Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Request Week Ends


What a week, hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did. 

All requests I did not get around writing have been saved and will be a priority next time if I do a Request week again, I Found some great Pics and GIfs recently so normal content will resume soon. 

Some questions I would love some feed back on: 

  • Did people enjoy request week and if so would you like me to do another one ? 
  • Any Improvements I could make to my blog ? 

Thanks for all you request this week 



Monday, 22 February 2021

Request #17: Loving That Booty


“Finally some real big booty, these girls are perfect look at this arse.......So Fucking Juicy....I love it” said Garry. (Right) 

“I know Mate, this girls got it all great tits and this arse looks great......I just want to get out of here and have some fun....” Said Tony (Left) 

“We can’t leave this gym you know that Tony, are bodies are in the male changing rooms and if we leave people might find them, we have to stay here....doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.” said Garry. 

“I’m going to the toilet I need to see this body naked, what about you ?” said Tony as he started rubbing his new pussy over his leggings. 

Garry was just twerking his big arse in the mirror. 

“I don’t know I might hit the gym maybe get this body nice and sweaty then have a very slow shower” Garry grabbed his arse and smiled. 

“Good Idea Garry, shall we say meet back here in a hour?” Said Tony 

Garry still squeezing his arse smiled and spoke 

“Better make it a hour and a half” 

Tony was waiting for Garry when he saw him come rushing into the Woman changing room 

“Where have you been come on we better return back to our bodies, the gym closes soon, bye body.” said Tony as he have his boobs one last grope. 

Leaving these bodies the 2 girls regained control.

“What’s going on, I feel terrible” said the girl on the left 

“Why is my arsehole so saw feel like I’v......no impossible never mind let’s go” said the girl on the right. 

The reason Garry was late is because he ended up fucking a real buff guy in the men’s toilets, The two boys were planning on return tomorrow and have some more fun in some new bodies. 

Request Idea:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

Two girls got possessed or got bodies stolen by 2 teen boys who are excited to be in some Thicc Bodies 

Request #16: Fucking The Nerds (NSFW)


“Look at this Pussy! OMG these bodies fucking rock” Said a very happy Andy as he stretched his leg into the air and snapped a pic of his new perfect pussy.

“I know Andy, These bodies are so good, I just masturbated and squirted all over the bathroom floor.” Said Harold. 

“Awesome, I haven’t masturbated yet, I was thinking of maybe trying to get another girl over for a threesome”  Said Andy as he slowly massaged his vagina. 

“I know this might sound a bit gay but I think maybe a guy would be fun, I must be honest this body is crying out for some cock” 

“Thank god you said it first, we must still have these girls sexuality's how about I send the pic I just took to all the guys on this girls phone see if  we get any responses ?” Said Andy. 

“Good idea” said Harold

 “I’ve sent it” said Andy rubbing his new pussy still. 

Andy and Harold waited for a response, a messaged came through on the phone. 

“Look a this guy” Harold looked at him. 

“Invite him over NOW!!!!” Said Harold 

The night of sex Andy and Harold had with Max the guy who came over was amazing, Harold was very angry that Max didn’t cum over him, but they weren’t leaving these bodies anytime soon, so there was still time..... 

Request idea: 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Upcoming Requests Week": 

2 nerds steal 2 babes bodies and either teases the new boys or sent that to there bf/guy for a threesome 

Request #15: A Terrible Punishment ??? (NSFW)

 Request Week 

Matthew was in trouble with his girlfriend Maggie, he had not got home till 4 in the morning after promising Maggie he was only going out for a quick drink she was furious with him but she knew how he could make it up to her. 

“Really? Do I have to ?” Said Matthew, Maggie looked at him and spoke 

“Yes it’s your punishment so get ready, I’m going to swap us now” Maggie got a small device out from a draw on a desk. 

“Fine” said Matthew as he sat down 

The Device flashed and next thing Matthew knew he was sitting in the body of his girlfriend. 

“I don’t know why you hate being me so much Matthew, you now have full access to my boobs and pussy” Matthew looked down at his girlfriends boobs and spoke.

“Yeah I do like it, but if your making me go to the gym that means pervert boys will be looking at me and trying to hit on me” 

“That’s part of your punish, so get changed  and get to that gym.” Matthew changed into Maggie’s gym clothes. 

