Wednesday, 25 November 2020

What Are We Going To Do ?

“What the Fuck are we going to do!!!!!” Said a very scared Beth as she looked at her former body.

The 3 roommates had all swapped bodies, Beth was now in Dan’s body, Dan was now in Ellie’s body (Left) and Ellie was in Beth’s body (Right)  

“I have no idea, this is fucking mental look at me, hehehe I’ve got boobs” Dan played with his new boobs and then looked down at the rest of his body. “I’m so dainty look at me” he then looked at his old body which looked fuming.

“Stop touching Ellie’s body NOW!!!!!” Said Beth from Dan’s body, just then both Beth and Dan looked at Beth’s body to see why Ellie had not seen what Dan was doing to her body but to there shock Ellie was like Dan feeling up Beth’s body, Beth only stopped Ellie when she put her new hands into Beth’ panties and was exploring 

“SORRY!!!, I just wanted to feel what another girls vag felt like” 

All three friends sat there and spoke about what had caused the swap but it was hard for Beth as both Dan And Ellie were touching and trying to explore there new bodies. 

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Reality Of A Body Swap


Danny flung open the door to greet the possible new owners of this flat which he was selling on behalf of the owners he had finally found a job, it had taken 12 years for him to finally to get to grips with his new life, when he was 13 he and his mums best friend Daughter Clair swapped bodies while on a annual trip that both families had attended that year. 

For Danny becoming a 13 year old girl was horrible, he was not going to lie he liked girls but being a girl was not what he wanted he found this swap tuff his life completely changed a new family, new body parts a complete change to what he thought his life was going to be. 

Danny found it tuff as well knowing what had happen to Clair, it was all to much for her she fell into a pit of depression being a guy it was to much for her to handle, there was not even a moment where Clair looked like she could accept her new reality, this was not like the films for Clair.

Danny adjustment did not happen over night and he was very close to breaking, he struggled more and more with his new life as the years went by, it was not just his new female body but also how people treated him now he was a girl, he was now living with a new family who he knew little about plus it turned out that Claire parents where not as nice and kind in private as they were while out and about. 

Danny had made it through all those tuff teen years as Clair and was now happy to be who he was he had forgotten his previous life and was ready to live his new life as he’s shook the hands of what after a successful showing were now the new owners of the flat he was selling 

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Finding A Girl Like Yours (NSFW)

“Look at these tits mate, this body is fucking amazing, hopping powers are mental!!!!” 
Shaun and his friend Paul had found out they had powers that allowed them to take over any person they wanted and that’s what they spent most of there time doing, both friends went around town finding bodies to hop and Shaun had just hoped this girl. 

“Wow man they are some nice tits, probably the best I’ve seen today, I think it’s time for me to find a girl like her, how about her ?” 
A girl walked past him and next thing Shaun knew Paul was showing of his new tits, not wanting to leave these bodies they spent the rest of the day having fun, before hopping out of them to the confusion of the two woman, both friends laughed with each other and could not wait to see what bodies they could find tomorrow.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

You Needed A Shower (NSFW)

Debra pulled back the shower curtain to find her body soaping itself up, she and her best friends son Sam had swapped bodies 4 days ago, they both had no idea what had caused them to swap but Debra did not want Sam to do anything strange in her body as she was trying to find a way to swap back. 

“What do you think you are doing” said a very outraged Debra. 

“What I was starting to smell, well you were starting to smell, it just seemed the normal thing to do when you smell, have a shower” Sam continued soaping up Debras body 

“Oh yeah sure it looks to me as my boobs and vagina are the only things you have washed” Said Debra 

“Fine I admit that may be true but come on I’m a guy and look at these boobs” Sam grabbed Debras massive tits and smiled. 

“That’s it you’ve got 5 minutes to wash the rest of me and then that’s it, I’m going to stay and watch to make sure you don’t do anything else”

Debra watched as Sam started cleaning the rest of his new body every now and then Sam would touch his tits causing Debra to beat his hand away but what Sam did not know was that Debra was finding the sight of her wet soapy body a little hard to handle and Debra was terrified by the feeling of her new equipment started standing to attention, she need him out of this shower soon or something terrible might happen.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Betrayal, It Never Comes From Your Enemy

“Mum it’s not fair it’s my 21 birthday party why are you not swapping us back, I understand your life is hard and I promise to help out around the house, please swap us back” 

A very sad and upset Hayley was trying to fight back the tears as she spoke from the body of her mum 44 year old Helen, a week ago Helen had been so pissed of with her daughters poor attitude towards her that she swapped there bodies and told Hayley that she would have to live a week in her shoes before they swapped back in time for Hayley’s 21 birthday party. Helen hoped that this would make Hayley understand how tuff her life was being a single parent in a very difficult world and after a week Helen was surprised that Hayley’s attitude had changed. 

