Thursday, 31 October 2019

Truly A Best Friend

Jacob had never understood his best friend Gabby she always complained about her body she kept saying she was ‘Chubby’ and ‘Ugly’ but although Jacob had no intention of dating Gabby, she in his mind was not ‘Chubby’ or ‘Ugly’ he told her one day to stop speaking rubbish that she was a amazing person she was beautiful inside and out side, but what ever he said she just continued with her negative views about her body.

Jacob had just spoken to Gabby over the phone and she told him to come around hers she wanted to ask for a big favour, he of course said yes and went around to Gabby’s house. “Hi Gabs, what’s up?” Gabby sat down and started to speak to Jacob “I know you always say that my body is great but I need a break for a while, so I have found this swapping spell online, please will you swap bodies with me?” Jacob looked at Gabby in confusion “Swap bodies, well that’s just stupid there’s no way that spells real” Gabby grabbed him by the hand and in desperation spoke again “I need this Jacob please, your my best friend” Jacob thought about it for a while, Gabby was his best friend and maybe if he was in Gabby’s body he could show her that her body is not bad “Okay, i will do it” Gabby smiled and hugged him “You truly are my Best friend” both friends read out the spell and moments later they awoke to find they were in each other’s body Gabby was so happy to be free of the body she hated so much but for Jacob being in this Girls body was going to be strange after Gabby went back to Jacobs house which would be her home for a while, Jacob removed his top “How can she thing this bodies ugly, I think it’s perfect” he grabbed his new boobs and felt the skin of his new body, he spent the next couple of days falling in love with his new body, he had spoke to Gabby and she was loving being a guy, Jacob wondered if Gabby wanted to stay in his body Because he wanted to stay in hers, he just could not believe Gabby hated this body, Jacob adored every inch of it.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Bad Neighbours

Dora had done it she had stolen the body of her young next door neighbour Cara, Dora was 87 years old bed ridden and she knew her time was short Cara was a great neighbour she always came around to help Dora with stuff but Dora was so jealous of her, she could not get over how lucky Cara was to have a body like that, she was beautiful I’m Dora’s eyes she was the perfect body to attempt to steal.

She felt bad but she had no choice she could not leave this world, Dora’s family had been doing this for years but Dora never thought she would use the 2 Necklace’s to swap bodies with someone but she had too she needed to be young again, she needed to be Cara. Dora placed one necklace on then when Cara came in for a weekly visit, Dora started a friendly conversation and thanked Cara for all her help and to say thanks offered Cara the necklace as a thank you “Oh Dora it’s lovely, I’m going to have a shower later I will try it on after that” Dora smiled and after Cara left she waited for Cara to finish showering a try the Necklace on.....Suddenly Dora felt a jolt in her chest like something was ripping her heart out of its chest.....when she woke up she was laying on the floor of a bedroom she did not recognise. Dora knew it had worked as she stood up feeling no aches or pains she removed the necklace from around Dora’s no form, she then went up to the mirror and leant close to the mirror and without saying a word she felt up her new young form just then Cara’s husbands Micheal entered the room “Nice shower babe” as Dora span around in her new body she realised she was completely naked under the robe that Cara was wearing, she un done the robe which drop to the floor showing her new young flesh “Wow babe, You look amazing” Dora walked slowly up to Micheal as she walked she looked down at her new body feeling her new perky boobs and rubbing her pussy, she kissed Micheal on the lips and started undoing his had been years since Dora had been with a man....after spending a amazing night with Micheal, Dora got up too get a drink of water as she looked out of the window she could see a ambulance outside where she use to live, Dora had not given a second thought to Cara stuck in her body and by the looks of it the shock had been to much for her old 87 year old body but Dora did not care she was now looking forward to her new life in her new body.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Drop That Towel (NSFW)

Swap class was the most popular class in Jacks school, swap class is just a easy lesson to pass you get swapped with a random person in your class you could end up as a girl or stay as a boy for Jack he was the only one of his friends to be swapped with a girl and not just any girl Annie Black the most sexiest and popular girl at school she had a body to die for all the boys had a crush on her and wished to see her naked. Jack was loving being in Annie’s body not just because he could play with her tits 24/7 but also because all his friends were jealous.
One night Jack agreed to show them all Annie’s body over a video chat all his friends joined the chat and waited, Jack enjoyed teasing them by massaging his new boobs all the boys in the chat were now chanting “Take that Towel off!!! Take that Towel off!!!! Take that Towel off!!!!” Finally Jack undone the towel and it dropped to the floor, Silence followed as all Jacks friends just looked at the body on there screens, Jack stood there feeling up his body and then giving his new pussy a little rub he then spoke in Annie’s sexy voice “Sorry boys but this body is all mine and I’m going to enjoy it” all the boys in the Video chat shouted “No don’t go....wait.....5 more minutes” but Jack ended the chat and looked down at his body and smiled...and spoke out loud “Let’s have some fun with this Annie’s Black’s body, god I love swap class”

Monday, 28 October 2019

On Cloud Nine (NSFW)

Jim was on cloud nine, after the great mind swap swapped him with Amy who lived on the other side of town, he was shocked to be in control of a girls body but luckily Amy was a babe she was more attractive then his old body which was not difficult, he found examining Amy in the mirror a adventure, new body parts to explore and he found the feel of her smooth skin so exhilarating, when he saw the octopus tattoo he laughed while examine it he found it some what sexy, as he started to play with Amy’s stunning body as any man would do if they had easy access to boobs, he started feeling up his new boobs and playing with his pussy which with each touch it got wetter and his new body was becoming hornier each touch was causing his body to ache, he plunged his fingers into his now pussy...after pleasuring himself for a while he felt a climax and level of pure pleasure hit him a state of pure and untold gratification hit him he had never felt a feeling like it, and his new body squirted and dripped our juices down his leg and all over his new bed and body.....what a feeling he though as he laid there feeling a little sticky and sweaty after masturbating in his new body....Jim was now getting ready to shower this, now his body and what a body.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Hopefully Not Again (NSFW)

Caleb was around his best friends house when he started to feel ill he collapsed to the floor in pain, he felt like he was going to die, then suddenly all went black....when he started to regain consciousness he was in for shock as his eyes opened he saw his dad rubbing his cock and before he could ge to grips with who or where he was his dad rammed his cock into Caleb’s arse but as he looked down he saw boobs hanging from his chest and instead of a penis a vagina just then as his dad continued thrusting in and out he spoke “Oh Sophie, I’m so glad Caleb went out tonight he have not done it in ages” Caleb the realised that he had to be in the body of his mother, the shock of this caused him to freeze he could not speak or move he just laid there taking each thrust of his dad cock, after a while his dad pulled his cock out and cum flow onto Caleb’s mothers boobs and stomach, then suddenly again he felt the pain that earlier had caused him to collapse at his friends house and again he blacked out.....opening his eyes again he was laying down on the floor where he originally collapsed in agony in complete shock of what he had just experienced he tried to convince himself it had not just happened he had not just swap bodies with his mum and been fucked by his dad, but he knew it felt to real, he just was just hopping it would not happen again.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Stop Doing That

“Stop doing that!!!” Shouted Mia from her boyfriends Shaun's body, Shaun looked at his own body still with his hands grabbing his girlfriends boobs “Sorry there just so great, I mean I have boobs for god sake” Mia again shouted at Shaun and he finally stopped messaging her boobs, “We need to sort this out” Shaun picked up the strange device again which had caused the swap, “I’m sorry, but I’d did not know it would do this” Shaun watched his body place a hand on his hip, like she use to just before she was going to tell him off “I told you not to play around with it until we knew what it was, now look I’m you, what are we going to do?!?”

