Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Home Alone 1

Logan could not believe it as he drank a glass of water, for the next 48 hours he was home alone in Sarah’s body, Logan was so confused when his mums best friend asked him to come around to see her one Friday afternoon, he was a little reluctant as he was packing for a Lads weekend away but he went around as Sarah’s  seemed desperate to see him.

Logan knocked on the door and Sarah answered instantly
“Logan, come in I’m so glad you could come around, I need a favour, a  really big favour to be honest”
Logan felt a little worried about what his mums best friend was about to ask
 “Your going away for the weekend and I need to go on that trip” Logan looked a little confused “Sorry Sarah but it’s just a lads holiday”
Sarah gestured for Logan to sit down and spoke again “I know and I plan on going as a lad”
Logan was very confused and thinking that he had not heard Sarah correctly he replied
 “I’m sorry Sarah I don’t understand, did you say You plan on being a lad ?” Sarah nodded and spoke “ I know it sounds insane but I need you to become me for the weekend, I can’t say why I just need some time away from being me and from this life.....Please” as she said these she grabbed Logan on the knee causing him to move back
 “I’m not sure....becoming you...I would have your.....” Before Logan could finish Sarah’s waved a hand and said
 “You can do what you want while your me, touch, play, fondle, masturbate what ever I just need you to do this for me please” 
Logan looked at Sarah who for her age was still drop dead sexy “Okay, I will do it, 2 days in your body...I can’t turn that down I do we swap.....” Sarah lunged forward and kissed Logan, as soon as this happened Logan felt something burn in his chest and then a white light shot between the eyes of him and Sarah. 

As Logan started to wake up he noticed that his entire body was feeling a little strange Logan rubbed his face with his hands and he noticed his new hands and manicured finger nails “Fucking hell, I’m Sarah” his new hands shot to his boobs “Wow shit where is she....? ” looking around Logan found a note. 

 ‘To Logan 
Thank you for doing this for me, I will be forever grateful I have left everything you need in order to pass at being me for the next couple of days, order what you want and do what you want, that is your reward and I we see you soon 

Logan finished his water and felt up his new body....well his body now for 48 hours, “No time to waste” he said out loud as he started to strip off and run up to the shower, there was still one thing puzzling Logan, why did Sarah want to swap bodies and be him for a while...
but this thought was thrown from his mind when he saw his reflection in the bathroom mirror he could not believe it he was alone and had full access to this killer body, this was much better then any lads holiday could have ever been. 

Saturday, 25 April 2020

These Will Do (NSFW)

“Yes, Now this will do” said Vinnie as he squeezed the boobs no hanging from his chest. Vinnie was a criminal and was being hunted by a local crime boss ‘Vito Morionto’ he had to disappear so he payed for a back street body swap, this was risky he had no idea who he would be, but as he removed the dress he was in a started to examine his new body he knew he had been lucky, he was in a 24 year old Models body called Billie.

After exploring what was now his new home, Vinnie decided to start exploring his new body “Wow, these boobs are amazing.” said Vinnie as he pinched his new nipples which caused his body to shiver.
Just then the door opened behind him and there stood a woman looking at Vinnie “Oh babe, your looking sexy today, I’m ready if you are” the woman kissed Vinnie and grabbed his boobs “ I will be in the bedroom waiting ” said the woman, Vinnie smiled as he felt his new pussy getting wet and said again “ Oh yes this will defiantly do.”

Thursday, 23 April 2020

How Do I Look

Jodie and her 82 year old grandma Barbara had been talking about there family history, when Barbara decided to show Jodie what her grandma had left her when she died, opening the box Jodie saw a Gold necklace with a great big jewel in it, sitting well protected in the box “Oh Grandma” said Jodie, Barbara needed Jodie to want to try it on for what she had planned to work  “It looks so pretty, may I try it on” Barbara looked at Jodie and smiled “well of course, it will suit you my angel” Jodie lifted the Necklace out and placed it around her neck but instantly Jodie felt strange “Grandma was going on I feel strange” But Barbara was already placing a ring on her finger and chanting some kind on incantation, suddenly Jodie feel to the floor.

As she started to come around she thought she must of had a really bad fall as her back and body was aching like it had never ached before ...but as she looked up she saw something which made he scream out in terror  “Did you fall over do you need a hand up, Grandma” said Barbara from Jodie’s body “Oh my God What have you done ?” shouted Jodie in her Grandmas croaky voice.
Barbara felt the soft skin of her new young body and smiled at her old body laying on the floor “Swap us back....Now, you can’t do this....” Barbara kneeled down next to her old withering body and spoke “I already have, My angel...this is my body now....youth is what I have craved for years now, the idea of living again sounded good to me and taking your body was a easy decision, I mean look at you, your beautiful” Barbara felt up her new curves as she looked down at her Granddaughter screaming out in terror as she looked at her old wrinkly body.

