Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Always Wanted To Be A Star

Michelle always wanted to be famous since she was 5 she loved acting, singing and dancing for her friends and family, she went through school performing in all the plays and musicals she just loved performing her favourite actress was Victoria Justice, Michelle idolised her and one day hoped to make a film with her. 

Now 25 Michelle was working as a waitress and still had not been able to make he big break into show business, Victoria Justice was about to make a new film and Michelle was going to audition for it but at the audition she made a complete arse of herself but as she left she saw Victoria Justice in the next room reading lines with the girl who got the job. 

Michelle sat there drinking she could not believe she had ruined her chance of staring with Victoria Justice, Michelle downed a shot a thought to her self ‘The only way I will be in a film with Victoria would be if I was Victoria” Michelle carried on drinking until she passed out. 

Waking up Michelle felt okay she was shocked not to have any kind of a hangover she woke up and instantly realised she was in a different apartment, she looked around until she found a mirror and she screamed, she grabbed her face and realised that the reflection she saw was her but not her, she pinched herself.
 “Ouch, oh my god I’m Victoria Justice!!!!” Michelle grabbed her new boobs, just then a voice spoke from behind Michelle 

“You okay Vicky why did you scream ?” Michelle span around and spoke. 

“I have no idea what’s going on....” The man looked at her and then smiled. 

“You practicing your lines your going to knock them dead on set tomorrow” the man laughed and walked away

Michelle had got her wish she was finally staring in a film with Victoria Justice but she never expected she would be in her body, Michelle started learning the lines for the film and she loved watching herself speak into the Mirror. 

Hi can i request a cap based on this gif. Thanks

Swap Party Mayhem (NSFW)

Jessica was having a complete nightmare she had no idea that she was at a swap party until some guy shouted out ‘Ready for the swap’ Jessica now found herself in some guys body freaking out she walked around the party trying to find her body it was complete mayhem there were people just masturbating were they sat or people having sex there was even a girl using a vibrator in the corner it was mental and just when Jessica thought it could not get any more strange she found her body kissing another girl. 

Before Jessica could do anything about her body kissing a girl, some Woman came up to her and kissed her new body, Jessica felt her new equipment starting to rise and so do this strange woman who, Jessica had no idea who it was but for some reason her body seemed very horny. The woman removed Jessica’s trousers and pants a latched herself onto Jessica new penis the feeling was strange but amazing, next thing Jessica knew she was in a room on a bed fucking some girl this Swap Party was Mayhem. 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Put The Doughnut Down

The moment Jason realised he had swapped bodies with his sister Sonya he ran straight into the kitchen and picked up some doughnuts and started stuffing his face he then heard a scream from his old room and then his body ran into the kitchen 

“Put the Doughnut down” Said Sonya from her fat brothers body 

“No way....” mumbled Jason as he carried on eating the doughnuts 

“Stop it now.....” Sonya tried to snatch the doughnuts but then grabbed his sisters boobs and laughed 

“Just remembered I have boobs, holy shit man” Jason played with his boobs with one had a ate the doughnut with the other 

“Stop it, your sick that my body, your sisters body” Said Sonya 

“Well its mine at the moment, this is amazing no idea how this happened but I’m liking” 

The brother and sister had been swapped by there parents who were trying to teach Sonya a lesson she was always picking on Jason because of his size so thought she could do with living a couple of days in his body. 
But what there parents did not know is how much of little Perv Jason was a he stood there naked feeling up his sisters body. 

Not So Fast (NSFW)

 “Not so fast!!!!!” Shouted Richard as Lucy started getting into a rhythm with her new equipment. 

Lucy and Richard had been in each other’s body for a while now since ‘The Great Mind Swap’ had switched there bodies they had not been intimate with each other but after deciding to stay together despite being in each other’s bodies Lucy and Richard decided it was time to try sex in there new bodies. 

“Sorry babe if I’m going to fast it just feels really good, how are you finding it ?” Said Lucy as she slowed down and stoped pumping her former body. 

“Well being penetrated by a cock is so strange at first but after the initial shock it was okay until you started getting to fast I was like okay this is to strange I need a break” Richard watched as Lucy started smiling. 

“You like being fucked don’t you, you love it, you love it” Lucy mocked Richard until Richard laughed pulling his former body towards him and screamed out when he felt his cock slid into his new wet pussy. 

They both slowly fucked for another few moments before Lucy got her rhythm back again but this time Richard was unable to say anything as he screamed out after having another orgasm, the couple carried on until Lucy came all over her former body. 

“That was amazing” said the couple at the exact same time, both laughed a hugged each other falling asleep in each other’s arms. 

Friday, 25 December 2020

Waiting For Him (NSFW)

Sandra was all dressed up ready to greet her husband Danny when he got home from work, she had never dressed up like this before and surprised him and thought it would add some spice back into there marriage, as Sandra waited for Danny there dog Miley sat next to her also waiting for Danny, Miley did this every day it was so sweet. 

Sandra bent down to stroke Miley when suddenly she felt a jolt of electricity course through her body and next thing she new she was on the floor, she opened her eyes to see her own body sitting on the floor like a dog barking as the front door opened, it was Danny. 

“How babe this is a nice you look so sexy in that, oh hey Miley” Danny gave Sandra a stroke which then made Sandra realise she was in Miley the dogs body. 

Her own body jumped up onto Danny and he smiled 
“Let’s go up stairs babe!” Danny watched his wife go up the stairs on all fours and into the bedroom, Danny did not realise till after they had sex that something was wrong with his wife and Miley but he could not understand why Sandra was struggling to walk normally on 2 legs the next morning and why Miley had been whimpering and crying all night. 

How To Take Out The Competition (NSFW)

Chloe hated Megan, she was a rival at the company they both worked for and she had it all, she had the charm to manipulate any man to do anything like give her a promotion which Chloe knew she deserved more she worked harder than Megan and knew the job a lot better. 

