Sunday, 20 September 2020

Day At The Mall 3

Gavin was so happy he was about to return to ‘The Body Swap Shop’ to swap bodies for the day with his sisters best friend Megan, she was so sexy and had a great zest for life, Gavin was not expecting her to agree to swapping bodies for the day but as she said just after she agreed to swap, you have to try everything before you die so why not try being a guy. 

Gavin and Megan walked out of the store, Gavin in Megan’s body was looking down at his new stomach which was on display as Megan had a cropped top on, he had a quick look over his shoulder and saw Megan looking at her new man hands, so Gavin took this time to have a quick play with Megan’s boobs and have a feel of her body. 
Turning around Megan let out a scream and spoke “Wow look at my body, Dam I’m so fucking cute, come on Gavin strike a pose.” 
Gavin smiled and stood there legs apart with his hands on Megan’s hips 
“Oh yes, I am 100% drop dead sexy, so then what shall we so first, I’m thinking as I agreed to this swap I get to pick first come on” a excited Megan grabbed Gavins new dainty had and pulled him towards the elevator. 

Gavin and Megan spent all day in the mall Megan got Gavin to try some outfits on so she could see what she looked like in them, Gavin enjoyed this as he got to see Megan’s boobs up close in the changing room. Megan was blown away by being able to wee standing up But what really confused Megan the most was how sexy she found her own body she could not stop staring at her own arse, she just loved her body and as the day started to come to a end she was looking forward to return to her own body, Megan and Gavin headed towards the exit doors ready to swap back, Megan was thinking as she walked through the door how fun it would be to maybe swap with someone....... but who she wondered......

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Can’t Stop Dancing (NSFW)


Brian could not stop dancing he had just read online that ‘The Great Mind Swap’ was permanent, he was over the moon, he use to be a 56 year old Accountant who’s wife had just left him for his best friend and  he was living in a Crapy one bedroom flat. 

But now he was in the body of Tamzin a 22 year old Model who was living in a great 2 bedroom house on the posh side of town. He carried on dancing boobs bouncing around and plus he found out that both his ex wife and his old friend had swapped into the bodies on 2, 80 year old woman, Brian thought that was hilarious, so he just kept on Dancing.......  

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 5

 Kenny was sitting outside planning his next move he was not sure what his next move was though, but then he had a idea, his friend Caleb was a good amateur hacker maybe he could help him out, Well Kenny had nothing to lose and called Caleb he had to put on Monica’s glasses as he was struggling to see the screen, calling Caleb was normal for Kenny but this time he was calling his friend from his Girlfriends step moms body. 

“Hello, How can I help you ?” Said a very confused and nervous Caleb 

“Hi, Erm I need a favour from you, I know you are a bit of a hacker and I need you to help me, can you help me find Caitlin, she had run off with Monica.....I mean Kenny and I need your help.” 

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you, sorry..... goodbye........” Caleb hung up the phone quickly 

Kenny had no other option he had to go to Caleb’s house and beg him anyway he could, he had money after all he needed to find a location on his body soon.....

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 1 (NSFW)

Tracey hated going to the doctors especially when it was to do with lady issues she allways got a male doctor who took a long time examining her before making a move on her, so she asked her brother Toby to go in her place. 
Toby was Traceys younger brother who had just turned 18 he was little bit of a loser and unlike his sister was a large boy with no real looks, Toby considered his sisters offer to swap there bodies as a joke at first but a hour before her appointment Tracey begged her brother one more time and showed him a small device which she had stolen from there uncle who worked for the government. 

“Toby this device swaps bodies, please I cant take another Pery Male doctor touching me and trying to flirt” Toby looked at the device a spoke 

“Well to be honest sis I don’t really want to be touched by some guy doctor either, so I may have to decline, plus I don’t want to see my sisters vagina..... so no” Tracey started crying and got down on her knees....
“Please Toby......Please I will owe you one, anything you want......” Toby sat there thinking as he thought about what he could get Tracey to do, and then it hit him. 
“Okay sis I will go to the doctors as you, if after you let me use this body swap device thing for a day?” 
Tracey smiled.
“Of course no problem, come on let’s switch and then I can drive you to the doctors.”

Sitting in the car in his sisters body was so strange he felt so small and weak, he felt different he could feel his sisters soft clothes rubbing against her smooth skin, he could not help but feel his sisters boobs and he knew that his penis was gone by the gap now between his legs. 
“Wow sis I know why your going to the doctors, what is that feeling it feels really weird” 
Toby sat there squirmy in his sisters body, trying not to scratch his sisters vagina which was aching
“Okay Toby this is it, now I will wait outside until your done, thanks so much bruv” 

Toby got changed and sat on the table waiting for the doctor, he was hopping for a female doctor and not a male doctor he felt uncomfortable enough as it is, he waited for a while, he did have a sneaky look down at his sisters vagina which was still aching and Toby could of sworn he felt some kind of liquid drip out, just then a very pretty female doctor walked in and asked what seem to be the problem, Toby explained and opened his sisters leg wide for the doctor to examine Tracey pussy.

“Yes, oh I know exactly whats wrong with this little tight pussy, you need a release.” 
A very confused and Uncomfortable Toby watched as the doctor proved and poked his sister pussy, next thing Toby knew the doctor slid a finger deep inside him causing him to scream out in pleasure.
“See what I mean my sweet, Your horny and if you want I can help you with that right now, it’s a easy treatment” 
a naive Toby smiled and spoke 
“Cool what do I need like a injection or a tablet?” 
The Doctor spoke 
“Not exactly.......”   