Shaun spent that day looking for something or someone who knew what this device was...well that’s what Mia thought he was doing while she went of to his job, when really he had showered in Mia’s body and tried on all her sexiest clothes and then he laid on the bed completely naked and started playing with Mia’s boobs, after a while his fingers were deep in his girlfriends pussy’s brining his new body to orgasm after orgasm.....Shaun then finally started to research this strange device, he could not find anything it looked like that would be stuck forever but that night they tried the device again but the device did nothing, they were stuck but Shaun was not to disappointed, he had his boobs to play with now for life.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Don’t Mess With Magic 3 (NSFW)

Penny now spent most of her time in her older sisters body partying and sleeping with guys, her boyfriend was not up to her speed she was now fucking all over town, her own sister Amy who was trapped in Penny’s body kept telling her to stop but Penny did not care she had the body and she was using it.
Her new boyfriend Garry was amazing his ability in bed and his great equipment just made her body feel great more then any other man, Penny grabbed his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it she screamed out in pleasure, Garry spoke “Fuck Amy your a sex maniac, but I’m not complaining....I just need to get......” but before Garry could finish Penny put a finger to his lips and just said “No talking just fuck me” They both engaged in another mind blowing, body shaking sex session and for Penny this was the best yet. There’s was nothing to ruin the fun she was having in Amy’s body.
Garry was still pumping Penny’s stolen pussy he kept kissing Penny’s nipples, which made Penny scream out “I love this body” Garry looked at her a little confused and then said “I’m cumming” Penny looked at Garry as he finished what was another great fuck, but as she laid there she could see Garry looking a little concerned “What’s wrong babe, that was great, you were great” but then Penny looked down at her pussy to see a white substance oozing out of it “What’s that?!!!” Said Penny with a very concerned look on her face “I’m sorry but you did not give me a chance to get a condom” Penny was still confused she had not really known much about sex before swapping into Amy’s body but after asking a confused Garry why it was so bad that he ‘Cummend’ in her.

She started panicking “What should I do, PREGNANT, I don’t want a baby...Fuck” Garry ran to the drug store and purchased the morning after pill....but 2 weeks later when Penny was a week later for Amy’s period her and Garry were fearing the worse when she looked at the pregnancy test. “It’s positive” said Garry, penny’s hand covered her face.....but then she had a idea a way of getting out of all this. I bet Amy will want her body back...but Amy was happy she had got use to her younger sisters body she saw her sister being a slut in her body as a reason not to want to swap back. This left Penny stuck in her Pregnant older sisters body turns out that there was something that could ruin her fun.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Looks Like You Should Not Off Called Me Fat

Callum was one of many kids at his school who were bullied by the cool kids they were a group of boys and girls who thought they ran the school other then being going looking they had nothing else going for them. The worst of those was Tammy Jacobs she was a big chested, blonde bitch and by the stories he had been told a complete slut. Callum was use to being called ‘Dork’ and ‘Nerd’ and ‘four eyes’ but one day while walking past Tammy and her friends she shouted at him “Hey fatty, you of to the canteen, for your fourth lunch of the day”.

Callum span around and in anger said “I wish you knew what it was like to be me and to be called fat all the time by people like you” Tammy just laughed and replied “Well that’s never going to happen, is it” as she and her friends carried on laughing at Callum he wished that it would happen to her, that would show her.
Tammy woke up the next morning feeling really bloated and as she tried to get up she found that her body was really heavy she then noticed her room was different she was not in her own room, then as she looked into a mirror on the wall she screamed in shock “I’m fatty Callum, WTF” she grabbed his phone with his chubby’s fingers and found her own Facebook page and called herself on face chat. Her phoned answered and to her shock she saw her own beautiful body smiling back at her “What the fuck Callum, why am I in your disgusting body” her body said nothing just shook a can of whipped cream and squirted loads into his new mouth after a while her own body spoke “Look like someone should not of called me fat, bye bitch” Callum hanged up the phone before Tammy could saying anything else leaving Tammy in his fat body crying as she felt the body which only yesterday she had been bulling at school the next day Tammy tried to explain that she and Callum had swapped bodies but no one believed her, they just did what she had done to Callum for ages, they just took the piss out of her new body and she had to accept it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Lets Get This Over With Then

Chloe had received a invitation Fromm old friend to attend a party weeks ago, and she was looking forward to getting out and wearing her new dress, but 4 days before the party the Great mind swap happened and caused Chloe and her Husband Simon to swap bodies despite the fact that her friends were now in different bodies, the party was still going to happen.
Simon shouted down the stairs while he tried to get his wife body dressed “This is stupid why are we going all our friends are now in bodies of people we don’t know” Chloe walked to the bottom of the stairs and shouted back up “There still our friends Simon we are going” There was no reply from Simon, so Chloe went and sat down, after a while she could hear what sounded like clunking of high heels coming down the stairs, her body came walking into the room looking so sexy “How that dress is so sexy Simon” he looked at her and just said “Let’s get this over with.” At parties normally Simon could have 5 or 6 pints and steel feel quite with it but in his wife body after 3 pints he was drunk and finding his old body rather attractive.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Hell Yeah

Vince had always wanted to see his next door neighbour and Family Friend Casandra naked but the chances of her being seduced by a nerdy teenager from next door was unlikely. So one night he scammed any strange online websites he could and he found a page about “Soul swapping” it was a dangerous and tricky spell, but his want to be Casandra was too much he collected all the ingredients and spoke the incantation “Res animam meam” he said it twice and then held to hair of Casandra he took from a jumper she left around there house one night.
Next thing he knew he sitting on a sofa, he looked at his hands “Oh Hell yeah!” He shouted as his hands shot down to the boobs on his chest he stood up nearly falling over due to the high heels Casandra always wore. His hand then slipped into his panties and felt the slightly wet vagina now in his possession. Vince wasted no time he did not know what would happen, would Casandra wake up in his body and come around or would the swap only last moments. He went straight to her room and stripped he was not disappointed he grabbed and admired every part of the body he had desired for a long time after bringing his body to a orgasm, the door to the bedroom opened it was Casandra husband, John stood there before he knew what was happening John was plunging his huge penis into Vince already aching pussy it was strange at first but he found after John got going the pleasure was on another level, if he thought Masturbating was fun sex was even better.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Life Swap: Danny’s Story 1

‘The Life Swap’ Danny Takes The Risk

Danny had read about a new procedure Called ‘The Life Swap’ People gambled there bodies, people take the risk on swapping there bodies with someone random in the world they may end up in a better body or maybe end up in a bad one, people from all walks of life were signing up and Danny wanted to take the risk he was 33 years old and had a boring job which he was probably going to be sacked from soon. He paid the £1000 fee and created ‘A Profile Pack’  this had basic info about Danny’s life. Before the ‘Life Swap’ took place he was told while watching a video about the rules and risks of this one way swap but for Danny he had nothing to lose.

He entered the Pod which would randomly place his mind into another body, it could be anyone, any age or gender.

A recorded voice spoke “LIFE SWAP IN 5.....4......3...........2...................1”

Next thing he knew he was standing naked in the pod but this time as he looked down he saw something he had not seen before, he saw boobs “I’m a girl.....bloody hell” the pod opened and a voice told him to take some time to adjust to his new form, he stood in the mirror and to his amazement the new reflection was a lovely looking girl with blue hair, she looked lovely why would she want to swap her life.
As Danny opened up this girls ‘Profile Pack’ he was in for a surprise.......

