Thursday, 30 January 2020

Coming To Terms (NSFW)

Curtis looked at the body he was now stuck in, he grabbed the massive boobs on his chest and thought back to the events of the last week, him and his mum friend Jenny had decided to swap bodies through the website ‘’ for the simple reason is Curtis wanted to be a woman and Jenny wanted to try being a man, but with only 4 hours left till they swapped back Curtis got a phone call from his mum,  his Mum, or well now his best friend Clair hit by the bad news about Curtis which he knew was really about Jenny, while out drinking she  had got herself killed in a car crash....
Curtis could not speak he was now in a complete panic and state of shock his body was dead, Jenny was dead.... after trying to come to terms with his fate he realised that he was now stuck as Jenny for the rest of his life a 42 year old middle aged woman.

The bath started to get cold so Curtis decided to get out and dry his new body still getting terms with the fact that this was his new body and life he carries on drying himself off , and once dried it was time for bed he was just hoping that Jenny’s husband would not try and sleep with him again tonight but he was finding it hard to come with anymore excuses for why not.

From Wrong To Wright (NSFW)

Unknowing to Janet she and her daughter Chloe were going to be the next victims of  ‘The Freaky Friday Event’ as Janet started to wake up she was waiting for the  back pain to kick in but after a  moment of no pain Janet looked at her hand, then the room she was in. “WTF!!!!!” She shouted as she looked into the mirror opposite the  bed she was now in and she was comforted by her Daughter Chloe’s beautiful face and body, Janet grabbed her new boobs in shock of seeing Chloe’s perky little boobs in the mirror, she could not understand what was happening was she dreaming that she was Bethan but with each touch of her daughters smooth skin and the feeling of her daughters inappropriate night ware rubbing against her skin, she stood up a glided over to the mirror, Janet knew that this was real, “I’m Chloe....I’m Chloe...” Janet said this over and over again until she started to panic, she needed to find her own body but her body was back in her house all the way across town, as Janet looked in each draw to try and find clothes to wear she made a discovery which shocked her.
Pulling out what some people would call a ‘Massager’ but to most people especially women this was a vibrator, Janet could not believe it her daughter had a vibrator Janet had always been under the impression her little girl was a virgin and but obviously she really did not know what she got up too while alone, Janet felt disgusted by what she was holding but then as she looked down she realised that maybe using the horniest and youth of this body maybe be her last oprutinuty to experiment and enjoy the pleasure’s of a female body in its prime can experience, she knew though it was wrong this was her daughters body, throwing away the Vibrator she knew her thoughts of masturbating as Chloe were wrong but the thought of using the Vibrator had already got her  felling wet , before she knew it she had the vibrator  pressed up again her tight wet pussy and she was moaning out as each wave of pleasure caused through her body......after 20minutes Janet was not thinking about finding her old body or Chloe in she was just enjoy each orgasm as it came but Little did she know that across town Chloe was just waking up to a big surprise, as Janet ignored the phone which rang next to the bed she carried on Masturbating feeling no guilt now about what she was doing.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Caught Up In Crime (NSFW)

“Sir, we should leave!!!” said a man as he picked up a laptop from the table “No No son, this little lady has the right to know what will happen to her, Will just wait for her to wake up, where are my cigar’s ?”

Olivia felt artful liked she had been drinking for a whole week she was feeling aches a pains all over her body, she could not remember going out or drinking but then as she woke up she remembered the events of the last hour , she was sitting at home watching tv when men kicked down her door and a old guy walked in shouting “She will have to do I need to get a new body now.....” next thing she knew she was tired down to a chair and having wires stuck to her head, “What’s happening?.....what’s wrong with my voice” then she hared a very similar voice “That's what 50 years of cigar smoking will do too you, little lady” Olivia looked up to see her body causally sitting the naked smoking a cigar “Your a wake, great so just to tell you what’s happening, I have stolen your body I would of preferred a man’s body but this could be fun ( he says while grabbing his left boob) I’m a dead man if I leave these flats, but I’m not a dead man....well woman if I leave in your body you see” Olivia spoke again “So your swap is back when your get out?” Olivia watched her body get up and start to dress “No no sorry I did not make my self clear, Your not leaving these flats in that body, well unless it’s in a body bag, Bye bye now” as Olivia sat there panicking two men walked in with guns “So Murphy no were to run” but before Olivia could even try to explain what had happen the two men opened fire killing her dead.