Monday, 14 September 2020

Can Not Believe It

 Jim could not believe it he had woken up that. morning as a 14 year old spotty loser and was finishing the day in his sisters best friends body, Cindy was so beautiful Jim had a major crush on her but she considered him a little loser. 

Jim sat there thinking about Cindy she and Jim’s sister Kayleigh were going to the local swimming pool, Jim felt so strange just thinking about Cindy in a bikini.....Suddenly Jim felt strange jolt hit his body....
he looked down at his hand and was shocked to see such dainty hands and Manicured finger nails as well but next thing he saw were two boobs hanging from his chest caged in a bikini top, Jim smiled and grabbed one of the boobs just then he looked up as a girl said 
“Come on Cindy.” It was Kayleigh, Jim could not believe it as he walked towards to pool boobs bouncing, he did not know how it had happened but he was enjoying it so far as he got into the pool. 


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Need A Test Subject 2 (NSFW)

Jodie decided to practice one more time and decided she needed to swap with someone other than her sister, so she decided on Rebecca a friend of Maisy’s who Jodie knew was a massive slut, she decided to swap with her for the night. This swap was a little more risky as Jodie knew that Rebecca would be in her body and would probably freak out so Jodie decided to take some sleeping pills as she activated the device remembering only at the last minute to set the swap back timer , she need Rebecca to be her final test subject. 

The swap went well as far as Jodie knew Rebecca was fast asleep in her body and Jodie was now ready in hers, as she stood there admiring Rebecca’s body she was so happy to find out that Rebecca had a good choice of dildo’s to try, she was a slut after all, laying back on the bed she got ready for another trial run....

Plunging the dildo in and out Jodie arse was amazing she could not believe how different it felt to when she tried this in Maisy s body, the pleasure causing through her borrowed body was like nothing she a felt before, legs high in there air Jodie looked down at Rebecca’s pussy which was now dripping wet she needed more so she picked up another dildo and shoved it deep inside her pussy..... Jodie screamed as she orgasmed losing control of both dildos they slipped out of her hands and onto the bed.......after finally getting her breath back Jodie decided to wash Rebeccas body down and prepare for the swap back, Jodie was now 100% ready to try anal masturbation in her own body. 


Friday, 11 September 2020

Back With A Bang (NSFW)

 Andy was on the brink of death when he uttered his last words to the world which was a spell which he hoped would allow his soul to find a new host body he was not ready to die, he felt something in his chest leave his body and next thing he felt was nothing no pain, it was like he was swimming in the air......

After a while he felt himself being pulled towards a room and next thing he knew.... 
“Fucking Hell!!!” Screamed Andy as he suddenly felt something penetrate him from behind he realised very quickly by the long blonde hair that he was a girl being fucked by a guy with massive cock....

Andy was hoping to come back into the living world with a bang.... but not this kind of bang.... but he was just glad to be alive as he laid back a took it. 

Monday, 31 August 2020

What Do You Want ?

“What the hell do you want ? Said Martin has he slid open the door 

A very upset Dotty looked at her former body and starting to get emotional, fighting back the tears she spoke 
 “I want my body back, I don’t know what you did, but just swap us back!!!” 

Martin smiled down at his former body and laughed, he was never giving this body back, Martin used a secret black market ‘Soul Swapper’ so he could steal her body.
“Very Funny, why would I give this body back, look at these tits....and not to mention this vagina.....” 
a angry Dotty ran towards Martin in anger but he was able to just push his former body to the ground a close the door, he loved being so tall, he loved being a adult and not a silly 13 year old boy. 

Martin sat down chuckling to himself as he grabbed his new boobs “Swap back” he said still giggling, unfortunately for Dotty the ‘Soul Swapper’ is permanent, so martin knew he could enjoy this body forever. 

Sunday, 23 August 2020



Due to a busy week at work I was unable to find the time to write any stories

I know excuses 

hopefully this week will be okay 

I have some new stories and follow ups coming soon 

Thanks for your patience and support 


Monday, 17 August 2020

Bunking Swap Class


Monica did not want to go to her swap class today because she did not want to swap body with Kenny, she hated the idea of a male being in possession of her body and also hated the idea of being a guy but she needed a good grade to get into University and her parents made her take ‘Swap class’ as it was a easy A. 

Monica decided to bunk off today because it was swap day but as she was walking down a corridor she felt a weird sensation hit her and next thing she knew she was sitting at a desk in her swap class.                         “Hello Monica, I told you that if you bunk off today’s class it would make no difference, once you sign up, you swap” said Mr Bailey, The swap class teacher 

Monica watched as her own body walked into the room smiling she could not believe she was going to be a guy for the next 3 months. 

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Taking Abigail For A Spin (NSFW)

“Please get out of Abigail's body, please I beg you!!!!!” But Maranda just smiled and folded her arms, Paul’s grandmother was on her death bed in hospital 5 years ago when she discovered at the age of 95  her body hopping talents, she took over the body of a young nurse and convinced Paul that she had been able to swap bodies with her, but after a while Maranda wanted a change just for a night and decided Paul’s Wife Abigail would be a great body to go out on the town in and have some fun, Paul tried to get his grandmother to leave his wife body but after one look in the mirror at her new body Maranda was ready to party. 