“I’m so sorry mum for the way I have treated you, I had no idea what you went through in a week just to provide for me, I’m sorry” 

Hayley smiled and hugged her own body waiting for Helen to swap them back but Helen had enjoyed being young again and let’s face her body had a very attractive body, she decided she was going to stay in Hayley’s body a little longer which meant she would be attending Hayley’s 21 birthday party.

“Mum please don’t do this to me, I’m your daughter” Hayley started crying in her mums body as she watched her own mum leave in her body. 

Helen was having a great time at Hayley’s party and loved the attention she got from the guys and loved being the centre of attention, but Helen was not sure if she could steal her own daughters body, the pain of betraying her daughter was being overpowered though by this young body she was in, which would she chose ? 

Do you think Helen should steal her daughter body ? 
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Monday, 9 November 2020

Taking Down the Mob 1

Inspector Ray Johnston was tasked with taking down a local mob boss Bruno Martinez they had failed many times to arrest him always lacking one thing ‘Evidence’ this new plan was the most risky yet it involved Ray swapping bodies with someone inside the mob and they targeted Bruno’s wife Indra she seemed the obvious person as she was always with Bruno even in his most top secret meetings, if Ray was her he could get loads of info to help bring down Bruno. 

The way the swap would be done was to pretend that a rival mob group abducted Indra but in reality the police would be taking her to a top secret location to swap her mind with Rays, he had studied the wife for months before the swap understanding her mannerisms and the way she walked and acted around her husband, after many months and the successful abduction of Indra, Ray awoke to find himself in Indra’s body, it was hard for Ray to accept the fact her was now a woman although he had a job to do he could not help admire his new form as he waited for Bruno’s men to come a rescue him. 

After a couple of hours Ray was rescued by Bruno’s men and returned to a very happy Bruno a nervous Ray sat on the sofa as Bruno spoke behind him 

“I’m so glad you are unharmed Indra, don’t worry I will find the men who abducted you and have them dealt with” Bruno waved his body guards away and placed his hands on the back on what he thought was his wife’s body

“Now my love I will show you how much I have missed you” 

Bruno walked from behind the sofa a stood in front of Ray, Bruno looked at his wife and almost with out any words Ray new what was going to happen, as he started undoing Bruno’s belt, he had to stay calm and remembered why he was doing this.... 

Friday, 6 November 2020

I Will Live Forever

Selma was so happy to be young again as she sat in the garden of her family’s home stretching and admiring her new body, stealing her granddaughters body was easy, Tracey would do anything her lovely grandma told her to do, so getting her to try on a old family necklace was not that hard. 

Selma was part of a very ancient group of people who believed in eternal life, using a soul swapping necklace to steal the bodies of other much younger people meaning there soul would live on, Selma swapped always within her family she would take over the next youngest female in the family and Make sure there body was fit and healthy she would then have some fun in her new young flesh before settling down and having a family making sure she has a granddaughter which one day will be her next body to take. 

Selma watched as her old frail body walked over to her aided by a walking frame, Selma had left stealing her new body a lot longer, she waited for Tracey to finish university before taking over meaning her old body was nearly 80 

“Grandma What have you done to me, you have stolen my body....Why ???? Selma finished stretching her  leg and looked at her former body 

“Oh Grandma, what are you going on about, ‘Stealing Bodies’ I think someone is starting to go a little senile, come on let’s take you in” 

“No...No....I’m not......You stole....” muttered Tracey from her Grandma’s body but Selma knew that there was nothing Tracey could say or do to get them to swap back as soon as she told someone she would be put into hospital Selma was now preparing to take a trip in her new body but just was not sure on the destination, somewhere with a lot of sun as she wanted to flaunt her new body of. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

It’s The Reality Of The Situation

Joe watched as his mum laid there trying to fight off a boner, swapping bodies was hard for both Gil and Joe, being stuck as each other for  6 months now and not knowing how the swap had happened,  Joe who had found being his mum difficult felt bad for his mum who really did not want to release the built up tension a 19 year old boy would get if he did not masturbate for 6 months. 