Tripping At A Festival (NSFW)

“I have boobs, that weed d I smoked was strange it was so strong I must be hallucinating or something, I have tits....I’m a fuck man these ain’t real.....they feel real though, I’m so Fucked man what was in that weed .....wait what I have a vagina as well.....HOLY SHIT MAN WERE’S MY DICK!!!....Oh Wow this things wet, I’m so high now.....Where’s my tent.......”

As a completely confused and Disorientated Owen collapsed into his tent he sat there in a complete trance convinced he was having some kind of side effect realistic trip, as he sat there masturbating, a man came crashing into the tent “Holy Shit you look like me....I’m a man....I have a” Owen looked up and said “I’m a woman.....I use to have a dick.....” both started laughing hard....after 20 minutes or so though they were both having the best sex of there lives only thing was next morning now back in there bodies they were both convinced it was a crazy dream and they had no idea the drugs they had taken that night were ‘Body swapping’ drugs.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 2

Kenny tried to experiment with Monica’s body despite the fact he was in control of a woman’s body he could not help but get angry while looking at the women who had stolen his body and ran off with his Girlfriend.
He realised that finding his body was more important than he got himself dressed again and found Monica’s car keys, he was going to start at the local train station, he knew originally he had planned to get a train as far away from Monica as possible, but as Kenny tuned on the engine and got ready to drive off, Monica’s phone rang again “Hello, Monica it Richard from the Bar, when you stayed the night the other day, you left your purse” Kenny who did not know how to react replied “So, Erm.... can you bring it to me?” Richard laughed and spoke again “Can’t sorry my car in the shop, it got damaged while working last night, was chasing a drug dealer and caught the curb at speed, swing by and we can have a drink” although Kenny did not really was to swing by one of Monica’s one night stands he knew he needed some kind of money in case he had to get a train somewhere or a plane, so he replied “Erm...yeah okay...wait are you a policeman?” Richard laughed “Blimey you were drunk the other day,  of course I am, will text you my address in case you have forgotten that to hahaha, bye Babe” this was great Kenny knew now he could find out were they were he could use Richard to search for resent Card transaction, Kenny looked at the address turned the engine on a speed of to meet Richard.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Not All Fun And Games

“GET THE FUCK OUT!!!” Said Adam as again his younger brother Toby had snuck into the bathroom to try and see Adam in his new Swap class body, Adam had found being the sexiest girl in the class fun he loved soaping up her body and playing with all his new body parts but his brother was a pain in the arse , but more hard for Adam to get his head around was the way his dad looked at him, in some ways he was looking forward to switching back in a weeks time.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Ungrateful Son (NSFW)

Darren looked down at his Son’s wife Crystal as he thrusted his Son cock deep inside her, she was crying out with pleasure, recently Darren had not really seen eye to eye with his son Craig, they thought all the time Darren had spent all his life trying to make Craig’s childhood and eduction great so he could get a good job and have a great life but Craig did not appreciate any of it, Craig had a great wife in Crystal but like everything else in his life he took her for granted, one day Darren had enough with his son not appreciating his life and in the biggest argument yet Darren used a old Crystal Skull he purchased of the internet to swap there bodies, in the shock of Craig finding himself in his dads much older body he dropped the Skull shattering it, “Oh sorry dad” said Darren “I will clean that up” Craig could not take what his dad had done, while Darren enjoyed and appreciated the life Craig had, he found Crystal to be great fun and very adventurous in bed and with Darren experience and Craig’s young body stamina Crystal was shocked to find herself finally enjoying sex with her husband.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Guys Love It...Girls Hate It (NSFW)

The problem with swap class is that all the girls know that the guys will behave like we’ll ‘Men’ while in there bodies and that’s what exactly happened to Gemma’s body, she knew what would happen when she swapped with Victor in her class she begged her parents not to make her take it but she needed the A and full commitment in swap class gets you top marks.

