennifer Clays body he was shocked of course but Excited he was hoping for a change of lifestyle more freedom less work, he was was younger and had a killer body, but day to day life did not change, he got up and went into the bathroom brushed his teeth, then showered his new body, soaping up his giant boobs and having a little rub of his new vagina....he then dried himself off, put on some panties and wondered into the kitchen boobs still bouncing and swinging free, he poured some coffee and took a sip and thought.... “Its a amazing I somehow end up in a body to die for, but yet I have to still get up and do the same routine as when I was a man, boobs and vagina are great but really, overall being a girl or a guy it’s just another, paying bills plus now I have to put up with this bodies Periods.....

I Have The Power

“Oh my god it worked, I’m a girl, a fucking girl, with real tits....Fuck Yeah” Said Stanley as he grabbed to boobs now on his chest......I knew I must have the families body hopping powers, mum said my soul was not powerful enough but I’m showed her....right I’m finding something long and round and shaving up this vagina......This Hopping ability is going to be mental I can swap with anyone......Stanley found a banana in this girls kitchen and got to work....he was not disappointed but when he hopped back his mum was she said “Your never doing that again that poor girl was freaked to wake up being you....” Just as Stanley mother was shouting at him he hopped her body and spoke “Oh shit up, I’m mummy now”

The Richards A Father’s Tale (Spin Off) (NSFW)

Kenny was having a great time, he was going to a local festival with his new girlfriend he was loving being Young again, he was able to stay up late at night drinking, plus when he woke up the following morning he had no hangover, but the best thing about being his son Jason was his new penis , Jason’s body was not what he expected his sons cock was at least 3 inches bigger then his, after a day listening to music he and his new girlfriend Pam, went back to there tent, one thing led to another and he was fucking Pam’s pussy with his new penis, he had not had sex like this for years, as he mass cries of pleasure from Pam. they both laid down next to each other sweaty and breathing heavily “Wow, Jason that was amazing, you seemed so Experienced for a virgin like me” Jason smiled and kissed Pam "give me 20 minutes and I will rock your world again” Kenny spent the rest of the weekend funking, he had the energy and the horniest to go all night... in the morning while washing he looked into the mirror, it hit him he was now Jason for the rest of his life, and he was not complaining, yeah he felt a little bad for Jason being stuck as his mum but just then Pam called "Jason whats taking you so long my favourite band are performing soon" Kenny got dressed and hugged Pam and went to listen to the music.

The Taste Of Victory (NSFW)

 Martin had used his fathers body swapping device to steal his 25 year old sisters body jasmine , he was 10 years younger then his sister who was a total bitch to him, she always got her way, no matter what she did Martin got the blame...he was sick of it, as he sat there in his sisters body on the sofa he started stripping, Jasmine came running into the room, “Fucking Change use back, If you don’t I’m telling mum and dad, where is the device?” Now Martin was completely naked in his sisters body, with nothing but Jasmines high hills on “No that’s not going to happen you see after stealing your body I took the device straight to mum and dad and said you tried to steal my body, and of course because I was the wonderful Jasmine who does no wrong that believed me and Well dad said he thought the device was too dangerous to keep so....” Jasmine cut across him and spoke “....He took it back to his work ?” Martin laughed while moving his hands from massaging his sisters boobs to her pussy he placed a finger into it and spoke “ he destroyed it” Jasmine feel to the floor....she just sat there watching her body putting its finger into her mouth saying “Wow, Now that’s the Taste Of victory” Jasmine had to accept her new Male body, it was made easier as Martin moved out, to go and live in Los angles in America, after 3 years she had found a way of living her brothers life, but she Could still not get over knowing that’s her body was being used for god knows what by her sick, perverted brother.....

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Blog Update


Thanks for everyone who views my site and captions, I’m having fun writing on this blog, I have been terrible with request I know, sorry to all who have sent me great ideas, this week I will be focusing on your request so keep them coming, finding the perfect image has stopped me writing some. Excuses I know. any type swaps I have not done which people would like then message me

Thanks for visiting blog 
Looking forward to those requests 


I’ve Got A Vagina

Samuel was walking home from school after another long and boring day when he suddenly blacked out next thing he knew, he was sitting on a sofa in a strange room as he stood up he could see curly black hair out of the Corner of his eyes, he looked down and saw his body it was complete different, the shock of different skin colour  was soon eclipsed by the fact that he had boobs he placed his hand down to his new boobs then on to his stomach, he then slowly placed his new hand onto were his penis should of been but out loud he shouted “I’ve got a Vagina” Sitting down his hand still placed on his new area, he thought about what had just happened he switched the Tv on and saw the news team telling the world of the great mind swap, Samuels new hand was now squeezing down his new tight pink jeans and started massaging his new pussy.....feeling the pleasure of his new area....he smirked and said again “I have a Vagina.......A Vagina”