Friday, 14 August 2020

The Body Thief 1

Riley looked down at her former sleeping body as she got her new Male body dressed she had never stolen a man’s body before, she had spent the last 12 years stealing body after body she started with stealing her own sisters body, the body she had just left had been one of her favourite’s, Riley had just left Michelle’s body she was a very confident and sexy lady who worked at a local Pub, but Riley wanted a change over those last 12 years she had been nearly every type of Woman but now she wanted to try to opposite sex and Garry was perfect plus he had been very good in bed, Riley felt a little bad stealing his body but as she finished getting dressed she heard her old body starting to wake up and decided to get out, as Riley got in her new car and turned the engine on she heard a scream from her old flat, she knew that most people went insane when finding themself in new body but Riley hopped Garry could adjust and be happy. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Winner Is.....


“The winner of this final round will take home £40,000 and also win a 48 hour body swap with the amazing Silvia, Just look at her.....what a prize!!!!” As Tony and Paul got ready for the final round of question both of them could not believe that if they won they would get to control the body of a woman like Silvia for an entire weekend, the first question was asked and Tony answered it correctly and would go on to win, as Silvia came back out to hug and congratulate the winner, Paul could be seen cursing to himself in the back ground,
 “Congratulation Tony you have £40,000 and a weekend in Silvia’s body...that’s all folks join use next week....for more Questions and Prizes” 

Tony was taken back stage where he was given a check for £40,000 but to be honest there was only one prize Tony really wanted and that was his weekend as Silvia.....


Friday, 7 August 2020

The Sex Swap 2

Darren screamed out “Fucking hell” as continued bouncing up and down on his own cock, he did not want to like if but he could not help if this was the only way him and Beth could swap back then he had to give it a try, Beth flipped him on to his back and Darren could not believe that Beth was on top of him about to insert his penis into her body, as she slipped it in again Darren could not help but scream out, with each thrust he found himself relaxing and enjoying the feeling that he never felt before coursing through Beth’s Petite body, Beth started to get faster and faster before she screamed out in pleasure as she pulled out and covered her own body in cum. 

Waking up Darren felt straight for his cock only to find he still had a vagina he could feel the juices leaking out he was still feeling the affects of last nights fun, looking over to find where his body was he could see his body crying “It did not work I’m still in your body, What are we going to do Darren?!?” Said Beth
Darren sat up he could feel a real aching coming from his pussy, Beth had really given him a seeing to with his own cock “We will just have to try again maybe, if you think it may work” Beth stood up and looked at her own body “I don’t see any other way Darren.” 

The couple spent there next 3 weeks fucking every night until they both had to accept that they were stuck in each other’s body unfortunately the couple could not stay together, splitting up both Beth and Darren went there separate ways in each other’s body, neither happy but being together was to painful seeing there own bodies everyday was to much......... 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Nathan The Body Hopper (NSFW)

Finding out your a body hopper is cool, but finding out by swapping into your aunts body would not normally be how you would like to find out but Nathan was not like most people, he was a little bit of a perv he wrongly had a big crush on his Aunt Tracey she was the full package she was very good looking and had a perfect body plus Nathan could not help but stare at her boobs. Laying there at night Nathan could only think of her, as he heard the shower start up he knew it was Tracey, she was in there washing her naked body, Nathan wanted to be in there with her..... 

Next thing Nathan knew he was standing in a steamy room water pouring down on top of him looking down he saw something which almost made his knees give way, he could see water pouring over a pair of breasts looking at his hands he knew who he was, turning the water off and leaving the shower he walked over to the mirror and there looking back at him was the wet and soapy body of Tracey, Nathan hands grabbed the boobs which hung from his chest, having a good feel his hands then moved down to where he knew Traceys pussy would be, felling it he wasted no time and slipped two fingers into Traceys pussy, the surge of pleasure he felt made him collapse against the door. 

Nathan did not know how he had ended up in his Aunts body but all he cared about now was feeling up the body and making sure he made his Aunts body orgasm , Nathan was rubbing and fingering his Aunts pussy the feeling was amazing, he caused  a mind blowing orgasm to surge across his Aunts body, Nathan was convinced he was going to pass out, he could feel her juicy’s oozing out, he could feel a massive pressure building up and then he laughed as he caused Tracey body to squirt all over the Bathroom floor sitting there laughing in the after glow of what had just been a amazing and very pleasurable experience, Nathan was jolted out of this feeling by banging on the Bathroom door it was Tracey in his body “What have you done to me ? You better not being do anything strange in there Nathan, come out now !!!!!”  Nathan laughed as he opened the door to the bathroom and saw his own body standing there, he would try to work out how to swap back soon but he needed another night enjoying this amazing body.  


Monday, 3 August 2020

He Hates, That He Loves It (NSFW)

“ do I love this so much!!!!!!!” Shouted Neville as he laid there in his neighbours body being fucked by her husband, Neville had woken up in Olivia’s body a couple of weeks ago, he and Olivia had no idea why they swapped bodies other then saying ‘Hello’ to each other every now and then they very rarely spoke but after talking for a bit they decided to pretend to be each other for a while and hope they would swap back but as the weeks went by Neville found it harder and harder to resist his new bodies urges. 

Neville had never felt this good before his vagina was on fire and all he could feel were the waves of pleasure coursing through Olivia’s body as he laid there being fucked Olivia’s husband spoke “Wow...babe your never normally this up for it these day’s this is fucking brilliant!!!” 
Neville hated himself, he hated how much he loved it, but as the weeks turned into months he and Olivia decided that they were never going to swap back, Neville was a little upset he was now 20 years older but he cared about it less and less each time his new husband started fucking him. 

Oh how he hated, that he fucking loved it!!!! 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Same Day Every Year

Mark was preparing himself for a very special picture, he struck a pose and had his Girlfriend take a picture of him, He got people to take pictures of him the same day every year Mark would normally take a sexy picture of his body which 10 years ago belonged to Lyndsey but for the last 10 years had been his, when the friends were 15 they accidental swapped bodies after finding a old statue laying on the floor near a old house which was once said to of been haunted. 