Victor like most of the boys in his class loved Swap Class they knew that they had a great chance of swapping with some of the most beautiful girls in there class and for Victor the shock of returning home with Gemma’s body for a entire term was amazing, he knew the rules of Swap Class and he tried for a while to respect them but being able to play with boobs whenever he liked was to much he found himself rubbing his new area, moaning out loud as ripples of pleasure coursed through his body, Victor had now discarded his underwear and was plunging his new fingers into Gemma’s aching pussy, he brought himself to a earth shaking orgasm and laid there breathing heavily, he was not ashamed at what he did while in Gemma’s body he knew after speaking to all they boys there that he actually was quite respectful to Gemma’s body but after swapping back he could tell by the looks on all the girls faces they knew and maybe could feel the abuse there bodies had taken over the last couple of months.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Complete Pro

Not all Fitness coaches were loaning there great bodies to complete pervy men and sometimes women, Mandy was in desperate need of a fitness coach she was 20 stone and getting bigger by day , she paid a lot of money for a complete body transformation and after 6 months Kelly was finishing of her last workout in Mandy’s body she was very proud of her work and was looking forward to swapping back she missed her body, finishing of her last session she showered Mandy's body, she always hands her bodies back clean and fit, she was a complete Pro, but she always worried about what condition her body will be in when she swap back, but as Kelly waited in the room to swap back her body walked in looking no different than when they swapped 6 months earlier. Mandy cried as she saw her thin and sexy body, after swapping back Mandy stood and looked at every inch of her new thin body and cried, Kelly left to examine her body, not a fault as she looked for any damage or tattoos, she was right to trust Mandy and she was so proud of her work as Mandy, Kelly was hoping all her Client’s were as well behaved and Mandy was.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Look What I Found

Davids stepdaughter Abbie wanted to use his top secret body swapping device to switch bodies so she could use his really advance technology and gadgets to spy on her boyfriend, David refused and was outraged to find out Abbie had read his top secret files, but days went by with Abbie continually bugging him about swapping, in the end he decided to do it, his bosses at work needed him to test the device before they could use it.
Connecting the device up to himself and Abbie he turned it on, a slight shock of electricity course through his thing he knew he was coming around while feeling his head, suddenly feeling the now long hair on his head he looked around for his own body but it had gone, Abbie’s body felt strange but he was always curious about a woman’s body and Abbie was 24 she was now a fully grown adult, David went into her room and stripped trying to think of anything that he could try while he was a woman, looking through her underwear draw he found something that made him smile, later that night David had got dressed ready to swap back, as Abbie walked in she saw David holding her vibrator “Look what I found” Abbie mouth dropped opened and she snatched the vibrator out of his hands and when she switched back to her body she could feel that David had defiantly used it.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Not Your Average Day At The Beach

Lucas was not really enjoying his family holiday he hated going so far away from home being able to play his favourite video game Lucas was a massive gamer, the house could be on fire but all that mattered was his gaming, but his life would change one day while he was on the beach, while he was laying on the beach towel taking in the sun he saw a woman running towards him from a distant in a bikini, now like most men Lucas watched as the woman boobs bounced as she ran, Callum stood up as the woman ran towards him “Are you Okay ?” The woman looked Lucas up and down and spoke “Your have to do” next thing Lucas knew he was falling back and crashing hard into the sand as he looked up he saw something that shocked him to his very core, his own body standing there looking at its hands before it ran off.