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Oh How I Wish

I always wanted a big pair of tits just like my neighbour Abbey she was so sexy I use to watch her walk around in her bikini during the summer. Maria was just a average looking 18 year old she had to her disappointment a very flat chest “Oh how I wish I had Abbeys bib tits” she shouted just then she felt a jolt in her body next thing she knew she was standing in a kitchen which she did not recognise she noticed her hands and her finger nails which were painted red. Just then she noticed the two large mounds on her chest “Holy shit I’m abbey, I would recognise those tits anywhere, oh my look at these tits” as she said this she raised her hands and grabbed the boobs she had long wanted and admired.
 Maria was now staring Into a mirror fully naked “I’m Abbey....I’m Abbey I just wanted her tits not her life” Maria did adjust to her new older bigger chested body but Abbey on the other hand hated being Maria she was so flat chested and so Tom-boyish she struggle to feel sexy and confident like she did in her old body and hated Maria for causing this swap.

What’s She Up To ? (NSFW)

Arnold was a controlling father he hated not knowing where is daughter Roxanne was or what she was doing she had told him that after school she was going around a friends house to study, Arnold was not to happy as Roxanne had said she was going around Tanya’s house but when Arnold called her mum Rita she said that Roxanne was not around her house, Arnold was outraged he had to know where she was and what she was doing, Arnold walked around his front room calling Roxanne phone but it was switched off he then had a idea he would use a body swap spell he once found on the dark web to switch bodies with her, he had to find out what she was up too, as Arnold set it up he was thinking of what she may be doing maybe drugs...or maybe she had run away from home, when he had got the spell all ready he held one of her hairbrushes as the spell needed the DNA of whom you were swapping bodies with suddenly the room he was in started  fading and going black and he could start to hear what sounded like a man groaning.....When he came to he found himself in his daughters body bouncing up and down on some guys cock, just as Arnold was about to lose it with this guy, he felt a jolt of pleasure surge through his body....well maybe he could have a go at him when there a loud moan came out of his daughters lips....

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Little More Training Required 2

Collin was so happy with ‘Bella’ the dogs progress in how well she had taken to being trained on how to act and be a human and be like Britney, she was no longer barking at the postman, peeing in the street or in the garden, she was using a toilet like a human too, the dog was adapting so well, Collin watched as ‘Bella’ posed for a picture and spoke “I’m a good dog....human aren’t I” Collin went up and was going to pat Bella but decided to hug her....Collin thought that his work with training Bella was complete she now was able to pass as Britney, but just then a man came around the corner, shirt off muscle on show and then Bella laid on the floor and raised her now human arse in the air, Presenting herself to this guy as she had done when Collin use to take her for walk in the park “Dam” said Collin walking her into the house, still some work to that department then.

Just then as Collin was watching Bella eating human food now with a knife a fork and a bark came from behind, he turned to see Bella’s dog body laying there, blood and deep cuts covered the dogs bossy, Britney had been attacked by another dog, cuts everywhere bleeding so much Collin shouted “No Britney swap back, quickly swap back” but the dogs body he was holding stopped whimpering and Collin sat there realising that his wife was now dead, just then Bella got up and came over to Collin and spoke “I sorry, she was a good dog and then she gave Collin a hug and kissed him” in a strange way Collin found the next couple of days with Bella okay he had trained her to be exactly like Britney, maybe he would just get another dog...and move on with his life with the new Brittany.he still had to teach her about sex as a human as well.

Easy Money (NSFW)

When Darren woke up in a strange girls body he went into a complete melt down, he knew nothing of how the swap had happened or who he was, after searching for a while he found a handbag which according the the driving licences said he was ‘Hayley Matthews aged 24’ he then plonked himself down on to a chair nearby and it was then he felt the mounds on his chest bounce, he grabbed what were a missive pair of tits, he then rushed around trying to find the bathroom or just a mirror, she was amazing, a pure beauty as Darren took her clothes off he almost cried she had the figure all girls want curvy hips flat stomach and as Darren grabbed his boobs again he then realised that he was now in possession of a vagina he dropped the panties to the floor to reveal this girls vagina......after some time examining his body he walked into the front room where he found a mobile phone, as he picked it up as used his finger to get the phone to unlock, as Darren looked through the messages, it showed that this girl may have caused the swap, she was in some big debt, no job and behind on rent....Darren was now realising that although this girl had the body...she did not have the life

Darren took some time to adjust he even tried contacting his old self but with no luck, he had gone for many jobs but no one was interested in hiring him, people only perved over this body, one boss saying “I’ve got a job for you” and pointing at his penis. Darren was almost about to give up when while laying there one night playing with his boobs, which he still found struck him, he wonder what people would pay to see this Darren went online and found a Cam Girl service were people charged to watch girls do stuff....Darren had no choice so he signed up and with in moments people were requesting live shows.....Darren set up the cam and looked at what the first person wanted ‘£400 for you just to fiddle with your tits on the cam’ Darren started to rake the money in...

6 months later and Darren was now leaving a great life with a amazing body, he was still doing the Cam girl job, he now was finically stable and could go out enjoying life and this he was starting to find this body needed some real he was Looking for someone to join him and do his first live sex show....Darren was not bothered...Male....or.....female .....

Friday, 18 October 2019

No Wonder Mum Married You (NSFW)

Penny fell out with her mum Patsy when she started dating Ken, Penny hated her mum for going out with him and then Penny went mad when she found out they had got married. Ken was 20 years younger than Penny mum who was 48 and Penny could not see what her mum saw In him, Penny tried to persuade her mum that Ken was no good for her but Patsy was not listening, both found them self now in a heated argument over Ken and How Patsy had been ignoring her since marring Ken, Patsy spoke “Look Ken is a great guy, I’ve got date night with him tonight I will show you what a gentleman he is” Penny looked confused and spoke “I’m not going with you, talk about strange” Patsy smiled and said “ I will switch our bodies” Penny Laughed “Swap our bodies very......” “Funny there’s no...way” suddenly Penny stopped talking she now was looking at her self, she looked down to see her mum massive tits hanging heavily from her chest, she grabbed them and spoke “Fucking hell, swapped out bodies....” Penny looked as her old body Smiled and spoke “I can, so now go on a date with Ken and he will 100% change your mind” Penny got her mothers body washed and dressed. Ken who was unaware of the swap took what he thought was Patsy out for a romantic evening...after the evening finished Patsy thought not much of Ken’s charm he was of anything a bit cheesy....but as he walked her into there bedroom he turned and removed his trousers then slipped of his underwear.... “Wow” Ken stroked his massive cock and next thing Penny knew she was bouncing up and down on this amazing cock, boobs bouncing everywhere....between pumps she spoke “” Penny was blown away by Ken, next morning Penny smiled at her old body as she went down for breakfast and Patsy spoke “I take it your Pro Ken now” Penny smiled thinking of the invents of last night and said “I’m not complete convinced yet” Patsy looked surprised and spoke “Nice try but that cocks is mine now” next thing Penny knew she was back sitting a the table in her body......

