Saturday, 29 February 2020

Muffin The Dog (NSFW)

Alistair and Kelly’s dog Muffin had found many things in the garden over the years mostly dead rats but when he came into the room with some kind of idol in his mouth Kelly and Alistair looked surprised that Muffin had found something which was not disgusting as Kelly went to take the idol there was a loud bang and a flash of light shot from the chest’s of both Muffin and Kelly.

Alistair thought that Kelly was messing around at first pretending to act like a dog but as time went on Alistair realised that Muffin and Kelly had swapped bodies, Kelly’s body just crawled around the floor drinking from Muffins bowl as Kelly in Muffins body watched as Alistair researched the Idol that had caused the swap online. But so far no luck.

Friday, 28 February 2020

Our Body Swap Vlog 1

Danny (Left) and Gavin (Right)

“So welcome to our channel and our first video about being well girls, after the great mind swap swapped everyone’s bodies around we will be talking to people about how they have adjusted to there new bodies plus talking about our experiences as we get use to our new bodies” said Gavin to his new followers, he continued speaking “Yes the first thing we will discuss is the new body parts we have” Danny interrupted and squeezed his new boobs “Yes like these massive tits” Gavin looked at Danny and smiled “Yes thank you Danny” Gavin continued speaking about his first weeks as ‘Gillian’ and discussed the new things he had adapted to since becoming a girl in relation to body parts, but as Gavin spoke Danny sat there playing with his boobs...after finishing Gavin handed the video over the Danny “Next time guys i will be doing a video about my preparation before I explore this killer body with my first ever vibrator, so tune in guys” both guys waved good bye to the screen and Danny had one last grab of his boobs.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Freaking Out (NSFW)

“Oh my god what the fuck, I have tits...fucking hell I've got a dick in my......wait why do I have a vagina” Pablo jumped up causing the penis below to fall out of his new unwanted body part, the man laying back on the bed looked at Pablo “Carol what’s wrong, why did you stop......” Pablo looked at his hands which were old and wrinkled and his finger nails were now painted pink he shouted at the man “Where’s the bathroom I need a mirror” the man who looked confused pointed towards a door, Pablo ran towards it his new saggy boobs bouncing as he ran, locking the door behind him he looked into the mirror “OH MY GOD!!!!!, I’m some old woman” he grabbed the boobs which now drooped from his chest and panicked as the man from the bedroom knocked on the door “Babe you okay, what’s happening, Carol are you okay???” For Pablo it was to much to take he found himself in a older female body, he had just awoken being fucked by a guy with a cock inside his own pussy and now some strange guy knocking on the door, wanting to carry on having sex. Finally finding it to much Pablo screamed out in panic as the door got kicked down..... Pablo woke up in a hospital bed after having a massive panic attack caused by finding himself in this body, he tried telling doctors that he was a 23 year old guy stuck in this body but when no one believed him he got angry and upset and the doctors just sedated him.... Pablo had to accept that this was his body, how it had happened he did not know or why but he had to get out of this hospital even if it meant going home with this woman’s husband, when he got back to his now new home he was going to call his own body and try and find out what’s going on.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Breaking News

“Yes the Great Mind Swap is a one time thing, I get to stay in this young sexy body forever” Kirk was so happy when he read the headline on the paper saying the Great mind swap could not be reversed, Kirk had  swapped with a 26 year old model who lived in a penthouse on the posh side of town, Kirk was on cloud nine, he would never have to work at his low payed job or go back to his shitty on bedroom flat again. Kirk was now 20 years younger and could live a life style he could of only dreamt of in his old body, Kirk framed the news paper so he could always remember the day he knew he could keep this body forever.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

No Respect (NSFW)

Bill and Andy’s teacher stood at the front of class and told everyone the rules they had to follow while in there swap partners body, after going through every rule he finally said to the entire class “Now I expect all of you to show you new bodies respect, nothing but Respect”

But Bill and Andy we’re now in the bodies of the two most hottest girls in school and they weren’t going to respect these bodies both girls had always been complete bitches to them, so as soon as both friends returned to Bills house they got out the dildo’s they purchased weeks before after finding out who they would swap with and started masturbating, Bill screamed as he orgasmed and Andy who was now sitting on his dildo cried out as he caused his new body to quirt all over the bed, the boys continued to show no respect in the weeks that followed finding new ways to disrespect there new bodies.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

A Friend In Need

Daisy and Luke had been best friends since they were 4 both had always known that no matter what happened they would be there for each other, but as time went on the stress of her job and a couple of failed relationships caused Daisy to pile on the pounds, she knew she needed help and although her and Luke had not been as close lately she knew she could ask him for help, Luke had done well for himself, despite not getting married or settling down he was a very successful ‘Fitness Swap Coach’ amd had done work for top celebrities all around the world. Daisy trusted Luke to get her body fit and healthy and when she asked Luke to help he said “Of course I will help you, what are friends for” after 3 months of lots of running and dieting, Luke had achieved the target set to him by Daisy.