But Chloe saw Megan getting very chumy with there boss Hank and knew that they were sleeping together she took the conplaint up with HR who told her that there no evicdence so Chloe decided to get some evidence. Chloe knew she only had maybe a hour in Megan’s body before Megan woke up in hers and freaked out 

Chloe in Megan’s body drove to Hanks house and before she knew what was happening she was bouncing up and down on Hanks cock, she snapped a picture on Megan’s phone and sent it back to her phone which was difficult as she continued bouncing up and down but then she screamed in pleasure as Megan’s body orgasmed, Chloe enjoyed her time in Megan’s body and laughed hard when saw Hank sack Megan the next day for leaking the pic and damaging his Career. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

My Body, My Style

Kyle was loving being in this girls body, he still did not know how the swap had happened but he really enjoyed dressing her body up, he was shocked one day to see his own body barge into the room it had turned out that Laura had been travelling for days to return to find her body and asks some questions about how she was now in some randoms dudes body, but after seeing her body dressed like this she shouted at Kyle. 

“What have you done to my Body????” Standing up Kyle replied 

“My Body, My style so could you please leave I have some things to do” Kyle pushed his old body out the door and picked up his phone, time to call some agency’s got to get this body into modelling or maybe more.

Monday, 21 December 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 6 (NSFW)

Kenny found the key that he knew Caleb had hidden under a plant pot outside his house and let himself in, he needed Caleb to find his body, Kenny knew Caleb was able to use his skills on the computer to locate  Monica. 

Entering his room he caught Caleb looking a nude pics and watched his has quick shoot out of his pants, seeing Monica caused great shock and confusion to Caleb, Kenny just came out with it.

“I need you to find Kenny please I know you can I will give you anything, money, a car what ever you want i will do” Caleb looked at Monica’s body and looked at it up and down.

“Okay I will find Kenny and Caitlin for you on one condition” Caleb smiled and pulled down his pants to show of a massive cock. 

Kenny looked at it and put his hands to his head, no he thought I’m not doing it....but then Caleb spoke as he started pulling up his pants “No blowjob from you no help from me....” 
Kenny lunged forward onto the bed and latched onto Caleb’s cock, he needed his body back and knew this was his best and last chance he just did not want to be in this body anymore. 

Kenny gagged and spat out all the cum out which Caleb had just loaded into his mouth, coughing and trying to get the last of it out he spoke “I’ve done my end of the bargain now get looking while I go and wash my mouth out” 
Kenny went to the bathroom for a bit to clean up and on returning found Caleb typing on his computer...

After a while Caleb looked at Kenny and spoke
“I don’t know where Kenny is but I know where Caitlin is she used her card to book a room in a hotel 45 miles away, here’s the address” Caleb handed a piece of paper to Kenny and before Caleb could say another word Kenny left the house and jumped into his car, if he could get Caitlin on her own maybe he could convince her that he was Kenny in Monica’s body. 


Thursday, 17 December 2020

The Big Reveal (NSFW)

Odd numbers in a swap class were very rare but when they did happen the teacher would have to swap with that person and every boy in class wanted to swap with Mrs Andrews but it was Joey who got to swap with her and he was not going to play by the strict rules that students were given while in teachers body’s. 

After getting home Joey examined every part of Mrs Andrews body before he thought maybe some of his school friends may want to see the body of the woman who they all thought about every night, he started a video chat and before he knew it 100s of people from his school some who like him were in female body’s had joined for the big reveal and after teasing them for a while he lifted up his top to show of Mrs Andrews juicy bottom.... he carried on for an hour before he got a phone call from a very angry Mrs Andrews who had just found out about the video. 

 What Would You Do In Mrs Andrews Body ? 

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Tribal Curse Finale (Multiple Choice)

Kevin found himself sitting in a tribal hut looking down he saw to his surprise he was in his own Male body “Oh thank god I me again” said Kevin but it was not over for Kevin as 3 tribal woman entered one being the girl he had disrespected each woman had a final punishment for him. 

The Curse put on Kevin was a punishment for the way he disrespected a Tribal woman while on holiday he had disrespected woman all his life and needed to be punished, Kevin had been swapped into to many Woman over the last year 
The choice of his last body and his new life is yours 
Do you believe he has learnt his lesson or not 

3 Choices you decide 

1. New Mother 

You have decided that the only way for Kevin to respect woman is to be one and bring new great life into the world 
“Why am I pregnant and why am I always being fucked....oh shit that’s good” 

2. His Mother 

You Have decided that Kevin should be the only woman he ever respected his own mother 
“NO NO NO not my mum, and why is Jason fucking her, this Guys meant to be my friend....

3. A 19 Year Old Girl 

You have decided that Kevin should be a Teenage Girl and try to see if he can grow to be a strong woman in a tuff world and fight against sexist men like himself. 

“Again every time, why am I always being fucked when im swapped” 
“Shut It Bitch, just fuck me!!!!”  
“Oh Dear, one of these guys” said Kevin 

You have chosen Kevin’s Fate 
Remember the power of the Tribal Curse 

Final part of the Tribal Curse Series. 

Tell me in the Comments which Fate you chose for Kevin 

Sunday, 13 December 2020

It’s Gone

Tony was sitting at his school desk moments after he and his swap class partner Abbie had just swapped bodies, he sat next to Abbie who was in his body, Both sat there feeling a little uncomfortable but for different reason, Abi was not happy about being in the most nerdiest kid in schools body and hated the idea of him being in hers. 

Tony felt uncomfortable in a different way he was a girl and he could feel the differences, he could feel the cool chill around his legs as he now had a skirt on he could feel his new boobs which he did not dare touch in front of Abbie moving and rubbing up against his bra every time he shifted in his seat but not having a penis was the most strangest feeling ever her could not feel anything in that area, it felt empty a complete void he wanted to explore but knew he had to wait till he got home , after exchanging info bout there bodies with each other Tony rushed home ran up stairs and plunged his hands into his new panties. 

“It’s Gone” he shouted as he started feeling up his temporary body.   

Saturday, 12 December 2020

The Power Of Love (NSFW)

Roy was in love with his Brother Zach Girlfriend Emma she was just a fantastic fun person to be around and she was very attractive, Roy would do anything to be with her and hated that his brother was dating her, one night while thinking about her he started to dream of what fucking her would be like but knowing his brother was the only sleeping with her night and night was very upsetting to Roy. 