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Keeping Things Fun (NSFW)

When Sophie got married to Paul, she wanted him to promise that they would both always, no matter what she made him promise to keep trying new things to make sure they kept there marriage fresh and fun, and more important keep the magic alive in the bedroom. After 1 year of marriage they had traveled all over the world, and there sex life was still very pleasing for both, But coming up on a year and half of marriage things changed, Paul started becoming very settled and both there jobs affected there travelling and sex life, when Sophie saw a ad in a magazine she was reading about a clinic in Switzerland were with new technology they swap the bodies of 2 willing people to experience life as each other, some comments from previous customers said
‘This experience changes my sex life, my husband now knows what I need to find that point of unbelievable pleasure’ and another ‘All though my husband was not amazed by the idea of being a woman, after I gave him his first taste of the pleasure as a woman he wants to book a second trip’. Paul was like many husbands hard to convince but he loved his wife and agreed they both stepped into the swap pods and next thing they knew all was dark. When Sophie started to come around after the treatment, she immediately looked at her hands, her new Man hand grabbed her crotch were she could feel her husbands penis, she looked then to see her body walking in from the balcony, naked and with a huge smile on his new face Paul spoke “Babe this is amazing, I’ve been in the bathroom just checking things out this is so strange but amazing I have Boobs” he walked in a little further gave Sophie a little spin and spoke “I’m ready when you are, how about we give each other’s body a test drive” Sophie was shocked by how much Paul had taken to the swap, she actually had to take a little bit of time herself before later that night they both engaged in a mind blowing and eye opening night of passion.....Paul could not get enough of the pleasures of his new body...when Sophie awoke the next morning she found Paul laying next to her, legs spread going to town on her pussy.....And again they Experienced another session of love making like never had experienced before.  

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Who Cares I Am A Woman

“I can’t believe you agreed to swap bodies with my mum” Said Harry to his best friend Tyler who was sitting there in Harry’s mums body Bonnie, Tyler replied  “I know well when she asked, I thought she was joking but on the of chance she was serious who would not want to be a woman, I have tits now and a pussy, every guys dream” Tyler lifter his legs up and spread them apart, while this happened his new vagina was slightly visible, Harry shouted a Tyler “Close you legs dude, I don’t want to see my mums vagina” Tyler lowered his legs and covered himself up “Sorry mate forgot, your mum is still sexy though for her age” Tyler shook his head “Your a idiot she swapped bodies with my a old neighbour once she used his body to fuck girls and drink heavily, she just want to abuse the bodies she borrows, your probably swap back and your have a tattoo” Tyler look a little worried, but then smiled and clenched the boobs on his chest, “I don’t care man, I mean I’m a woman....I have full access to boobs, I can have fun too maybe I will go up stairs and have a long shower, maybe look to see if your mum has a dildo” Harry nearly through up at the thought of this “Your sick, that’s my mum....” but by the times he finished talking Tyler was walking quickly across the room to the stairs laughing as his boobs bounced a little when he walked.....

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Don’t Mess With Magic 2

Penny was having a amazing time in her sisters older body she had spent a great day at the mall with her sisters friends and her boyfriend, Penny was loving being in Amy’s older body even more after she found out all the stuff she could do now she was older , she went drinking, and also went sexy lingerie shopping with her new ‘Girlfriends’, were they spoke about Joe and what sex with was like, she had to make up that she loved having sex with him, she and Joe now her boyfriend had started kissing while out as Penny was getting interested in seeing what sex was actually like, and things were heating up when she returned back to his place she started kissing and she could feel her sisters body starting to excited, she pulled his trousers down and saw the bulge forming in Joes pants she looked at it and smiled, when she swapped with Amy she had not thought about the fact that she would be able to have sex, After a eye opening evening she had just experienced something mind blowing her first sexual experience had been amazing she now felt more like a adult , next time she meet her sister she rubbed it in her face she had been having sex with Joe, Amy was not happy about this but Penny just said “Well that will teach you not to mess with Magic, won’t it little sister”

Not The Best First Date

Carol was running so late for a date, she ran out of her building and shouted for a taxi, a car pulled over and she got in, as the driver carried on driving down the road she spoke “Er driver aren’t you going to ask were I want to go?” No reply from the driver she told “Pull over now your not a taxi are you?” But then the locks on the doors went down and Carol could not open the door, the car pulled into a disused warehouse and stopped, the man turned to Carol and spoke, “I’m sorry about this but, my master needs a new form, she wants to be young again, and she asked this time for big boobs, so she will be so pleased when she sees the body I have brought her” just then the passenger side door opened and in stepped a woman maybe in her late 60s, she looked at Carol and smiled “Well, you did well just what I was looking for look a that body and that Face, oh wow I will be happy in this body..” Carol was still trying to get out shouting “Help me....Help me” The woman pulled out what looked to be a strange Device and the side doors opened next to her and she was being held down, 2 wires were placed to her forehead and she could see 2 wires on the woman’s in the front seats body, she smiled and spoke “Ready my sweet” she hit the button on the device and next thing Carol knew she was laying on a gravel floor in yard of the warehouse she stood up and could feel the aching and pains of what was now her body as she looked at her hands she yelled, she felt her face, she could feel the wrinkles of the old woman, the pain in her back made her full to her knees in pain, she could not believe what had happened she was on her way for a date, now she laying crying in a old woman’s body....

Meanwhile the woman awoke in the back of the car, she instantly grabbed the large breast she had longed desired, “I love it when I become young again, this is a great she’s a total babe” just then her new phone in her handbag rang, she looked at it a saw that there was a text ‘Hi, are you running late, Did your want me to order a drink for you’ The woman thought “No wonder she all dressed up she going on a date” she replied to the text ‘Sorry just having trouble finding the restaurant’ she waited for a reply and then got her driver to drop her off, 1 hour in her new body and she already had a date.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Creepy Uncle Norman (NSFW)

Uncle Norman loved having his brothers family around to stay, He was a body hopper and when he first discovered he had this rare power he use to swap with Trinity His brothers wife he would swap during the night and go into the bathroom and play with her body till the morning then swap back she was none the wiser and Norman was able to do this all the time they stayed with him, he once swapped with his brother and had sex with her. But 10 years of there visiting him and becoming Trinity was becoming a little boring she was getting older and not that fun to hop, but there daughter Gabrielle who was now 19 had really grown up over the last year, that night when he believed she was a sleep he hopped her body, he put on the lamp and stripped naked he was shocked by the body she had she was in no other word ‘Perfection’ He spread his legs up on the head board and placed a hand into his nieces Panties and another playing with her boobs he then stuck two fingers into her pussy, unlike her mum, her pussy was tight and so much more sensitive, he brought himself to a body shaking orgasm he decided to get dressed and hop back, in the morning at breakfast Gabrielle seemed so happy and relaxed, when Trinity asked “Gabrielle you seemed so relaxed and happy this morning, good night sleep ?” Gabrielle smiled at her mum and spoke “Yeah woke up feeling so good, must of had a real deep sleep, maybe it’s the mattress in that room” Uncle Norman sat there eating his breakfast looking forward to another night in Gabrielle killer body...

I Wear What I Want...

