Monday, 31 August 2020

What Do You Want ?

“What the hell do you want ? Said Martin has he slid open the door 

A very upset Dotty looked at her former body and starting to get emotional, fighting back the tears she spoke 
 “I want my body back, I don’t know what you did, but just swap us back!!!” 

Martin smiled down at his former body and laughed, he was never giving this body back, Martin used a secret black market ‘Soul Swapper’ so he could steal her body.
“Very Funny, why would I give this body back, look at these tits....and not to mention this vagina.....” 
a angry Dotty ran towards Martin in anger but he was able to just push his former body to the ground a close the door, he loved being so tall, he loved being a adult and not a silly 13 year old boy. 

Martin sat down chuckling to himself as he grabbed his new boobs “Swap back” he said still giggling, unfortunately for Dotty the ‘Soul Swapper’ is permanent, so martin knew he could enjoy this body forever. 

Sunday, 23 August 2020



Due to a busy week at work I was unable to find the time to write any stories

I know excuses 

hopefully this week will be okay 

I have some new stories and follow ups coming soon 

Thanks for your patience and support 


Monday, 17 August 2020

Bunking Swap Class


Monica did not want to go to her swap class today because she did not want to swap body with Kenny, she hated the idea of a male being in possession of her body and also hated the idea of being a guy but she needed a good grade to get into University and her parents made her take ‘Swap class’ as it was a easy A. 

Monica decided to bunk off today because it was swap day but as she was walking down a corridor she felt a weird sensation hit her and next thing she knew she was sitting at a desk in her swap class.                         “Hello Monica, I told you that if you bunk off today’s class it would make no difference, once you sign up, you swap” said Mr Bailey, The swap class teacher 

Monica watched as her own body walked into the room smiling she could not believe she was going to be a guy for the next 3 months. 

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Taking Abigail For A Spin (NSFW)

“Please get out of Abigail's body, please I beg you!!!!!” But Maranda just smiled and folded her arms, Paul’s grandmother was on her death bed in hospital 5 years ago when she discovered at the age of 95  her body hopping talents, she took over the body of a young nurse and convinced Paul that she had been able to swap bodies with her, but after a while Maranda wanted a change just for a night and decided Paul’s Wife Abigail would be a great body to go out on the town in and have some fun, Paul tried to get his grandmother to leave his wife body but after one look in the mirror at her new body Maranda was ready to party. 

Friday, 14 August 2020

The Body Thief 1

Riley looked down at her former sleeping body as she got her new Male body dressed she had never stolen a man’s body before, she had spent the last 12 years stealing body after body she started with stealing her own sisters body, the body she had just left had been one of her favourite’s, Riley had just left Michelle’s body she was a very confident and sexy lady who worked at a local Pub, but Riley wanted a change over those last 12 years she had been nearly every type of Woman but now she wanted to try to opposite sex and Garry was perfect plus he had been very good in bed, Riley felt a little bad stealing his body but as she finished getting dressed she heard her old body starting to wake up and decided to get out, as Riley got in her new car and turned the engine on she heard a scream from her old flat, she knew that most people went insane when finding themself in new body but Riley hopped Garry could adjust and be happy. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Winner Is.....


“The winner of this final round will take home £40,000 and also win a 48 hour body swap with the amazing Silvia, Just look at her.....what a prize!!!!” As Tony and Paul got ready for the final round of question both of them could not believe that if they won they would get to control the body of a woman like Silvia for an entire weekend, the first question was asked and Tony answered it correctly and would go on to win, as Silvia came back out to hug and congratulate the winner, Paul could be seen cursing to himself in the back ground,
 “Congratulation Tony you have £40,000 and a weekend in Silvia’s body...that’s all folks join use next week....for more Questions and Prizes” 

Tony was taken back stage where he was given a check for £40,000 but to be honest there was only one prize Tony really wanted and that was his weekend as Silvia.....


Friday, 7 August 2020

The Sex Swap 2

Darren screamed out “Fucking hell” as continued bouncing up and down on his own cock, he did not want to like if but he could not help if this was the only way him and Beth could swap back then he had to give it a try, Beth flipped him on to his back and Darren could not believe that Beth was on top of him about to insert his penis into her body, as she slipped it in again Darren could not help but scream out, with each thrust he found himself relaxing and enjoying the feeling that he never felt before coursing through Beth’s Petite body, Beth started to get faster and faster before she screamed out in pleasure as she pulled out and covered her own body in cum. 

