Monday, 30 March 2020

Embrace All The New Features (NSFW)

“Stop playing with my TITS!!!!” Said a angry Kimberly from her brothers body, Tony grabbed his sisters tits and squeezed them close to his body “You mean my tits, and no I will not there amazing, I did not realise how much of sexy body you had” Kimberly looked at her former body in disgust “Your such a creep, touching your own sisters body in that way” Tony removed his hands from his sisters boobs and push some of his new long hair out of his eyes “You remember what dad said we are stuck like this, plus it was his invention that caused this not mine and it’s not my thought that the device broke, so the way I look at it this is my body now so I’m going to enjoy it and embrace all its new features” Tony placed a hand down his Sisters Pyjama bottoms and slipped a finger into his new pussy, shocked and outraged by this Kimberly screamed “GET OUT!!!!! GET OUT!!!!! You pervert” Tony just smiled grabbed his new boobs again and left the room to the sound of his old body crying. Tony went back to his new room and started exploring, he found all his new features very enjoyable and two days later he heard his sister getting use to her new features as well.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Extreme Counseling (NSFW)

Marriage Counseling was not going well for Abbey and Craig it was causing more issues than it was fixing, there therapist ‘Dr Gabrielle Anderson’ had tried nearly everything she knew to get the couple back on track but after many months of work with them she could not make any progress they both just would not communicate there issues with each other, she decided to use a new form of extreme Counseling a  ‘Body swap’ Abbey agreed to it but Craig was not interested in being a women but after days of being moaned at by Abbey he agreed.

After the swap Dr Anderson told the couple to spend the next 2 weeks understanding each other’s life, the days went by and still nothing was improving, a big argument broke out between the couple one night but as the passion of the argument got to its peak out of no where Abbey kissed her former body and not expecting it Craig returned the kiss and next thing she knew she was sliding her husbands cock into her pussy, each thrust made Craig cry out from Abbey body, for Abbey the feeling of penetrating her own body was amazing.

After a night of the best sex the couple had ever experienced they finally started talking about there issues, they realised they could still make this marriage work, but before they returned to Dr Anderson to swap back they would need a couple more days to.....well you know......

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Street Dog

Natalie was walking down the street on her way to meet her boyfriend when she heard whimpering coming from a  ally near by, as she looked down it she saw a small dog which was limping towards her and looked in complete pain, she walked down the ally a crouched down to look at the small thin dog she decided to pat the dog on the head but as soon as Natalie touched the dogs head she was blinded by a flash of bright white light and she passed out.

Natalie felt strange her eye sight started to return and she could see the out line of a person standing over her, but then she heard a woman speak and she instantly recognised the voice  “Finally I’m out of that dog body, shame I could not of got a mans body to pat me so I could swap with them but this is better than being a street dog, Fuck this chicks hot” Natalie could only wimpier as she saw her body walk off out of the ally.
Her body walked off struggling to stay up right in her shoes.....Natalie laid in her new dog body trying to come to terms with what had just happened.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Adjusted And Happy

Brenda was out on her lunch break when she saw her old body waking towards her, unlike some she had adjusted well to the ‘Great Mind Swap’ putting her into a local mans body called Matt, he on the other hand had really struggled with the switch but when she saw her old body walking towards her in a nice flowery dress,  Brenda was in complete shock to see her body looking so normal, happy and well feminine.

“Wow Matt you look like your getting use to your new body now” Matt smiled and replied
 “Yeah I really have adjusted to being a girl it took a couple of weeks to get my head straight which trust me  was not easy but I came to the conclusion that this is my life now and I need to get use to it, plus if I had to be swapped into a girls body I’m glad it was you”
Brenda smiled at her old body and spoke “Well erm I’m glad your happy and adjusted but I need to get back to work, so see you soon” Matt gave Brenda a smile and both of them went there separate ways.

now Brenda knew that Matt was now happy and adjusted it really pissed her off she hated the fact that she lost her beautiful body to a guy but knowing that Matt will never be able to enjoy it made it a little easier to love her new life , she hated her self for thinking it but she wished that Matt would of been like some of the people who were driven mad by the Great mind swap but she just had to accept that Matt was now happy in her old body.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Tribal Curse 4 (NSFW)

Tribal Curse Series

Kevin’s was looking forward to seeing the full moon in the sky he needed out of this life he could not stand this life as ‘Cindy The Pornstar’ Over the last month he had done stuff which made him question his life choices which had caused him to get this curse put on him in the first place, but he could feel that strange feeling starting to happen, there was a feeling of nothingness and then.....

