Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The Prototype 2 (NSFW)

Garry was in shock as he stood there looking at the naked body of his best friend Emily he could not help but grab her boobs and start rubbing his new sensitive nipples this caused Emily’s vagina to start tingling he lowered his hand a with his finger touched the vagina which was now in his possession touching it caused a surge of pleasure to shake his body....this was all getting a bit much for Garry he took his hand away and sat down on the bed. 

Looking down at his new hands he could not get over how dainty and petite all of Emily’s body was her feet as well so small, laying back on the bed Garry could feel something underneath the pillow he put his hand under and pulled something out that in some way scared and shocked him at the same time, Emily had a she seemed so innocent.....but as Garry looked down at this object only one thing was going through his mind....

He sat the plunging the dildo deep into his new area, each thrust was amazing it was such a new experience plus it was so much better than being a guy.... the feeling was to much and Garry squirted everywhere......

Garry woke up hours later in Emily’s bed, he knew he still had 3 days as Emily he looked over to see the bag which had his dad ‘Body Swapper’ in but to his shock he saw the bag was open leaping out of bed he grabbed the bag and saw to his shock it was a panic he chucked a top on and a skirt and opened the bedroom door......

“Emily darling what the hell is this.......” 

(Device Beeps) And to Garry’s shock he is standing looking at Emily’s body.......

Monday, 28 September 2020

The Prototype 1

 Garry turned the corner and found Emily leaning up against the wall she smiled and spoke.

“Have you got it ?” She looked at Garry as he pulled out a strange looking device 

“This is it, my dads ‘Body Swapper’ do you really want to do this ? it’s only a prototype” 

“I want to do it, what’s life with out a little risk, plus the idea of being a man for a while seems so call” 

“Well if your sure then, Let’s do it...” Garry started pushing dials and buttons as he set up the device he pointed it at Emily and said “Ready” Emily nodded and Garry pushed the button. 

For a moment Garry felt like he was nothing he felt like he was just a floating soul and the next thing he knew he was looking at his own body 

“It worked, oh my god I’m a man, I have a real life penis” Garry watched as Emily grabbed her crotch, looking down Garry could not believe it he had boobs, grabbing them and given the a good squeeze he felt a little blown away he was a Woman he was his best friend Emily he now had access to all her areas.....

“I’m off now Garry” said Emily out of nowhere “I need to go home, well your home and check out this Male body, then maybe hit the clubs shall we say meet back in 3 days, Bye” before Garry could reply Emily was gone, Garry stood there hands in his new boobs thinking a about what do next, as he stood there he thought, “I’m a girl now and I have 3 days..... maybe I need to get home and check out this body” 

Garry rushed off boobs jiggling still feeling new areas of Emily’s body.....

Friday, 25 September 2020

An Affair To Remember (NSFW)

Callum had been sleeping with his mums best friend Nancy for a month now, he was having a affair with a married lady and it was amazing, Nancy was so sexy for her age and still super horny. But one night Callum was fucking Nancy and he felt on top form as Nancy laid there screaming Callum ejaculated and all went black....

Callum woke up to screams he looked around to see a Male body standing there....his body, looking down he saw he now had boobs and feeling for his dick he found nothing but a void and a wet slit

“What The Fuck......” Said his own body 
Both Nancy and Callum looked at there own bodies and screams echoed the house again. 

“Oh my god I’m you Nancy....I have.....Wow nice” Callum grabbed Nancy’s boobs and started playing with them, prompting Nancy to slap his hands away. 

“Stop that! how the hell did this happen, I mean look I have your dick.....” Nancy grabbed her new equipment and give it a rub, in return Callum slapped Nancy’s hand away. 

“I don’t know what happened I was cumming then next thing I know, I’m waking up in your body.” 

Nancy looked down at her new penis and back at Callum, she could only think of one way them to try and switch back. Callum knew what Nancy was thinking by the way Nancy looked at his dick her face then her still wet pussy. 