Roy sat there trying not to cry as Zach explained about what he had planed for his anniversary with Emma they had been dating 5 years, Zach told Roy he was going to propose, Roy acted happy in front of Zach but cried that night as he thought of Zach popping the question, the love he felt was so powerful he felt like he was going to explode and then suddenly Roy felt like he was being tasered and next thing he knew he was looking down on a naked girl, it was Emma. 

“Are you okay Zach” she said as she looked at Roy with her beautiful eyes. 

It took a moment before he released he was now in Zach’s body and that he was in bed with Emma, she had the engagement ring on. 

“I’m fine my love” said Roy as he squeezed Emma’s boobs 

Roy wasted no time the kissing and embracing Emma the woman he loved, after a little time Roy started fucking her, it was amazing better than he ever imagined, she cried out Zach’s name but little did she know that Roy was in the driving seat, Roy could not believe it each thrust was amazing he never wanted it to stop but as he felt his brother body reaching its climax he came and collapsed onto Emma. 

“How babe that was amazing, you’ve never fucked me like that!!” after falling asleep cuddling Emma he would awake to find himself  back in his body, Roy wanted more and wondered if he could make the swap happen again. 


Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Why Would She...... (NSFW)

Caleb raised his new smooth leg in the air to show of his nice new tight pussy and snapped a pic, being in this girls body was amazing she was so sexy, using the new ‘Random Swap App’ normally left him in the bodies of fat men or woman or crazy pervs but this time he had hit the Jackpot.  
Caleb could not understand why Gabby wanted to swap bodies with someone for a entire month her body seemed perfect. Why Would she swap want to leave this body. 

But as the days went by Caleb found a problem with his new temporary body it was constantly horny he found himself masturbating 5 or 6 times a day and waking up in the night with a real need to be pleasured, no wonder Gabby wanted a break she was probably sick of feeling horny 24/7. 

For a while Caleb enjoyed it but when he found himself thinking of sex and then needing to go out and find some cock he started to worry, he had completely lost his mind, and as he jumped up and down on some random guys cock he knew he would never use this app again.  

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Quite Enjoying This (NSFW)

Having a real penis was a very strange thing for Mary to grasp more odd was having her best friend bouncing up and down on it, she was enjoying the feeling to be fair what else could this penis do she wondered. 

Short story post to see if this type of thing will work going forward 

Monday, 7 December 2020

Put That Back On (NSFW)

 “Melanie put that back on, the neighbours will be able to see my boobs.....PUT IT BACK ON!!!!” A angry Beth raged at her younger sister as she stood there in the swimming pool with boobs on display for all to see. 

“Sorry Beth it’s just having your body is amazing these Puppies need to be on display for the world to see” Melanie throw away the bikini top and started playing with her sisters boobs. 

“Melanie remember the only one condition I ask of you when we swap bodies you do as I say and don’t embarrass me you can play with my boobs if you want just not outside” Beth throw back the bikini top and watched as a sulking Melanie started putting it back on. 

Melanie and Beth had been swapping bodies for years but after living apart for 5 years only seeing each other on video chats, Melanie was in shock at how much Beth’s body had Developed in that time and could not wait to get her hands on her sisters big boobs, Beth on the other hand was quite happy to sit there read her book and watch her sister splash about in her body, she needed a break from lugging around those massive tits. 

Content Will Continue - Update


I recently made a post about lack of content and after much thought I have changed my mind I will make more of a effort to get content to you. 

I enjoy writing and thankful to all of you who follow, watch and comment 

Let’s keeping going 

I’ve been crap with request I need to sort out a better system 

More content coming and more body swapping Shenanigans to come 


Wednesday, 25 November 2020

What Are We Going To Do ?

“What the Fuck are we going to do!!!!!” Said a very scared Beth as she looked at her former body.

The 3 roommates had all swapped bodies, Beth was now in Dan’s body, Dan was now in Ellie’s body (Left) and Ellie was in Beth’s body (Right)  

“I have no idea, this is fucking mental look at me, hehehe I’ve got boobs” Dan played with his new boobs and then looked down at the rest of his body. “I’m so dainty look at me” he then looked at his old body which looked fuming.

“Stop touching Ellie’s body NOW!!!!!” Said Beth from Dan’s body, just then both Beth and Dan looked at Beth’s body to see why Ellie had not seen what Dan was doing to her body but to there shock Ellie was like Dan feeling up Beth’s body, Beth only stopped Ellie when she put her new hands into Beth’ panties and was exploring 

“SORRY!!!, I just wanted to feel what another girls vag felt like” 

All three friends sat there and spoke about what had caused the swap but it was hard for Beth as both Dan And Ellie were touching and trying to explore there new bodies. 

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Reality Of A Body Swap


Danny flung open the door to greet the possible new owners of this flat which he was selling on behalf of the owners he had finally found a job, it had taken 12 years for him to finally to get to grips with his new life, when he was 13 he and his mums best friend Daughter Clair swapped bodies while on a annual trip that both families had attended that year. 

For Danny becoming a 13 year old girl was horrible, he was not going to lie he liked girls but being a girl was not what he wanted he found this swap tuff his life completely changed a new family, new body parts a complete change to what he thought his life was going to be. 

Danny found it tuff as well knowing what had happen to Clair, it was all to much for her she fell into a pit of depression being a guy it was to much for her to handle, there was not even a moment where Clair looked like she could accept her new reality, this was not like the films for Clair.

Danny adjustment did not happen over night and he was very close to breaking, he struggled more and more with his new life as the years went by, it was not just his new female body but also how people treated him now he was a girl, he was now living with a new family who he knew little about plus it turned out that Claire parents where not as nice and kind in private as they were while out and about. 