As normal after a moment of darkness Kevin could see again, but the room he was in was not what Kevin looked at first, he looked down to see what was causing his new body to have the feeling of discomfort  and pleasure at the same time , Kevin was shocked to see himself sitting on a massive black dildo panicking and pulling the dildo out of his new pussy he stood up and checked out he’s new body in the mirror for a while he thought maybe he had not been given such a bad body but after only a little while Kevin realised this body was horny.....super horny and that only one thing could satisfy this desire his new body was having, Kevin now found himself stuck in horny sluts body which was addicted to great big Dildos, surely this Curse must come to a end but Kevin for now had to get through the month in his new body.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Body Swap Blog 3

Link: The Body Swap Blog Series
Danielle (Right) in Danny’s old body.                            Danny (left) in Danielle’s old body

“What up guys thanks for joining me for this special video, I’ve got a great guest with me today it is....well my old body, A big welcome to ‘Danielle’, so for the rest of this video me and well ‘Me’ will be answering your question and talking about life ‘As the opposite sex’ So are we ready to get cracking”

As Danielle smiled and the camera she spoke  “Hi guys can’t tell you how weird it is sitting next to my old body but I’m hear to answer some of your question and I can’t wait” Danny smiled picked up a glass of water drank from it and then spoke “lets dive in to our first random question, the first question is”
 ‘In your new bodies have you Masturbated yet ?’

Looking at each other both nodded and Danielle was the first to speak “I was not going to because I found having a cock of my own absolutely disgusting but after a week or two I had no choice dam thing had a mind of its own” Danny sat there laughing and then spoke “ I have and I was a little nervous using the Vibrator after feeling the power of it but after 10 minutes of getting to know my knew area I was orgasming left, right and centre... plus I never knew how much females can cum, it was such a shock.”
Danny read out more question’s about what’s clothes they like to wear in there new bodies and if Danny had found having boobs 24/7 boring yet. Both Danny and ‘Danielle’ answered these questions about there new lives and body until Danny finally said “Okay and the last question is”
 ‘Would you to have sex in your knew bodies with each other?”

Both of them looked at each other and then Michelle pulled down Danny’s topped to show of his boobs and the former woman spoke “Hell yeah, have you seen my tits....I would love to give my body a good seeing too what about you Danny ?” Danny looked the camera a smiled “Well if your up for it, I think my next video will be interesting guys, Erm I’m going to sign off now because well you know.....Bye”

The Hippie Party

Each time Callum danced the movement of his new body caused his new boobs to jiggle and bounce up and down and he loved the feeling, Callum had gone along to a Party in a field about 10 Miles from where he lived, Callum had heard of some hippies having big parties there before but he was not really a party guy but his friends said that this party would be like no other.

His friends forced Callum to smoke what he thought was just normal weed but after taking a drag he knew by what he saw next that it was no normal weed, Boobs hung from his chest he placed his hands onto them and noticed his hands were now smaller and had rings on some of the fingers, he through a hand down his front and felt a vagina where once his cock had been, Callum is that you said a guy who Callum did not recognise “Its me Luke” said the tall guy “What the Fuck Luke, I’m a chick...I have boobs and a pussy, what’s going on?” Luke laughed and looked at the boobs that now hung from his best friends chest, “I know it’s a swap party your lucky I have never been a chick before”

Suddenly loud music started blaring from a speaker and loads of people got up and started dancing Callum was grabbed by the hand by some woman and she started dancing with him, as the day went on Callum was enjoying himself more and more, he had just crashed to the floor after hours of dancing tired and exhausted, Callum was so glad he came to this party as he sat there playing with his new boobs he decided to find a free tent and maybe get to grips with the rest of this amazing body.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Sometimes Life Can Be Strange (NSFW)