While at the gym he got a messaged from Maggie asking for a update, he sent her a very cheeky video back, boobs out and jumping up and down. Maggie punished him even more for that when he got home, he had to do some terrible things that night to get his body back. 

Request Idea: 

tgswitcher has left a new comment on your post "Upcoming Requests Week": 

Please use this for a cap.
Maybe gf switched bodies with bf and forced him to work out her body so he has some fun with it 

Request #14: Practice Makes Perfect (NSFW)

 Request Idea 

Perfecting the ability to swap bodies with another person takes years of practice, Fred had been practicing for nearly 40 years since finding a book which explained how, now 75 he was ready to test it his target was his neighbour Kerry she was a 43 year old mother of 2 but Fred found her very sexy still.

Fred sat there relaxing thinking of his soul leaving his body and then thinking of Kerry’s soul leaving her body after concentrating for hours he knew it was time to send his soul into Kerry’s body. Fred opened his eyes to a different room he looked down to see that he was now in the body of Kerry. 

“Amazing” said Fred as he grabbed his new boobs, he stood up a walked over to the mirror that was in the room. 

“Very nice, look at this body” Fred slowly removed Kerry’s clothing, he stood there naked examine his new form. 

Fred sat back on the bed and started playing with his new boobs, one hand rubbing his new pussy, for her age Kerry was surprising agile, he could get his new legs almost behind his head Fred started really playing his new pussy, and after a good 30 minutes he was able to bring his new milf body to orgasm, he stopped masturbating when there was a knock at door he looked out the window and saw the police, opening the door in Kerry’s dressing gown he was told by the policeman that Fred her next door neighbour has been found dead. 

“I’m sorry officer, I don’t really know him very well” the police thanked The new Kerry and they went on these way, Fred smiled as he realised now he was stuck in Kerry’s body...     

Request Idea: 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "It’s Done": 

Could you do one story that an old Man steals his neighbors milf's body mom.


Request #13: What Are The Odds

Alfonso was so happy as he prepared to take part in his first photo shoot, he had loved Morgan McLeod after he saw her on the show ‘Survivor’ but he was shocked when he woke up in her by after a strange event called ‘The Great Mind Swap’ caused 95% of people to swap bodies. 

Alfonso danced around his new bedroom his new boobs bouncing everywhere, he then realised ‘Boobs’ he ran into the bathroom and stripped. 

“Wow these tits are amazing, I love this woman.....” after spending a good 2 hours playing with his body he went and turned on the Tv still naked he sat down as the news came on where as Scientist was about to speak.

“This Event being called ‘The Great Mind Swap’ is something as scientist we can't explain but we believe this event may never happy again” a report asked a question. 

“So are you saying people are now stuck in there new bodies?” 

“Yes.....” said the scientist and then he continued speaking but all Alfonso could do was bounce around the room he was stuck in the body of his dreams. 

6 months later and Alfonso was putting on another bikini to model he still loved his new body he would never get bored off Morgan’s boobs, 3k for 2 hour shoot easy money he though as he walked back towards the cameras. 

 Alfonso has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

Hello friend could I request a body swap caption were I being Alfonso ends up switching bodies with

Morgan mcleod from the tv show survivor

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Request #12: New Body, New Life


Alice was made a orphan at the age of 11 when her parents were killed in a car crash luckily she was taken in by a local exclusive school she was sponsored by a lady who was one of the schools biggest benefactors. Mrs Rogers was a 77 year old rich widow, Alice was so thankful to Mrs Rogers who had told her if she achieves highest grades and graduates she will be put into her will, Alice was so happy and worked very hard a school. 

Now 19, Alice had grown into a very attractive young lady and had just graduated, Mrs Rogers now 85 was there to see Alice graduate and after asked Alice to return to her house for a chat, Alice sat down slowly putting her walking stick down on the floor and looked at Alice. 

“Alice you must wonder why I sponsored you and funded your education” Mrs Rogers smiled nicely at Alice. 

“Well I have always wondered why you picked me as there must of been 100s of orphans out there” 

“I chose you because I needed a way of living forever and you are how I’m going to achieve that I have made you a great woman and I knew you would turn out very attractive but your more attractive then I ever imagined” 

Before Alice could speak two men walked into the room one grabbed Alice and tied her to the chair and placed a helmet onto her head, the two men started plugging wires into a computer and said to Mrs Rogers.

