Monday, 22 February 2021

Request #17: Loving That Booty


“Finally some real big booty, these girls are perfect look at this arse.......So Fucking Juicy....I love it” said Garry. (Right) 

“I know Mate, this girls got it all great tits and this arse looks great......I just want to get out of here and have some fun....” Said Tony (Left) 

“We can’t leave this gym you know that Tony, are bodies are in the male changing rooms and if we leave people might find them, we have to stay here....doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.” said Garry. 

“I’m going to the toilet I need to see this body naked, what about you ?” said Tony as he started rubbing his new pussy over his leggings. 

Garry was just twerking his big arse in the mirror. 

“I don’t know I might hit the gym maybe get this body nice and sweaty then have a very slow shower” Garry grabbed his arse and smiled. 

“Good Idea Garry, shall we say meet back here in a hour?” Said Tony 

Garry still squeezing his arse smiled and spoke 

“Better make it a hour and a half” 

Tony was waiting for Garry when he saw him come rushing into the Woman changing room 

“Where have you been come on we better return back to our bodies, the gym closes soon, bye body.” said Tony as he have his boobs one last grope. 

Leaving these bodies the 2 girls regained control.

“What’s going on, I feel terrible” said the girl on the left 

“Why is my arsehole so saw feel like I’ impossible never mind let’s go” said the girl on the right. 

The reason Garry was late is because he ended up fucking a real buff guy in the men’s toilets, The two boys were planning on return tomorrow and have some more fun in some new bodies. 

Request Idea:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Requests Page":
Two girls got possessed or got bodies stolen by 2 teen boys who are excited to be in some Thicc Bodies 

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