Danny had made it through all those tuff teen years as Clair and was now happy to be who he was he had forgotten his previous life and was ready to live his new life as he’s shook the hands of what after a successful showing were now the new owners of the flat he was selling 

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Finding A Girl Like Yours (NSFW)

“Look at these tits mate, this body is fucking amazing, hopping powers are mental!!!!” 
Shaun and his friend Paul had found out they had powers that allowed them to take over any person they wanted and that’s what they spent most of there time doing, both friends went around town finding bodies to hop and Shaun had just hoped this girl. 

“Wow man they are some nice tits, probably the best I’ve seen today, I think it’s time for me to find a girl like her, how about her ?” 
A girl walked past him and next thing Shaun knew Paul was showing of his new tits, not wanting to leave these bodies they spent the rest of the day having fun, before hopping out of them to the confusion of the two woman, both friends laughed with each other and could not wait to see what bodies they could find tomorrow.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

You Needed A Shower (NSFW)

Debra pulled back the shower curtain to find her body soaping itself up, she and her best friends son Sam had swapped bodies 4 days ago, they both had no idea what had caused them to swap but Debra did not want Sam to do anything strange in her body as she was trying to find a way to swap back. 

“What do you think you are doing” said a very outraged Debra. 

“What I was starting to smell, well you were starting to smell, it just seemed the normal thing to do when you smell, have a shower” Sam continued soaping up Debras body 

“Oh yeah sure it looks to me as my boobs and vagina are the only things you have washed” Said Debra 

“Fine I admit that may be true but come on I’m a guy and look at these boobs” Sam grabbed Debras massive tits and smiled. 

“That’s it you’ve got 5 minutes to wash the rest of me and then that’s it, I’m going to stay and watch to make sure you don’t do anything else”

Debra watched as Sam started cleaning the rest of his new body every now and then Sam would touch his tits causing Debra to beat his hand away but what Sam did not know was that Debra was finding the sight of her wet soapy body a little hard to handle and Debra was terrified by the feeling of her new equipment started standing to attention, she need him out of this shower soon or something terrible might happen.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Betrayal, It Never Comes From Your Enemy

“Mum it’s not fair it’s my 21 birthday party why are you not swapping us back, I understand your life is hard and I promise to help out around the house, please swap us back” 

A very sad and upset Hayley was trying to fight back the tears as she spoke from the body of her mum 44 year old Helen, a week ago Helen had been so pissed of with her daughters poor attitude towards her that she swapped there bodies and told Hayley that she would have to live a week in her shoes before they swapped back in time for Hayley’s 21 birthday party. Helen hoped that this would make Hayley understand how tuff her life was being a single parent in a very difficult world and after a week Helen was surprised that Hayley’s attitude had changed. 

“I’m so sorry mum for the way I have treated you, I had no idea what you went through in a week just to provide for me, I’m sorry” 

Hayley smiled and hugged her own body waiting for Helen to swap them back but Helen had enjoyed being young again and let’s face her body had a very attractive body, she decided she was going to stay in Hayley’s body a little longer which meant she would be attending Hayley’s 21 birthday party.

“Mum please don’t do this to me, I’m your daughter” Hayley started crying in her mums body as she watched her own mum leave in her body. 

Helen was having a great time at Hayley’s party and loved the attention she got from the guys and loved being the centre of attention, but Helen was not sure if she could steal her own daughters body, the pain of betraying her daughter was being overpowered though by this young body she was in, which would she chose ? 

Do you think Helen should steal her daughter body ? 
Leave a comment 

Monday, 9 November 2020

Taking Down the Mob 1

Inspector Ray Johnston was tasked with taking down a local mob boss Bruno Martinez they had failed many times to arrest him always lacking one thing ‘Evidence’ this new plan was the most risky yet it involved Ray swapping bodies with someone inside the mob and they targeted Bruno’s wife Indra she seemed the obvious person as she was always with Bruno even in his most top secret meetings, if Ray was her he could get loads of info to help bring down Bruno. 

The way the swap would be done was to pretend that a rival mob group abducted Indra but in reality the police would be taking her to a top secret location to swap her mind with Rays, he had studied the wife for months before the swap understanding her mannerisms and the way she walked and acted around her husband, after many months and the successful abduction of Indra, Ray awoke to find himself in Indra’s body, it was hard for Ray to accept the fact her was now a woman although he had a job to do he could not help admire his new form as he waited for Bruno’s men to come a rescue him. 

After a couple of hours Ray was rescued by Bruno’s men and returned to a very happy Bruno a nervous Ray sat on the sofa as Bruno spoke behind him 

“I’m so glad you are unharmed Indra, don’t worry I will find the men who abducted you and have them dealt with” Bruno waved his body guards away and placed his hands on the back on what he thought was his wife’s body

“Now my love I will show you how much I have missed you” 

Bruno walked from behind the sofa a stood in front of Ray, Bruno looked at his wife and almost with out any words Ray new what was going to happen, as he started undoing Bruno’s belt, he had to stay calm and remembered why he was doing this.... 

Friday, 6 November 2020

I Will Live Forever

Selma was so happy to be young again as she sat in the garden of her family’s home stretching and admiring her new body, stealing her granddaughters body was easy, Tracey would do anything her lovely grandma told her to do, so getting her to try on a old family necklace was not that hard. 

Selma was part of a very ancient group of people who believed in eternal life, using a soul swapping necklace to steal the bodies of other much younger people meaning there soul would live on, Selma swapped always within her family she would take over the next youngest female in the family and Make sure there body was fit and healthy she would then have some fun in her new young flesh before settling down and having a family making sure she has a granddaughter which one day will be her next body to take. 

Selma watched as her old frail body walked over to her aided by a walking frame, Selma had left stealing her new body a lot longer, she waited for Tracey to finish university before taking over meaning her old body was nearly 80 

“Grandma What have you done to me, you have stolen my body....Why ???? Selma finished stretching her  leg and looked at her former body 

“Oh Grandma, what are you going on about, ‘Stealing Bodies’ I think someone is starting to go a little senile, come on let’s take you in” 

“No...No....I’m not......You stole....” muttered Tracey from her Grandma’s body but Selma knew that there was nothing Tracey could say or do to get them to swap back as soon as she told someone she would be put into hospital Selma was now preparing to take a trip in her new body but just was not sure on the destination, somewhere with a lot of sun as she wanted to flaunt her new body of. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

It’s The Reality Of The Situation

Joe watched as his mum laid there trying to fight off a boner, swapping bodies was hard for both Gil and Joe, being stuck as each other for  6 months now and not knowing how the swap had happened,  Joe who had found being his mum difficult felt bad for his mum who really did not want to release the built up tension a 19 year old boy would get if he did not masturbate for 6 months. 