“You ready” she nodded 

Mrs Rogers stood up after being cut free, she walked slowly over to the mirror where she saw Alice’s beauty looking back at her, she felt her new firm boobs and turned back to the men, dispose of her. 

The 2 men injected Mrs Rogers old body with something and left as the New Alice called for a Ambualnce 

“Help please I think my friend is having a heart attack!!!!” 

Alice watched as her old body was taking away by the ambulance leaving her with her new body and new life. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "
Upcoming Requests Week": 

Hi and thanks for your captions. I always liked your evil f2f old to young captions thanks for those. Could you do one in an elite boarding school specialized in reforming troubled youngsters or in a nefarious orphanage/adoption agency that takes care of youngsters living on the street. Specific yet vague enough hopefully to leave you with enough room to play with. Thanks again 

Request #11: The Medallion

 Request Week 

Jeremy was not like his roommate Bill, Jeremy was not that fit her was fat and hated excersie where as Bill was a Gym instructor and loved working out he was always helping people lose weight and get there body fit, another difference between Jeremy and Bill was Bill had a girlfriend Michelle who was very attractive. 

Jeremy was waiting for Bill to go out to work so he could pinch some of Michelle’ clothes from his room to wank with as he entered he noticed on Bills desk there was a medallion Jermey picked up the medallion and then saw a Sports bra of Michelle’s on the floor he picked it up and felt very unwell all of a sudden.

Next thing he knew he was getting up of the floor, normally for Jeremy getting up off the floor was hard but he got up so easily, as he looked up into the mirror and jumped, turning he spoke.

“Michelle I was just.......” but Michelle was not there, Jeremy turned back to look into the mirror. He was Michelle. 

“The medallion must of done this” said Jeremy he smiled and grabbed his new boobs and then started stripping, he stood there naked in complete shock, he was a woman. The front door slammed shut and in a panic Jeremy pulled on the sports bra and a pair of shorts just in time as Bill walked in. 

“Oh babe did not know you were here, it’s not our day to swap, or are you just here for some fun” Jeremy smiled as Bill started stripping, Jeremy just hopped he did not turn back while fucking Bill and that the real Michelle did not walk in. 

  Request idea: 

Could you do a caption where a fat guy finds the medallion under a pile of clothes. then accidentally touches the yoga pants in the laundry and it turns out his roommate was using the medallion to work his girlfriend's body out as a birthday present but now he has her fit body. 

Unsubscribe from comment emails for this blog. 

Friday, 19 February 2021

Request #10: A honourable Discharge

The US army found a more unique way for people to return home on leave, they had started using a system were people swap bodies with people back home in order to get more time to relax and for Pvt Joseph Walton that’s exactly what was happening he was about to return back to his base and return to his body after spending time in another marines body back home but unfortunately there was a error and he was told he would not be swapped back into his body at first but would have to wait back at base to be swapped back.

Joseph was not to worried about this so he was stuck in the body of another guy for a couple days at base before swapping back no big problem, so climbed in the machine and waited to be swapped.....Pvt Walton a woke and got out of the pod he took no notice of his new body until he got out into the hall and another soldier ‘wolf whistled’ at him and called him sexy, he looked down to see to large mounds on his chest, quickly realising he was now in the body of a female soldier he marched off to his CO office

He arrived a CO office and told hi what had happened after typing on his computer for a while the CO looked at his and spoke.

“I haven’t got time for this Private.....there is no such soldier as Private Walton, now get out of my sight!!!” 

Joseph left the office and headed back to the barracks when he was blindfolded and dragged through a door, it turned out the FBI had done this to him, to prove how dangerous this system could be if a terror organisation got into the body of a high ranking army office, Joseph still never got his body back but was compensated  by the Army had given a honourable discharge.  

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Upcoming Requests Week":

Hi are u accepting gif? Bcs i have this gif that would make a great caption:


Request #9: Will Do Anything For Love (NSFW)

Request Week 

Tiffany was in love she had been going to the gym for weeks now just to spy on a girl who went there, 
Lucy she was so sexy and watching her work out made Tiffany so horny, but Tiffany knew that she would not be Lucy’s type as she was a 22 goth girl who did not really have the body that a girl like Lucy would like but Tiffany thought why not so after working out she went to walk up to Lucy and went to ask her out, but just before she did a guy came up to Lucy and kissed her and spoke.