A Body Not For The Inexperienced

“Sorry Aunt Jane , but I told you if you did not agree to lending me your body for tonight party I would take it, and just look at me I’m a real milf” said Sophie. Jane was in shock she looked at her nieces tiny hands, she had told her niece she would not swap bodies with her for the party, she had agreed to let her niece borrow her body but this was her birthday party plus her body was not easy to control so she would only allow Sophie to use it when it was just them too, no alcohol or Guys “Your a bitch I’m no milf , I’ve worked hard on this party and buying that new bikini which your now wearing” as she said this Sophie grabbed her new orbs on her chest, “You are a milf Jane, your birthday banner may say 38 but I know for a fact your over 40, look your in a younger body, enjoy it, I know I may not have the tits like your body but I’m not that bad looking” Jane grabbed her nieces disappointing boobs to be fair Sophie was only 16 and had not fully developed yet. Just then guest started to arrive and Sophie started to get in the party mood, the reason Jane would not allow Sophie to have her body for tonight is, her body could not handle it’s drink and she knew that some of these guys would try it on, and with her body always horny since her husband died, he niece might not be able to control her urges....just then Jane was grabbed by the arm it was her sister, Sophie mum, “No parting for you young lady” as Jane was dragged away she could see Sophie in her body already downing shots and dancing with some guys......she just hopped her nieces remembers to use protection if she fucks anyone...

Taking Advantage Of My Mother’s Betrayal (NSFW)

 Casandra was angry with her mum, she had stolen her own daughters body, she had left a message saying that she was tired of her life and needed to have one more wild night , but for Cassandra it was not all that bad she was very attracted to her step dad ever since she accidentally saw him naked when he forgot to lock the bathroom door one day, she had dreamt about being with him for months, she planned  on spending the night with him. She did her mothers hair and put on her mothers most sexiest lingerie....she first has to get use to this body, which unlike her own was a lot more mature her new tits were massive, she could feel the extra weight when she walked, she started to play with her mums pussy it was not as tight as her own, but then again her mother had pushed her and her brother out of it. She got her mothers body all ready, nice and wet for when her step dad would arrive home.

When the front door slam closed, and John shouted “Where are you babe?” Casandra laid back
on the bed, her pussy was aching with the anticipation of the night she was going to have and called out “John I’m in our bedroom waiting for you”
John entered the room and looked at Casandra, he said nothing he just removed his shirt and moved towards Casandra she stood up, he span her around grabbed her tits and started to undress Casandra s mums sexy lingerie, After some kissing and Cassandra sucking on the penis she had longed for, John with no warning drove his cock into Casandra s aching pussy, after 45 minutes of pure pleasure her step dad finished on her massive tits....”Wow babe that was amazing you seemed to have so much energy tonight, and the way you kept grabbing your own tits really tuned me on” said John , Casandra smiled and thought no matter what her mum gets up to in her body.....she knew that it would be worth the night she had just experienced in her mums body.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Could Not Cope

Calum was reading a note his sister had left him after she had stolen his body, she wrote about how she could not cope with her bodies constant need for sexual gratification, as Calum read this he put his hand down to his new vagina and he could feel the wetness coming through his jogging bottoms, he then through the note down and made big mistake by touching his sister boobs, they were so sensitive that when he touched them, the feeling of his new pussy aching and now the feeling he got from touching his sisters boobs  caused him to crash to the floor due to the power of his sister libido , after trying to put off, touching his sisters body, he gave in..
...hours in he was bringing his sisters body to a orgasm which was so loud he heard someone bang on the wall and shout “Keep it down”. Calum had to accept his new life as his sister, and he was trying any thing possible to cure his constant needing for pleasure, he tried new drugs and tablets.... Calum still felt sick every time her touched his sister body but he had no choice, purchasing a dildo was a bad idea as well, because after using that he needed to find a real cock to help satisfy his body.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Space Core Ship 29: SCS Falcon

The year is 2225 and space flight as helped the human race advance it technology so far it has created a body swapping machine used by the Space core to help people who have been on long voyages to come home for some rest. It was Duty Officer M.R KEYES turn to return home for annual leave, she got into the pod and it turned on she would now have her mind transferred to a body back on Earth....when she awoke she was shocked to see she was a man, normally these swaps were same sex only but due to lack of staff Keyes found her self in Duty officer T. JOHNSON body. When Johnson awoke he spun round in his new body and looked down  in shock too “Okay I’m a female” he jumped off and started grabbing his body, he felt his new boobs and bottom and thought to him self “3 months in this body should be good” just then the emergency alarm went off, the SCS Falcon was under attack, Johnson realised then that his new body would have to wait as he ran to action stations.

Tattoo Swap (NSFW)

Maria was tattoo obsessed she had got 2 on her thighs and wanted one on her stomach, she went down to the local tattoo shop, when she sat in the chair a man came over and spoke “So then what kind of tattoo can I do you for today and where will I be putting it?” Maria replied “Well I want tattoo on my stomach but I’m not sure what to get” The tattooist smiled and lifted his shirt “How about this?” he showed a bird like tattoo it looked like a old Egyptian hieroglyphic. Maria spoke “How that’s amazing, I would love that” “Brilliant let’s get started.” As the tattooist picked up his tattooing gun and got started Maria could see a strange glint in his eye.

