Wednesday, 28 October 2020



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Friday, 23 October 2020

Off To Work

Maria was sick off her lay about husband Darren she wanted  him to get back to work but he told her it had been so long since he last worked that he had forgotten what going to work felt like Maria thought of a idea to solve this problem, she used a website called ‘’ to switch there bodies so Darren would have to go to her job in her body. 

Maria left him clothes to wear and also a make up tutorial and told him to be ready for 8am, Maria watched as her body walked into front room “What do you think, Babe” said Darren 

“Wow I look kind of sexy, I forget what a body I have” Said Maria 

“You do babe your boobs are amazing” Darren gave Maria’s boobs a cheeky squeeze and both of the, laughed. 

Darren found the day hard, but he got through it and he and Maria still had a couple of hours in each other’s body, and decided to spend sometime having some fun. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Don’t Be A Bully

Caroline could not believe it when she saw her body leaning up against the wooden pole, she could not understand how she had swapped bodies with Melanie a large girl from her school who Caroline normally picked on because of her size.

“Hey, Fatty” said Melanie from Caroline beautiful slim body “How are you finding being little miss fatty, bet you wish you had not bullied me all year now, because I’m keeping this body for a while hope I don’t ruin this sexy figure of yours ” Malians smiled winked at her old body and walked off

A confused Caroline watched as her body walked into the local bakery, Caroline watched her little bottom wiggle out of site as she started crying, she was regretting being a bully now. 

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Ruining People Life

Sam sat down in this girls body legs spread her panties on display making her family very uncomfortable, He loved stealing random people’s body and acting really weird this girl was walking up to her front door when Sam jumped into her body she was really hot, her family looked really shocked as Sam grabbed his new boobs and rubbed his new smooth legs as her Dad started shouting at what he thought was his daughter, Sam laughed and spoke still feeling up his new body 

“I’m going up stairs for a shower and a wank, bye” Sam walked out of the room and grabbed his ass with both hands, he loved doing this to people. 

Sam had a long shower and spent the next 2 hours going to town on his new pussy, this girls family were so pissed and uncomfortable when Sam came down in just his knickers and underwear for dinner, finding the situation way to much now Sam left this girls body but he did not jump far as he smiled from inside the girls mum’s body. 

Saturday, 3 October 2020

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A Strange Day (NSFW)

Arthur was having a crap day, everything in his life had turned to crap he was walking home after being fired from his job when a massive bang and shock wave knocked him over......

Next thing Arthur knew he was sitting on some steps, looking around he was now surrounded by nature and next thing he noticed he was wearing a purple dress but then he noticed something else he had boobs. 

“What the hell.....I have boobs.....I’m a girl......fuck look at my feet....what is happening” 

Arthur’s day had gone from crap to strange turns out the entire earth was hit by something called ‘The Great Mind Swap’ he was now in a woman’s body in Iceland and was looking around for someone to talk to but the only person he found was a middle age guy crying like a little baby, what the hell was he going to do now he took a guess a decided to enter the house near by......

(So what do you think he will do next in this body, comment below) 

Going To The Doctors In My Sisters Body 2 (NSFW)


Toby could not believe it as the Doctor started stripping in front of him, his sisters Vagina was now aching like it had never ached before, the Doctor now stood there just in her underwear
 “Your not going to give me just a pill, are you ?” She shook her head and lent forward pushing up Tobys top she started kissing and then sucking his sisters boobs she then lowered herself down from Traceys petite boobs and started licking his sisters aching pussy, Toby screamed as a massive feeling of pleasure caused his sister little petite body to jolt. 

Toby laid there as the Doctor went to town on him, he was unable to talk to fleeing was to much, was this all Traceys body needed a good seeing to, she stopped licking just as Toby Squirted everywhere, for a moment Toby thought he had Brocken his sisters body but the doctor spoke

 “There we go thats the build up you've been feeling, but I think you might have some more.” she climbed up onto the table and arranged Tobys little legs around her body causing both of there Vaginas to touch next thing a Toby knew they were scissoring each other 

Each moment Toby felt the pressure being released from his sisters body, they continued for another 20 minutes having sex, next thing Toby knew he was eating the doctor out while she laid back on the table. 

Toby laid there at the end panting covered in all kinds of juices, he could not believe what had just happened, as the doctor got dressed and sat back at her desk like what had just happened was normal. 

Walking back to the car Tracey greeted Toby back unaware of what had just happened, Toby spoke “She knows what it is, and YES she knows how to cure it, she said I need to return 3 more times, so maybe we can stay like this until then....” Tracey hugged her brother and spoke 

“Okay as long as you behave in my body” Tracey laughed and Toby Laughed a very awkward laugh, was it wrong that he was looking forward to returning to see the Doctor again. 


Thursday, 1 October 2020

The Body Hopping Best Friends 2 (NSFW)

Part 1

Connor and Tyler had been body hopping all over the world when they decided to return to the home town they were going to have a little time relaxing in there own bodies at there apartment both guys hoped back into there bodies which were still sitting on the sofa where that left them 6 months ago. 

After having a shower in there original bodies both Connor and Tyler decided to head out for a quiet drink but when they opened the door to leave, moving into the flat across from them were two young very pretty girls.

“Hi I’m Debbie and this is my Roommate Annie nice to meet you” shaking there hands both friends looked at each other smiled and Tyler spoke. 

“Maybe we can have drink tomorrow night” next thing they knew both were checking out there new bodies 

“Wow these girls are amazing” said Tyler as he looked at Debbies body in the mirror 

“Yup, Annie has such a sensitive pussy, and look at this cool tattoo” 

Both Friends laid on the bed and started rubbing them self, after spending the day masturbating and playing with each other’s body they both hopped back into there own bodies.

Looking at each other Connor spoke “I could do with a pint now” both guys walked out the flat, both boys chuckled just thinking about how confused Debbie and Annie must be waking up now.