Mark at first was devastated by the switch, both him and Lyndsey spent years trying to swap back but with no success but when Lyndsey body got older Mark started to become less and less eager to swap back Lyndsey grow into a real looker with a killer body when Mark told Lyndsey he did not want to swap back she went mad and to this day 10 years on Lyndsey is still researching the statue and trying to find out how to switch back. 

Mark knew it was never going to happen this swap was permanent he was so happy with his life he was dating a girl called Mel and had just got his first modelling contract and he looked forward to pissing of Lyndsey with a picture to show her what she is missing, he knew it was evil but he did not care, he thought maybe a sexy beach pic would be good next year.  

Hi ;) i would love to see a Story about two childhood Friends where swapped Bodies permanently and she can‘t do anything to get her Body Back from him, thank you ^^
I Hope you can use some of These  Pics

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Home Alone 4 (NSFW)

“What a Feeling!!!!!” Shouted Logan as he continued plunging his fingers into Sarah’s pussy, woman are so lucky thought Logan as he was hit by another orgasm the feeling was so body shaking he felt like he was going to pass out, each thrust was amazing, juices squirting everywhere as Logan maid Sarah’s body hit another mind blowing orgasm Logan pulled his fingers out and laid there painting and laughed “That was amazing!!!” 

Logan got up and looked at Sarah’s body In the mirror grabbed his boobs a laughed he could still not understand why Sarah had allowed him to borrow her body, he felt like he was walking on air as he walked down the stairs to get something to eat and drink, all that masturbating made him so hungry, after having something to replenish his energy he walked passed the phone and Logan saw another 4 messages on the machine and decided to listen to them, 

1st message
“Hi Sarah it’s Daisy are we still going to yoga on Friday? Give me a call back to confirm, bye” 

2nd message
“Sarah don’t run away from this, we need to settle this debt with these guys they mean business I can’t agree to there teams I can’t so that it’s just unfair on him please call me back” 

Logan was confused that second message was from Sarah’s husband Marcus but what was he talking about 

3rd message 
“Please call me back, they rang and told me he had arrived tell me there wrong please tell me you haven’t done it, call me back now” 

4th Message 
“Hi Sarah it’s Pauline, have you seen Logan he did not turn up to meet his friends for there weekend away I can’t get through to him on the phone, a little worried, if you here anything, call me bye” 

Logan listened to the last message again, his mum was worried about him, he was missing which really meant that Sarah had disappeared in his body, what the hell was going on but then the door bell rang and throwing on some clothes he walked over to answer it expecting it to be Sarah in his body but when he opened it there looking at him was a strange old man.......... 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Need A Test Subject (NSFW)

Jodie was like most girls she enjoyed having a nice relaxing night in with her favourite dildo, recently she had been interested in trying out Anal Masturbation with her dildo but she was very worried about the damage it could cause her body. 
Jodie came up with a idea which involved using a her Fathers body swap device on her sister Maisy and then using her body to try Anal Masturbation in, if it causes damage then at least she had not damaged her own body. 

Stealing the Device from her dads room was easy, she decided to use it when her parents were away for the weekend she ran into her sisters room and turned the device on, Maisy started screaming as she found herself standing in her little sisters body “What have you done, you switched our bodies” Jodie sat the looking and feeling up her Sisters body, completely ignoring Maisy who was demanding that she switch them back, Jodie stood up pushed her old body out of the way and went into her room locked the door and took her dildo out from the bottom draw. 

Jodie sat there pushing her dildo in and out of her Sisters arse, it was amazing so different then normal masturbation, after spending at least 2 hours pleasuring her sisters body Jodie decided it was time to swap back with Maisy. 

Maisy never found out what Jodie had done while in her body but Jodie could not help but laugh as she saw Maisy squirming on her chair at dinner the next day, Jodie was not surprised her arse was sore and decided she may need one more practice before trying it out on her own body. 

Saturday, 25 July 2020

The Sex Swap 1

“Err.....No” said Darren from his Girlfriend Beth’s body “There’s no way I will be having sex with you, I’m not gay and there is no way I’m being fucked by a dick, even if it is my own” Beth throw her boyfriends arms up in the air and spoke “Well then Darren what the fuck are we going to do then, if having sex caused us to swap bodies them surely having sex again will swap use back, I’m not staying in this body forever so what’s it going to be ?” 
Darren looked down at his girlfriends body, to be fair Darren had enjoyed being in Beth’s body since waking up a couple of hours ago but would he want to be in her body forever he had really enjoyed soaping up his girlfriends boobs in the shower but being a woman forever seemed a little scary he liked being a man but sex with a man felt so unnatural to him and the thought of feeling a dick thrusting into him, was terrifying Darren was not sure...

“Well, then what’s it going to be.....because I want my body back” Beth stood up and slowly started stripping until she was standing there nude in Darren’s body. 
Oh wow Darren thought at the sight of his naked form made Beths vagina start to get wet, I guess this was the only way, Darren watched as his own body walked forward and kissed him and he felt one of his masculine hands on his face and Darren knew what was going to happen he had just been seduced by his own body exactly the same way he normally seduces Beth..........