“Hey babe good workout session today” Lucy and the guy walked of talking leaving Tiffany standing there upset and alone. 

Tiffany had never considered Lucy to be straight she just presumed she was a lesbian, Tiffany laid there thinking about Lucy one hand down her panties rubbing her pussy. She had to be with herand if she was not a lesbian then maybe Tiffany would have to become a man, she would have to become Lucy’s boyfriend. 

She would use a magic spell to swap bodies with Dan Lucy’s boyfriend, following him for a bit she cornered him down a dark alley and he spoke. 

“Your the girl from the gym, the one Lucy says looks at her all the time, what do you want ?” Dan looked at Tiffany as she pulled out a old book and spoke. 

“I want you” 

Tiffany started reading out some strange spell and next thing she knew she was on the floor, she stood up and looked down at her new body it had worked she had the body of Dan she wasted no time as she left her old body laying on the floor she returned home to find Lucy in the bedroom dressed to impress 

“Ready babe your Lucy needs a good seeing too, FUCK ME” 

Tiffany had only been in this body for a hour and already she was fucking Lucy, having a penis was odd but she had used a strap on before so she had kind of had some practice, but this time she could feel the pleasure a man felt after cumming all over Lucy’s tits she fell asleep spooning Lucy happy she was now with the woman of her dreams. 

Request Idea 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Upcoming Requests Week": 

I think my last comment didn't publish so my apoliges if you had already seen it, but my request is a lesbian goth girl uses magic to switch bodies with a man who has a girlfriend she loves. 

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Extending Request Week


As I have had a lot more requests than I thought I would I will finish request week on Monday 22nd 

I will take request up till 6pm This Friday I plan on post 25 requests, any request I don’t do will be kept for my next request week, please keep sending me request through the request page on my blog. 

I plan on doing request weeks once every month. 

Thank you all for your requests they have been great, I love your ideas 


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Request #8: Moving House....And Bodies (NSFW)

Ronald had finally got Victoria’s son out the door and on his way to school as he waved goodbye he ran up stairs in the bathroom his new heavy boobs bouncing as her ran. Ronald was getting on a little and now in his mid 70s he was willing to try anything to have a little more fun in life, he used a spell he found on the dark web to swap his Soul with Victoria one of his neighbours, Ronald always liked Victoria she was a hard working single mother and she was so sexy for her age and Ronald thought why not try the spell and have some fun. 

Ronald opened up his blouse and pulled of the bra he was now wearing, he just stood and looked at the massive boobs which now sat on his chest, he started groping his new form he had 6 hours alone time now and decided to jump in the shower and maybe see if he can find any hidden toys that Victoria had hidden around. 

Ronald found out that the spell was a one way trip, he was not upset though he was now 30 years younger and in a smoking hot body plus he now had a son which he found nice as he had been alone for so long. 

Request Idea

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Upcoming Requests Week": 

Hi, i have one request. it's about one old man transfers his soul for his neighbor,one single hardworking mom, that lives with her only son.


Request #7: Change For The Better (NSFW)

 Request Week 

Charlotte and Darren had been married for only a couple of weeks when while on there honeymoon they had a curse put on them which caused them to swap bodies and genders every few days, the swap always happened while they were sleeping they felt nothing until they awoke next to each other, and checked out there new bodies. 

Charlotte woke up that morning in the body of a very attractive young man she was happy with being this young guy, she had been in the bodies of old men the last 3 times she swapped bodies. She went into the bathroom and saw a very attractive woman checking herself out in the mirror, playing with her boobs 

“Darren, now that’s a improvement” said Charlotte as she to looked into the mirror. 

“Wow” said Darren as he looked at Charlotte’s new body

“We are both young, how long is it since we’ve been in young bodies ?” Charlotte placed a hand down her trousers to feel her new equipment. 

“A long time, maybe we could take these body for a test drive, I mean we haven’t had sex for months....” 

Darren was reluctant at first to have sex with Charlotte in her male bodies but after a couple of months he caved. 