A confused Lucas stood up and looked down at his body, there in front of his eyes was the body of the woman who just moments ago ran up to him, he grabbed the boobs which were covered by a bikini top but then a hand grabbed his shoulder and he was span around “Babe why did you run away, you know I don’t like it when your out of my sight, now come back with me” Lucas was lead back to a beach house around the cove of the beach, later that night a scared Lucas found out why this woman was trying to get away her husband was a complete bastard but he did have all the latest consoles and when he went to work Lucas sat naked and logged into his account, other than having to fulfil his wifely duties at night, he could buy all the games and accessories he wanted, and play with his new boobs, Lucas did not even think about his old body he was just loved his new gaming set up and now he did not care he was in a woman’s body because all that mattered to him was his gaming.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Not As Bad As She Thought (NSFW)

When the Great Mind Swap left Kirsty in the body of a man she for many months was repulsed by her new hairy body and uncontrollable genitals, she used to be a 5ft 8 model with a killer body, she had worked hard to start her own fashion business and was dating a local Tv host, but being a man and having to put up with her bodies new equipment was the hardest thing, she found that her new body was still coursing her to be attracted to girls, she tried to resist but she could not help it, if she was in a supermarket and a cute girl passed her, then her new body part would stand to attention. After trying to resist for many months Kirsty finally bit the bullet and masturbated for the first time, the feeling when she ejaculted was amazing but she needed more so after work one day she put on the best clothes she could find and hit the local bars, she did not realise until that night that her new Male body was actually kind of sexy so much so that later that night she sat in her bed watching as some girl went to town on her cock.

Maybe being a guy was not as bad as she thought........

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Perfect Penelope

As Paul sat at the top of the stairs waiting for his sister to return home from school in his younger body  he wanted to see her before he took her body out for a run, Paul had grown tired of his parents always fussing over ‘Perfect Penelope‘ when really Paul knew she was a complete bitch, his parents always said thing like ‘ Penelope is so clever’ and ‘ We are so proud of Penelope‘ Paul was sick of it so he did something about it, he wanted to be the so called the perfect one, he hated his sister and his parents and was prepared to ruin at least his sisters life, so he used a old spell he found on the dark web and over the course of one night the spell had caused the siblings souls to swap into each other’s body, of course Penelope was outraged but Paul made it simple to Penelope if she worked hard for him at school and helped him get top grades so mum and dad would be proud and say for once that he was not a disappointment  then maybe he would swap there bodies back, but as Paul saw a tired looking Penelope walk up the stairs he smiled “Hi little brother, good day at school” Penelope looked at her former body and just pushed passed it “Someone’s miserable, hope your doing well in your classes” Paul smirked and ran down the steps to start his run. 

Paul was loving tormenting his sister, he was laying on the sofa watching Tv when his own body walked into the room, Paul stretched a smooth leg into there air and smiled “You fixed my grades yet?” but strangely Penelope sat down next to Paul and just started watching Tv with him “Err....Hello, do you want this body back?” As Paul said this he grabbed his sisters boobs “I’m not going to help you with your grades, you stole my body” Paul sat up “But that’s the deal, fine I’m happy to stay as you, this maybe my sisters body, but I’m quite happy to keep it, not going to lie to you sis your body is banging” Then out of no were Penelope flipped “You Bastard switch us back....I can’t stand being you.....give me back my body.....I worked so hard....your going to ruin everything I’ve worked for!!!!” Although Paul was a little startled by the sudden outburst he just smiled a laid back on the sofa “Well Little brother like I said ever way I’m happy so Pass all my exams to impress Mum and Dad and I will switch us back, if not then I will have to stay as you little Mrs Perfect Penelope”

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Got To Love Fitness Swap (NSFW)