Friday, 24 July 2020

You Promised (NSFW)

Simon spat out the mouth full of cum he just received  “Err no that’s disgusting you Promised you would not cum in my mouth, You Bastard....DISGUSTING!!!!!!!” 
Simon ran out of the room into the bathroom and started throwing up, he knew that this was a bad idea he had been stuck in this body since  ‘The Great Mind Swap’ put him into Abbie a 33 year old hooker who normally worked the street near where Simon lived, he was not to happy about being in a body known for being the local slut and this caused problems for Simon like when his friend Curtis heard about this he tried to convince Simon to embrace his new female body but Simon was not going to do that especially with Curtis who was one of the lucky 5% who for what ever reason did not swap bodies. 

Months went by with Curtis continuously pestering Simon about him having sex with him, so after many months Simon finally caved he agreed that he would give Curtis a blow job bit only if after he would promise to leave him alone “Remember don’t cum in my mouth, You Promise your pull out when your close to cuming” 
Curtis promised Simon that he would not cum in his mouth and also promised never To pester Simon again about having sex. Simon’s new female form started sucking on Curtis’s penis it had been to long until Curtis found himself  starting to get really excited the feeling was to much for Curtis and breaking his promise to Simon he came in his mouth, as Simon was in the bathroom throwing up and gagging on cum, Curtis got dressed quickly snuck out, he had got what he wanted and now did not need to speak to Simon ever again, Simon did ask that he would leave him alone after and as Curtis did break one promise he decided he would keep that promise and he never spoke to Simon ever again. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Enjoying His Son’s Body (NSFW)

Mason was still having problems with his relationship, his girlfriend Alice was starting to get bored with him after talking to his dad, Mark agreed to swap bodies with his dad and allow him in his body to talk to Alice, Mason was not the brightest guy in the world but he was a very attractive man but one thing he struggled with was communication. 

Mark could not believe how easy it was for him to convince Mason to swap bodies with him, Mark was always jealous of  Mason compared to when he was young they were complete opposite, so after the swap he called up Alice and asked to meet and have a chat. But talking was not really what Mark was going to do. Alice was amazing she was sexy and was very intelligent to her honest Mark did not see why she liked Mason. 

Mark slowly kissed Alice and then slowly started to kiss her neck he could feel himself starting to get excited, Alice pulled him into the bedroom and she started getting undressed she undid Marks trousers and pants until she saw Marks new Member, she laid back on the bed and Mark grabbed his own sons cock in his hand a slowly pushed it in to Alice wet pussy, Mark could not believe it, each thrust was amazing each time he thrusted Alice screamed out, Mark looked down at Alice as he continued fucking her maybe this is why Alice liked Mason. 

The next day Mark meet up with his son and asked how it went with Alice, Mark told his son he needed a couple more days to really concrete the relationship, Mason agreed and thanked his dad for helping him, Mark laughed as watched his son sit down on the sofa in his body and turn to Tv on, Mark then got a text from Alice, he smiled as saw a picture she had sent of her dripping wet pussy with a caption saying ‘I’m ready’ Mark ran for the door not even saying goodbye to mason, he was going to enjoy his son’s body for as long as possible. 


Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Drugs Are Drugs

They say drugs can ruin your life but for me they just changed my life, my mum always told me that if I took drugs she would never speak to me again and that’s what happened she throw me out and I ended living on the streets or if I was lucky in old disused buildings the only good thing about living in these disused building were the access to drugs and the massive party’s that we use to have, great big parties music blaring plus drinks and drugs galore and I loved it, I knew one day this lifestyle may kill me or I would kill someone for something stupid but one night I was parting hard and took a hit on a bong with some chick who was like me completely wasted, I was expecting to lose my mind that night but when I woke up the next morning I had lost my body. 

 I woke up the next morning in a female body, the bong hit I took from this woman must have caused us to swap bodies or something, for a while I thought I was having some kind of hallucination maybe I had taken some acid or something but after a while I realised this was real; the long hair, boobs, smooth legs and the vagina I now had were real. 

I spent time feeling up my new body, but overall I only needed one thing and that was to know where my next hit was coming from, crashing back down onto the floor I picked up the bong and lit it, Cock or Vagina I needed some drugs. 
Yeah drugs changed my life but even in a chicks body drugs are drugs. 

Monday, 20 July 2020


Like most people, 18 year old Josh was curious to know what it would be like to wear someone else's body, but like most people Josh couldn't afford to go to the swap clinic. It cost £5000 per person for just a temporary swap.

One day Josh's mum's best friend, Anita came over, she'd just won a pair of tickets for a temporary swap. Josh's mum wasn't interested in swapping with Anita, so Anita asked Josh if he'd be willing to swap.

Josh jumped at the chance to wear Anita's 44 year old MILF body. They agreed to stay swapped for a month, but after two weeks Josh got a letter in the post from the swap clinic. It seems that neither Josh or Anita read the tickets properly, if they didn't swap back within two weeks they'd have to pay the full £5000 each to get back to their own bodies. Josh definitely couldn't afford to swap back and Anita wasn't willing to pay either. In the end the pair agreed to stay swapped permanently, rather than paying the extortionate fees to swap back.

Josh's mom thought it was hilarious that he was now stuck in Anita's body. Lucky for Josh his bisexual girlfriend thought it was really kinky that he was now a hot red headed MILF.

Story By molly.hayne 

Sunday, 19 July 2020

That’s One Way Of Earning Some Extra Money (NSFW)

Paul started to come around his head felt terrible and his body ached, but he needed to see which body he was in, opening his eyes he smiled as he grabbed his new boobs which sat there on his chest, his hand then shot down to his crotch where he found no penis but a vagina, Paul started to rub his new area the feeling was so different it felt so unnatural, a scream came from across the room looking over he saw his old body tide Down to a hospital bed  and a man in a white coat standing over Paul’s old body, “What have you done to me ?!?!?” Said Paul’s old body, as this was happening Paul was still playing with his new female form. 

