Wednesday, 13 January 2021

You Did This

Jason was so pissed at his mum (Donna) she knew never to mess around with dads inventions as they could be dangerous, Jason’s day Roy worked for the government and was always trying to design new things, Roy never spoke about his work and Jason never asked but Donna was a bit more curious and went into Roy’s office and started playing with things, when Jason caught his mum playing with some device he confronted her and in a panic she dropped the device she was holding causing it to make a sound and flash a bright light. 

Jason woke up on the floor to screams as he looked up he saw his own body standing there 

“Jason what’s happened, we’ve switched bodies....oh my god” said a hysterical Donna from her sons body. 

“What have you done , Mum I have your body.....disgusting......” Jason looked down at his mums body. 

“Look at the device it has a number saying 24hours, maybe that’s when we swap back ?” Said Donna looking at a very uneasy Jason who was very uncomfortable in his mums body. 

“We have to tell dad” said Jason but his mum replied quickly 

“No, please Jason 24hours and we switch back I ask you just to wait please” Said Donna pleading with her son 

“No I don’t want to be stuck in your body, at all plus dads taking you out tonight for a surprise anniversary dinner, and no way I’m going on that” Said Jason trying to fold his arms together but his mums boobs got in the way. 

“How about a new car if you don’t tell dad ?” Said Donna 

“Fine” said Jason smiling a little bit 

After agreeing to not tell his dad about swapping bodies with his mum Donna told Jason what to wear and then 20 minutes later he came into the front room unhappy 

“You do this mum and I’m helping you out there’s no way I’m going out in this dress, your boobs are hanging out” but before Donna could reply Roy came in from work. 

“Wow Jason you told your mum didn’t you, well at least she ready to go” 

Roy looked at his former body who mimed a car to remind Jason why he was going a long with this, Jason left with his own father and had a strange night but what Jason and his mum did not know was that 24 hours was not how long until they swap but how long until there stuck in there current bodies. 


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