Brad loved the fitness swap service that his local gym offered he had used it for the first time so he could get his body back into shape and he loved it he was in the body of a 25 year 6ft 2inch guy with a body which Brad could only dream off, he loved being Tony because he could pick up any girl he wanted even though a rule of fitness swap say you could not have sex while in each other’s body, Brad could not resist, in the time he was Tony he fucked over 10 women and loved every moment of it. When Brad swapped back into his body he was so happy with what Tony had done he was now thin and he felt 10 years younger not bad for a 44 year old man. But Brad planned to use this fitness swap to have some more fun he decided to pay to swap bodies again into one of the fitness coaches but this time he was parred with Jasmine a female fitness coach and although Brad would of liked another Man, after looking at Jasmine profile he soon changed his mind. As was looking forward to going around to her place to swap.

Brad arrived at Jasmine place with a real excitement as she opened the door and invited him in Brad almost cried she was stunning, she was already wearing her gym outfit and Brad could not help but admire her arse as she walked away, Jasmine sat Brad down at a table where the machine used to swap them sat, she started going through all the rules and requirements that Brad would have to do while he was her, but all Brad could do was stare at the Boobs which soon would be in his possession after agreeing to terms and conditions he and Jasmine got set up for the swap....after a painless transfer Brad awoke to the sight of his body “Right I shall return in 2 weeks to check on you, remember follow those rules I have given you if you break them, you will be fined, I’m going to start on getting your body in better shape now, bye” and without Brad saying a word Jasmine left in his body. Brad wasted no time he pulled his new pink top up to reveal his new body “Wow look at these tits” Brad stripped off the rest of his clothes and headed to the bedroom so he would be fined, in his mind it was money well spent.

Oh What A Feeling 2 (NSFW)

Debbie was correct, Carol was not behaving in her body she had gone to the local nightclub to party hard in her new ever so slightly younger body and party hard is what she did maybe too hard she had drunk more than Debbie ever drank and more than this body could handle and it was showing, 2 guys were hitting on Carol all night and she loved it, she was not married she was a single woman in a sexy body she was finding Debbie’s young body was a magnet for the hot guys, Carol could of had her pick, but as the night went on she had found herself sitting and drinking with two guys they were both hot and they both were fitness coaches so she could not help but keep asking to see there six packs and feeling there muscles, Carol was not sure which one was going to ask her back to there place for the night and to be honest Carol did not care all she knew is she wanted sex one night of care free sex .

One of the guys spoke into Carols ear and said “If you want to come back to ours and maybe we could....” before he could finish talking carol said “Yes” she pulled the guy by the shoulder but as they went to leave the other guy with them got up and walked with them, it turned out the 2 guys were room mates and very open to having a threesome which Carol was up for as well, so there was Carol in her Nieces body, sucking of a cock with her mouth and taking a cock in her neices virgin pussy she found her self enjoying every moment of it she knew it was wrong but it was her body for now, When 24 hours were up both Aunt and Neice were not impressed when they swapped back and found out what each other had been doing.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Going To Be Weird (NSFW)

“For fuck sake Andy, all you have done since we swapped bodies is lay naked on the sofa touching my tits and masturbating, we are supposed to be seeing how the other half live” Andy sat up in Amanda’s heavily tattooed body and grabbed her tits and smiled “Yeah like you haven’t been wanking my cock off anyway feeling how your body feels while masturbating is technical seeing how the other half live” Amanda had been finding having her husbands penis to be a experience but was unaware Andy knew she had not stopped wanking since the swap “Well I could not help it, when I woke up yesterday I had a raging boner and I tried to ignore it but we’ll you know”

Andy laid back down on the sofa still clutching his Wife’s tits “Your body is so fucking amazing, I mean these tits are so well perfect, I know I felt them before but being in possession of them and being able to touch them all the time is just so cool and your vagina is so sensitive, honestly I orgasmed so many times earlier it was unreal, at one point I thought I had broken in I could not stop cumming  ” As Andy finished speaking his hand went down into his wife’s panties and he stuck a finger into his pussy “You know we really see how the other half live...and know” Andy looked at his body and smiled “Erm...Really....Okay then” next thing he knew his own cock was standing fully erect just in front of him, with Amanda's tattooed hand Andy grabbed it, just feeling it in his hand he knew that this was going to be weird but by the way his pussy was getting wet, he knew it was going to be great.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