Charlotte sat on the chair and warmed up her new equipment, Darren gave his new pussy a good rub and sat down on Charlotte new cock. The couple continued to have fun until they woke up 3 days later in new bodies, Charlotte was a 56 year old man and Darren was in the body of a very young goth.....it was to weird for the couple to do anything in bodies with such big age gapes.

Request Idea: 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

I have a request where a husband and wife swap genders but offset by a few days and the cycle continues.

So the wife turns into a man for a few days, then the husband turns into a woman for a few days. Then the wife turns back into a woman for a few days, then the husband turns back into a man. The cycle repeats indefinitely. They surely find their favorite combinations. 

Request #6: What A Rouse (NSFW)

 Request Week 

Samuel had no idea how some strange world body swap thing caused him to end up in a middle age single mums body but he did not really care he was now living in a warm house, he had food in the fridge and his own bed. 

He was shocked to find out his new body had a son who came barging into the room and spoke. 

“Mum please tell me that’s you, you’ve not swapped bodies as well have you the worlds gone mad!!!!” 

Thinking quickly Samuel acted all motherly hoping he could convince him he was still his mother.

“Oh course not honey, we’re lucky to still be in our bodies though, now you relax a let mummy have a shower before I cook dinner.” 

The boy nodded and hugged his mother’s body, he was unaware that it was possessed by pervert hobo.

Samuel jumped in the shower and admired his new body and after a while he was pleasuring his new hairy pussy, as he finished he dried off and entered the front room 

“Dinner darling” he said, the boy nodded 

Only thing Samuel needed now to complete this rouse was to learn his new sons name. 

Request idea 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

I have one request please, it's about one widow that lives with her only son. The world is in chaos because of the great shift, in this case one pervert homeless man is occuping her body, but him pretends to be her so ver son, doesnt know where his true mother is.


Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Request #5: A New Family

 Request Week 

Emma stood in front of the mirror admiring her new body, she was now in the body of Amelia her boyfriends sisters body, she had always been a little jealous of Amelia’s body she was very perfectly proportioned, no mater what Emma did in her body she could not get a prefect figure like Amelia, despite the fact Emma always worked out in her old body. 

Losing her boyfriend was a little difficult for her but it was worth it considering how much Emma loved Amelia’s body. Amelia on the other hand was having a terrible time she now found herself stuck in her brother girlfriends body, she had tried to explain that she was Amelia but her just thought she was crazy. 

Emma went around to a family dinner and asked about her old body, her brother spoke

“Nahh it’s over, you won’t believe it Amelia she kept saying she was you, I mean how mad is that” Emma giggled and took a bite of her food. 

She carried on eating a laughing with her new family. 

Purebiper476 has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

How about one where a guys girlfriend swaps bodies with his sister? 

Request #4: The Embarrassed Daughter

Request Week 

Amy was happy not to of been affected by the ‘The Great Mind Swap’ but her father was and he had switched bodies with Dixie one if Amy’s best friends, Dixie was always known for her smile and positive attitude but also for her very busty chest. 

Amy was mortified to find out that her own father had swapped into Dixie’s body. 

“Hey Baby girl, how are you this wonderful morning” Said Alistair from Dixie’s busty body 

“Hey dad......This is so strange....how are you felling ?” Amy felt so un easy calling her best friend dad. 

“Hun maybe you should call me Dixie as this is my life now, and to answer your question, I’m feeling this massive tits, how did Dixie put up with these, there mental.....” Alistair grabbed his new boobs and looked back at his daughter. 

“Dad..... I mean Dixie...I mean Dad......Fuck this is so wrong....why did you end up in her body out of everyone....this is so occurred” 

Amy started crying and sat down, Alistair went over sat down and consoled his daughter. 

“It’s okay Amy, everything will be okay.....now we’re both girls can I ask a question, how do I achieve one of these famous female orgasms then....” Amy got up and stormed away. 

“What did I say” said Alistair as he stood up and headed back upstairs to find out how to achieve one himself 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

Please could you make me a caption where a father swap bodies with his daughter's busty friend. 

