Friday, 6 December 2019

The Body Hopping Best Friends 1 (NEFW)

Connor and Tyler had been friends ever since they both meet while in another’s person body, both boys now went around the word hopping into new bodies and having as much fun as possible, this week they had hopped into a lesbian couple they saw in a hotel where they had been hopping bodies all week, both boys noticed these girls because they both had great big tits, after taking control of them, they both started admiring them selfs in the mirror in there room and wasted no time stripping a playing with there new large assets, both boys like to play pranks on there victims by recording some really weird stuff on there phones for when they regained control of there bodies, they loved the idea of people not remembering the wild and sexy nights they had in peoples bodies, Connor and Tyler found there new bodies most revealing clothes and started recording and drinking.....

After a wild night of playing with there and each other’s bodies the guys watched the video back, after finding that there drunken night of fun was even better when watched back, Connor decided to dress in the girls Bikini and head down to the pool, but Tyler was not done yet with exploring this body he stayed behind, unknowing to Connor he had found a vibrator in this girls luggage and was looking forward to using it.

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  1. Love this, could we get more body hopper friends slipping into big thick girls like this or some solo stuff of them being devious pervs?