It’s All Over

Paul knew it was all over he tried to break back into his HQ to try and find the girl who stole his body and try to swap them back, but she knew he was coming and the security captured him outside, he was the CEO of a very controversial mind swap technology going to used in bringing down local Rebels, but they had kidnapped him and used some of his stolen technology to swap bodies with there leader, she wanted to destroy the tech at any cost even if it meant she would be stuck as a man forever, Paul was going to offer her a deal swap back and then he destroys to system in front of her but he knew now there was no chance of that.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Tribal Curse 3 (NSFW)

Kevin was really hoping that the full moon would not swap him into another body he loved being Jenny turned out she was really fun, she had so many sex toys hidden around her room, plus she was a lesbian, Kevin had spent the last month in Jenny’s body having the time of his life....but as he looked out at the sky at the full moon peaked in the sky... it started he felt the strange feeling again and then next thing he knew he could see again, but a second after coming too in his new body he was covered with something, loads of liquid flow onto his new face, as Kevin cleared the liquid from his eyes he saw somethings that shocked him, three men standing there holding there dicks, Kevin then realised the liquid on his face was cum, he was in a woman who was clearly into some kinky stuff but then a voice shouted “let’s prepare for the next scene” As Kevin notices the tits on his chest he spoke “Next scene” he said it loud enough for what must of been the director to hear, “Yes Cindy the Anal scene is next” Kevin looked at his body in the mirror he could see some cum dripping of his chin, next thing he knew he was laying on the ground his arse in the air....Kevin wished he had been nicer to those tribal women and not laughed about this so called curse while he was Jenny, because it looks like this month could be tuff going as the guy who was about to fuck him had a massive cock.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Thinking Of You (NSFW)

Tracey had not been brave enough yet to break up with her current boyfriend Victor, the spark had just gone plus he was a little intimidating and controlling, she had a major crush on Kevin who she worked with and really wanted to dump her current boyfriend and ask him out, but she never broken up with a man before and now her first attempted breakup would be with Vic she was finding it hard to do, she ended up sleeping with him one night he got a little angry when she started discussing there relationship as Vic pumped his cock into Tracey, although Tracey was not finding it enjoyable thinking of Vic when Kevin popped into her head thinks started to change she pretended each thrust into her pussy was from Kevin, all she could do was think about Kevin, this made the sex a lot better she thought for once she may orgasm , she could feel it building up and then the realise.....but next thing Tracey knew she was sitting on a sofa watching tv with a beer in her hand, but the hand holding the beer was not her hand but a mans hand, dropping the beer she knew as she looked about that this was Kevin place she remembered the pictures he showed her when he moved in. Just then Kevin phone started ringing and it said ‘Tracey’ incoming call, she answered and said “Hello”
“Tracey is that you? ” said Kevin was Traceys body in her new man voice she replied “Yes”  “Why am I laying half naked in your body with some guys cum dripping out of your pussy?” Scared and unable to answer she hung up out of complete shock and confusion as to how she had swapped bodies with Kevin while fantasying about him during sex.

