Thursday, 8 October 2020

Ruining People Life

Sam sat down in this girls body legs spread her panties on display making her family very uncomfortable, He loved stealing random people’s body and acting really weird this girl was walking up to her front door when Sam jumped into her body she was really hot, her family looked really shocked as Sam grabbed his new boobs and rubbed his new smooth legs as her Dad started shouting at what he thought was his daughter, Sam laughed and spoke still feeling up his new body 

“I’m going up stairs for a shower and a wank, bye” Sam walked out of the room and grabbed his ass with both hands, he loved doing this to people. 

Sam had a long shower and spent the next 2 hours going to town on his new pussy, this girls family were so pissed and uncomfortable when Sam came down in just his knickers and underwear for dinner, finding the situation way to much now Sam left this girls body but he did not jump far as he smiled from inside the girls mum’s body. 

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  1. I love these kinds of captions, would love to see more of Sam.