Friday, 26 June 2020

Update Week Off

I’m going take a week away from writing but when I’m back I will be continuing/finishing stories like:
Home Alone 
My Girlfriends Stepmother 
Tribal Curse Finale (3 Possible Endings) 

Thank you all 



Monday, 22 June 2020

What’s Happening To Me

Lindsey was struggling, over the last couple of months she had been doing really strange things, she was a 30 year old woman but she felt sometimes like she was a 17 year old boy, she was finding herself  very horny and masturbating over lesbian porn, she was straight and never really masturbated, sometimes she was checking out girls while she was out, she was acting more and more like a teenage boy everyday she felt like like she was losing herself, her personality was slipping away. 

As she woke up the next morning she almost felt like she was not in control of her own body she woke up completely naked she turned over grabbed her boobs and thought how cool it was to have boobs, she sat up panicking she was going mad, she was losing control over her body and mind her personality was changing. 

Unaware to Lindsey she was turning into a 17 year old boy, Mark had cast a possession spell on Lindsey it was a complex spell which meant he would have to slowly change her personality before taking full control, he was close but still needed some time before he could take control she was fighting it better then he thought but she would not be able to fight it forever. 

I’ve attached the pic I’d like used, but my request was this. I want a caption where a woman has a split 
personality that turns out to be a teenage boy. She slowly starts acting more and more like him as their personalities begin to merge. 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Haven’t Seen Me In A While

Kim was nervous she had not seen her body in 10 years she and he best friend Barry had swapped bodies by accident while messing around with some strange device they found in the woods, they spent months trying to find out a way to swap back but they failed. Kim could not believe it she was 15 and starting to become a woman when she got trapped in Barry’s body but she had adjusted over time and now was in a steady relationship and was doing well in her new job being a man was strange but after 10 years she was use to it. 

Kim waited for the Skype call she was still really nervous.... as the call came in Kim took some deep breathes and then answered the call and she was in for a shock 
“What the hell!!!!” Kim was in shock there on her screen was her old body but a lot different then 10 years ago
“Hi Kim, or should I say Barry, how are you ?” Barry smiled and waved at his stunned former body gazed at him 
“I’m shocked Barry I look so well sexy, those tits wow....” Kim found herself getting mesmerised by her own tits, the tits she never had. 

“I know Kim when we swapped you were a flat chested nerd with pig tails but you grow up your body changed so much, these tits may look great but they can be a pain sometimes” laughing and grabbing his massive chest he could see Kim now looking at his tattoos 
“Oh yeah the tattoos, I know what your thinking i said I always hated tattoos but on your body they look so sexy” 
Kim looked at her former body for a moment and could not believe the woman she could of grown into after talking for a hour the two best friends made a big decision in order to fully accept these bodies as there own they would not speak or see each other again, they both had new life’s and were happy with them ending the call Kim sat there thinking about the changes to her body since the swap, but she saw her partners car pull up in the drive she knew that this body and life was her world now and she deleted Barry’s contact details and decided to go down stairs to see her partner.    

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Power Of The Great Mind Swap

*BANG* Jim was knocked off his feet by a powerful shock wave that followed a massive bang he was slammed against a wall and blacked out, when he came around he looked across to see his body lying face down, Jim for a moment thought he was having a out of body experience but then he noticed he was wearing heels and that he was wearing a dress, panicking he moved his hand up his legs until he came to his crotch......
“Oh my God!!! Where’s my dick......Fucking hell i've got a pussy......!!!” A still slightly dazed Jim then examined the rest of the body he was now in. 
“What the hell, I’ve got boobs.....shit I’m Emma....does that mean she in my body....what the hells going on ?!?” 

Jim still sat there slumped up against the wall his new dainty hands going from his new female area back up to the breast which now hung from his chest..... Suddenly his own body started to come around, Jim’s  body looked at him and spoke 
“Emma what’s going on? I was with Carol when that massive bang happened, god I feel strange” Jim watched his own body stand up and then he spoke 
“Emma is that you ?” But Jim’s body looked back at Jim a little confused 
“No it’s me Jason, why....” but then at the moment Jim realised that Emma was not in his body but his dad was, it was the same time Jason realised he was in his sons body, Jason started panicking just like Jim had when he realised what had happened, Jason in Jim’s body spoke 
“Are you really Jim? Oh my god what hells happening Son, your in your Aunts body” 

The power of the Great Mind Swap had caused mass confusion and panic at the hotel Jim and his family  were Staying, after a couple of hours of trying to find the rest of there family Jim and his father finally found the rest of the family in the bodies they had been swapped with 
Emma was in Jason’s body 
Carol (Jim’s Mom) sat there in the body of a 24 year old Female life guard who worked at the hotel 
Cindy (Jim’s sister) was sat there defeated by the fact she was now in the body of her 50 year old mother 

As Jim sat there looking at his family he could not believe the power of the Great Mind Swap it had destroyed his family and many others but what was worse for Jim was the realisation he was now stuck in his aunts 45 year old body forever. 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Understand Why (NSFW)

Sammy was certain that his wife Lucy was having a affair she was working late nearly every night and when she came home she never wanted to have sex or even talk, Sammy knew that his worst fears were true, But why he was a great guy, kind, thoughtful, handsome and he had a good well paid job what could Lucy be getting from this other guy that he could not give her, he needed to know. 

Sammy was not sure if this was a good idea but he had no choice he decided to swap bodies with Lucy one night while she was meant to be ‘Working late’ he planned it well he would use a spell he found on the dark Web to swap there bodies he knew that Lucy would be in his body that’s why he took a strong sleeping tablet just before he used the spell, he could feel himself starting to fade not knowing if the spell had worked or he was just getting sleepy from the sleeping tablet....