Being a man was not something that Megan thought would ever happen in her lifetime but life can be strange so when she woke up one morning in the body of some guy she panicked like any normal person would as she looked down at the cock which now stuck out from her crotch.
After examine her new equipment and feeling her new hairy Male body, the bedroom door opened and a naked lady walked into the room “Oh Hello Sexy, seems your already for your birthday present” the woman looked at Megan’s new member and walked over to the bed, before Megan could say or do anything the woman latched her mouth around Megan’s throbbing cock.
Megan went from feeling panicked to felling new but strange waves of pleasure causing through her body, after some time had past Megan could not cope any longer and she came into the Woman’s mouth screaming out as she felt the power of a Male ejaculation for the first time
 “Honey wow that was a lot, hope you enjoyed your birthday present” but Megan was not really listening she was focused on this girls arse and was looking forward to trying out her new cock and after going down on the woman’s pussy for a bit Megan was ready and looking forward to life in her Male body.

Betrayal And The Brother Finale (NSFW)

  Part 1  and  Part 2

Dan had loved his time in Rebeccas body but after a couple of days of fun Hannah decided that she had been punished enough and it was time to swap them back, a still very upset Rebecca stood in the front room as Dan walked in giving Rebeccas magnificent tits one last grope, “Ready Guys” said Hannah but next thing Dan knew he was not back his own body but standing across the room looking at his own body again but he was no longer Rebecca he was Hannah again.

 Rebecca looked at her hands a touched her body and shouted “I’m me again, I’m leaving you guys are freaks”  as Rebecca ran out of the room, a angry Hannah spoke “Shit, well I got that wrong never mind let’s try that again” but for what ever reason Hannah could not swap herself back into her own body “Hannah what’s going on why am I still you?” Hannah who was trying to concentrate hard on swapping back spoke “I can’t do it, for what ever reason, I can’t swap us back, wait there i need to check the details of this spell maybe, I will be back” As Dan stood there in his sisters body thinking to himself  “I’m not going to touch or do anything to this body” after repeating this in his head a couple of times, he broke and grabbed his sisters perky boobs and before he knew it he was standing half naked in the front room .

As Hannah re entered the room she was shocked “Fuck sake Dan that my body your molesting, Erm and we need to wait for a year to swap back, apparently if you swap with the same person more that once in a close period of time then you have to wait a year, I did not read that part of the spell details” Dan smiled and Hannah spoke “Please cover my body up, should be ashamed I’m your sister, can’t believe I’m stuck as you for a year” but Dan was not listening he was already planning his evening, well his Year in his sisters body.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

It’s All In The Details (NSFW)

Jim had just hit retirement age when he decided to use his saving to pay for a ‘Illegal Body Swap’ the technology used in these swaps was not considered safe some people were known to have died while trying to have there bodies swapped but Jim was happy to take the risk, he wanted to be young again and live a different type of life , after agreeing a price and telling the body swappers the type of body he wanted he arrived at a location, where he was blindfolded and taken  somewhere to have his body swapped into what would be his new life.

Jim had asked for a young sexy body with a very big sexual appetite and desire, he wanted to be a real ladies man but he had forgotten one important detail which Sex he wanted his new body to be, the Illegal body swappers we’re not to bothered by Jim’s complaints when he awoke, As Jim stood looking at his new body the Illegal body’s swappers just left, although Jim was annoyed about being a Young girl he soon changed his view after he stripped of and stood looking at the sexy body in front of him, he was now young and very sexy that’s is what he wanted although a man would of been better he had to accept this was his body now. Jim found as the days went on that this body was very horny, he found himself having to satisfy himself nearly 3 times a day, although he enjoyed each body shaking orgasm he was now finding that his body needed more than just a dildo, so Jim hit the nightclubs in search of a man, the type of man that he planned on being he was living a completely different life now but not the life he had original wished for

Monday, 9 March 2020

Ancient Artefacts

“I have your boobs sis, oh my god and your arse, what the hell just happened ?” Kelly stood frozen in her brothers little body as she watched him feel up her boobs and arse “We’ve swapped bodies” said Kelly in her new Male voice. Kelly and Connor had both been arguing in front of a old Sarcophagus which there dad who was a big collector of old Egyptian Artefacts when, it’s eyes started to light up and caused the souls of the brother and sister to swap bodies, still felling up the new parts of his sisters body a disgusted Kelly forced him to stop feeling up her boobs “Sorry sis, but this is so strange what are we going to do, tell dad?” Kelly thought for a while before replying “No and what tell him we have swapped bodies due to some stupid coffin thing, no we will go to bed and hopefully when we wake up int he morning we will be back in our bodies” Agreeing to this both siblings got there new bodies ready for bed.