When he finished the tattoo he said “Thank you for getting this tattoo, it will change your life” Maria looked at the man strangely and said “Erm thanks, where do I pay ?” After paying Maria went out for some drinks with friends then went home to bed. In the early hours of the morning her tattoo started burning she ripped her cloths of and then she blacked out. Maria had not passed out she had actually just had her soul torn from her body and swapped with the tattooist who was actually a ancient Egyptian king who used the power of the Eagle tattoo to swap bodies so he could never die...he wasted no time with his new body he plunged his hand down to his new pussy and got started......he loved modern girls they were more dirty and always horny........

Work Enemies (NSFW)

Luke was working so hard at his job since Nina came to work at the company she spent no time at her desk she always was disappearing, at when she returned she looked really relaxed and happy. Luke was convinced she was sneaking of to smoke weed while in the ladies toilet. One day Luke looked up too see Nina walking towards the office exit and she went into the ladies toilets. “God I just wish I could see what she is up too” As he spoke at bright beam of light from the sky hit him, next thing he knew he was looking down at 2 pierced nipples, big tits and a cock in a took time to realise that the cock was penetrating his vagina he looked shocked and he started to wonder what was happening, he tried to think but he was distracted by the pure pleasure coming from the vagina below him...then it struck him he was Nina he had swapped bodies with her....For Luke he now knew why she kept sneaking off she was getting some dick as the man behind him kept pumping away he was beginning to care less about that he could now report Nina for having sexy while at work, he was now having his second orgasm and hoping that he may have another . After Luke finished he cleaned his new body up and had a quick look at Nina in the mirror....just then the beam of light hit him again and he was back at his desk and ready to file a report for his boss..he would leave out the bit where he swapped bodies with Nina fucked a guy and then swapped back though.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Your Life Is Easy

Chris was laying on the sofa in his Wife’s body in her favourite grey, gym outfit, when his body entered the room and spoke “Wow babe your looking sexy this morning, my lovely wife” his own body blow a kiss towards him, he replied while sticking his middle fingers up “Your a cheeky bitch, ha ha, I’m laying here because I was up at 6 in the gym, and now I have to get ready for your job, after yesterday living your life I’m knackered ” Denise in her husband body looked at her own body with a expression of I told you so  “Well you said you would be able to live my life, as you said ‘I have it easy’ anyway it’s not like you having been soaping my body up in the shower and you spend a long time most nights cleaning my teeth with my electric toothbrush.” Chris’s middle fingers raised again, and both of them smiled and laughed.
Chris and Denise spent the rest of the month as each other, in the end Chris understood that Denise’s life was hard and grow to respect her more, Denise did ask Chris if he wanted to swap again just to enjoy each other’s bodies again and maybe spend a night exploring there bodies together.

The Henderson Family (NSFW)

“For fuck sake mum(Jenny) , I know your enjoying being in Sophie’s body but I’m her brother, I do not want to see her naked” Howard and his family had all there bodies swapped with each other after there dog , dug up a strange statue from the garden, he was now his dad Stan, he was not happy about being 20 years older but he was growing to accept his new body, he had too. His sister was now in the body of unfortunately as far as they could tell there pet dog ‘Jasper’ which meant that his mother body was occupied by ‘Jasper’. “Sorry my darling I forgot you were still here, I just can’t believe I’m 20 again I have a body to die for and look at these perky tits” she said this while grabbing her new tits, “I don’t care mum just put some close on” just then Howard’s dad shouted down from up stairs from Howard's body “Jenny Erm your body just wet the carpet again” as Jenny placed on a dressing gown and went up stairs , just then ‘Jasper’ now with Sophie mind in came in with the idol in its mouth, Howard’s grabbed it and spoke, “I’m sorry, Sophie but I think we may be stuck like this” He then stroked Sophie’s head and she started to wimper.......

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Flashing In Public (NSFW)

David and Clive were always playing silly games in public and always daring each other, So when a strange And unexplained swapped happened with a girl 4 streets away, he still even in his new body carried on with there games and dares but now he had a new body to try some different dares , Clive dared  David that he would not flash his new boobs in public. David walked up to the seat in the local shopping mall, sat down smiled and flashed his new boobs to the entire mall. He spoke “Come on Clive give me a challenge” Clive sat there thinking of something more challenging for David....maybe runny through the mall naked would be a good he wanted to see more of David’s new body.....

Monday, 16 September 2019

Naive Girl, In A Mature Body (NSFW)

Before the Great Mind swap, Grace had been a 17 year old girl who knew very little about the pleasures that her body could bring, she grow up in a very religious household she was not aloud to parties and her outfits where always non revealing dresses, so when the great Mind shift hit she woke up in a older woman’s body, in some sexy lingerie laying on a marble top, she had in her hand some kind of massage machine, but as she sat there she started feel a feeling of kind of wetness from her new area like it was just extinct she started using the vibrator against her new vagina, 20 minutes later she was crying out in pleasure as something squirted out of her new pussy, Grace had a lot to learn about her new body, like her name but also the pleasure it can bring her. She hopped of the top and found a mirror, in shock of her new bodies massive Boobs and tattoo on her right shoulder, she felt her new pussy getting wet again and picked up the vibrator and ran into her new room......she was going to learn as much as she can, as she did not know if she was ever going to return to her body again.