Request #3: When Your Mum Becomes The Teacher

Request Week 

Tony was always embarrassed by his mum Mandy she always volunteered to help out on school trips, it was okay when he was 11 but now he’s about to turn 17 he was the joke of the class, but 30 minutes into the trip a car pulled out in front of the coach and caused the driver to lose control and crash. 

Waking up in a hospital Tony looked around to see a doctor standing over him. 

“Hey kid don’t panic you going to be okay, wait there for a moment...” Tony grabbed the Doctors arm and spoke. 

“My mum was on the coach her names Mandy...please how is she” the doctor told Tony he would go and check. 

After a while he returned looking a little uneasy. 

“Your mother is alive but she was paralysed in the crash.....but we tried a very new and rare treatment which allows healthy brains to be put in the body of people who are brain dead like one of your teachers, your mothers alive but she is now in the body of a teacher from your school” 

Tony was so confused about what the doctor said his mum was alive but in a new body....who’s body. 

2 months later Tony was sitting in his class more unhappy then either, his mum was sitting at the front of class in the body of Mrs Lovejoy one of the most sexiest teacher in the school, his mum was allowed to stay on as a teacher, Mandy loved being younger even if it was just 10 years she found Mrs Loverjoys body so different, Tony hated it but he was glad his mother was alive still. 

Request Idea: 

 I have a good idea a woman's brain is transplanted into the younger body of her son's teacher after an accident 

the body of the teacher is attached

With best regards,


Monday, 15 February 2021

Request #2: It’s Hard Being Perverted Body Hopper (NSFW)

Request Week 

Gavin was a body hopper he enjoyed taking over milf bodies, he loved mature bodies and loved laying in the bodies and masturbating, but most middle age woman were single mothers who lived with there son’s which was very annoying for Gavin he hated having to pretend to be a mum. 

Gavin found himself in the body of Gael a 47 year old single mum who had a figure to die for, he knew that she would have a dildo hiding somewhere, after looking for a while he found it. 

He laid there, dildo sliding in and out of his new pussy, he loved the feeling of the long hard dildo deep inside his new body.....


Gavin was startled he had completely forgotten about her son, panicking Gavin hopped into Gael’s Sons body and left the room before Gael woke up in her body. 

He heard Gael scream and shout “What going why am I naked....was I masturbating....” 

Gavin waited a couple of days before hopping back into Gael one night when he found out Gavin was going to stay with his dad for a week, He now had a free week to enjoy Gaels body.  

Request idea: 

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 

Could you do one story that one pervert bodyhopper hijacks a single mother and plays with her body around the house, likes to use her nude form.

Request #1: The Bully Inside His Sister

Request Week 

Andy was shocked when the ‘The Great Mind Swap’ happened he was not affected by it but his sister was she was now stuck in the body of a 42 year old single mum and for Andy the person who ended up in her body could not of been anyone worst, it was his school Bully Jason.

“FUCK OFF JASON!!!” Said a pissed off Andy. 

“Stop doing this, stop tormenting me with my sisters body.....it’s disgusting....get out!!!” 

Jason shrugged and spoke 

“What I’m just trying to be friendly was wrong, you nervous around naked girls ?” Jason jumped on the bed and spread his legs. 

“Come on Andy, fuck me, Fuck your sister....do I make you hard.....” 

Andy ran out of his room and locked himself in the bathroom and started crying, he hated that Jason was now stuck in his sisters body and still tormenting him he wished everything was just back the way it was at least when Jason bullied him at school he was not being visually violated by the sight of his naked sister. 

Request Idea: 

 Matt has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page": 


Could you do one where the great shift happens all around the world, but some where not affected by it including the victim of this story. 
The bully that picks on him and do the bullying lands into the victims sister and torments him. 

Request Week Starts/Improvements


Request Week:


Over 20 requests sent so far 

Some great stuff looking forward to posting them this week. 

Thanks everyone. 


I’ve been  looking back over my blog, some of my first post are a little poor. 

The English, grammar and structure are poor plus some stories are just well bad. 

If there’s any posts you would like me to improve or even delete or re write using the image then I will comment below 

Any mistakes or stories which make no sense let me know. 

I think I’ve improved over time I’m not great still but a lot better than my first 6 months of blogging. 