It turned out that a rare and strange energy had caused all the people in the world who were orgasming at that moment to switch with whoever made them orgasm, in this case Traceys orgasm was caused by her thinking of Kevin, this event was named by people as the Fantasy Orgasm Swap Event (FOSE) and Tracey and Kevin were not the only ones who had swapped.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Finding A New Vessel (NSFW)

The Dark Moon Cult was very strong and sacred group there Leader had been alive for hundreds of years he would use a necklace of the cross and the Power of the Gods to swap souls and bodies with a chosen person this person was created by the gods and unaware to them were created to have a pure Soul because only a person with pure soul is able to be used to exchange bodies with the Leader, know as ‘The Oracle’ he had sent his followers to find his this body of pure soul so he could carry on living and spreading his word and making sure the cult carries on the beliefs it had practiced for hundreds of years, all of ‘The Oracle’ swaps had been into strong young men but when the followers returned with his new vessel it was not a young strong man but young woman, although surprised by the body God had chosen for him to swap with The Oracle knew that this was the body chosen by God so he would not question it, starting the ritual the young girls screams were drowned by the chanting of The Followers and banging of the drums he placed the necklace around the woman’s neck and waited for there souls to be ripped from there bodies and switch he needed the blessing of the Gods  ..........(The drums got faster....the chanting grow louder and quicker) then the scream of the woman echoed the chamber and then the tears from the Oracle body the look on The Oracle former body, the swap of the souls had been completed, as the girl now stuck in a agging body and in utter shock of having her young a beautiful body stolen by a strange religious cult, she laid there crying but then the body of the young girl spoke “Perfection my Followers, I The Oracle am young again and I will carry on being your leader and spreading the words of this great Religious cult” looking at his hands and feeling the new form of his new female body he spoke again “Prepare to Dispose of my former vessel, and wait for me” The Oracle left the room and went to his private Quarters, as he stripped his body of the clothes of outsiders he could not help but admire the form he was now in, the boobs and vagina he now controlled felt so alien to him as for 500 years he had been occupying the bodies of men, but the examination of this body would have to wait the killing of his old body was about to happen and The Oracle was always present to see his followers worship his new form, he got his body dressed and prepared to carry on with the disposal of his former vessel, and speak to his faithful leaders......

Oh What a Feeling 1 (NSFW)

Debbie’s Aunts Carol was not old she was only 30 but she hated not being a young care free 18 year old anymore, so when she read about ‘’ she begged Debbie to swap with her and allow her to go night clubbing and drinking in her younger sexy body, Debbie said no at first but when Carol offered her £1,000 she accepted, as she was saving up for a car, so after setting up the swap online Carol clicked complete and waited.........After waking up on the sofa the first thing Debbie saw was her uncle Raymond sitting next to her he spoke “Hey sexy, your not felling down about being 30 are you, you are so sexy babe let me show you how much I love you” Debbie then realised she was her Aunt she grabbed her tits and felt her aunts body, before Debbie could say a word she was being spun around on the sofa and he aunts knickers being removed by her Uncle, she had never had sex before, she had no idea what to expect but when her uncle started licking her new pussy, the feeling was out of this world, from feeling disgusted about having sex with her uncle, even though in her mind she know he was not related by blood it was still strange and when it started it felt slightly wrong after a while the pleasure was to much, she was hoping her Aunt would behave in her body though and not drink to much, but after her body shacked after another orgasm she knew her aunt would not be behaving.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Plan B Is Going Well (NSFW)

Jackie was not disappointed with her stepdaughters body that she stole after finding out she would get no money after he husband died she decided her only way of getting any money was by taking her stepdaughters body and she was right with this body she got a body to die for and Youth as well as the money, she felt a little bad for stealing Maggie’s body but after sleeping with her stepdaughters boyfriend she could not care less about Maggie as she realised why being Maggie was going to be great.

She bounced up and down and she loved looking down at her young tits bouncing she was enjoying fucking a young guy with energy unlike her ex husband who was not great in bed, each orgasm made her forget about Maggie and ‘Plan B’ was turning out to be great, but Jackie thought she, in a body like this could do better than this guy who although was young he seemed a little greedy not giving Jackie everything her new body needed, Jackie knew what she was going to do, she was going to brake up with this guy, have a shower get herself dressed to impress and head out to a local night club but this time she was looking to just have some fun with a real man.

Part 1