Mr & Mrs Murphy (NSFW)

“Fucking hell” said Mandy from her husbands body as she wanked off his cook “this is amazing how are you doing?” Jeromy was sat on the sofa legs open fingering his wife pussy “I’m going to cum, oh shit another orgasm and I can keep going this is amazing” Mandy and Jeromy had swapped bodies to try and get a spark back in there sex life, they went to a sex therapist who suggested the treatment. Day one felling the pleasures of each other’s body while masturbating. As Jeromy carried on he heard his wife say “oh shit, I’m cumming” just then he former penis erupted and his cum went every where. “Fucking hell, Jeromy that was amazing” she looked at her husband still pushing her fingers into her pussy, she then swung around put her head in between her old bodies legs and dived into her old pussy licking it and sending Jeromy into a new world of pleasure, “Oh my god babe I see now what you mean now, how I’m learning so much so that’s the g spot” 30 minutes later Jeromy was being pumped by his former cock and he was loving it, he did feel a bit jealous though as Mandy was using his cock so much better than him, it had been nearly 40 minutes and she was still pumping away......he did not mind though he was in a land of pure orgasmic pleasure.....

On Display (NSFW)

For Andrew, being swapped into the body of his 25 year old neighbour Annabelle was proving difficult he was getting more use to his new body being able to do his hair and make up as well, just when he thought he had got to grips with his new body he was told by his new husband that his nipple was on display "Shit" said Andrew as he covered his nipple up he put his hand onto his boobs and smiled. Maybe he needed to where less revealing outfits until he had learned how to get those got dam bra's on. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Skull (NSFW)

Nancy walked into what was her old room, she had swapped bodies with her brother Owen, As she did she was shocked to see her body legs spread vibrator in hand, masturbating in her body he spoke as if nothing was happening, “oh hey sis, erm what do you want I’m kind of busy” Nancy was shocked she had swapped bodies with her brother due to a skull Owen had found in the woods when they both touched it, it caused them to swap, “Your such a perv, what are you doing in my body, I came here to try and switch back by touching the skull again” Owen laughed which was so different more sweet now he had his sisters voice “You must be joking I’m not switching back until I had my fun with this toy, sorry sis let’s say a week” Nancy could not believe it she left the room slamming the door as she did she could hear the sound of the vibrator starting up again, And she could hear loud  moans and groans coming from her own body, feeling completely disgusted she ran away to her new room still clutching the skull, she jumped into her brothers bed a fell asleep, she was hoping that when she woke up this would of been a bad dream.

Just To Sexy

Emma and her boyfriend Joseph had planned to go on holiday together. There flight was going great until they flow into a terrible storm and there plane got struck by lightening, causing everyone to swap bodies, there was a panic as the pilot was now a 18 year old girl but when he got control of the plane, Emma and Joseph looked at each other Emma in Joseph body said “Joseph are you me” Joseph in Emma’s body said “Emma are you me” both looked at each other before it hit them they had switched into each other’s body. Joseph started playing with Emma’s boobs and Emma was in shock as she could feel her boyfriends penis between her legs, “God babe your body is so horny, you knob is starting to stand to attention” Joseph looked down and said “holly shit can’t believe yours have my penis”

When they booked into there hotel they finally could see there new bodies naked both Emma and Joseph stood there naked next to each other staring into the Mirror Both asked question about each other’s body “Emma what is that?” Emma looked at her body worrying “That’s my vagina.....oh that it is the clitoris...does not shock me you don’t know what that is” Joseph spoke instantly in a slightly angry tone “Yeah Okay very funny”. Emma grabbed her new penis and said to Joseph “we are stuck like this, aren’t we” Joseph replied while pinching his new nipples feeling the slight pleasure it brought to him “Looks like it” Emma said “Well I’m not missing out on this holiday so want to go to the beach?” Joseph stopped felling up Emma’s body “Yeah Okay let’s go”. When Joseph got down to the beach he took of the clothes he was wearing to reveal a stunning white swimming suit “Babe your body is banging look at that arse, fucking hell I'm hot now” Emma looked at her body thinking “wow I do look sexy, maybe later I could try having sex with that my body, what a strange thought to have”. Emma and Joseph spent that night having sex, and the next, when the holiday was over they did not care they were stuck as each other, in some way they preferred it

I’m A Skateboard Chick Now

The Great Mind Shift had created a world of confusion people from all walks of life had been switched into different bodies, family’s were split up as well. After months for chaos the new formed government started reuniting families back to there homes, all the members of Alan’s family were reunited back in there family home, Alan had a sister who when he meet again was a 39 geography teacher from the local school, his mum was a 21 year old model called ‘Maria Diamond’ and his dad was now a 4 year old boy. Before the Great Mind event Alan was a Skateboarding champion and ended up as Chantelle a 24 year old girl from a neighbouring city, Alan found his new body to be almost a female version of his own young and in great shape, only difference was he now had boobs and a vagina which other then periods he enjoyed having. He was desperate to get back to training on his skateboard as he wanted to as soon as possible to get competing for the World Championship.

