Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 1 (NSFW)

Tracey hated going to the doctors especially when it was to do with lady issues she allways got a male doctor who took a long time examining her before making a move on her, so she asked her brother Toby to go in her place. 
Toby was Traceys younger brother who had just turned 18 he was little bit of a loser and unlike his sister was a large boy with no real looks, Toby considered his sisters offer to swap there bodies as a joke at first but a hour before her appointment Tracey begged her brother one more time and showed him a small device which she had stolen from there uncle who worked for the government. 

“Toby this device swaps bodies, please I cant take another Pery Male doctor touching me and trying to flirt” Toby looked at the device a spoke 

“Well to be honest sis I don’t really want to be touched by some guy doctor either, so I may have to decline, plus I don’t want to see my sisters vagina..... so no” Tracey started crying and got down on her knees....
“Please Toby......Please I will owe you one, anything you want......” Toby sat there thinking as he thought about what he could get Tracey to do, and then it hit him. 
“Okay sis I will go to the doctors as you, if after you let me use this body swap device thing for a day?” 
Tracey smiled.
“Of course no problem, come on let’s switch and then I can drive you to the doctors.”

Sitting in the car in his sisters body was so strange he felt so small and weak, he felt different he could feel his sisters soft clothes rubbing against her smooth skin, he could not help but feel his sisters boobs and he knew that his penis was gone by the gap now between his legs. 
“Wow sis I know why your going to the doctors, what is that feeling it feels really weird” 
Toby sat there squirmy in his sisters body, trying not to scratch his sisters vagina which was aching
“Okay Toby this is it, now I will wait outside until your done, thanks so much bruv” 

Toby got changed and sat on the table waiting for the doctor, he was hopping for a female doctor and not a male doctor he felt uncomfortable enough as it is, he waited for a while, he did have a sneaky look down at his sisters vagina which was still aching and Toby could of sworn he felt some kind of liquid drip out, just then a very pretty female doctor walked in and asked what seem to be the problem, Toby explained and opened his sisters leg wide for the doctor to examine Tracey pussy.

“Yes, oh I know exactly whats wrong with this little tight pussy, you need a release.” 
A very confused and Uncomfortable Toby watched as the doctor proved and poked his sister pussy, next thing Toby knew the doctor slid a finger deep inside him causing him to scream out in pleasure.
“See what I mean my sweet, Your horny and if you want I can help you with that right now, it’s a easy treatment” 
a naive Toby smiled and spoke 
“Cool what do I need like a injection or a tablet?” 
The Doctor spoke 
“Not exactly.......”