Saturday, 23 May 2020

Day At The Mall 2

Gavin walked towards Pam doing a silly walk with a hat on pulling a silly face, Pam looked at her former body and spoke 
 “What are you doing ?” Said Pam laughing a little bit from Gavin’s body. 
“Sorry, I just thought it would be funny” Gavin chucked the hat onto the shelf and pushed his long hair behind his ears. 

“I think we’ve done about everything it is possible to do in a mall” said Pam as she placed the item she was looking at back on the hook
“Yeah guess it’s time to go home, what did the guy say leave the mall and we swap back right” 
Pam smiled and laughed as she saw some guy check her body out and make Gavin look really uncontrollable.   

Walking towards the doors of the mall, both friends knew that as soon as they walk out the doors they would swap back.
 “I’m going to miss these” said Gavin having one last play with Pam’s boobs. “Well it has been a good laugh being each other for the day, I think you’ve played with them enough now thank you” Grabbing Gavin by the hand she pulled her own body towards the door. 

As Both Pam and Gavin walked out the door they were back in there own bodies before they good utter another word, both laughing as they saw they had returned to there own bodies, Pam spoke
 “What a day that was!” both friends walked off talking about there day as each other But for Gavin knowing that this ‘Body Swap Shop’ thing was safe and actually worked he was thinking maybe about using it again if not with Pam then maybe with someone else. 

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