“If you think your going out in my body, you’ve got another thing coming, it’s bad enough being stuck in each other’s bodies” Rupert and Hannah were use to strange magic being done in the family , there Grandma was a old witch and tried to find a way of making them get on better, so she switched there bodies, unfortunately there Grandma died before she could switch them back, so they were stuck and it looked like forever but Hannah had not accepted she was stuck yet and that she was now her brother forever, Rupert had accepted the swap and was trying to live life again as his sister, there mum was trying to switch them back but she was not skilled like there grandma. As Rupert pulled the straps of his handbag back into his shoulders he looked at his former body and spoke “Look I’m going out, if you don’t like it well I’m sorry but this is my body now, so I’m going to live not be cooped up in this house for months like we have been” Hannah grabbed her former body by the shoulder as Rupert went to leave the house “Well can you put some different clothes on then, that skirt is a bit short and your showing some cleavage there...” Rupert looked at his old body and laughed “Look you use to go out in less than this, plus at school your nick name was ‘Slutty Hannah’ So don’t give me that talk, I’m actually respecting your body more than you did so get off my case and leave me alone” Rupert went to town with Her sisters friends and had a great time, turns out that he liked being a girl, but he must admit although he looked good in this outfit, the shorts were really tight and all the boys he walked past, looked at him like he was a piece of meat, he had to accept that this was his life now, as when he returned home there mum said there was no chance of being able to swap them back she did not have the powers like there grandma, so both Siblings had to accept there new bodies and life.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

This Is My Birthday And My Life Now

Anita stood there in her Daughters stunning body with a striking red outfit on showing plenty of her daughters cleavage she kept looking down at the under boob she was showing and smiling, Anita was never able to show her body of like this even when she was 21 , she took a sip of the drink in her hand and spoke to a shocked Emma in her old chunky body “Look my darling this is my 21st now, and all your birthdays will be mine now.” Emma was standing there in her mums much older and bigger body almost in tears, she could not believe her mother was taking over her life, she had always pushed Emma to keep her body in shape and work to get a good job, but Emma thought this was because she wanted her to succeed but now she knew it was just so she could steal her body one day.... “Oh just got a text from Jason ‘my boyfriend’ he’s coming over early, I hope he’s as good in bed as you said, Now please mum this is no place for a old bag like Bye Bye” Emma was in a bad way, when she got into her mums car and drove away, she was devastated by the betrayal of her own mother, she was now a 50 year old, with no job, no home because she was not going back home, seeing her mum in her body would be just to painful.....

What A Run

Kenny had to face the truth he was starting to pile on the weight, 3 large meals a day were maybe to much considering he just had a boring old office job, he decided to take up running in order to burn of some calories and start to get back in shape, he was running by the river and he was puffing pretty hard, he ran around a corner and smash he was knocked flying by another runner he got up and without looking at the other runner said “Sorry” And ran off he was so embarrassed he just ran, while running he felt different he did not fell tired but he could still feel to saggy man breast he had bouncing up and down, he ran home feeling so bad for running into someone else, but as he went into the bathroom to shower he was greeted by a shock, he was no longer a fat middle age man but a young thin he felt his body up he just shouted out “She gorgeous, what a run, they said losing weight would make me feel like a different person, did not think it would be after one run and I would return as a completely different person” Kenny was so happy about his new body, he was young, sexy and more importantly thin and athletic again.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Holiday Of A life Time

The Jeffreys and The Bakers were close family friends , they always did things together like go on holidays with each other, Alex who was the only child on the Jeffreys family was sick of these crappy holidays with the Bakers, he also had to put up with there daughter Caitlin she was horrible to Alex a complete spoiled brat who always got her way not just with her own parents but with Alex’s too, Caitlin only good feature was she was a sexy girl, she had a great body and she was not afraid to flaunt it, But when both families went to the beach, things started of as usual for Alex, he was being bullied by Caitlin and no one cared at all, while sitting by the sea he saw a strange Golden Idol half covered by sand, he picked it up and looked at it, it was so strange when he touched it he could feel a spark, like a electric shock cause through him, Alex was sitting there admiring it when Caitlin ran up next to him and spoke “What’s that, is that real gold we’ll hand it over that’s mine, come on hand it over or I will tell our parents” as Caitlin grabbed it Alex felt his whole body jolt and he woke up lying on the sand.

Alex got up he brushed the long hair out of his eyes....but then it hit him, He does not have long hair Alex looked at his hands, they were slender more dainty  looking hands, he grabbed the hair which fell down onto his shoulders and then looked in complete horror as his own body rubbing its head also stood up, Alex then realised he was in Caitlin’s body, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!” Shouted his body “What did you do you little creep give me back my body” Alex stood there for a moment his hands feeling the body of which had tortured him for years he felt his flat stomach and smooth arms he then grabbed the boobs which now hung from his chest “Stop that you Perv, leave my body alone stop touching me” Caitlin in Alex body was getting more worked up and panicking even more as she watched Alex feel up her body “Touch the Idol again come on....we have to swap back......please I can’t be you...I can’t be a man....” Alex looked a t his former self a look of realisation appeared on his face, this body was amazing why would he want to be his old self, slightly chubby body which no one cared about, at least as Caitlin he would be in sexy, fit body plus his life would be made so much easier, Alex finally spoke in his new girly voice and said while squeezing his new assets together “Swap back, why would I do that so I can be picked on constantly by you and ignored by my parents and your, no chance....sorry Alex but I’m staying in this body” a he finished talking he placed on the sunglasses hanging from his bikini top and skipped off. Caitlin stood there tears in her eyes as she came tried to work out how she had just lost her body to Alex...Still holding the idol which had caused all this to happen.

Wow (NSFW)

“Wow” said a smug looking Zach, he was at a friends house at a party when he saw this girl smoking some strange blue weed , Zach had heard of this rare type of Weed he knew that apparently it swapped the bodies of 2 people who smoked it, the girl smoking it was hot, Zach did not know who she was but she had a sexy punk, goth look going on, he walked up to her and said “Hi can I have a drag” She looked at him and said “Sure, just one though this is my last cigarette” Once Zach took a drag he felt dizzy and then next thing he knew he was looking at his own body, the girl seemed stunned by the swap but then she spoke from Zach body “Strange feels like I’m looking at my own body, that weed is strong I feel like I am a man strange I’m going to dance” Zach was standing there feeling up this complete strangers sexy form, he lifted up his top to reveal to himself a great pair of tits “can’t believe I have boobs, I’m so hot...” Zach returned to the party after a little time locked in the bathroom, playing with his knew form to find that the cigarette he left in the ash tray was gone, for a moment Zach panicked but some girl came up to him and started flirting with him, after kissing with this girl for 20 minutes Zach did not care about swapping back being a girl was amazing, but maybe learning her name would be good thing to do, but then the woman he was kissing pulled his new slender body into a bedroom, and Zach thought well maybe that can wait....

Friday, 11 October 2019

One More Time

“Hey, Gabby” said Lewis from Gabby’s body as he sat there on the steps, “how did you find it you know sex as a guy with a girl, better then sex as a girl with a girl?” Lewis watched as his own body sat next to him on the steps, “It was definitely different I mean, I liked the feeling but not sure if it’s better, what did you do in my body?” Gabby watched her body smile and get a little embraced “Well....I found your dildo and had a one of the best experiences of my life, getting use to a pussy and something penetrating me was hard at first but after bringing your body to a Body shaking orgasms, for like the 4th time, I was well in Love with this body” Gabby looked at Lewis and said “Maybe a couple more days, I need to experience sex one last time make sure If we swap permanently I won’t regret it” Lewis stood up and spoke “Of course Gabby you go and do it one more time, with my body” Lewis found those words very strange.... Lewis was hoping that Gabby would swap with him permanently, he was looking forward to having another evening of pleasure, and a lot more after that, hopefully.....