Daisy arrived to see her body, for what was going to be his last day of exercise before swapping back, a emotionally shocked daisy looked her body up and down and spoke “Oh my god, Luke my body is amazing look at that stomach, I’m beautiful thank you so much your the bests friend anyone could have” Luke smiled and looked down at the body for which for the last 3 months had been his home but he had not been a perfect friend  “Daisy I need to admit something to you, last night I went out just for a quiet drink to celebrate, and erm.....well” Like could not being himself to admit what he had done, Daisy spoke with a slight look of concern on her face “What did you do?” Luke face went red and he looked down at the floor “Well there was this woman in the bar, very pretty and well one drink turned into 4 or 5 and well I slept with her” Luke looked at his own face expecting Daisy to be outraged but she just smiled “Well I guess I can let that slide I mean you have done a great job with my body, we will say no more about it” Luke was surprised but thankful that Daisy was not to angry “Well I better get this finale run done, see you later” As Daisy watched her body run off she could not help but smile as she saw her new sexy form run off into the distance.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Life Swap: Danny’s Story Part 2 (NSFW)

Finding out after opening the ‘Profile Pack’ that his name was Kelly and that her occupation was a ‘Pornographic Film Actress’ it was a lot for him to take but she wrote that she felt trapped in a world which only saw her as ‘A Pornstar’ she needed to be free of being judged by people in the street and hit on by vile guys she would do anything to be free and swapping with A stranger was something she apparently was willing to do. Danny found it strange he was a woman, searching the internet he found videos of his new body having sex with men and videos of Kelly just masturbating.

Danny found himself sitting in a new body, and life he was a Porn actress, his phone vibrated a notification popped up on the screen ‘10:30 scene filming’ Danny was not sure what to do, but after watching a little more of what Kelly had been doing all these years on his computer he decided to go and film the scene.
For Danny the nerves that he was feeling were so alien to him, when he sat naked on the bed in his new body with a camera crew looking at him Danny thought maybe this was a terrible idea, but after 5 minutes of pleasuring his new form, he could not give a dam who was in the room the feeling was amazing, Danny loved his new life and Job and after 5 more scenes of him just on his own he agreed to do his first girl-girl scene and could not wait to film it.

Part 1

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Travel The World

Billy used his body Hopper powers to travel the world for free, he had been to Australia as a 36 year old man and Spain as a 19 year old guy on a lads holiday, but as he stood in the airport looking at which country to visit next thing he saw was a woman that brushed him as she p walked passed, her beauty was something which caused his stomach to ache, she stood in the queue where people were boarding the 14:20 to Rome in Italy as she got though security Billy hopped her, he had never been a girl before, everything felt so strange he felt the smooth skin of his face and then made a grab for the boobs which now sat heavy on his chest, in the course of the flight he learnt as much about this woman as possible, she was called Emily Owens she was a writer, she had very successful travel blog and she had been to lots of countries, Billy spent some time getting to know his knew form, the image of a naked female body of this beauty staring back at him was to much, so he decided to get dressed and view this beautiful city, walking around as Emily feeling his new boobs bounce and the breeze on his legs he knew that this may now be his permanent body, why would he leave, he was in love.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Day As Dani (NSFW)

Dani walked into the front room to check on her own body, she was expecting Elliot the son of her best friend to be less than happy about now being a 40 year old woman but when she entered, she was shocked to see her body with her skirt around her ankles and her fingers rubbing away at her pussy “Elliot you seem to be quite comfortable there” Elliot pulled his new hand away from Dani’s pussy and smiled “Sorry but I’m a hot milf and I could not resist” Dani smiled and spoke again “I was expecting you to be freaking out about this, I mean you were not expecting this body swap thing to work” Dani was right Elliot though that when Dani asked him to swap bodies so she could check up on what her daughter was doing after school that it would actually happen “I’m off to school to spy on my sweet Jenny, will you be okay?” Elliot smiled and clicked play on the porn he was watching and carried on fingering his new pussy “Yeah I will be fine, I’ve got every thing I need thanks”

Turned out that Dani’s daughter was just doing extra studying after class, so she was quite happy to return home and swap back with Elliot, when she returned home and found Elliot he was lying there all sweaty with Dani’s vibrator laying next to him on the sofa “So looks like you have had a good day” Elliot smiled massaging the boobs on his chest “It’s been fucking amazing, hopefully you need to spy on Jenny with my body again some day” Dani smiled while picking up the Device to switch them back “No luckily my little angel is a good girl and is just doing extra work after school so I have no need for your body anymore, Ready to change back then” A reluctant Elliot waited for a moment and there found himself standing in his own body again and Dani went straight into the shower and started washing off the sweat and juices from Elliots day abusing her body.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Thank You ‘Freaky Friday Event’