Joe had never told his Mum that he had explored her body he had spent many nights locked in the bathroom electric toothbrush pushed up against her vagina, orgasming over and over again. But last night he could not help it any longer he had to go out and find a man to be with, he was not proud of himself but this was the reality of these terrible thing that had happened to them he was his mum Gil now and he had to accept that. 

Monday, 2 November 2020

Death Bed Swap (NSFW)

Tommy opened the door to his son’s girlfriend Angela, Tommy had been struggling with turning 50 his best years were behind him and unlike his 22 year old son Scott he did not have the body he once did, he had a beer gut and his sex life was well bad, his wife was not really interested in things like that anymore, he was jealous of Scott’s young life but he had to accept reality. 

Tommy sat there at dinner and watched Scott flirt and laugh with Angela, sweet beautiful Angela she was just perfect And everything that Tommy once looked for in a woman, later that night as Tommy sat there watching Tv he could hear from the bedroom up stairs the sound of moaning and grunting, Scott was having sex with Angela, Tommy was distraught and turned the tv up but louder they got, he got a little angry and got up the storm in the kitchen but then he felt a pain in his chest as collapsed to the floor. 

Next thing Tommy knew he awoke in a hospital bed with Michelle his wife and Tommy standing over him 

“What happened ? Did I have a heart attack ???” Said a panicky Tommy 

“Yes a really bad one, they need to get you into surgery soon for a emergency operation”  Michelle was crying hard and had to leave the room leaving Tommy and Scott alone 

“If I don’t make it son, look after your mother for me, You promise”

 Tommy put out his hand for his son to shake and Scott shook his dads hand as Angela walked in still shaking hands suddenly Tommy felt another pain in his chest put this felt more like his heart was being sucked out of his body and next he knew he was looking down on his own weak body lying in and gown on the hospitals bed. 

“Dad, What the he’ll just happened oh my god......” before tommy could process that he had just swapped bodies with his son, his own body clutched its chest and closed his eyes as nurse and doctors came swarming in.

“Time off Death 19:45pm, Im sorry” Said the doctor 

Tommy stood there looking down at his own dead body he then looked at his hands, Young with a small tattoo on the finger it had just hit him that he was in Scott’s body his own son was now dead in his body....

Angela came into the room and hugged Tommy 

“Scott I’m so sorry he was such a great man, what can I do to help....?” Crying a little Tommy smiled and whispered in Angela’s ear. 

“Wow babe you have never fucked me like this for this long before, I’m not complaining keep going” Tommy carried on pounding Angela’s pussy with his new cock, he was over the fact his son had died in his body he was young again, fit and in possession of a big cock was everything he wanted and he was fucking Angela what ever happened that night In the hospital was strange but Tommy was not going to not enjoy being young again as he flipped Angela over a continued pounding her as she came again, he was a real man taking care of a woman like his son should of been doing.   

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Drugs Ruin Your Life

Kim was stuck in her tattooed drug addicted body so when she found a drug which when two people take a hit on it they will swap bodies she decided to use it that night but she did not know who she would swap with all the people she stayed with were like her, complete drug addicts. 

But one Saturday a group of lads came to a big party they were having and Kim spotted a young lad who looked like he came from a wealthy family, Kim made him her perfect target she went straight up to the boy and started flirting with him he was obviously not use to this as he went really red 
“Hey sweetly I’m Kim what’s your name ?” Said Kim as she hugged the young lad pushing her tits up against him.

“Hi, my name is Micheal....” before Micheal could say anything else Kim spoke again 

“You wan to share some weed with me ? Maybe get high together and see what happens ?” 

Micheal looked shocked as Kim dragged him over to her corner and she lighted up her bong, here you go Micheal you take the first hit.

 Micheal inhaled a coughed, Kim grabbed the bong and herself took at hit. 


Kim with in a moment was looking at her own body, the smash was the bong being dropped by a shocked Micheal.
“I’m sorry, I needed out of that life please forgive me” Kim stood up and ran away leaving a confused Micheal stuck in her body, grabbing the boobs which all of a sudden he had on his chest Micheal could not believe what had just happened, he started to panic as a guy handed him a spliff, “take a hit on this babe to calm you down” Micheal took a drag and 5 minutes later he was laughing to himself about being a girl and was playing with his new body totally relaxed about having his body stolen. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2020



From the 1st November I will be back posting regular 


Friday, 23 October 2020

Off To Work

Maria was sick off her lay about husband Darren she wanted  him to get back to work but he told her it had been so long since he last worked that he had forgotten what going to work felt like Maria thought of a idea to solve this problem, she used a website called ‘’ to switch there bodies so Darren would have to go to her job in her body. 

Maria left him clothes to wear and also a make up tutorial and told him to be ready for 8am, Maria watched as her body walked into front room “What do you think, Babe” said Darren 

“Wow I look kind of sexy, I forget what a body I have” Said Maria 

“You do babe your boobs are amazing” Darren gave Maria’s boobs a cheeky squeeze and both of the, laughed. 

Darren found the day hard, but he got through it and he and Maria still had a couple of hours in each other’s body, and decided to spend sometime having some fun. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Don’t Be A Bully

Caroline could not believe it when she saw her body leaning up against the wooden pole, she could not understand how she had swapped bodies with Melanie a large girl from her school who Caroline normally picked on because of her size.

“Hey, Fatty” said Melanie from Caroline beautiful slim body “How are you finding being little miss fatty, bet you wish you had not bullied me all year now, because I’m keeping this body for a while hope I don’t ruin this sexy figure of yours ” Malians smiled winked at her old body and walked off

A confused Caroline watched as her body walked into the local bakery, Caroline watched her little bottom wiggle out of site as she started crying, she was regretting being a bully now. 