Joe had never told his Mum that he had explored her body he had spent many nights locked in the bathroom electric toothbrush pushed up against her vagina, orgasming over and over again. But last night he could not help it any longer he had to go out and find a man to be with, he was not proud of himself but this was the reality of these terrible thing that had happened to them he was his mum Gil now and he had to accept that. 

Monday, 2 November 2020

Death Bed Swap (NSFW)

Tommy opened the door to his son’s girlfriend Angela, Tommy had been struggling with turning 50 his best years were behind him and unlike his 22 year old son Scott he did not have the body he once did, he had a beer gut and his sex life was well bad, his wife was not really interested in things like that anymore, he was jealous of Scott’s young life but he had to accept reality. 

Tommy sat there at dinner and watched Scott flirt and laugh with Angela, sweet beautiful Angela she was just perfect And everything that Tommy once looked for in a woman, later that night as Tommy sat there watching Tv he could hear from the bedroom up stairs the sound of moaning and grunting, Scott was having sex with Angela, Tommy was distraught and turned the tv up but louder they got, he got a little angry and got up the storm in the kitchen but then he felt a pain in his chest as collapsed to the floor. 

Next thing Tommy knew he awoke in a hospital bed with Michelle his wife and Tommy standing over him 

“What happened ? Did I have a heart attack ???” Said a panicky Tommy 

“Yes a really bad one, they need to get you into surgery soon for a emergency operation”  Michelle was crying hard and had to leave the room leaving Tommy and Scott alone 

“If I don’t make it son, look after your mother for me, You promise”

 Tommy put out his hand for his son to shake and Scott shook his dads hand as Angela walked in still shaking hands suddenly Tommy felt another pain in his chest put this felt more like his heart was being sucked out of his body and next he knew he was looking down on his own weak body lying in and gown on the hospitals bed. 

“Dad, What the he’ll just happened oh my god......” before tommy could process that he had just swapped bodies with his son, his own body clutched its chest and closed his eyes as nurse and doctors came swarming in.

“Time off Death 19:45pm, Im sorry” Said the doctor 

Tommy stood there looking down at his own dead body he then looked at his hands, Young with a small tattoo on the finger it had just hit him that he was in Scott’s body his own son was now dead in his body....

Angela came into the room and hugged Tommy 

“Scott I’m so sorry he was such a great man, what can I do to help....?” Crying a little Tommy smiled and whispered in Angela’s ear. 

“Wow babe you have never fucked me like this for this long before, I’m not complaining keep going” Tommy carried on pounding Angela’s pussy with his new cock, he was over the fact his son had died in his body he was young again, fit and in possession of a big cock was everything he wanted and he was fucking Angela what ever happened that night In the hospital was strange but Tommy was not going to not enjoy being young again as he flipped Angela over a continued pounding her as she came again, he was a real man taking care of a woman like his son should of been doing.   

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Drugs Ruin Your Life

Kim was stuck in her tattooed drug addicted body so when she found a drug which when two people take a hit on it they will swap bodies she decided to use it that night but she did not know who she would swap with all the people she stayed with were like her, complete drug addicts. 

But one Saturday a group of lads came to a big party they were having and Kim spotted a young lad who looked like he came from a wealthy family, Kim made him her perfect target she went straight up to the boy and started flirting with him he was obviously not use to this as he went really red 
“Hey sweetly I’m Kim what’s your name ?” Said Kim as she hugged the young lad pushing her tits up against him.

“Hi, my name is Micheal....” before Micheal could say anything else Kim spoke again 

“You wan to share some weed with me ? Maybe get high together and see what happens ?” 

Micheal looked shocked as Kim dragged him over to her corner and she lighted up her bong, here you go Micheal you take the first hit.

 Micheal inhaled a coughed, Kim grabbed the bong and herself took at hit. 


Kim with in a moment was looking at her own body, the smash was the bong being dropped by a shocked Micheal.
“I’m sorry, I needed out of that life please forgive me” Kim stood up and ran away leaving a confused Micheal stuck in her body, grabbing the boobs which all of a sudden he had on his chest Micheal could not believe what had just happened, he started to panic as a guy handed him a spliff, “take a hit on this babe to calm you down” Micheal took a drag and 5 minutes later he was laughing to himself about being a girl and was playing with his new body totally relaxed about having his body stolen.