Many thanks 


Friday, 12 February 2021

Technicality (NSFW)

Amanda was keeping a eye on Joseph after there family all swapped bodies during ‘The Great Mind Swap’ she did not want that creep playing with her body, Amanda knew her brother would not be able to keep his hands of her body even if he was in his sisters body, he had always been a little perv stalking her friends and texting them. 

Amanda found Joseph laying on the deck chair in the garden but before she could say anything Joseph spoke 

“What up Sis....well I mean Brother....” Joseph pulled his hands away from his sisters uncovered lower region and made two peace symbols with his new dainty fingers. 

“WHAT THE FUCK, You Little Perv......Why am I Half naked while in the garden...” Amanda pulled her hoody off a throw it over her half naked body. 

“Relax Amanda I’m just chilling I’ve not done anything strange.....Yet.....” Amanda went to hit Joseph but she could not hit her body while in her brother body. She would really hurt it. 

“Your sick, your a complete Perv.....I’m your sister.....” Amanda looked at Joseph with disgust. 

“Well technically I’m am now you so this is my body and that is yours, I’m just playing with my new body like dad he’s upstairs now using mum vibrator, so if you think about it I’m doing nothing wrong its not like I’m a guy forcing my self on my sister that would be very pervy. I’m just a girl get know her body” 

“A technicality....that’s how you defend your pervy actions......” but before Amanda could say anything more she heard someone calling, it was the siblings Mum now in there dads body.

“Amanda leave you brother alone, it his body now.....” Amanda turned around and ran into the house and started arguing with her mum. 

Joseph laid there and continued examining his new body as Amanda and his Mum argued in the background. 

Days later when Joseph went to apologies to Amanda he walked in on her masturbating, he was shocked but laughed and left his sister to enjoy her new body. 


Thursday, 11 February 2021

Don’t Talk To Strangers

Stella giggled and took a sip of her drink as some guy as usual was trying to chat her up,he was telling her about how he was rich and that his dad was the owner of the biggest tech company in the word ‘Freedom Tech’ a company which made most of the worlds technology, it may of been a little sad but Stella was kind of interested to see if this guy was telling the truth as ‘Freedom Tech’ had some very cool stuff, Stella left with the man and turned the corner next thing she knew she was being bundled into the back of a van. 

She screamed as she was thrown into the van slamming against the floor, then she heard a voice speak 

“Be carful with that body, it looks perfect” the voice sounded that of a old woman and then it spoke again. 

“Well done, my darling she looks perfect for me” Now blindfolded and gagged Stella could only groan and struggles as a man spoke, the voice of the boy from the Coffee shop. 

“I’m glad you like her Grandma” Stella had no idea what was going. 

Stella was removed from the van and taken into a building she was pulled and dragged while still hearing the woman speaking in the background every time Stella banged into something  “Be carful” “Don’t damage that body” after walking for a while Stella was thrown into a chair and before she knew it her legs and hands were clamped down she was unable to move. 

“Let’s get this over with quickly if your father finds out we are here he will go mad” said the woman 

“Don’t worry Grandma he will never find out what we are going to do” said the man, Stella felt so stupid why did she go with this man. 

She then felt a helmet strapped onto her head and then after a long time of hearing machines start up and people mumbling she felt a massive pulse of energy cause through her body......Stella started to wake up she felt awful aching and so frail but she could see again, she then heard something moving and looked up and there stood her body in the door way. 

“Hello Stella, I’m surprised my old body survived the swap, I don’t see the need gentleman for this girl to suffer in my body as she can see she already releasing what’s going on” 

Stella was looking at her body and looked down a the body she was now in as she did she screamed in horror she was in the body of a very old woman but before she could speak she heard her former body say “Kill her” two men walked in and injected Stella she felt a pain in the chest and then nothing. 

The 92 year old Helen Mosley mother Of Andy Mosley owner of ‘Freedom Tech’ had no plans of dieing she recruited her grandson into finding the perfect body for her to live on and used new a technology her son had developed to swap into a new young body, she had the technology to live forever and planned on using it. 


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Upcoming Requests Week


From Monday 15th February Until Friday 19th February  I will be doing a request week. 

All posts will be requests, that you the fans have sent. 

So send your requests, ideas and Images 

My plans is to do 3 requests a day but hopefully I will do more.  