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Ruining People Life

Sam sat down in this girls body legs spread her panties on display making her family very uncomfortable, He loved stealing random people’s body and acting really weird this girl was walking up to her front door when Sam jumped into her body she was really hot, her family looked really shocked as Sam grabbed his new boobs and rubbed his new smooth legs as her Dad started shouting at what he thought was his daughter, Sam laughed and spoke still feeling up his new body 

“I’m going up stairs for a shower and a wank, bye” Sam walked out of the room and grabbed his ass with both hands, he loved doing this to people. 

Sam had a long shower and spent the next 2 hours going to town on his new pussy, this girls family were so pissed and uncomfortable when Sam came down in just his knickers and underwear for dinner, finding the situation way to much now Sam left this girls body but he did not jump far as he smiled from inside the girls mum’s body. 

Saturday, 3 October 2020

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A Strange Day (NSFW)

Arthur was having a crap day, everything in his life had turned to crap he was walking home after being fired from his job when a massive bang and shock wave knocked him over......

Next thing Arthur knew he was sitting on some steps, looking around he was now surrounded by nature and next thing he noticed he was wearing a purple dress but then he noticed something else he had boobs. 

“What the hell.....I have boobs.....I’m a girl......fuck look at my feet....what is happening” 

Arthur’s day had gone from crap to strange turns out the entire earth was hit by something called ‘The Great Mind Swap’ he was now in a woman’s body in Iceland and was looking around for someone to talk to but the only person he found was a middle age guy crying like a little baby, what the hell was he going to do now he took a guess a decided to enter the house near by......

(So what do you think he will do next in this body, comment below) 

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 2 (NSFW)


Toby could not believe it as the Doctor started stripping in front of him, his sisters Vagina was now aching like it had never ached before, the Doctor now stood there just in her underwear
 “Your not going to give me just a pill, are you ?” She shook her head and lent forward pushing up Tobys top she started kissing and then sucking his sisters boobs she then lowered herself down from Traceys petite boobs and started licking his sisters aching pussy, Toby screamed as a massive feeling of pleasure caused his sister little petite body to jolt. 

Toby laid there as the Doctor went to town on him, he was unable to talk to fleeing was to much, was this all Traceys body needed a good seeing to, she stopped licking just as Toby Squirted everywhere, for a moment Toby thought he had Brocken his sisters body but the doctor spoke

 “There we go thats the build up you've been feeling, but I think you might have some more.” she climbed up onto the table and arranged Tobys little legs around her body causing both of there Vaginas to touch next thing a Toby knew they were scissoring each other 

Each moment Toby felt the pressure being released from his sisters body, they continued for another 20 minutes having sex, next thing Toby knew he was eating the doctor out while she laid back on the table. 

Toby laid there at the end panting covered in all kinds of juices, he could not believe what had just happened, as the doctor got dressed and sat back at her desk like what had just happened was normal. 

Walking back to the car Tracey greeted Toby back unaware of what had just happened, Toby spoke “She knows what it is, and YES she knows how to cure it, she said I need to return 3 more times, so maybe we can stay like this until then....” Tracey hugged her brother and spoke 

“Okay as long as you behave in my body” Tracey laughed and Toby Laughed a very awkward laugh, was it wrong that he was looking forward to returning to see the Doctor again. 


Thursday, 1 October 2020

The Body Hopping Best Friends 2 (NSFW)

Part 1

Connor and Tyler had been body hopping all over the world when they decided to return to the home town they were going to have a little time relaxing in there own bodies at there apartment both guys hoped back into there bodies which were still sitting on the sofa where that left them 6 months ago. 

After having a shower in there original bodies both Connor and Tyler decided to head out for a quiet drink but when they opened the door to leave, moving into the flat across from them were two young very pretty girls.

“Hi I’m Debbie and this is my Roommate Annie nice to meet you” shaking there hands both friends looked at each other smiled and Tyler spoke. 

“Maybe we can have drink tomorrow night” next thing they knew both were checking out there new bodies 

“Wow these girls are amazing” said Tyler as he looked at Debbies body in the mirror 

“Yup, Annie has such a sensitive pussy, and look at this cool tattoo” 

Both Friends laid on the bed and started rubbing them self, after spending the day masturbating and playing with each other’s body they both hopped back into there own bodies.

Looking at each other Connor spoke “I could do with a pint now” both guys walked out the flat, both boys chuckled just thinking about how confused Debbie and Annie must be waking up now. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The Prototype 2 (NSFW)

Garry was in shock as he stood there looking at the naked body of his best friend Emily he could not help but grab her boobs and start rubbing his new sensitive nipples this caused Emily’s vagina to start tingling he lowered his hand a with his finger touched the vagina which was now in his possession touching it caused a surge of pleasure to shake his body....this was all getting a bit much for Garry he took his hand away and sat down on the bed. 

Looking down at his new hands he could not get over how dainty and petite all of Emily’s body was her feet as well so small, laying back on the bed Garry could feel something underneath the pillow he put his hand under and pulled something out that in some way scared and shocked him at the same time, Emily had a she seemed so innocent.....but as Garry looked down at this object only one thing was going through his mind....

He sat the plunging the dildo deep into his new area, each thrust was amazing it was such a new experience plus it was so much better than being a guy.... the feeling was to much and Garry squirted everywhere......

Garry woke up hours later in Emily’s bed, he knew he still had 3 days as Emily he looked over to see the bag which had his dad ‘Body Swapper’ in but to his shock he saw the bag was open leaping out of bed he grabbed the bag and saw to his shock it was a panic he chucked a top on and a skirt and opened the bedroom door......

“Emily darling what the hell is this.......” 

(Device Beeps) And to Garry’s shock he is standing looking at Emily’s body.......

Monday, 28 September 2020

The Prototype 1

 Garry turned the corner and found Emily leaning up against the wall she smiled and spoke.