Debra had just finished getting her daughter, Olivia’s  body all dressed up for her date this evening she walked into the kitchen when a familiar voice spoke from behind her “Can’t believe this Mum, your going on a date with my boyfriend, we should be trying to fix this” Debra turned around and look her old body and smiled “Look Olivia, or should I say mum, these are our bodies now that strange ‘Freaky Friday Event’ is well permanent and well I’m not complaining I’m 30 years younger I have a thin perky body again and I’m really enjoying being this horny again can’t wait to see how Zac is in bed” A very upset and angry Olivia spoke through the tears now gushing from her mums face “How could you mum do this to me” Debra grabbed her daughter by her older face and spoke “This was not my doing, I’m only enjoying the benefits of ‘Freaky Friday Event’ and of course so thankful that it had made me young and sexy again, now go up stairs, I don’t want you talking to Zac when he arrives” Olivia still crying ran upstairs as she heard her mother leaving in her body for a date with her boyfriend.

The torture for Olivia did not stop as later that night, she had to put up with the noice of her mum getting fucked by Zac, all night long the sounds of her former body bellowed out of her old room, Olivia knew she could not stay living with her mum, but she had no where else to go.  

Lighting Strike On a Flight (NSFW)

Tony was half way to Paradise island when his plane was struck by lighting, the strike was so powerful it made him pass out....when he awoke he was in the plane toilets but to his shock he was in a woman’s  body and also he was half naked with a phone in hand, he could feel by the sill aching feeling of this girls pussy that she was recording her self masturbating, Well a little confused about being a woman and the feeling of how horny this girl was that she needed to relieve herself in the Plane bathroom,  as his new pussy was still crying out for more, Tony decided to finish off what she had started and after plunging his new finger into the aching pussy , as he screamed out in pleasure as his new body was rocked by a massive orgasm, Tony smiles as he cleaned himself up a prepared to exit the bathroom.

Only problem was that when Tony left the toilet a old lady came up to him and said “Are you the pilot ????” Tony replied “No Sorry” it turned out that everyone on the plane had switched bodies and that no one knew were the pilot was, for Tony and the other passengers it was going to be a tuff landing as all the passengers panicked as a Man who was actually one of the female stewards tried to bring the plane into land.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Acting A Little Odd (NSFW)

Daniel was a little worried about his wife Britney, for weeks now she had been acting really strange he kept finding her standing in front of mirrors grabbing her boobs, sometimes she was well ‘Masturbating’ But she seemed unaware that what she was doing was odd even with Dan in the room. Dan arrived home from work one day to find his wife looking very sexy hair all made up but to his confusion again, Britney was sitting there tits hanging out “Babe your boobs” said Daniel, Britney grabbed her boob and smiled “I know there great, so squishy” Dan sat down and ate dinner with his wife, but the woman who sat opposite was not Britney it was the neighbours daughter Beth who was jealous of Britney’s body and wanted to be just like her she used a old spell to steal the body she had idolised for months, she was unaware though how odd her behaviour was to Daniel she still had some learning and growing up to do.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Strong Stuff

“Hey Stop that!!!” said Jenny from her best friend Nicks body, Jenny had recently been to China and purchased 2 bottles of a very strong drink which apparently caused the drinkers to switch bodies, returning home she was desperate to try it out with Nick, both taking a shot and almost instantly next thing they knew both friends were staring at each other Nick wasted no time grabbing Jenny’s amazing body, grabbing her boobs straight away.

“I said stop grabbing my tits” said a angry Jenny from Nicks body “Sorry Jen but come on this is amazing, I was not expecting this drink to do anything but we have to take some time to experience life in each other’s shoes, plus it was you who wanted to try the drink out in the first place” Jenny thought about it for a while as she saw Nick again feeling up her boobs “Okay 24 hours, then we meet back and take another drink to swap back agreed” both friends shoke the hands of there former bodies and  Jenny went back to Nicks house as a excited Nick went straight into Jenny’s room and started stripping, in a strange way the swap made them even more closer as friends.

Adjusting To The Problem

“Wow, Stewart you got dressed, how are you feeling ?” Said Maggie from her husband Stewart’s body “Yeah I feel better, still really strange being in your body but i guess I need to accept that this is real and we are stuck like this” Maggie and Stewart woke up a month ago In each other’s body, both freaked out not knowing what had caused the switch, Maggie adjusted a lot easier to being a guy than Stewart did to being a woman.