4 days after the swap Jodie was still unable to accept that she was stuck in her Grandmas body, harder to believe was that her Sweet old grandma would do this to her, Jodie felt sick when she saw her grandma walk into the front room and ask “Grandma How do I look?”

Jodie broke down days later and doctors had her taken to a hospital, they considered her rants about being Jodie to be nothing but the start of dementia, Barbara carried on playing the loving granddaughter until she saw her own Granddaughter die in her body 2 years later.

Monday, 20 April 2020

What A Day (NSFW)

When Gerry woke up in the body of Caroline the 17 year old daughter of the family who lived next door he could not believe it, he always wanted to be popular, he was not good looking, not very skilled at social events but Caroline was everything she went to a private school and seemed very popular always had loads of parties and friends she was dropped dead sexy.

When Gerry woke up in her body he was shocked he could not believe it he did not know what had caused him to swap into her body but he did not care he stripped naked and saw Caroline’s massive tits hanging free and cheered “I’ve got boob, I’ve got boobs I’m sexy......I’m rich” Gerry wondered into the hallway of his new home a great big mansion, Gerry was so happy he started dancing boobs bouncing everywhere, Gerry spent the rest of the day exploring his new body and life, before he heard a knock at the door putting on a top he went down, opening the door there was a delivery driver who handed him a box, Gerry went back up to his new room and opened the box “Oh My God” there sitting on a purple cushion was a pink vibrator.
Gerry turned on the Vibrator and shouted “ WHAT A DAY!!!”

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Wrong End Of His Fantasy (NSFW)

Marvin could not believe it when he walked into the bedroom after having a shower he was shocked to find his girlfriend laying on the bed arse in the air pilling her knickers to one side to show of her arse hole “Wow babe I thought you said you would never do anal” Patrica laughed and said “I’m not.......”
Next thing Marvin knew he was laying on the bed just as his girlfriend was he could feel her boobs pushed up against the bedding and before he knew what was going on and how or why he had swapped bodies with his girlfriend he felt something slip into the arse which made him cry out in pain 
“oh yes” said a voice behind “Told you I would never do anal but as you kept going on about it I thought....okay let’s do it” Marvin tried to speak but the felling of his dick thrusting in and out of his girlfriends arse was to overwhelming, finally speaking he said “I meant me.....fucking you...oh god these his strange....” 
His girlfriend laughed in his body as she continued to thrust “Not sure why your upset, maybe your understand now why I won’t do Anal” Marvin laid there taking it from his own dick for another 15 minutes before Patrica finally finished and laid down next to her body on the bed, “Wow that was a experience” said Patrica as she swapped back onto her body “Now do you understand why I will not do Anal with you, it’s not really that nice is it, plus my arse hole is really saw now” Marvin never spoke of that night again and he never mentioned to Patrica about Anal again. 

Hey so I have an idea. So lets say I want to try anal with my gf but she is against it. I keep begging and she gets fed up with it so she switches our bodies and decided to try anal while we are in each others bodies. Thoughts? These are a couple of pics that you could choose from. But if you feel like you can find something better then go right ahead i dont mind.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Accepting Her Situation (NSFW)

Hannah could not accept the fact that the Great Mind Swap had put her into a Male body, she was now In a 28 year old fitness coaches body and she had no clue what to do, she could not deny that her new body was more athletic and thin then her own body and she now had a six pack but Hannah found having a penis to be the most strangest sensation ever and a big reason why she could not accept this was her new body and life.

Although she spent many weeks panicking and living in denial and for a while she convinced herself that she would be able to swap back into her old body.
 6 months later she had grown a little more accepting of her new Male body and she was now happy to live her new life as ‘Jamie Patterson’
Hannah decided to start living, she had found in the last 6 months she was starting to find girls attractive so she got all dressed up in the finest outfit she could find and hit the clubs and bars with only one thing on her mind.... 2 hours later Hannah was kissing some girl and leading her up the stairs into her bedroom, After a little nervousness at the start, Hannah found good rhythm with her new equipment after brining this girl to orgasm and collapsing on top of her, she was now fully accepting of her situation and ready to move on with her new life.