“No....No, No I’m not doing it... never....nope” 

But he knew it was the only way.....Callum lowered himself onto his own erect penis and started bouncing up and down, the feeling was strange and wrong to start with but after a little while, he was kind of finding it amazing, as Nancy ejaculated into her own body all went dark again..... waking up Callum looked down to see that he now had his old dick back.....looking over to find Nancy he saw her looking back at him happy to be back in her body again, both decided to end there relationship but for both Callum and Nancy it would be a affair to remember.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Day At The Mall 3

Gavin was so happy he was about to return to ‘The Body Swap Shop’ to swap bodies for the day with his sisters best friend Megan, she was so sexy and had a great zest for life, Gavin was not expecting her to agree to swapping bodies for the day but as she said just after she agreed to swap, you have to try everything before you die so why not try being a guy. 

Gavin and Megan walked out of the store, Gavin in Megan’s body was looking down at his new stomach which was on display as Megan had a cropped top on, he had a quick look over his shoulder and saw Megan looking at her new man hands, so Gavin took this time to have a quick play with Megan’s boobs and have a feel of her body. 
Turning around Megan let out a scream and spoke “Wow look at my body, Dam I’m so fucking cute, come on Gavin strike a pose.” 
Gavin smiled and stood there legs apart with his hands on Megan’s hips 
“Oh yes, I am 100% drop dead sexy, so then what shall we so first, I’m thinking as I agreed to this swap I get to pick first come on” a excited Megan grabbed Gavins new dainty had and pulled him towards the elevator. 

Gavin and Megan spent all day in the mall Megan got Gavin to try some outfits on so she could see what she looked like in them, Gavin enjoyed this as he got to see Megan’s boobs up close in the changing room. Megan was blown away by being able to wee standing up But what really confused Megan the most was how sexy she found her own body she could not stop staring at her own arse, she just loved her body and as the day started to come to a end she was looking forward to return to her own body, Megan and Gavin headed towards the exit doors ready to swap back, Megan was thinking as she walked through the door how fun it would be to maybe swap with someone....... but who she wondered......

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Can’t Stop Dancing (NSFW)


Brian could not stop dancing he had just read online that ‘The Great Mind Swap’ was permanent, he was over the moon, he use to be a 56 year old Accountant who’s wife had just left him for his best friend and  he was living in a Crapy one bedroom flat. 

But now he was in the body of Tamzin a 22 year old Model who was living in a great 2 bedroom house on the posh side of town. He carried on dancing boobs bouncing around and plus he found out that both his ex wife and his old friend had swapped into the bodies on 2, 80 year old woman, Brian thought that was hilarious, so he just kept on Dancing.......  

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

My Girlfriends Stepmother 5

 Kenny was sitting outside planning his next move he was not sure what his next move was though, but then he had a idea, his friend Caleb was a good amateur hacker maybe he could help him out, Well Kenny had nothing to lose and called Caleb he had to put on Monica’s glasses as he was struggling to see the screen, calling Caleb was normal for Kenny but this time he was calling his friend from his Girlfriends step moms body. 

“Hello, How can I help you ?” Said a very confused and nervous Caleb 

“Hi, Erm I need a favour from you, I know you are a bit of a hacker and I need you to help me, can you help me find Caitlin, she had run off with Monica.....I mean Kenny and I need your help.” 

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you, sorry..... goodbye........” Caleb hung up the phone quickly 

Kenny had no other option he had to go to Caleb’s house and beg him anyway he could, he had money after all he needed to find a location on his body soon.....

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 1 (NSFW)

Tracey hated going to the doctors especially when it was to do with lady issues she allways got a male doctor who took a long time examining her before making a move on her, so she asked her brother Toby to go in her place. 
Toby was Traceys younger brother who had just turned 18 he was little bit of a loser and unlike his sister was a large boy with no real looks, Toby considered his sisters offer to swap there bodies as a joke at first but a hour before her appointment Tracey begged her brother one more time and showed him a small device which she had stolen from there uncle who worked for the government. 

“Toby this device swaps bodies, please I cant take another Pery Male doctor touching me and trying to flirt” Toby looked at the device a spoke 

“Well to be honest sis I don’t really want to be touched by some guy doctor either, so I may have to decline, plus I don’t want to see my sisters vagina..... so no” Tracey started crying and got down on her knees....
“Please Toby......Please I will owe you one, anything you want......” Toby sat there thinking as he thought about what he could get Tracey to do, and then it hit him. 
“Okay sis I will go to the doctors as you, if after you let me use this body swap device thing for a day?” 
Tracey smiled.
“Of course no problem, come on let’s switch and then I can drive you to the doctors.”