As Stewart walked down the steps towards his old body he sat next to Maggie and spoke “I’m not wearing a bra, tried but could not get the dam thing on” laughing Maggie replied “I will teach you” Stewart then grabbed his new boobs and spoke “Why bother these things look so much better hanging free” Maggie looked at her old tits and smiled “Yup I’m going to miss those” as she looked at her old boobs she found that her new equipment was finding it all a bit exciting, Stewart laughed as he saw Maggie trying to adjust to sitting with a erection, after a couple more weeks of adjusting though Stewart found it hard not to help Maggie with her problem.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Have You Seen My Tits (NSFW)

As part of the world trying to adjust and move on from the ‘Great Mind Swap’ local governments around the word were making people take part in a scheme called ‘The Acceptance Scheme’ it was a way for everyone who had been swapped and emotionally affected by either a change in gender or age to speak to someone, a therapy session was the first part to see if people were coping with there new bodies and lives.

Kirk was one of the few people who had no problem with the swap, he had been a 44 year old car salesman from America and he ended up in the body of a very attractive 24 year old English model called Demi Smith, he went into speak to the therapist who asked if he had any problems adjusting to his new body and life on which he replied quite simply “Erm, have you seen my tits” lifting his shirt up to show the therapist his boobs, he then dropped his top and said “Nahh doc I’m fine, anything else you need to know” the therapist was shocked by what Kirk had done but carried on the routine questions with him, after speaking for a while about how awesome being Demi was the therapist decided that Kirk was adjusting to his new life well.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

What A Nice Surprise (NSFW)

Well Bruce was shocked by the feeling he was experience at the hands of his stepdaughters girlfriend Beth , Bruce was a typical man who did not believe in people being gay but after a massive fight with April where he told her that she should break it off with Beth and be a normal girl and get a boyfriend he woke up the next morning as April he and his stepdaughter had  swapped bodies, for Weeks he avoided even talking to Beth or accepting April’s advice that he had to learn to accept her way of life, but one night Bruce broke down his body was now crying out for sex and he was surprised, and it was a nice surprise. Beth was so loving and passionate as she kissed and made love to him, he found the dildo a shock he did not expect April to be so kinky but he could feel the love between April and Beth, when Bruce woke the next morning he was back in his bed, he must of learnt a lesson or something and he had from now on he was nothing but supportive with April’s  relationship with Beth.

For The Love Of Mrs Brown (NSFW)

Garry spent no time stripping off the body he had woken up in he was a little shocked to be a woman but when he saw his reflection in the mirror he realised he was in the body of Mrs Brown a sexy milf who was a neighbour of his. Mrs Brown was a local milf she was known by all the guys, Garry was now fully naked laying on the bed legs in the air looking at his new vagina as he ran his fingers over his new slit and he moaned he could not believe what was happening he had tits, he plunged his fingers into his now aching pussy, the pleasure rocked his body making him shout louder and louder, he was on cloud nine, orgasm after orgasm rocked his body. But then the door to the bedroom flow open and there stood a man who spoke “How Angie, could have waited for me looks like your nearly finished” Garry recognised the man he was a local gardener who did a lot of work around this neighbourhood, Garry could not resist he was being fucked by a guy in a girls body and was loving it..... he was hopping he could be Mrs Brown a little longer.

Monday, 3 February 2020

The Reflection Of Perfection (NSFW)

Diana stood there brushing the long blonde hair of her Granddaughter Elizabeth’s body, she could just stand and stare at the face looking back at her all day. Diana had always told Elizabeth for years that she had a stunning body and told her how she wished she could be young and in her prime again. But Diana’s desire to be young and pretty again made her do something evil, she decided to use her great grandmothers old spell book which was passed down generation to steal her granddaughters body, but the swap could be tricky performing spell’s drained life energy and as Diana was starting to feel her age now she knew that performing this very powerful spell could kill her, but at 87 years old what did she have to lose, she needed one thing to swap with Elizabeth her hair, well this was easy every time she came to visit, Diana always insisted on brushing Elizabeth’s lushes hair.

Diana carried on brushing her new hair as she thought about Elizabeth who had died in her body after the swap, she felt bad but this body was just perfection from Elizabeth’s head to her perfect arse, Diana was looking forward to living a new and different type of life in a her new body.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Doctor Who ???

After 4 weeks of being in each other’s body husband and wife, Jasmine and Connor were looking forward to swapping back into there bodies, but when they approached the front desk and asked to see the scientist Dr Leach who swapped there bodies as part of research he was doing. the lady who was at the front desk replied  “Doctor Who? sorry I have never heard of a ‘Dr Leach’ before, Sorry”

The couple could never track down ‘Dr Leach’ and prepared for life in each other’s body.