Monday, 13 April 2020

When Your Dream Becomes A Reality (NSFW)

Megan had been looking forward to swapping bodies with her boyfriend Andy for a week now, she was obsessed with the idea of being a man, she wanted to feel the power and strength which she believed came with being in a mans body.
Agreeing to the switch Andy was not expecting much from being in Megan’s body, although the idea of having boobs to play with when ever he wanted sounded good to him, Megan used a body swap ritual spell which meant using the hair of the two people swapping along with other ingredients which she had been gathering all week, after performing the ritual it only took a moment before Megan was jumping for joy in Andy’s body “I’m a man, Yes Yes Yes it worked, oh my god I have a penis.....oh my god” Megan stood there examining her new form she could not believe it she had made her dream become a reality.
Andy sat there feeling the boobs which to his surprise felt as firm and perky as ever, Megan ran off into the bathroom leaving Andy to play with Megan’s body for a bit and it only took Andy a couple of moments to fall in love with Megan’s body, his skin felt so smooth and he felt light he loved the way his new long hair felt as he ran his new dainty fingers through it, he felt at home in Megan’s body.

After 4 days off the swap Megan was bored of being a man she found Andy’s body a little boring, she had also been battling with her new bodies urges especially the urges she felt towards her old body, Andy on the other hand was having a great time he had found being in Megan’s body great, he was surprised. He had found so many more positives to being a girl than a guy first of all, free access to boobs but also girls can orgasm and cum so many times he had spent nearly an hour in the bath just masturbating and he loved walking around the house semi nude and causing Megan to get stiffy in his body, the only way though that Andy could stay as Megan was for them both to have sex with each other, apparently this caused the swap the become permanent so Andy had to seduce his former body into bed, Megan walked in to there bedroom and saw her body sitting on the bed, Andy had his hands covering Megan’s magnificent boobs and as Megan protested about what he was doing he removed his hand showing off his boobs knowing to well that Megan could not resist she need to release the tension that had built up in Andy’s body, before he knew it he was laying back on the bed legs spread wide being pounded by his former body and there was no regret from Andy about making the switch permanent he loved the feeling of having sex as a woman and was so glad he could stay as Megan forever now.


I Hope you can Write a Story about a Couple who exchange bodies, where the girlfriend dreamt to be male for a week,  and she loves to beginning but After a Time her boyfriend Loves her Body and make the swap permanent and loves to seduce her where she has no power to resist her old body 
I would like to See her in the Story ;) (Emily elizabeth)name of this Girl in the pic you can use another pics of her which you Better find ;)
Thank you

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Trust (NSFW)

David did not Trust his daughter Tiffany, she was always staying out late at parties and she had a new boyfriend each week, David had confronted her about the way she lived her life but always got the same response “It’s my body Dad!!!! And it’s my life, so stay out of it, how about a little Trust Dad”

Later that day Tiffany told her dad she was leaving for another ‘Party’ “Bye, Dad I’m going to a party, if that’s okay with you” she said sarcastically, As David turned around to look at her he jumped up in shock there stood his daughter in a very revealing pink bikini “Your not going anywhere like that, what type of party is this.... actually doesn’t matter......YOUR NOT GOING!!!” Tiffany interrupted her dad “Your such a bastard, this is my life I’m 19 now and I can do what I want with as many people as I I’m out of here” David looked at Tiffany as she stormed out of the house, “Do what I want with as many people as I like” that’s what she said thought David as he sat there trying to find anything on Tiffany’s Facebook page about the party, “Trust” he said laughing a little “If she’s out there sleeping around I will never let her out of my sight again, I just wish I knew what she is up to at this party”

Suddenly David’s world span he felt sick, he had never felt like this before not even at his most drunk...then suddenly his vision returned he looked about, in front of him were 2 large erect Cocks and looking at his unfamiliar hands he saw he was also holding 2 cocks “Ready guys....are you ready Tiffany....” said a guy from across the pool “Action..” David realised what was going on and who he was, some guy had already removed the pink bikini his daughter was wearing and to his disgust he saw his daughters breast dangle from his chest and he could feel the aching of his daughter pussy, David had a problem he wanted to run but he found himself feeling urges towards these men and ....before he knew it he was sucking cock after cock and screaming out loud as one guy penetrated his Daughter pussy, the feeling of pleasure and also disgust was a strange feeling for David, after as David laid there covered in cum, he was now very aware of what Tiffany was doing while she was out of the house he knew now that she was never leaving the house alone again no matter how old she was....David could not trust his slutty daughter anymore.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

What Are Friends For ?

Bethany was sick of having to work out at the gym every day but she had to keep her body nice a healthy, after telling her best friend Robert about how she is struggling to motivate herself everyday to get to the gym like a good friend would Rob Offered to help, Robert told Bethany that “If I could help you then I would, I would do anything, what are friends for” Bethany smiled at Robert and have him a hug.