As Alan picked up his skateboard and slung it behind his head resting on his shoulders his mother, who Every time Alan looked at he could not help but stair as her new body she was so young and fit. “Alan, I know I may not look like your mother but I still am so be safe, when practicing” Alan looked at his mum and spoke “I will Maria....I mean mum.....thanks” Alan then saw his mum start to dress his 4 year old dad, while he could hear his sister still crying in her room over being a older man, The Great Mind shift had changed his family so much, he had to escape the madness and get back to doing what he loved so he just smiled and went out the door to start practicing in his new chick body.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Blackmailing Perv 2 (NSFW)

 When Joe explained his new plan to his Aunt she was outrage, the idea that he wanted to now have sex with her as Grace was disgusting but he had her in the parm of his, well now her hands.” I want some Of Graces sexy underwear” as Michelle returned with some beautiful underwear she spoke “Okay let’s get his over with” Joe sat further back on the bed and started removing Graces trousers she had on, then he placed his hand into her knickers and let out a cry of pure pleasure, “What’s the rush, I need to try this body out for myself, why don’t you go and change into something more slutty” as Michelle left, Joe stripped naked and started dressing in the underwear the feeling her got as he placed each item of clothing on was unique it felt unreal. When dressed he just laid back on the bed and spread his legs, and started masturbating, he brought his Cousins body to a orgasm of pure bliss, he could feel the wetness gush out of him he added to this orgasm by pinching his new nipples, he spoke panting as he finished “What a body, this is better than being a man” just then Michelle returned in a bra and panties and saw Joe Wet and ready for her.
Michelle could not believe what she was about to do, but she had too she needed to keep her marriage with her husband from ending. As she looked at Graces body she considered in that moment of how fantastic it was, Michelle in her youth had experimented, so she knew what she was Michele put a hand on Joe new bottom, She knew she was in for a wild night. Later in the evening both Michelle and Joe laid there both wet from sweet of the passionate and dirtiness of there sexual exploits. Joe was still using Graces fingers to slightly rub her pussy, and as he did this he looked at his Aunts body which was amazing she had bigger boobs, he looked her in the eye and spoke “You got anymore of that potion?” Michelle replied with a slight confusion in her voice “Yes, but what’s it to you “I think it’s time for me to have a go in your body for a while, Grace may wake up in my body but I don’t care really I’m in charge still” Michelle put her hands over her face, not only was Joe being a pervert in Graces body but now he wanted to be a perv in hers, she knew though she had no choice and went to get the she picked up the potion, it hit her she would be in Graces Young body, it was maybe not going to be such a bad swap as she thought...even though Joe would be doing god knows what to her body

Freaky Friday (NSFW)

As Bethany woke from another good night sleep she felt a little different her back was aching a little plus she felt really bloated and her boobs felt bigger, she thought maybe she was starting to feel ill, "Fucking hell" said a voice which Bethany recognised, she a awoke a shot up and too her complete shock her body stood there with just its nickers on, then Bethany looked down at her body she saw her hands which were aged and slightly wrinkled, she pushed back the covers to see a pair of bigger but saggier breast she was in her Mums body Alice  "Mum why am i in your body and why are you naked in mine" asked the completely confused Bethany, Alice grabbed her daughter smaller but perkier boobs,"I think we are experiencing a freaky Friday event I thought it was just a story you here when a mother and daughter swapped bodies for the day, I'm naked because if I'm going to be you for just one day I'm going to enjoy being young and having this killer body" Bethany was feeling her face, her mums older more wrinkled face and spoke "What am i suppose to do" Alice walked into the room watching her new boobs bounce as she walked and opened her dressers top draw and pulled out a Vibrator "call in sick to work and have some fun, you will find my body very sensitive to this" Bethany felt sick when her mum suggested masturbating in her body, she laid in bed for an hour before but in the end, she picked up the vibrator and turned it on, when she felt the slight vibration in her hand her mums pussy began to get wet, two hours later she was on the floor wanting more her mums body was so sensitive, Bethany was now enjoying being her mum as she brought her self to a extreme power orgasm and her mums body quieted everywhere...she was now enjoying her mums body so much......