Paul was just a normal guy working a low paid job when he saw a add in a Paper 
‘Need some Extra cash ? Then take part in Local Scientific Experiments and Drug Clinical trials. 
Paul looked down the list until one caught his eye  
‘Test subject needed, Money plus a big Bonus’ 
Paul was saving for a apartment so he decided to call the number. 

A Man answered the phone and told him to come to a address where he will explain everything about a new piece of medical equipment that he was trialing on two people and then he hung up, Paul was curious and in need of the money so he went plus it meant new life saving technology could created then it was a win, win. 

Arriving at the address Paul knocked on the door which opened and there was a Man in his late 60s dressed in a while lab coat, entering Paul started to get a little worried as this did not look like a official set up, scattered around the warehouse were wires which lead to computers, which then lead onto some kind of generator, as Paul continued to scan the room to his shock in the corner tied to a bed was a woman

 Panicking and trying to leave he tripped over some stuff on the floor and next thing he knew he was being helped up by the Man who asked Paul to here him out before leaving. 
“I know what your thinking, but listen to me i have created something so brilliant, so unique , so amazing just look” 
the Man picked up a diagram which showed; two Beds, two people lying on the beds with helmets on there head, with wires leading to the a massive machine which Paul had seen earlier, Paul looked up to see the name of the Machine ‘The Body Swapper V2’ 
“Your crazy, Body swapping....really your more likely kill me sorry I’m leaving......” 
Paul got up to leave but a he turned to leave he thought about the money and the bonus and asked the Man what they were. 
“Well when I complete the ‘Body swap’ With this woman , she is the Bonus and her family money is well, the money, Just look at her.....isn’t she’s amazing....” 
Paul looked at the woman she was indeed very sexy, really his dream woman, after thinking about it for a while he turned to the Man and said “Let’s do this” 

Paul stood up and started walking around in his new form the scientist looking at him as he did
“Your new life, How do you feel ?” Said the doctor as he removed the helmet off Paul’s old body 
“Amazing....I Feel Amazing.....” the scientist dump some new female clothes onto the bed and said
“Take your time, Mrs Annabelle Clark......” 

Paul finished getting his new body dressed and walked over to his old body and smiled “What will you do with her now she is in my body” said Paul as he flicked his new long hair back over his shoulder 
The Man smiled and picked up the Helmet “Well I do need a new younger body, plus now I know the machine works” Paul patted the man on the back as he walked out of the warehouse, he did not care about the Man taking his body, he had his new life now and was looking forward to living it. 


Wednesday, 15 July 2020

A Bad Time For A Swap (NSFW)

The Great Mind Swap hit the world at one of the worst time’s for Monica, she was so looking forward to that night, she was home alone and was inviting her boyfriend over for a night of passion, Luke had been away working and Monica had really missed him, she had been very horny in the last couple of days the thought of Luke coming over for the night made Monica very happy. 

Luke knocked on the door and Monica ran to let him in, opening the door Luke smiled at Monica and the couple hugged, closing the door Luke walked into the Kitchen talking about his flight....but when he turned around Monica was standing there naked rubbing her pussy, stripping quickly Luke stood there as Monica walked over to him kneeled down in front of him and with out saying a word started sucking him off. Unknowing to Monica her Mother Julie was still in the house and was about to enter the kitchen. 

It all happened so quickly Julie walked into the kitchen and screamed at the sight of her daughter sucking of Luke and at the same time Luke came all over Monica’s face, the same time all this happened The Great Mind Swap hit the earth causing all 3 people to switch bodies. 

Luke now was on his knees down on the floors looking directly at his own cock with his own cum all over his face. Monica looked down to see she was now in her mother’s body she stood there in shock looking at her own body wiping cum off her face And slightly gagging as it spat out cum and Luke’s body was  screaming and was in complete shock “Oh my god....what’s going on..... err A penis!!!” 

After a long time of screaming and panicking Luke, Monica and Julie all calmed down enough to sit in the front room, they turned on the Tv and started hearing about this massive Body swapping event which had hit the earth. 

“What are we going to do now?” Said Julie quietly from Luke’s body. 
Monica replied “I have no idea, no Idea at all” Monica slapped her own hand as she caught Luke touching her boobs
 “Sorry Babe” Said Luke, but he carried on when Monica turned to look at the Tv as it flashed ‘Breaking News’ 

The News reader started reading the Breaking News and as he did Monica started crying as the Man told everyone that this mass body swap event thing or ‘Great Mind Swap’ as they were now calling it was permanent, Julie moved and sat next to her own body to comfort a distraught Monica, a sobbing Monica thought to herself about how much she was looking forward to spending the weekend alone with Luke but now she was stuck in her Mums body forever. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

More Than He Bargained For (NSFW)

“Oh my god it worked, I’m in Mrs Daniels body that must mean.....YES!!!!” A very excited Matthew lowered the top to reveal Mrs Daniels Massive Boobs, the Boobs he had been staring at since he can remember. 
“Look at these tits, there massive!!!!!!” Matthew gave his new chest a squeeze and laughed to him self as he wobbled side to side, causing his new boobs to wobble with him. 
“This is so cool, I never thought that website was real but it bloody works, Look at these tits and that must mean I have a....... Fucking hell, I have a pussy” 

Matthew started masturbating one hand massaging his new vagina the other hand playing with the Massive orbs which sat on his chest. But just as Matthew laid back on the sofa to get comfortable a man entered the room and a 6ft tool muscular man stood there in just his pants smiling down at Matthew, he rubbed his hands together and smiled. 