Then pleasure, strong body shaking pleasure shot through his body, he looked down to see Lucy’s boss Ben going to town on his wife’s pussy, he could not think, the pleasure was to much he could feel Lucy’s body tensing up and then he screamed as he was hit by a powerful orgasm, this was what he could not give another orgasm hit him Ben finally stopped licking his wife’s pussy but before Sammy could say anything Ben pushed his penis into him, after 20 minutes of non stop pleasure Sammy could understand why Lucy was sleeping with Ben, in bed he was 100 times better than him, not knowing how long until he swapped back into his body Sammy decided to enjoy himself for a bit and maybe learn something. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Worth Every Penny (NSFW)

Silvia stood there and undid her robe to look at her new body, the 85 year old woman had just spent £1,000,000 on a illegal back street body swap, she demanded a young female body so she could continue living, death was not something she believed in and she knew that with all her money there must be a way of avoiding death, she was shown the body of a 20 Year old called Sonya and she was perfect her body was amazing, this was the body for Silvia, after a medical check Silvia prepared for the swap the young girl was scared and confused she had no idea that she was about to become a 85 year old woman and Silvia did not care, she just needed her young body.  

Silvia felt her new perky boobs and ran her new wrinkle free hands down her new skin, she felt alive again the feeling of youth was amazing she had forgotten what it felt like,  she could not feel any pains or aches from her body, she was now feeling the urges and desires of a 20 year old woman. Silvia had made sure all her wealth was transferred to her new identity she had lawyers who could make things happen, as Silvia carried on admiring her new youth and beauty she smiled as she realised this was her new life a new begin and even though money was not a problem for Silvia this swap was worth every penny. 

Friday, 5 June 2020

Showering Again (NSFW)

“Your showering again!?!” Said Amanda to her boyfriend Brent. 

Brent and Amanda had both swapped bodies due to ‘The Great Mind Swap’ after a couple of days of adjusting to there new lives and bodies, both started to realise that this ‘Great Mind Swap’ was not going to be reversed. As a couple Amanda and Brent had been going through a ruff patch, Amanda was a very career driven woman and Brent was frustrated that she never really had time for any fun anymore in and out of the bedroom, But Brent was no saint Amanda hated his lay about attitude and his hygiene sometimes could be a bit poor but since the swap Brent had spent most of his time in the shower as Amanda.

Poking his head around the corner Brent looked at his former body and smiled “You use to always tell me to shower more” Brent was still hiding his new female body behind the glass of the shower 
“Yeah but the only reason you are having so many now is to soap up my amazing tits and to use the shower head to masturbate with” Brent then pushed his new boobs up against the glass and spoke 
“Well I’m very horny in this body maybe you could join me in here and we could have some fun” although Amanda was trying not to she could not fight her new Male urges she wanted it and stripping naked she jumped in and gave her old body a good seeing to. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

A Body Not For The Inexperienced 2

Jane was still stuck in Sophie’s body, her niece had stolen her body so she could be in her Aunts sexy body for a party she was having for her birthday, Sophie was still in her body the morning after the party and refused to swap them back till after Sophie had finished work as Jane, Sophie told Jane over the phone how she had gotten so drunk that she had slept with some guy, this is what Jane was worried about and why she would not swap bodies with Sophie for this party, Jane was convinced that now Sophie had enjoyed a night as her that she would swap back but she was not planning on waiting any longer than she had to, to get her body back.  

Jane went to her work where she found Sophie in a very inappropriate top which showed far to much of her massive boobs 
“What the hell Sophie that top is so inappropriate!!!, when we switch back I’m going home to change” 
But Sophie laughed and grabbed her Aunts boobs
“Swap Back ? , I don’t think so Aunty Jane, sorry I mean Sophie I like being in this body I mean I maybe be older but I’m a babe and that party was amazing I felt so loved by everyone, maybe I will swap back when my body is nice and mature like yours is now, but for now Bye Bye I’ve got to get back to work.” 

Jane was shocked she had no power or way of switching them back, so after days of trying to find a way to get Sophie to switch back she decided to wait and hope that Sophie would want to swap back but Jane may have to wait a long time for that day. 

Monday, 1 June 2020

What Happened To Lucas (NSFW)

Well Lucas found himself in the body of a beautiful girl he was so confused he felt the boobs on his chest and was shocked to find his penis was gone and replaced by a vagina, he started to panic but as he looked around loads of boys and girls were also grabbing body parts and some people close to him were saying things like ‘Barry I’m in your body’ and ‘Melissa your pussy is so wet’ Lucas just decided to kind of embrace the experience, this really was a ‘Life changing Party’ 

Hitting the dance floor he could not help but enjoy the feeling of being a girl. After dancing for a while Boobs bouncing and hair flying everywhere a very sexy woman came up to Lucas and Said “Nice body, lets see your tits.” 
Smiling Lucas took out his new tits wiggled them at the woman and then placed them back in his top, to his shock the woman did the same, dancing with the woman for a while Lucas found himself feeling very attracted to her, although he did not know if she was really a woman or a guy. 

After making out with this girl for a while on the dance floor, Lucas was in a bathroom stall having his pussy licked, he could not believe it as each lick gave his new petite body waves of pleasure as he switched positions and started going to town on this girls pussy the woman spoke “Wow fuck this is much better then getting blowjobs!!!” 
Lucas looked at the woman’s face “Your a guy ?!” the woman said nothing just pushed Lucas back towards her vagina a he started licking again. 
After he left the bathroom and decided to get drunk and next thing he knew he was waking up it he was back in his own body, he was shocked to find himself topless and passed out in the nightclubs managers office, as he left Lucas thought about that night, and how he had to find William and see how his night was.