Thursday, 10 October 2019

40% Off (NSFW)

When Ben found a 40% discount code for the body swap service ‘Body Swap Incorporated’ he asked his girlfriend would she be up too a little experiment in each other’s body, Olivia who Ben had been dating since school said “So you want to swap bodies, and what have sex....” Ben looked a little uncomfortable and replied quickly “Maybe not sex, like you fucking me with my dick, but I thing being a girl, you know playing with your boobs, playing with your pussy would be so amazing” Olivia Agreed she and Ben would swap bodies. After swapping bodies both Ben and Olivia were a bit disorientated, both sat there for a while before touching feeling and then looking at the new parts and equipment, “I have a pussy, amazing I’m fingering my pussy” Olivia looked at Ben fingering her old pussy, she grabbed Ben’s cock which was enough to make it Stand to attention, both were spending the next days masturbating and playing in each other’s body, but after a while both needed more and Ben finally broke down and both prepared for sex in each other’s body, Ben was shocked, for one he had his own cock inside him and two because he was enjoying it more in Olivia’s body then when he was a man, Olivia was in a great rhythm pumping in and out, Ben orgasmed 1....2....3....times before Olivia finished, For the rest of there time as each other they never left the bed.....even without a discount code both were planning on a another swap.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

I’m The Wife Now...And It’s Hard Going (NSFW)

Jacob was in hell, he had used a online website To find a device which can transfers souls, he wanted to be his next door neighbour Zac he was a hunk and his wife Michelle was so sexy, sometimes Jacob use to listen to them both having sex, Jacob got the device and set it up , his soul shot out of his body as he floated through the wall about to start looking for Zac, he went to go through a door when Michelle came through and unable to avoid her his soul entered her body, as he catches his breath he looked down, there was Michelle’s 2 perky breast which the top she was wearing revealed, so classy, his hands grabbed them in shock he had completely fucked up, just then there was a knock at the door, he slowly walked to the door struggling in Michelle’s high heals, he opened it and there was his body holding the device, “Explain now why I’m in your pathetic child’s body” Jacob steady himself in Michelle’s body as he was struggling just to stand in her body with these heals on “I wanted to swap bodies with Zac, just so maybe I could sleep with you” Jacobs face Jaw dropped open “Your a freak, plus I ended up in your body, so would of Zac, so your a idiot now swap us back” Just then Zac came up the stairs of the flats, he saw Jacobs body holding some strange object and panicked “Get away from my wife you little perv” Zac grabbed Jacobs body, before Michelle could speak, “What’s this device some kind of freaky thing to try and do some strange shit to my wife” Zac smashed the machine on the floor, both Jacob and Michelle starred at each other in shock.....after weeks....months....of trying to find a way to swap back...both had to accept that they were stuck, Jacob did not find being Michelle fun, turns out Zac liked his sex rough, Jacob could not help it as he stood there Naked Zac span him around and Put his cock straight into Jacobs pussy....being a wife to Zac was hard going, especially on his Pussy....

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

A Perfect Gentleman ? (NSFW)

“Fuck, I told you if we are going to do this...put a condom on...I’ve got cum all over me...luckily I don’t think you came in me...but that was close remember Tina trusted me so if I get her knocked up she won’t be happy” Darrell had been parred with Tina in swap class, she was a good looking girl, she kept herself to herself but she always had time to chat to Darrell...she was friendly to Darrell even when she found out about who would be in her body for the next 3 months, she did not see him as being a perv unlike some guys in the class, but a girl called Dotty had swapped bodies with Trent the best looking and most popular guy at school. Trent was big, strong and popular with the ladies and for swap class you were partnered with someone who had swapped to the opposite sex, so Darrell got  Dotty in the body of Trent. Dotty spoke in her new Male voice “Sorry, but that was amazing, these cocks are so different, this was a great idea, if I put a condom on can we do it again ?” Darrell smiled in Tina’s body “You right that was great, I will go and clean up then a little more safer then last time, he maybe can try a different positions, I mean learning about being the opposite sex is what swap class is about”....both Darrell and Dotty spent most of the 3 months Fucking, and when they all swapped back Tina came up to Darrell and said “Thanks for being a perfect gentleman while in my body” Darrell smiled if only she knew....

Monday, 7 October 2019

That’s The Spot (NSFW)

Simon was sitting at home playing his favourite Pc game when he felt like he had just been punched, he slumped back in his chair and passed out, he came around, again he was slumped on a chair but as he looked down he saw boobs and a hairy pussy, Simon grabbed all the body parts which he knew a boy like him should not have laying on a  table next to him was to his shock a dildo, he looked at his vagina and the Dildo and 10 minutes later Simon was screaming “That’s the spot, that’s the spot” he did not know who he was, where he was but he hit what must of been this girls body G spot and a orgasm shot through the body that for some reason he was now in...Simon never return to his body, but as long as he had a dildo and a Vagina he did not care....

Found It (NSFW)

“She must have one, oh yes found it” Paul had been struggling with being in his sisters body it had been 6 weeks since the great mind swap had caused people all over the world to swap bodies, Paul hated being his sister, of all the people he could have swapped with from all over the world he swapped with his sister who was in the room next door, when Paul picked up the dildo which was in his sisters underwear draw he looked at the fake sock in his sisters small hands, he need to satisfy his sisters ragging hormones that this body had, he had spent a coupe of weeks trying to avoid it, touching his sisters wet vagina, he knew that this body was his now, he knew there was no chance of swapping back, but still this was his sisters body....his sister, but Paul knew he had to do something and sex was defiantly out of the questions, Paul laid down on his sisters bed and started to lower his pink knickers and prepared himself for a evening of release.

As Paul entered the dildo slowly into his vagina, he could feel the pure bliss of pleasure rock through his petite body, his vagina was so sensitive the dildo slid deep into his sisters vagina, he had never been penetrated by anything before but this felt so right so natural he pulled the dildo out of his wet and aching pussy looked at the dildo and said “Right this is going to be great” Paul shoved the dildo back into his body, pumping the fake cock into his vagina, pinching his nipple he could feel something building up inside him, after 25 minutes of fucking his aching pussy Paul was completely rocked by a orgasm of untold pleasure, Juices shot out of his s vagina and he released the dildo from his hand and laid back on the bed breathing heavily but completely satisfied, he looked down at his sisters...well his body now and he had to accept this bodies hormones and after that session he did.

A Mutual Swap...5 Years On

Rick had loved the last 5 years of his life, he had done so much in Emily’s body he had grown her hair long dressed more girly and also got married to a lovely girl, he was a model and to think he was once a man seemed strange. Emily was married now to Ricks ex girlfriend and had 2 kids, Rick was at a modelling job in a sexy red dress when his phone started ringing, it was Emily calling from his old body “Hi, long time no speak” said Emily down the phone, Rick laughed and said “Yes, why you calling after all this time?” Ricks old body cleared its throat and started speaking “Well I have some bad news, you Father passed away” Rick took the news in and sat there, he felt nothing he had not ever thought about his parents he left behind, he was now Emily “Rick you there ?” Rick finally spoke “I’m sorry Rick but my father is alive and well.” Emily replied “There my parents” Rick spoke again “No I’m sorry, good bye” Rick hung up and thought about what had just happened, he still felt nothing he was Emily and he loved this new life and the people he had around it including his me Parents.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Home Alone (NSFW)