Sitting in the car in his sisters body was so strange he felt so small and weak, he felt different he could feel his sisters soft clothes rubbing against her smooth skin, he could not help but feel his sisters boobs and he knew that his penis was gone by the gap now between his legs. 
“Wow sis I know why your going to the doctors, what is that feeling it feels really weird” 
Toby sat there squirmy in his sisters body, trying not to scratch his sisters vagina which was aching
“Okay Toby this is it, now I will wait outside until your done, thanks so much bruv” 

Toby got changed and sat on the table waiting for the doctor, he was hopping for a female doctor and not a male doctor he felt uncomfortable enough as it is, he waited for a while, he did have a sneaky look down at his sisters vagina which was still aching and Toby could of sworn he felt some kind of liquid drip out, just then a very pretty female doctor walked in and asked what seem to be the problem, Toby explained and opened his sisters leg wide for the doctor to examine Tracey pussy.

“Yes, oh I know exactly whats wrong with this little tight pussy, you need a release.” 
A very confused and Uncomfortable Toby watched as the doctor proved and poked his sister pussy, next thing Toby knew the doctor slid a finger deep inside him causing him to scream out in pleasure.
“See what I mean my sweet, Your horny and if you want I can help you with that right now, it’s a easy treatment” 
a naive Toby smiled and spoke 
“Cool what do I need like a injection or a tablet?” 
The Doctor spoke 
“Not exactly.......”   

Monday, 14 September 2020

Can Not Believe It

 Jim could not believe it he had woken up that. morning as a 14 year old spotty loser and was finishing the day in his sisters best friends body, Cindy was so beautiful Jim had a major crush on her but she considered him a little loser. 

Jim sat there thinking about Cindy she and Jim’s sister Kayleigh were going to the local swimming pool, Jim felt so strange just thinking about Cindy in a bikini.....Suddenly Jim felt strange jolt hit his body....
he looked down at his hand and was shocked to see such dainty hands and Manicured finger nails as well but next thing he saw were two boobs hanging from his chest caged in a bikini top, Jim smiled and grabbed one of the boobs just then he looked up as a girl said 
“Come on Cindy.” It was Kayleigh, Jim could not believe it as he walked towards to pool boobs bouncing, he did not know how it had happened but he was enjoying it so far as he got into the pool. 


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Need A Test Subject 2 (NSFW)

Jodie decided to practice one more time and decided she needed to swap with someone other than her sister, so she decided on Rebecca a friend of Maisy’s who Jodie knew was a massive slut, she decided to swap with her for the night. This swap was a little more risky as Jodie knew that Rebecca would be in her body and would probably freak out so Jodie decided to take some sleeping pills as she activated the device remembering only at the last minute to set the swap back timer , she need Rebecca to be her final test subject. 

The swap went well as far as Jodie knew Rebecca was fast asleep in her body and Jodie was now ready in hers, as she stood there admiring Rebecca’s body she was so happy to find out that Rebecca had a good choice of dildo’s to try, she was a slut after all, laying back on the bed she got ready for another trial run....

Plunging the dildo in and out Jodie arse was amazing she could not believe how different it felt to when she tried this in Maisy s body, the pleasure causing through her borrowed body was like nothing she a felt before, legs high in there air Jodie looked down at Rebecca’s pussy which was now dripping wet she needed more so she picked up another dildo and shoved it deep inside her pussy..... Jodie screamed as she orgasmed losing control of both dildos they slipped out of her hands and onto the bed.......after finally getting her breath back Jodie decided to wash Rebeccas body down and prepare for the swap back, Jodie was now 100% ready to try anal masturbation in her own body. 


Friday, 11 September 2020

Back With A Bang (NSFW)

 Andy was on the brink of death when he uttered his last words to the world which was a spell which he hoped would allow his soul to find a new host body he was not ready to die, he felt something in his chest leave his body and next thing he felt was nothing no pain, it was like he was swimming in the air......

After a while he felt himself being pulled towards a room and next thing he knew.... 
“Fucking Hell!!!” Screamed Andy as he suddenly felt something penetrate him from behind he realised very quickly by the long blonde hair that he was a girl being fucked by a guy with massive cock....

Andy was hoping to come back into the living world with a bang.... but not this kind of bang.... but he was just glad to be alive as he laid back a took it.