“Have you got it ?” She looked at Garry as he pulled out a strange looking device 

“This is it, my dads ‘Body Swapper’ do you really want to do this ? it’s only a prototype” 

“I want to do it, what’s life with out a little risk, plus the idea of being a man for a while seems so call” 

“Well if your sure then, Let’s do it...” Garry started pushing dials and buttons as he set up the device he pointed it at Emily and said “Ready” Emily nodded and Garry pushed the button. 

For a moment Garry felt like he was nothing he felt like he was just a floating soul and the next thing he knew he was looking at his own body 

“It worked, oh my god I’m a man, I have a real life penis” Garry watched as Emily grabbed her crotch, looking down Garry could not believe it he had boobs, grabbing them and given the a good squeeze he felt a little blown away he was a Woman he was his best friend Emily he now had access to all her areas.....

“I’m off now Garry” said Emily out of nowhere “I need to go home, well your home and check out this Male body, then maybe hit the clubs shall we say meet back in 3 days, Bye” before Garry could reply Emily was gone, Garry stood there hands in his new boobs thinking a about what do next, as he stood there he thought, “I’m a girl now and I have 3 days..... maybe I need to get home and check out this body” 

Garry rushed off boobs jiggling still feeling new areas of Emily’s body.....

Friday, 25 September 2020

An Affair To Remember (NSFW)

Callum had been sleeping with his mums best friend Nancy for a month now, he was having a affair with a married lady and it was amazing, Nancy was so sexy for her age and still super horny. But one night Callum was fucking Nancy and he felt on top form as Nancy laid there screaming Callum ejaculated and all went black....

Callum woke up to screams he looked around to see a Male body standing there....his body, looking down he saw he now had boobs and feeling for his dick he found nothing but a void and a wet slit

“What The Fuck......” Said his own body 
Both Nancy and Callum looked at there own bodies and screams echoed the house again. 

“Oh my god I’m you Nancy....I have.....Wow nice” Callum grabbed Nancy’s boobs and started playing with them, prompting Nancy to slap his hands away. 

“Stop that! how the hell did this happen, I mean look I have your dick.....” Nancy grabbed her new equipment and give it a rub, in return Callum slapped Nancy’s hand away. 

“I don’t know what happened I was cumming then next thing I know, I’m waking up in your body.” 

Nancy looked down at her new penis and back at Callum, she could only think of one way them to try and switch back. Callum knew what Nancy was thinking by the way Nancy looked at his dick her face then her still wet pussy. 

“No....No, No I’m not doing it... never....nope” 

But he knew it was the only way.....Callum lowered himself onto his own erect penis and started bouncing up and down, the feeling was strange and wrong to start with but after a little while, he was kind of finding it amazing, as Nancy ejaculated into her own body all went dark again..... waking up Callum looked down to see that he now had his old dick back.....looking over to find Nancy he saw her looking back at him happy to be back in her body again, both decided to end there relationship but for both Callum and Nancy it would be a affair to remember.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Day At The Mall 3

Gavin was so happy he was about to return to ‘The Body Swap Shop’ to swap bodies for the day with his sisters best friend Megan, she was so sexy and had a great zest for life, Gavin was not expecting her to agree to swapping bodies for the day but as she said just after she agreed to swap, you have to try everything before you die so why not try being a guy. 

Gavin and Megan walked out of the store, Gavin in Megan’s body was looking down at his new stomach which was on display as Megan had a cropped top on, he had a quick look over his shoulder and saw Megan looking at her new man hands, so Gavin took this time to have a quick play with Megan’s boobs and have a feel of her body. 
Turning around Megan let out a scream and spoke “Wow look at my body, Dam I’m so fucking cute, come on Gavin strike a pose.” 
Gavin smiled and stood there legs apart with his hands on Megan’s hips 
“Oh yes, I am 100% drop dead sexy, so then what shall we so first, I’m thinking as I agreed to this swap I get to pick first come on” a excited Megan grabbed Gavins new dainty had and pulled him towards the elevator. 

Gavin and Megan spent all day in the mall Megan got Gavin to try some outfits on so she could see what she looked like in them, Gavin enjoyed this as he got to see Megan’s boobs up close in the changing room. Megan was blown away by being able to wee standing up But what really confused Megan the most was how sexy she found her own body she could not stop staring at her own arse, she just loved her body and as the day started to come to a end she was looking forward to return to her own body, Megan and Gavin headed towards the exit doors ready to swap back, Megan was thinking as she walked through the door how fun it would be to maybe swap with someone....... but who she wondered......

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Can’t Stop Dancing (NSFW)


Brian could not stop dancing he had just read online that ‘The Great Mind Swap’ was permanent, he was over the moon, he use to be a 56 year old Accountant who’s wife had just left him for his best friend and  he was living in a Crapy one bedroom flat. 

But now he was in the body of Tamzin a 22 year old Model who was living in a great 2 bedroom house on the posh side of town. He carried on dancing boobs bouncing around and plus he found out that both his ex wife and his old friend had swapped into the bodies on 2, 80 year old woman, Brian thought that was hilarious, so he just kept on Dancing.......  

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 5

 Kenny was sitting outside planning his next move he was not sure what his next move was though, but then he had a idea, his friend Caleb was a good amateur hacker maybe he could help him out, Well Kenny had nothing to lose and called Caleb he had to put on Monica’s glasses as he was struggling to see the screen, calling Caleb was normal for Kenny but this time he was calling his friend from his Girlfriends step moms body. 

“Hello, How can I help you ?” Said a very confused and nervous Caleb 

“Hi, Erm I need a favour from you, I know you are a bit of a hacker and I need you to help me, can you help me find Caitlin, she had run off with Monica.....I mean Kenny and I need your help.” 

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you, sorry..... goodbye........” Caleb hung up the phone quickly 

Kenny had no other option he had to go to Caleb’s house and beg him anyway he could, he had money after all he needed to find a location on his body soon.....