Tony and his mum Trudy had argued all day Tony was 17 and wanted to stay home on his own, but his my mum said there was no chance he was to childish to be home alone, he broke things he set things on fire, he was never going to home alone, one night while arguing both Mother and Son, Tony said “I don’t break things” as he turned to walk away he knocked over a old Statue Trudy was given by a Old uncle in his Will. As the statue fell to the floor it smashed both mother and son fell to the floor...when they awoke the house was filled with screams and yelling “Mum...mum I’m you....oh my god......” Trudy was in shock she looked into the hall way mirror and in her new manly voice screamed in complete horror, she was her son “Tony I don’t believe this happens the statue swapped our bodies and now it’s Brocken....we’re stuck like this” Tony smiled and looked at his body “Can I stay home on my own now I’m you” Trudy looked at her body in shock “This is serious Tony...I can’t be you forever, I’m going out to try a find if this can be fixed” Tony yelled “Yes I’m home alone” 2 Hours later Trudy arrived home the statue still Brocken, As she entered the Front room she almost fell to her knees in shock, there was her body in her sexy red lingerie she had not worn since Tony’s dad had left, and her hand playing with the vagina which had 17 years ago given birth to the body she was now stuck in “What the Fuck, Tony....your sick...” Tony carried on fiddling with his mothers body and smiled “Well this is by the looks of it my body now, so I m getting use to it, being home alone was getting a little boring till I found your lingerie and your boobies” Trudy came home from her sons school to find her body sitting there playing xbox or watching Tv, knowing that she would never be able to be herself again....she wished she had just allowed Tony to stay home alone.......she found out that the statue carried a curse that if it was damaged it would punish those who caused it......

Body Hopping Aunt (NSFW)

Being his own Aunt was a challenge For Bobby he had swapped bodies after his Aunt used a family trait called ‘Body Hopping’Bobby has not yet mastered the ability yet but his Aunt wanted to be young again and use her Nephews body, she had been a Male before she had swapped bodies with her husband many times, Bobby was not completely upset by the lost of his Male body for a couple of days, he could now go out drinking and that’s the first thing he did, but the challenges for him were tings like men looking at him more, even some people hit on him, but getting his Aunts body dressed was not easy, he thought about going commando, and he thought well if Aunt Eva is out having fun in my body let’s see what I can do in her he sat there slurping on a drink he raised a leg to reveal his Aunts Vagina, on display for all to see, one young man looked at it and came over, Bobby had obviously had to much to drink because next thing he knew he was in the Bars toilets being Fucked by some random guy.....When he swapped back with Aunt Eva she asked why she had a hangover. But she was more confused by the aching of her vagina, luckily for Bobby Eva said nothing until the guy from the bar came up to her while she was out shopping and asked her if she was ready for round 2.

New Vessel

Kerry was in shock she had moments ago been walking back home through a tunnel she had to pass though because her Bike had been stolen days earlier, Kerry was a biker girl she was A member of a all female biker group and she loved it. She stood there being held by 2 masks men as a Old man wandered into the tunnel from one end, he walked close and spoke “Yes, yes and woman’s body will do, I must swap this body grows weak....” Kerry looked at the old man as he pulled a  golden medallion out of his pocket “What the Fuck let me go you strange Old man, what do you men swap...” The old man laughed and placed one of his old wrinkled fingers on Kerry’s face, “My dear, I require a new Vessel, and I haven’t been a girl in centuries, girls now are more strong independent and reveal much more then they use too” the old man looked at Kerry’s large boobs and smiled “Sick Perv, let me go” The old man handed the medallion to one of the men who forced the it around her neck “No, no get it off” Kerry cried, but the old man opened up his top to show another medallion he spoke in a old language and Light shot from each medallion and Kerry’s view of the old man faded as she passed out. “” said a groggy Kerry as she struggled to get off the floor, she looked at her hand, she freaked out as her hand was now old and wrinkly, she touched her face to confirm what she had thought “Pick the body up” said a familiar voice as the 2 men picked Kerry’s new but older body up, she saw her body standing there hand on one hip, “My dear, I thank you this is one fine body Being a woman will take some getting use to as the old man placed his hands onto his new boobs, I’m looking forward to it, as for you well I have no need for that body anymore so...good luck”, 1 masked man took the Medallion from around her new neck with force causing her new delicate skin to bruise and then dropped Kerry to the they walked away Kerry tried screaming out but the frail ness of her body she had been left in meant she was unable to move or now speak ...she could only watch as her body vanished.....

Mum Had Questions To Answer

Carol had been envious of her daughter Bethan  ever since she started growing into the beautiful girl you see before you, Carol had not been so lucky she had not even in her youth had the thin sexy body that he daughter has, Bethan was aware of her mothers jealousy of her body and had arranged through a local Scientist to allow him to swap there bodies so Carol could feel young and sexy in her body a live the way she was never able to. Bethan watched from her mums body as her body walked into the room and span around standing in front of the open garden doors “How mum that looks so sexy on me, don’t you find it a struggle to walk in those?” Carol ran a hand down her thin young flesh and spoke “They are murder to walk in but if I’m going to be you for a while then I’m going to look drop dead sexy all the time” Both girls laughed as Carol placed her hands on her daughters Boobs and spoke “I forgot what it was like to have a pair of perky boobs and your pussy babe, talk about tight” Bethan replied to her mother “MOTHER please” Carol was laughing as she replied with a cheeky look on her young innocent face “Sorry darling but mummy’s going to have some fun...while she young” Bethan allowed her mum for a couple of days to have all the fun she wanted with her body,  when they swapped back Bethan found 2 live bites on her neck and a tattoo on her lower back....her mother had some questions to answer.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Some Convincing (NSFW)

“Oh my god babe, your cock is getting...well ready for action” Cameron looked at his former body in shock “I just....I can’t....this is mental I can not believe that worked....” Cameron and his Girlfriend Maria had for a joke used a online service called ‘’ to attempt to swap bodies, never expected much but there were reviews on the site both thought were just fake plus this website was on the dark web and but after waiting a 5 minutes, it happened both had swapped bodies. “Well believe it Baby, I think we should, see how the other half live...and fuck” Cameron still remained in shock, slightly rubbing his new boobs his hand suddenly touched his Vagina and in his shock said “Your Vagina it’s getting....Wet” Cameron was fighting the feeling his body was giving him, his body wanted the cock in front of him, his own cock but his mind knew it was weird, to him sex with a man was gay...wasn’t it. “Come on babe, I know you want it” Suddenly, in a split moment Maria moved her body into positions and slid her new equipment into to her own vagina. Cameron yelled with Pure pleasure and shock “Maria....oh god....” but before he could say anymore Maria started pumping her Boyfriends own cock in and out, Cameron said no more other than screaming in pure bliss of the feeling coursing through his small slender body.....After they both finished Cameroon finally spoke “Maria that was so wrong...but it felt so good....I’m felt things I have never felt before” Maria smiled and placed her manly hand down onto her vagina and spoke “That’s nothing baby, have a feel of this” Cameroons doubts about sex with a man fell out of his mind as for the next 24 hours he felt the pleasure that a female body can bring.....

Friday, 4 October 2019

Get Dressed Now

“GET DRESSED NOW!!!” Said Mr Adams the swap class teacher, he knew that the The first hour after the swap was the worst young horny guys in girl body’s hiding in cupboards and unused class rooms, he was excepting to find Andy Donaldson doing something as he was in Caitlin Smith the most popular girl I’m school but for Mr Adams she was just a pain in the arse “Sorry Mr Adams I just for a bit carried away...i will put Caitlin....well my clothes back on and get to my nexts lesson” Mr Adams looked at Andy in disappointment “You know, as well as I do, you have to respect this bodies your a placed into” Andy put on of his new tiny girly hands up and said “I know....sorry....sorry....” Mr Adams left the room as Andy got dressed, he walked out of the classroom and Mr Adams said “Right go too your next class” as Andy walked of his little perky bottom wiggling he said loud enough for Mr Adams to hear “no problem I will just have to play with this body when I’m back at home” Mr Adams shouted again “ADAM RESPECT, RESPECT” Adam just laughed, he loved the new girly laugh he now had.....