“Wow baby don’t start without me” the man pulled his pants down reviling a massive cock, Matthew felt Mrs Daniels pussy start to ache it seemed like Mrs Daniels body needed sex and the sight of the mans naked form caused Mrs Daniels vagina started aching even more the feeling was to much for Matthew to resist he needed it, this body needed it, screaming as the mans penis penetrated his vagina, this was not what Matthew was expecting to happen when he swapped bodies with Mrs Daniels but he could not lie, It was a amazing feeling!!!! 

Monday, 13 July 2020

Bye Bye....’Mum’

"MUM....Please give me back my body!!! Please don't leave me like this!!!" Amanda was laying there next to the pool in her daughters body wearing a bikini sunbathing when Maria came rushing outside in her mums older body to demand she swap them back.

Maria and Amanda were not just mother and daughter but were also best friends that did everything together, they trusted each other as well. But all the trust Amanda was building up with her daughter had a ulterior motive being best friends with her daughter was just and act she wanted to know everything about Maria, she needed to know every detail about Maria's life because when Maria was old enough she planned on stealing her body. 

Amanda lowered her new sunglases and laughed  
"Oh thats not going to happen is it, i mean look at me" Amanda gestured to the body which she now controlled.
"I mean look at it.....look at these young perky boobs, and i can not wait to lose my virginity again, look at this body men will be throwing them selves at me” A evil smile on her she starred at her former body as Maria stood there speechless, leaning forward Amanda spoke again. 
“Look this is for real, this body is mine now there’s no point running of to speak to Dad or the police they will just chuck you in a looney bin, so why don’t you be a good little Mum and start going to all your chores, Bye Bye” 

Maria ran back into the house and watched as her own mother who she believed loved and cherished abuse her body by getting drunk and sleeping with guys, Maria was a broken woman and after a couple of months she finally snapped and was sent to a local hospital where she tried to convince doctors she had swapped bodies with her evil mum. 

Thursday, 9 July 2020

I’m Exhausted (NSFW)

Samuel was exhausted he walked into the kitchen but naked in his Aunts body, grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured himself some water. 
“Fucking hell i am shattered who knew masturbating as a woman would take it out of ya, but fuck it’s been amazing this body is such a milfs body I love it.” 

Samuel had swapped bodies with his Aunt by accident while she attended Samuels sisters birthday party they decided not to tell anyone about the swap and just go about there normal life but for Samuel he found it hard not to just lay in bed all day playing with his aunts body he knew it was wrong but being a mature lady like his Aunt was a real turn on for him. 

Finishing his water and placing the cup down and started playing with his Aunts body, he was still tired though, masturbating by hand was so tiring, Samuel had a idea why not order a vibrator of the internet as he logged into his aunts computer and went online he found that by look of It Aunt Joe had order some sex 
toys before. 

Rushing up stairs Samuel started searching his Aunts bedroom until he found a box at the back of her closet opening it up he found Dildo’s, gags and loads of other sex stuff, looks like Aunt Joe was really kinky, picking up the massive vibrator which sat on a purple pillow in front of him Samuel smiled and jumped back into bed turned the vibrator on and got to work. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Home Alone 3 (NSFW)

“What a shower” said Logan as he grabbed a towel and covering his wet, dripping body in it, Logan loved the feeling of the shower hitting his skin placing the shower head over his new pussy was amazing but he resisted really  going to town with his new female area he wanted to dry himself off and head to Sarah’s room and get ready to really explore this pussy as Logan steeped out of the shower he heard the phone ring down stairs. 

Running down stairs as quick as he could he decided to drop the towel and he laughed as he looked down to see his boobs bouncing up and down, Logan picked the phone up and before he could say hello the phone rang off seeing that the person who had rang was leaving a message he decided to leave it and run upstairs and finally starting playing with his new sexy body. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Not The Punishment She Expected

Arun was going punish his stepdaughter, she had used his credit cards and gone out and brought a car and some Jewellery but instead of stealing the cards she had stolen Aruns body, Laura was a little worried about what her stepdad would say when he woke up in her body and as she returned home and walked into the kitchen there sitting on the kitchen top was her stepdad in her body. 

“Hello Laura enjoyed your little shopping spree in my body, I’ve seen what you’ve brought, a car and some expensive jewellery, I’ve told you my body swapping device is not to be touched, I’m very disappointed.”

“I’m sorry, are you going to do ground me or return everything I brought, wait why have you picked up that banana?!?” Laura panicked as she saw her own face produce a evil smile. 

“Well I’ve decided what your punishment is, your mother is not back until tomorrow night so until then me and this banana are going to head up stairs and have some fun with your body, Bye” Arun jumped off the kitchen counter and walked passed Laura as he passed he placed his onto his stepdaughters boobs and laughed. 

Laura was in shock she could not believe that her stepdad was going to violate her body, she excepted a punishment but this was not what she expected, Arun had hidden the device in the family safe but worst for Laura was the thought of her stepdad upstairs in her body masturbating. 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Woof Woof Woof

Pam loved her dog Daisy she loved to spoil her, one day Pam was in a anticque shop looking for present for her Grandmother when she saw a matching dog collar and Necklace, picking it up and examining the items Pam knew she had to buy this for Daisy. 

After purchasing the Collar and Necklace Pam rushed home so she could put the Collar on Daisy
"Look what i brought daisy a new collar for you, and look what mummy got a new matching necklace" 
a excited Pam placed the collar on Daisy and smiled. 