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Kinky Couple (NSFW)

“Holy shit Annie I have your Vagina, you have my Penis it worked.” Annie and her boyfriend Aaron where a kinky couple they tried everything you can think of, but they wanted to try to have sex as each other they had found a ancient and rare substance which when smoked would allow the person to swap bodies with the next person they had sex with. Annie grabbed her boyfriends penis with her new thicker hands and gave it a stroke and spoke “Jesus Christ I have a cock, your cock” both looked at each other for a moment looking a there new bodies then there old bodies. Aaron grabbed his new boob “These tits are great babe there not to small” Annie replied still rubbing her new member “I know babe I just wish they were a bit bigger” Aaron looked at Annie stroking his cock “Erm can you stop that please, I know we want to test sex as each other but I might need some time to get use to this body first” Annie nodded and looked at her hands, “What about today being a day we just check out each other’s body from a new POV, take our selfs into a room and have some fun with our new equipment” Aaron slipped his hand down to his new vagina and said “Yes I’m taking our room see you later babe” Both Aaron and Annie met up with each other later on that day and spoke about there experiences in each other’s thing led to another and Annie was pumping her own Vagina with her new cock and Aaron was crying out in pleasure.......4 days later and both were still in each other’s the excitement of being each other, and Annie not use to being a guy she had not put a condom on......Oops!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Body Hoppers Perks (NSFW)

Being a body hopper had it perks, Carl had been a body  hopper since discovering his power at the age of 8 by accidentally swapping bodies with his sister, he had promised not to use his powers to take advantage of anyone. But like most men Carl had his weaknesses he had body hopped this girl he saw while he was walking home from work he followed her home then took over her body.....he spent no time getting down to it he knew that his body would only be unconscious for a hour or so....he ripped off his clothes and started masturbating, he plunged his new fingers deep into his new pussy it was amazing, it was so much better than his cock, he grabbed his new boobs and squeezed them pinching and licking this bodies sensitive nipples, every time he touch his boobs his pussy grow wetter making each plunge of his fingers more satisfying, he climaxed so strongly that it caused him to leave her body and hoop  back into his....he ran away from the building knowing that he would be revisiting that body again.

Tamzin Are You Okay ? (NSFW)

 “Fuck yes” shouted Andrews wife Tamzin, just then Andrew watched his wife grab her tits, Andrew was just saying goodbye to his wife as she fell to her knees and shouted, just then she plunged her hand down her sports bra and started playing with her boobs, Andrew was completely shocked, he then spoke to his Wife “Tamzin are you okay?” Tamzin body stopped playing with its boobs and looked at Andrew, “How it weird being called Tamzin” Andrew looked confused as he continued watching his wife, then her hands slipped down her stomach and went into her yoga pants,  A look of pleasure appeared on Tamzin face that he had never seen before as she clearly had just inserted her fingers into her pussy. “Babe what hell are you doing, stop that”
But Tamzin did not she started stripping and laid on the rug completely naked and got started fingering her pussy, Andrew watched as Tamzin brought her self to Orgasm after Orgasm, little did he know that his wife was now being controlled by the neighbours creepy son, he had used a body swap spell on her which he had purchased from the dark web.

Bad Scheduling

At East Wood secondary school the teachers had made a big mistake in scheduling PE, after the start of swap class, all the men who were now there female class mates were taking a long time to get changed, when the PE teacher went to see what was happening there was not a lot of changing but there was a lot of boob grabbing and naked bodies as she shouted “GET DRESSED NOW” all the guys and one last grabbed of there tits and started getting dressed.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

A Mutual Swap

As Emily walked into the front room she saw her old body had almost stripped completely naked, she had just been in the bathroom checking out her new body, she was examining the penis with would be hers for the rest of her life. She and her best friend Rick had mutual agreed to switch lives forever using a very confusing spell which meant the swap was permanent ,  Emily always wanted to be a man, where Rick just wanted to have boobs, plus her had all ways had a crush on Emily but she was Lesbian so he could not of asked her out but they had still stayed best friends “Oh, Hey Rick” said Rick, to his old body as he ran his hand up his new bodies smooth legs “Why, did you hide this body in baggy cloths all the time, its amazing” as he said this he had a good grab at his new boobs, and then a cheeky pinch of his new nipples. Emily spoke in her new deeper voice “I’m happy with your body too, little Rick is not as little as I thought, and in this body I feel comfortable like I always belonged here.” Both friends remained happy with there new bodies, Rick grow Emily’s hair long and changed her wardrobe to show of her body more. Emily had started dating one of ricks old girlfriends again and was looking forward to giving her new body a test drive.....

Monday, 9 September 2019

Any Time Now 2 (NSFW)

Dorothy was thrilled about still being Cindy after a week she had been having sex when ever she could as she was expecting each time to be her last, but she was curious about why she had not swapped back yet as the Ancient Necklace she had used to swap there bodies had very little power left. after returning to work as Cindy she was expecting her old body to be outraged at her stealing her body. When Dorothy walked into her room she was spot on her old body got up and spoke "You old bitch give me back my body, how could you do this to me, you cant leave me like this" Dorothy went to her old wardrobes bottom draw and pulled out her necklace which had lost the glow of the emerald in side it had finally run out of its ancient powers, but Dorothy was expecting it to swap them back when it died, but instead she and Cindy were stuck as each other for ever.Dorothy finally spoke to Cindy in her old body "Dorothy what are you going on about body swapping, i think someones tired and needs a nap" Cindy in her now older body started to panic and start to make her body become weak and tired. Cindy knew it was slightly unfair but she was now young again permanently and last night fun would not be her last time before she died.