When Kelly woke up in her brothers bed room she realised that she was still in Connors body and that he must still be in hers, getting up and having to pee with a penis, her brothers penis was torture for Kelly she did not want to touch or look at it , as she walked down stairs she saw her dad talking to some guys at the door and signing some paperwork “Morning Connor” Said Kelly’s dad and realising that he was talking to her she replied “Morning” but as she looked at where the Sarcophagus had been last night and panicking Kelly ran towards her dad and spoke “Dad where is it the coffin thing, where the hell is it, what have you done with it.....” her dad looking a little confused spoke “ Wow Connor normally you and your sister find my stuff really crappy and boring, well I purchased it to donate to a museum in Egypt so it returning home, okay mate I’m off to work now, bye” Realising now that she was going to be stuck as her brother for ever she started crying and collapsed to the floor, when Kelly told Connor they were stuck as each other he found the news terrible as well, being his sister for a night may of been a bit of fun but for the rest of his life not so much, but both siblings had to adjust to there new lives and accept that they were stuck as each other forever.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

The Police Are On There Way (NSFW)

“Change us back!!!!! Change us back now you  little creep, How did you do this ?” said a angry and emotional Carol from the body of Benny the little loser boy from next door, sitting there completely nude in his new female body “No chance, look at me, I’m sexy, I’m rich and all I have to do is to wait for your..... well my husband to die and all this will be mine and well how I did this will remain my little secret” cupping his breasts with his new hands, a angry Carol walked towards her body but before she could do anything Benny jumped up and put on a dressing gown and pushed his old body back, catching Carol of guard she fell over, Benny looked down at his old body and spoke again “I think it’s time you leave I just pushed the panic button under this table so, Bye Bye Benny you little creep” Carol could hear sirens getting closer and closer, so in a panic she ran away and was able to get back into Benny’s house, 4 months later Carols husband died and Benny sold the house a moved across country, Carol was left stuck in Benny's body forever and Benny was able to live a great life in a great body.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

What A Night

As Cecilia walked into the bedroom she saw her boyfriend laying there in her body smiling Ryan noticed his own body entered the room he looked at Cecilia and smiled “What a night, I can’t believe I waited so long, I feel so satisfied you really knew how to make your body feel good” Cecilia laughed “Well I knew when you finally agreed to try it you Would enjoy it” Agreeing to swap bodies with his girlfriend was a big descion for Ryan he finally agreed to swap and found it hard to adjust, yeah being a girl had its perks but it was also tuff. “Come back to bed babe” said Ryan as he massaged his vagina as he found himself getting a little wet again just thinking about last night and before he knew it Cecilia was down between his legs licking his pussy, for Ryan he was disappointed he waited so long as they had to return to each other’s body soon as they could not stay swapped forever or could they.....

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Taking Liberties

“Your taking liberties now Maggie” said a very upset Beth from her little sisters body, “We should have swapped back last night as soon as you got in from that party” Maggie and Beth had swapped bodies for the night so Maggie could see what a grown up party was like, she had been badgering Beth about wanting to be older so she could go to parties like she did, but Beth told Maggie that she hated those parties and only went because of he friends, most of the time she is just hit on by loser guys or worst groped by creeps, so she swapped bodies with Maggie for her to see how bad these parties really were and that being old enough to attend these parties were not something to wish for. Beth had not thought about what would happen if Maggie actually liked being in a full developed female body, she had loved the party last night and now was sunbathing in a swimsuit which showed of the two things she loved most about being in beth’s older body, she pulled sunglasses lower so she could look Into Beths new eyes and spoke to her ‘younger sister’ “Sorry Beth but I’m relaxing before my date tonight, can’t believe you hate those parties so many cute guys” Beth anger was to much “No way your taking my body on a date” Maggie pushed the glass back on and carried on sunbathing “Well I am little sis, I just want to feel what it’s like to be a complete woman, so let me have the night and then we can switch back.” Beth had no choice but let Maggie go on the date.