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 1 (NSFW)

Tracey hated going to the doctors especially when it was to do with lady issues she allways got a male doctor who took a long time examining her before making a move on her, so she asked her brother Toby to go in her place. 
Toby was Traceys younger brother who had just turned 18 he was little bit of a loser and unlike his sister was a large boy with no real looks, Toby considered his sisters offer to swap there bodies as a joke at first but a hour before her appointment Tracey begged her brother one more time and showed him a small device which she had stolen from there uncle who worked for the government. 

“Toby this device swaps bodies, please I cant take another Pery Male doctor touching me and trying to flirt” Toby looked at the device a spoke 

“Well to be honest sis I don’t really want to be touched by some guy doctor either, so I may have to decline, plus I don’t want to see my sisters vagina..... so no” Tracey started crying and got down on her knees....
“Please Toby......Please I will owe you one, anything you want......” Toby sat there thinking as he thought about what he could get Tracey to do, and then it hit him. 
“Okay sis I will go to the doctors as you, if after you let me use this body swap device thing for a day?” 
Tracey smiled.
“Of course no problem, come on let’s switch and then I can drive you to the doctors.”

Sitting in the car in his sisters body was so strange he felt so small and weak, he felt different he could feel his sisters soft clothes rubbing against her smooth skin, he could not help but feel his sisters boobs and he knew that his penis was gone by the gap now between his legs. 
“Wow sis I know why your going to the doctors, what is that feeling it feels really weird” 
Toby sat there squirmy in his sisters body, trying not to scratch his sisters vagina which was aching
“Okay Toby this is it, now I will wait outside until your done, thanks so much bruv” 

Toby got changed and sat on the table waiting for the doctor, he was hopping for a female doctor and not a male doctor he felt uncomfortable enough as it is, he waited for a while, he did have a sneaky look down at his sisters vagina which was still aching and Toby could of sworn he felt some kind of liquid drip out, just then a very pretty female doctor walked in and asked what seem to be the problem, Toby explained and opened his sisters leg wide for the doctor to examine Tracey pussy.

“Yes, oh I know exactly whats wrong with this little tight pussy, you need a release.” 
A very confused and Uncomfortable Toby watched as the doctor proved and poked his sister pussy, next thing Toby knew the doctor slid a finger deep inside him causing him to scream out in pleasure.
“See what I mean my sweet, Your horny and if you want I can help you with that right now, it’s a easy treatment” 
a naive Toby smiled and spoke 
“Cool what do I need like a injection or a tablet?” 
The Doctor spoke 
“Not exactly.......”   

Monday, 14 September 2020

Can Not Believe It

 Jim could not believe it he had woken up that. morning as a 14 year old spotty loser and was finishing the day in his sisters best friends body, Cindy was so beautiful Jim had a major crush on her but she considered him a little loser. 

Jim sat there thinking about Cindy she and Jim’s sister Kayleigh were going to the local swimming pool, Jim felt so strange just thinking about Cindy in a bikini.....Suddenly Jim felt strange jolt hit his body....
he looked down at his hand and was shocked to see such dainty hands and Manicured finger nails as well but next thing he saw were two boobs hanging from his chest caged in a bikini top, Jim smiled and grabbed one of the boobs just then he looked up as a girl said 
“Come on Cindy.” It was Kayleigh, Jim could not believe it as he walked towards to pool boobs bouncing, he did not know how it had happened but he was enjoying it so far as he got into the pool. 


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Need A Test Subject 2 (NSFW)

Jodie decided to practice one more time and decided she needed to swap with someone other than her sister, so she decided on Rebecca a friend of Maisy’s who Jodie knew was a massive slut, she decided to swap with her for the night. This swap was a little more risky as Jodie knew that Rebecca would be in her body and would probably freak out so Jodie decided to take some sleeping pills as she activated the device remembering only at the last minute to set the swap back timer , she need Rebecca to be her final test subject. 

The swap went well as far as Jodie knew Rebecca was fast asleep in her body and Jodie was now ready in hers, as she stood there admiring Rebecca’s body she was so happy to find out that Rebecca had a good choice of dildo’s to try, she was a slut after all, laying back on the bed she got ready for another trial run....

Plunging the dildo in and out Jodie arse was amazing she could not believe how different it felt to when she tried this in Maisy s body, the pleasure causing through her borrowed body was like nothing she a felt before, legs high in there air Jodie looked down at Rebecca’s pussy which was now dripping wet she needed more so she picked up another dildo and shoved it deep inside her pussy..... Jodie screamed as she orgasmed losing control of both dildos they slipped out of her hands and onto the bed.......after finally getting her breath back Jodie decided to wash Rebeccas body down and prepare for the swap back, Jodie was now 100% ready to try anal masturbation in her own body. 


Friday, 11 September 2020

Back With A Bang (NSFW)

 Andy was on the brink of death when he uttered his last words to the world which was a spell which he hoped would allow his soul to find a new host body he was not ready to die, he felt something in his chest leave his body and next thing he felt was nothing no pain, it was like he was swimming in the air......

After a while he felt himself being pulled towards a room and next thing he knew.... 
“Fucking Hell!!!” Screamed Andy as he suddenly felt something penetrate him from behind he realised very quickly by the long blonde hair that he was a girl being fucked by a guy with massive cock....

Andy was hoping to come back into the living world with a bang.... but not this kind of bang.... but he was just glad to be alive as he laid back a took it. 

Monday, 31 August 2020

What Do You Want ?

“What the hell do you want ? Said Martin has he slid open the door 

A very upset Dotty looked at her former body and starting to get emotional, fighting back the tears she spoke 
 “I want my body back, I don’t know what you did, but just swap us back!!!” 

Martin smiled down at his former body and laughed, he was never giving this body back, Martin used a secret black market ‘Soul Swapper’ so he could steal her body.
“Very Funny, why would I give this body back, look at these tits....and not to mention this vagina.....” 
a angry Dotty ran towards Martin in anger but he was able to just push his former body to the ground a close the door, he loved being so tall, he loved being a adult and not a silly 13 year old boy. 

Martin sat down chuckling to himself as he grabbed his new boobs “Swap back” he said still giggling, unfortunately for Dotty the ‘Soul Swapper’ is permanent, so martin knew he could enjoy this body forever.