Cindy in Dorothy's body was considered to be having the start of dementia because of her constant shouting about having her body stolen.Dorothy was still enjoying Cindy's body as she flashed her young wet pussy to Boris who had just come home after work she was looking forward to a new life of sex and having this killer body forever.

The Holiday (NSFW)

Mel and Diana  had again agreed on there holiday date but this time the swap would last the entire week they were on holiday, Mel was looking forward to there holiday she had loved being in the body of her niece, she was a stunning girl, all Mel had planned on bringing was sun cream and magazines for the beach she had read about.

Mel and he niece Diana had arrived on there holiday together where they were both going to swap bodies again and enjoy a relax time at a resort, After both girls had swapped Mel in her nieces body wasted no time in stripping naked, as Diana saw Mel starting to undress her body she spoke "Mel don't you want the bikini i got for you to wear?" Mel removed her nieces bra and let her amazing tits fall free, she felt them slightly and replied "Sorry  Diana, but I read about this Nudist beach near by I really want to try out, in my body i would have no confidence to try it out, but in your body I have the confidence"

Mel replied while looking down at her Aunts body thinking that all though she did not have the greatest tits in the world for her age she was still a very sexy "Okay you have fun on the beach but remember not to much fun with all those hunky nude guys down there" Both girls broke out in laughter and Mel took her nieces body off towards the beach. Diana stood there and grabbed her Aunts boobs unlike her Aunt in her body she had not really explored her Aunts body, maybe this holiday was a good time to but first she was going to have a message after sitting around on that long flight. 

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Just A Slice (NSFW)

Jamie was a fat man he tried to deny it but it was true so he decided to hire a personal trainer from a local gym he paid a lot of money for a fitness swap, he would swap bodies with a personal trainer who would get his body into a more healthy state. Jamie had been swapped with a female trainer called Michelle, she was a stunning woman she spoke to him after the swap about ‘Do’s and Don’t’ while he was her. She gave him a strict diet plan and started talking about she was talking all Jamie could think about was that he was a girl, he had boobs and by the feel of it, they were big.When he got back to what would be his flat for 2 months he went straight to the bathroom and stripped naked, he could of cried, Michelle was stunning he checked every part of this body out, he spent the next hour in the shower then just walking around naked.

After a week of following his strict diet plan set by Michelle he was sick of it he went out and purchased a large cake. When he swapped back with Michelle his body was fantastic but Michele’s body had pilled on the pounds....Jamie left gym quickly leaving Michelle to come to terms with her body which Jamie had ruined.

Violating His Daughters Body (NSFW)

Simon could not help it he had swapped bodies with his daughter Laura due to some necklace he had found while clearing out his Aunts possessions, he found his daughters body was strangely always  horny, because of this he tried so hard to swap back with his daughter but  no matter what they tried they could not swap back.

Simon was shocked to find so many sex toys in Laura’s room she was clearly a nympho, he knew she was not a virgin but he had no idea how her body was all ways crying out for satisfaction, he hated the idea of violating his daughters body but seeing her boobs when he bathed caused him to get  even more hornier so he got one of her toys which he could attached to the sink he steadied himself against the bath and lowered his aching pussy onto it.....Simon quickly forgot about how he was violating his daughters body the extreme pleasure and multiple orgasms he was having plus the sight of his daughters massive boobs swinging back and forth made his guilt slip away, in his mind he knew after feeling this amount of pleasure he could never go back to being a middle aged man.

Stuck as each other and Laura finding out what her dad had done while in her body, she moved away from him, leaving her body in the hands of her perverted dad who had moved on from pleasuring himself with toy cooks, and was going out and finding some real ones to satisfy him instead.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Being Mrs Anderson (NSFW)

When Mrs Anderson, Harry’s next door neighbour asked him to Come around after school as she had some work for Harry to do to help him buy his first car Harry jumped at the chance, for one he wanted money and two Mrs Anderson was a very attractive Woman she was 38 and married to a older businessman who was away a lot she all ways had younger blokes coming and going form her house while her husband was away. When Harry entered her house she took him into the kitchen where she told him what she wanted from him “Now Harry, I’m going to pay you for use of your body, I need to be young again and just get away from this house and my life, £100 seems fair what do you say?” Harry looked at Mrs Anderson confused and a little surprised by what she said he was expecting her to ask him to cut the grass, but for £100 and the chance to be a woman to have access to Her body sounded okay to him “Okay then seems like a strange request but should be fun. Once swapped Mrs Anderson was looking down Harry’s trousers saying “Holy shit kid that’s bigger then I guessed it would be, okay see you later on” As Harry watched his body bounce out the room he finally moved his new hands to his new boobs and squeezed them hard doing this caused his new vagina to get wet and a surge of pleasure pass through his new body and 20 minutes later her was laying on Mrs Anderson’s bed covered in sweet ,complete shock by the orgasm he had just had.