Waking up Darren felt straight for his cock only to find he still had a vagina he could feel the juices leaking out he was still feeling the affects of last nights fun, looking over to find where his body was he could see his body crying “It did not work I’m still in your body, What are we going to do Darren?!?” Said Beth
Darren sat up he could feel a real aching coming from his pussy, Beth had really given him a seeing to with his own cock “We will just have to try again maybe, if you think it may work” Beth stood up and looked at her own body “I don’t see any other way Darren.” 

The couple spent there next 3 weeks fucking every night until they both had to accept that they were stuck in each other’s body unfortunately the couple could not stay together, splitting up both Beth and Darren went there separate ways in each other’s body, neither happy but being together was to painful seeing there own bodies everyday was to much......... 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Nathan The Body Hopper (NSFW)

Finding out your a body hopper is cool, but finding out by swapping into your aunts body would not normally be how you would like to find out but Nathan was not like most people, he was a little bit of a perv he wrongly had a big crush on his Aunt Tracey she was the full package she was very good looking and had a perfect body plus Nathan could not help but stare at her boobs. Laying there at night Nathan could only think of her, as he heard the shower start up he knew it was Tracey, she was in there washing her naked body, Nathan wanted to be in there with her..... 

Next thing Nathan knew he was standing in a steamy room water pouring down on top of him looking down he saw something which almost made his knees give way, he could see water pouring over a pair of breasts looking at his hands he knew who he was, turning the water off and leaving the shower he walked over to the mirror and there looking back at him was the wet and soapy body of Tracey, Nathan hands grabbed the boobs which hung from his chest, having a good feel his hands then moved down to where he knew Traceys pussy would be, felling it he wasted no time and slipped two fingers into Traceys pussy, the surge of pleasure he felt made him collapse against the door. 

Nathan did not know how he had ended up in his Aunts body but all he cared about now was feeling up the body and making sure he made his Aunts body orgasm , Nathan was rubbing and fingering his Aunts pussy the feeling was amazing, he caused  a mind blowing orgasm to surge across his Aunts body, Nathan was convinced he was going to pass out, he could feel her juicy’s oozing out, he could feel a massive pressure building up and then he laughed as he caused Tracey body to squirt all over the Bathroom floor sitting there laughing in the after glow of what had just been a amazing and very pleasurable experience, Nathan was jolted out of this feeling by banging on the Bathroom door it was Tracey in his body “What have you done to me ? You better not being do anything strange in there Nathan, come out now !!!!!”  Nathan laughed as he opened the door to the bathroom and saw his own body standing there, he would try to work out how to swap back soon but he needed another night enjoying this amazing body.  


Monday, 3 August 2020

He Hates, That He Loves It (NSFW)

“ do I love this so much!!!!!!!” Shouted Neville as he laid there in his neighbours body being fucked by her husband, Neville had woken up in Olivia’s body a couple of weeks ago, he and Olivia had no idea why they swapped bodies other then saying ‘Hello’ to each other every now and then they very rarely spoke but after talking for a bit they decided to pretend to be each other for a while and hope they would swap back but as the weeks went by Neville found it harder and harder to resist his new bodies urges. 

Neville had never felt this good before his vagina was on fire and all he could feel were the waves of pleasure coursing through Olivia’s body as he laid there being fucked Olivia’s husband spoke “Wow...babe your never normally this up for it these day’s this is fucking brilliant!!!” 
Neville hated himself, he hated how much he loved it, but as the weeks turned into months he and Olivia decided that they were never going to swap back, Neville was a little upset he was now 20 years older but he cared about it less and less each time his new husband started fucking him. 

Oh how he hated, that he fucking loved it!!!! 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Same Day Every Year

Mark was preparing himself for a very special picture, he struck a pose and had his Girlfriend take a picture of him, He got people to take pictures of him the same day every year Mark would normally take a sexy picture of his body which 10 years ago belonged to Lyndsey but for the last 10 years had been his, when the friends were 15 they accidental swapped bodies after finding a old statue laying on the floor near a old house which was once said to of been haunted. 

Mark at first was devastated by the switch, both him and Lyndsey spent years trying to swap back but with no success but when Lyndsey body got older Mark started to become less and less eager to swap back Lyndsey grow into a real looker with a killer body when Mark told Lyndsey he did not want to swap back she went mad and to this day 10 years on Lyndsey is still researching the statue and trying to find out how to switch back. 

Mark knew it was never going to happen this swap was permanent he was so happy with his life he was dating a girl called Mel and had just got his first modelling contract and he looked forward to pissing of Lyndsey with a picture to show her what she is missing, he knew it was evil but he did not care, he thought maybe a sexy beach pic would be good next year.  

Hi ;) i would love to see a Story about two childhood Friends where swapped Bodies permanently and she can‘t do anything to get her Body Back from him, thank you ^^
I Hope you can use some of These  Pics