Our Body Swap Blog 2

“Hi guys, look what arrived, that’s right it’s a Vibrator, it’s my Vibrator, lets turn it on” as Danny felt the vibrations in his hands he felt a little shocked “Guys the vibrations is so strong, surely if I put this in me it won’t be pleasurable will it, I’m actually a little nervous” turning the Vibrator off Danny spoke again “So guys I have to say that I was really looking forward to using the Vibrator but now I’m a little worried, but I’m going to do it take my time and hopefully enjoy it, I will of course be doing a video after describing my experience with my Vibrator and my new vagina, but I have already got a video done with a very special guest, it is my old body with ‘Danielle’ who’s body I’m in, joining me to talk about life as the opposite sex and what we miss about our old bodies, so join me next time for what is a great video, Bye guys”

Part 1

You Look Amazing

“Come on babe lets get this over with” said Luke as he entered the room in a stunning red dress, “Fuck Luke you look amazing” said Matilda from her boyfriends body “Yeah I know now come on, sooner we get this party over with sooner I can wait for that weed to wear off and the I can be reunited with my penis” Matilda stood up and spoke “Fine let’s go, it’s not my thought we swapped bodies you know, I had no idea how strong that weed would be and that it would cause us to swap bodies” Luke walked uneasily towards the door due to the high heels he was now wearing “I know babe, I’m not angry with you, it’s just I don’t know why we are going to this party still?” Matilda walked close to Luke almost knocking him over “She’s a dear friend and I have cancelled on her to many time, please do this for me, I mean there’s worst bodies to be stuck in for the night” Luke slowly felt his girlfriends boobs and slowly ran his hand down the smooth material of the red dress her was wearing and smiled “I guess, right let’s go” as Luke walked slowly out of the room Matilda looked at her arse and said under her breath “God I have a nice arse” she found after looking for a while at her perfect bottom that her new equipment liked her arse to.

Blackmailing Perv 3: Revenge Of Michelle (NSFW)

The story so far parts 1 and 2

Michelle and Joe drank the poison that Michelle had made and both of them waited after blacking our Joe woke up in Michelle body, and what a body it was only yesterday he was being fucked in his Cousins body by this body now he is full control of it, Joe went up to the bathroom to take a better look. Meanwhile Michelle who was now in the body of her stepdaughter and was checking her younger form out and laughing about the revenge she had just got on Joe, while Michelle had been making a new swapping potion she had slipped in a ‘love potion’ as well so now every time Joe saw his uncle (Michelle’s husband) he would find himself horny and desperate to fuck him.

In the shower Joe was having a great time enjoying the curves of his new body and the new area which he found to be more sensitive then when he was in grace’s body, sticking his fingers deep into his aunts vagina he caused such a power orgasm he nearly slipped over.

Joe left the shower after having a mind blowing  experience he loved bringing Michelle mature milf body to orgasm over and over again, but when he entered his new bedroom, his new silk dressing gown which he had not tied up as he wanted to see Michelle’s body, Joe closed the door and could hear was must of been his uncle Pete in the walk in closet.

As his Uncle walked into view, instantly Joe could feel his Aunts pussy starting to get wet, he let out a little moan which made his uncle turn and look at him “How Babe, you look sexy tonight” He had just seen Joe’s hand plunge a finger into his aching pussy “Wow babe, I’m ready if you are” Joe could not control himself all he wanted was to have Sex with Pete , it was wrong but his mind became fixed on one thing, his uncle laid on the bed and Joe grabbed his Uncle’s penis through his pants and next thing he knew he was being penetrated by his uncle, as he received each thrust he tried to connivence himself this was not wrong and the end of the day he was in the body of his Uncles wife, but as a orgasm ripped through his body he could not care about anything else but sex.
After a night of passion he awoke to a problem Michelle was no where to be seen, she had run away in Graces body, she left a note explaining everything and also the ‘Love Potion’ Joe had drunk, Joe was outraged but at the end of the day he was a blackmailing Perv who now was stuck as Michelle and also stuck being horny for his own uncle and Michelle was now young and ready to live a new life in Grace’s young body.