"Oh my god that looks so nice on you Daisy, now time for mummy to put on her Necklace"
 Daisy placed the necklace around her neck and next thing Pam knew she was starting to wake she felt like she had just awoken from a very deep sleep, she opened her eyes to see that she was lying on the ground but as she tried to get up she felt strange, she could not seem to control her legs, Pam was so worried what has happened to her, why did her body seem so odd, but as Pam started panicking she saw something which did not make sense, her body laying on the floor on the other side of the room. 

Pam looked down to see what was wrong with her body and as she looked, she screamed but instead of screaming she howled.... Pam was in shock she was in the body of Daisy and that must mean, looking back at her body she had seen it had moved looking around for it she saw her own body looking into the mirror on all fours Daisy was awake..... but as Pam looked at her own body to her shock it spoke 
"I HUMAN......I NO DOG NO MORE......" Pam watched as Daisy in her body now standing on two legs like a real human walked slowly over to her and bent down "GOOD DOG......" Pam was so confused how could she talk, looking up at her own body which was smiling back at her, Pam tried to talk but all that came out was "Woof.....Woof.....Woof......" Pam was so confused and scared as her own body spoke again
"YOU MUST BE HUNGRY ....I GET FOOD" Pam's body walked over to where the dog food was kept and returned moments later with a bowl of food.
"WALKIES SOON" Daisy in Pams body walked away out of the room. 

Pam sat there in her dogs body feeling so confused she had swap bodies with her dog which now was acting like a human, what the hell am i going to do thought Pam, but more annoying for Pam was the smell of the dog food through her new dog nose, it smelt amazing and next thing she knew she was eating up the dog food and quite looking forward to going our for a walk.   

Friday, 3 July 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 4

“This is turning out to be a complete disaster, that bastard used me all that info he gave me was shit, he just wanted to fuck me, I can’t believe it what am I going to do now” Kenny stood there removing the very uncomfortable dress he had decided to wear that morning when he went on a massive drive to try and find his Girlfriend and her stepmother Monica who had stolen his body but the info was a false trail and Kenny seem to be a lost as of what to do. 

For Kenny there seem to be no other option they could be anywhere and for the first time since having his body stolen Kenny considered the possibility that he could be stuck in Monica’s body forever but as Kenny removed the dress dropping it the floor he looked closely at Monica’s body, she was very attractive for her age, Kenny had already been fucked in her body and despite the initial shock of being penetrated by a man it was not that bad, Kenny knew though in his heart he wanted to be himself again and to be back in his body with the girl he loved, Kenny knew he could not give up he just needed to think and try and figure out a plan. 

But without any leads he was alone in Monica’s body and it was late plus he had been driving all day he needed to relax and try to come up with a new plan in the morning. 

Friday, 26 June 2020

Update Week Off

I’m going take a week away from writing but when I’m back I will be continuing/finishing stories like:
Home Alone 
My Girlfriends Stepmother 
Tribal Curse Finale (3 Possible Endings) 

Thank you all 



Monday, 22 June 2020

What’s Happening To Me

Lindsey was struggling, over the last couple of months she had been doing really strange things, she was a 30 year old woman but she felt sometimes like she was a 17 year old boy, she was finding herself  very horny and masturbating over lesbian porn, she was straight and never really masturbated, sometimes she was checking out girls while she was out, she was acting more and more like a teenage boy everyday she felt like like she was losing herself, her personality was slipping away. 

As she woke up the next morning she almost felt like she was not in control of her own body she woke up completely naked she turned over grabbed her boobs and thought how cool it was to have boobs, she sat up panicking she was going mad, she was losing control over her body and mind her personality was changing. 

Unaware to Lindsey she was turning into a 17 year old boy, Mark had cast a possession spell on Lindsey it was a complex spell which meant he would have to slowly change her personality before taking full control, he was close but still needed some time before he could take control she was fighting it better then he thought but she would not be able to fight it forever. 

I’ve attached the pic I’d like used, but my request was this. I want a caption where a woman has a split 
personality that turns out to be a teenage boy. She slowly starts acting more and more like him as their personalities begin to merge. 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Haven’t Seen Me In A While

Kim was nervous she had not seen her body in 10 years she and he best friend Barry had swapped bodies by accident while messing around with some strange device they found in the woods, they spent months trying to find out a way to swap back but they failed. Kim could not believe it she was 15 and starting to become a woman when she got trapped in Barry’s body but she had adjusted over time and now was in a steady relationship and was doing well in her new job being a man was strange but after 10 years she was use to it. 

Kim waited for the Skype call she was still really nervous.... as the call came in Kim took some deep breathes and then answered the call and she was in for a shock 
“What the hell!!!!” Kim was in shock there on her screen was her old body but a lot different then 10 years ago
“Hi Kim, or should I say Barry, how are you ?” Barry smiled and waved at his stunned former body gazed at him 
“I’m shocked Barry I look so well sexy, those tits wow....” Kim found herself getting mesmerised by her own tits, the tits she never had. 

“I know Kim when we swapped you were a flat chested nerd with pig tails but you grow up your body changed so much, these tits may look great but they can be a pain sometimes” laughing and grabbing his massive chest he could see Kim now looking at his tattoos 
“Oh yeah the tattoos, I know what your thinking i said I always hated tattoos but on your body they look so sexy” 
Kim looked at her former body for a moment and could not believe the woman she could of grown into after talking for a hour the two best friends made a big decision in order to fully accept these bodies as there own they would not speak or see each other again, they both had new life’s and were happy with them ending the call Kim sat there thinking about the changes to her body since the swap, but she saw her partners car pull up in the drive she knew that this body and life was her world now and she deleted Barry’s contact details and decided to go down stairs to see her partner.