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She’s Gone (NSFW)

“Dude get out of here Now !!!! You have to stop doing this....I’m not you girlfriend anymore....” Andrew was sick of Nathan his best friend trying to sleep with him, he had swapped bodies with Nathan’s girlfriend Nina but Andrew made it very clear that he had no plans on carrying on the relationship but Nathan loved Nina and found it hard to accept there new reality. 

“Please....I love you Nina, Please take me back” said Nathan as he tried to kiss a very wet and soapy Andrew. 

“NATHAN!!!! It’s me Andrew in this body now....I’m sorry but please leave....” 

Nathan left the bathroom and Andrew finished washing his new body, dried himself got dressed and went into the front room where he saw Nathan sitting there crying. 

“I’m Sorry Nathan I did not chose to swap bodies with Nina, you have to accept that’s she gone...” 

The next day Andrew found a not from Nathan saying he was leaving as he could no longer be in the same house as him in Nina’s body, Andrew felt sorry for Nathan but also realised he was now stuck as a girl forever and needed to start living again. 

Sunday, 7 February 2021

What’s Going On

 “Your horrible, your a terrible person...Please swap us back Aunt Maggie....Please??” 

Just before Maggie left the room in Caitlin’s body she turned around and looked at her old ageing body tied up on the bed. 

“Looks like I forgot to put tape over your mouth, and why would i give this body back... I’m young and sexy again and ready to continue partying and raving... so no I will not be swapping back...enjoy my body your new dum ass husband will be home soon, so good luck Aunt Maggie.” 

Maggie left the room and Caitlin started crying....her uncle returned and saw Maggie tied up.....but instead if helping her he spoke. 

“She did it, she stole her body....right If she gets a new body then so should I ....maybe a woman’s body  this time.” 

What the hell was going on thought Caitlin as she saw her uncle leave the room......

Friday, 5 February 2021

It’s Done

 “Yup it’s done Boss, I have her body..... yes boss I will dispose of my old body”  

Becky was so scared she had just got home after a day at work when 3 men broke into her house, they blindfolded her and tied her to a chair, she then felt things being stuck to her head, then a man spoke 

“Ready.... the switch....will happen in 5...4....3....2.......1” There was massive sound and Becky felt a shooting pain go through her body. 

Laying on the floor she started to come to and she could hear people talking. 

“Untie me from this chair and get this blindfold off, and tie her up before she realise what is happening” 

Becky recognised that voice it sounded a lot like hers, she then could hear another one of the men speak

“How Bill, Your a Girl......Mental” She then heared a man scream out in pain and hit the floor 

“I may be girl now, Mark but I could still kill you, so let’s just stick to the mission we’ve got the body, now we need to return to the boss and get our new orders.” Becky decided to speak but when she did she panicked as a very deep man’s voice came out of her mouth. 

“Bring her over here, while I ring the boss” Becky was dragged over as she could hear the woman ring someone and speak. 

The phone was then hung up and the girl spoke 
“remove her hood.”
The men picked Becky up and rescued the hood, the shock of what Becky saw made he knees turn to jelly she could not speak as watched her own body smile at the sight of Becky’s shock. 

Becky started screaming a yelling and trying to break free as the two guys tightened there grip on her, one guy punched her and her own body spoke. 

“Sorry but my boss requires your body to complete a mission and it was my job to acquire it, why you I don’t know but you must be important somehow, I’m just sorry you won’t be around to find out, Kill her” 


Becky collapsed to the floor as she saw her body get up and leave her house as she sat there bleeding out she was so confused and scared....................

Thursday, 4 February 2021

It’s In.....Oh My (NSFW)

Danny knew one day he would have to accept his new life as Grace and start living as a woman but the one thing he struggled to think about doing was sex, as a guy he loved it. But being penetrated by a guy seemed to him a little gay but this body needed it and no matter how much masturbating her did he could not get rid of that need for a man, his new body desired it. 

So Danny decided to hit the bars and find himself a man, and that’s what he did he found kissing him okay and enjoyed when the guy went down on him but he could not help shouting out “It’s In” when the guy slid his cock into his aching vagina, the guy looked at Danny and laughed “it totally is in babe” 

Danny laid there after feeling happy and satisfied he felt stupid waiting so long it was amazing what a woman felt during sex and was looking forward to doing it again.