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Betrayal And The Brother

“You fucking pervert, I borrow your body for an hour just to check on whether my boyfriend is cheating on me, I tell you not to do anything while in my body and I come back and your in the shower....” Dan who was still felling a little wrong for spending the last 35 minutes soaking his sisters body and soaping in places maybe he shouldn’t off ,but he was a horny strange 17 year old boy, “Sorry Hannah but I’m a man, having my only personal boobs to play with and a pussy to explore was just to tempting...I’m sorry, I feel bad for doing it, I’m just so confused, swapping bodies with you is a lot to take, I don’t feel like you because I’m me in your body....I know it makes no sense but...” Hannah just looked at her brother as he was trying to keep the towel to stay around her, his Sisters break the silence Dan spoke “Was he cheating...your boyfriend?” Hannah slowly started crying..... “He’s cheating on my best friend Rebecca, that bitch” Just then Hannah looked at her own body and smiled “I have an idea, you want boobs to play about I swap you and Rebecca....that will teach her a lesson for sleeping with my boyfriend, Dan smiled and shouted “Hell yeah” Hannah swapped back into her body and called Rebecca..... using her brother to punish her faced ‘Friend’ was a great idea.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Always Have A Plan B

Maggie saw her body leave her old bedroom and walk across the landing towards the bathroom... “Jackie please can you swap us back, I will give you all the money..please”, her body span around showing off a figure to die for, Maggie had a great body, a models body, perfect from her perfect boobs, flat stomach to her long smooth legs....Jackie looked at her old body and laughed “Look when your dad died, I had a feeling I would not be in the Will...but I had a Plan B if that was the case....stealing your body was a no brainier....and may I say....what a body” as she said this, her new young hands grabbed her new perfect tits, “So what do I do then, I’m 30 years older, I have no money and my own step mom stole my body and life” Jackie opened the bathroom door and said “I don’t care what you do as long, as when I’m finished soaping this body up and maybe having a little fun....your not around....bye Jackie” Maggie could not believe it after packing her Stepmoms suitcase, crying and trying to avoid looking in the mirrors, she left the house she had called home for 19 years and walked was she going to survive in a 49 year old milf body....

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

These Tits Are Mine Now

Isabella Walked into the front room in her grandma’s body, she had to use her walking frame as she was now her 87 year old Grandma, she had always gone on about wishing she was young again....and she always admired Isabella body and life day her grandma asked her to touch this strange Idol, before she did she asked where it was from as she had never seen it before, her grandma spoke “Well your Grandfather found it while fighting in WW2 in Africa, come on have a look” As Isabella grabbed the idol her grandma raised her hand a ring on her finger it lighted up and a white mist like substance shot out of each of there’s thing she saw was her body standing in front of her laughing out loud shouting “I’m young...I’m young....sorry my sweat....but I have to live forever and your body is better then any I have seen before”. As her Grandma noticed her old body walking slowly into the room Isabella spoke “Grandma how could you do this to stole my body...look a me, give me my body back.” Isabella Grandma’s had already been up stairs had a shower in her sexy, young body and being 60 years younger meant she had the energy to enjoy her granddaughters body plus now she was wearing a bikini to show of her new stolen tits...”Please grandma swap us back” Isabella started to feel faint in her grandma’s body she fell onto the chair near where she could see her body feeling her  smooth skin. While she was feeling up Isabella, well her new smooth skin she then saw her old Haggard body looking at her “Look sees this magnificent tits, they are mine...forever and it looks like you have just had a accident Grandma” Isabella looked down to see that she had just wet herself without realising as she started to panic, she then saw her body leaving the house while calling for a nurse.... 

Aunt Mel’s Cheeky Purchase (NSFW)

Diana had spent the day getting pampered in her Aunts body, massages, face treatment plus loads of pedicures and also some new nails plus all kind of other Spa treatments, it was amazing she had let her Aunt take her body to the nude beach and was hoping to return there room to swap she opened the door she could hear a was moaning, not of pain but of pleasure...she opened her Aunts bedroom door and to her shock there was her body, naked, one leg in there air pushing a big dildo, in and out of her vagina “Aunt Mel What the hell are you doing, where did you get a dildo? “ Aunt Mel pulled the Dildo out while making one last Moan of pleasure as the big fake cock left her young vagina “I made a purchase before we left, none of the guys at the nude beach seemed nice so I thought I would come back here and have some fun of my own” Diana could not believe it she had wanted to have a little fun with her Aunts body but considered it to be a little wrong but now she was going to find herself a....but just then Mel cut across her train of thought “I know what your thinking....and don’t think i did not think of you” Mel lent under the bed a pulled a box out and handed it to Diana, she opened it and in it was a Slightly smaller dildo, then the one she had seen her aunt pumping into her. “It may be smaller but it’s electric so, less work......I was going to use that one but....we’ll bigger is better right” Diana could not be mad at her Aunt she just switched it on and both girls laughed..... “As long as you don’t mind Mel....I will see you tomorrow for Breakfast.....things between Aunt Mel and Dianne had got a little stranger but as Diana sat in her Aunts body ready to have some fun she though it’s not that strange, we are both Diana started she thought of the Last 3 days of there holiday....she was kind of looking forward to swapping back this time, as being her Aunt was getting a little boring.....

Finally Got His Girls....Body

“HELL YEAH!!!!” As Sam grabbed the boobs that for 4 years now he had longed to grab and squeeze, Sam was obsessed with Tracey, his sisters Nadia’s best friend she was, no other word to describe it beautiful, he had asked her out once but she rejected him. “look at these tits, oh my god...” as Sam looked at his new smaller hands he looked back at his old body, who was shaking and spoke slowly “What have you done, I’m....I’m a man, I’m you” she said this while grabbing her throat as a deeper more manly voice escaped. She could only look as Sam in her body, as he continued feeling up her tits, he then placed one hand over his crotch and said “Fucking hell I have a pussy...Your pussy....oh god....can’t believed you agreed to read that spell....hahaha...” Tracey hands were still shaking she could not get her head around what had happened, her Best friends creepy brother came up to her as she was on her way to there house to meet Nadia.He told her to read what was on the card...not thinking feeling a little uneasy to be around him, just her and him....she just read it as she did his eyes lit up...he started saying what she was saying....moments later she was starring at her own body feeling herself up.... Sam was still felling up his stolen tits..just then Nadia came out of there house and said “Sam, don’t creep Tracey out with your strange fake voodoo crap.....just PISS OFF....Come on Tracey let’s go shopping” Sam span around and said “ im not going shopping with you.....I’m going home to have some fun” Sam walked away laughing still checking out his new body.....Tracey collapsed to the ground crying in a male body she found vile....... She looked at Nadia and said “Please help me ?” Nadia laughed and spoke “Shut up creep, no wonder mum and dad are sending you away to get help, see what you did you scared Tracey away......weirdo” Tracy sat the a complete mess, she had no one to turn too, plus she had to think about what that creep was doing with her body.