Swapping with Mrs Anderson went on for weeks he became more at ease with being a woman, and he got payed more for when he had to deal with Mrs Anderson’s husband or her time of the month, one day Harry was sitting there in Mrs Anderson body drinking wine and schooling through his phone when he heard a knock at the door when he answered it, one of Mrs Anderson’s young men who visited her when her husband was away stood there, Harry was not sure what to do, but then the man picked him up placed him on the counter removed his panties and started going to town on his pussy, the pleasure was amazing so he just carried on drinking and checking his phone.....until Mrs Anderson’s husband Walked in and went mental.....

3rd Times A Charm (NSFW)

Rory was still getting use to being in Megan’s body, he had been placed in her body for swap class for the first 6 months of the school year, she was a attractive girl but very quite and was known for being very well dressed never slutty like some girls at his school. 

He was given a information book by Megan about her body and life, things like how to dress, her bodies more personal elements like when her period was and stuff, Rory thought he had done a good job of dressing Megan’s body for there first day back at school. But when Megan came in and saw her body sitting there reading a magazine she was horrified to see her vagina on display

 “Rory, Close your legs” she approached Rory and dragged her body to a more quieter location. 

 “I think you should wear trousers for the rest of the time we are in each other’s body” Rory pulled at his skirt trying to lower it.

Rory came in the next day with the trousers Megan had said to wear but again he was told off because he had no bra on and his nipples were on display through his shirt, Megan was finally happy with Rory when on the 3rd day he came into school dressed correctly and not revelling any of what Rory had seen while showering any of her amazing body.

Friday, 6 September 2019

The Richards (2 of 2) (NSFW)

When Caitlin walked into the room she stopped in complete shock and she saw her mums body masturbating with a dildo, her mums leg was up in the air with pure pleasure on her face, Caitlin then realised who was inside her body “JASON,WHAT THE FUCK?” Jason them shot up in his mums body and pulled the dildo out of his mums vagina and covered his boobs with a pillow “Caitlin what the fuck are you doing, just walking in, I’m busy” Caitlin was to shocked to reply she could not believe what her brother was doing in there mums body, when she finally spoke she said “I can’t believe your masturbating in our mums body” Jason  replied sharply “Well why not dads fucking around in my body and mums been masturbating in your body since like 5 minutes after the swap, so I’m am going to enjoy this body as I’m stuck in it now I’m going to continue” as Jason continued shoving the dildo in and out of his mothers vagina, as Caitlin continued watching she got a strange stiffness start to develop in her dads pants and in panic of this, she ran out and went to the toilet, 5 mins later she was no better than her brother as she laid there penis in hand she thought what a strange family they had become.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Cheeky Sister

 Amanda was having a great summer holiday she had swapped bodies with her older sister Karen, about 2 weeks ago Karen had agreed that on holiday Amanda could Use her body for one day, Amanda’s boobs had never grown like her sister she just wanted to be able to lay in the sun in a sexy bikini. When Karen came up to her old body she said to Amanda “Okay, you’ve used my body to have a little fun, now we can swap back” Amanda lowered the sun glasses and looked at her former body, “You said a entire day come to your...i mean my room later and we can switch back” Amanda grabbed her older sisters boobs and said “Your tits are just perfect, wish my pair were like this , there not to big, not to small and fit this bikini brilliant “ Karen looked at her own body and said “Yes my body is amazing I am looking forward to returning to it later, and I hope your wearing sun cream, you better not burn my body” Amanda sat up and looked at her older body and said “Of course I have little sister”

When Karen knocked on the door waiting for her sister to let her in to swap back she thought, about what state her body would be in, she hoped that her sister had not got her to sun burnt or worst, the door opened and her body wondered out in a white dressing gown, her old body smiled slightly and said “Oh hey, how are you ?” Karen replied quickly saying “Yes enough small talk time to switch back” as Karen attempted to walk into the room Amanda raised her hand and said “Sorry sis but I’m not swapping back until he get home from this holiday, I’m sorry but this body is to beautiful to give up I can wear what ever I want with this body” Karen was so angry at her sister, “Fine as soon as we Get home no excuses” Amanda Nodded and said “Thanks sis, yes as soon as we get back” Amanda went back into the room and Karen thought she might go for a late night walk by the sea.....when the holiday was over the 2 sisters did swap back, but Karen was outraged to see that Amanda had got a tattoo on her left but cheek of a butterfly.....Amanda was outraged and swore never to swap bodies with her sister again.  

I Killed Myself

“There’s just no way your getting this body back sis” said Paul as he flicked his sister lovely blond hair, Paul and Courtney swapped bodies for a day, using a new company called body swap incorporated they had a date to swap back on Wednesday. “Your a fucking arse you promised me, you’d swap back” Courtney only agreed to the swap bodies as her brother was 18, she could go out drinking, as Courtney watched her brother grabbing her boobs and adjusting her favourite bikini she got angry and pushed her old body back, her brother was off balance and her body went falling back..... as she watched her body fall back she saw her head smash on the table, as she moved towards her body, her brother spoke “Now you will never get this body back” As she called for an ambulance the light in her bodies eyes faded and she realised she had accidentally killed her body and her brother within it.....Courtney was not charged with her own murder but she now was stuck as her brother.....