Bethany knocked on Roberts door at 2am waking him up “What are you doing here so late Bethany ?” Bethany came in and sat down “You said you would help me with the gym and I think I found a way” Robert smiled “Sure like I said I will do anything to help” Bethany smiled and said “Okay then swap bodies with me, just for the time I should be at the gym” Robert sat there for a while speechless and then when he spoke he said “ can do that ....” Bethany laughed “ I can’t but this device can, Bethany pulled out a strange metal device a pointed it at Robert shall we test it, but before Robert could speak he was suddenly looking at himself “Fucking Hell Bethany I’m you” Robert dropped the device and grabbed Bethanys boobs “I have Boobs” Bethany picked the Device up and swapped her and Robert back, “Well that works then, My next gym session in tomorrow at 12 see you then... or should I say be you then”
Robert could not believe as he snapped a picture of Bethany’s sexy body in her skimpy gym attire, Robert found work out easy he loved the feel of his new boobs bouncing up and down as he ran plus Bethany was very happy with the work her friend was doing while in her body....
But Robert was getting something out of it to, he had told Bethany he was doing longer session at the gym but really he was getting nude taking pics, masturbating and taking long hot showers in the women’s showers. Best part was Bethany had no clue what he was up to, she was just happy with her fit and well toned body.

Can you do a caption where a male friend helps his female friend keep up at the gym by swapping bodies with her and after a workout, he's in the gym locker room where he starts checking out her body and masturbates?


Saturday, 4 April 2020

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Day At The Mall 1

Pam and Gavin had been best friends since before they can remember they did everything together, most of the stuff they did was stupid and silly so when they both went to shopping mall one day and saw a new store Called ‘The Body Swap Shop’ they went inside to find out more.
As they entered a man came up to them both and spoke “So you too look like the sought of people who enjoy a little body swap for the day, a little walk in each other’s shoes for a while maybe?” Both friends looked at each other a laughed “Are you serious? swap bodies with Pam” said Gavin “Might actually be fun” Said Pam as she grabbed a leaflet to see what options there were “Blimey these are expensive” Said Gavin as he himself looked at the leaflet.
How about this one said Pam “One day £24 ($30) restrictions apply, what restrictions ?” The man moved towards a desk and gesture for the two friends to sit down “You can not leave the shopping mall, that’s all if you do you will instantly swap back” Gavin and Pam looked at each other and at the same time said “Why the hell not”

Both Pam and Gavin walked out of the shop felling a little strange as Gavin looked down out his new female hands with painted finger nails and with hair which was now super long he looked at his former body “Well this is mental, I your boobs” But Pam was not really paying much attention to what Gav was doing in her body “Pam are you okay? “ said Gavin. After a while Pam replied “This.....Is......awesome!!!! What shall we do first ?” Gavin rubbed his new belly and spoke “I’m starving...well your starving, shall we go and grab some food”

Gavin sat there eating as Pam said “Smile Gavin” He smiled as Pam took a picture of him eating “These is so freaky, in my body I hate your body love them” said Pam as she took another bite of her burger” after eating a drinking for a while Gavin got up and said “I need a wee” Pam laughed “Fine,I need to go to....this should be fun” Gavin smiles and said “Hell yeah it should be fun, I need to have a proper look at these tits as well” Pam slapped Gavin playfully on the shoulder as Gavin grabbed Pam’s boob, there 20 minute trip to the bathroom for both friends prompted some questions which they discussed as they carried on eating, they finished eating and Gavin asked “Where shall we go next ?” and then Pam grabbed Gavins hand and pulled him out of the restaurant and she said “I know where we should go”

Friday, 3 April 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 3 (NSFW)

Link: The Stepmother Story

When Kenny arrived at Richards house he got out of the car and knocked on the front door, but as he knocked he noticed the door was unlocked already he entered and called out “Erm....Richard....are you there ?”

A Male voice called out from the backroom “I’m in here you sexy thing” Kenny walked towards the door and opened it and there laying on the bed was Richard completely naked with his thing standing to attention in shock Kenny ran back into the living room “I’m sorry babe I thought that’s why you came around, what did you come around for then” “My Girlfriend.....I mean my step daughter has run away, and I was just wondering if you could find out where she is....I’m so worried” Richard looked at Kenny and smiled “Monica my sweet of course i will help and as I’m doing something to help you then maybe you can....well help me out” Richard grabbed Kenny by the hips pushing his still erect penis close to Kenny’s body “No.....Hell No”

Richard stepped back and sighed “Well it may take a couple of weeks for me to find out the information” Kenny knew he did not have that much time, they could be out of the country by then “But I could get you the info quicker know” Kenny did not want to but he needed that info, he could not stay as his Girlfriend stepmother for ever, as Richard lent in for a kiss, Kenny knew this may have to be the price he payed to get closer to finding to woman who stole his body and find this Girlfriend who he loved.