Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Request Week Ends


What a week, hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did. 

All requests I did not get around writing have been saved and will be a priority next time if I do a Request week again, I Found some great Pics and GIfs recently so normal content will resume soon. 

Some questions I would love some feed back on: 

  • Did people enjoy request week and if so would you like me to do another one ? 
  • Any Improvements I could make to my blog ? 

Thanks for all you request this week 




  1. Personally I found request week to be enjoyable. As for the blog, you try and attempt to do interactive captions.

  2. I found it interesting seeing many other peoples ideas come onto this blog. U keep up the great work. If possible could u try and add like interactive stories like for a person giving wishes by a genie or an assortment of elixirs turning that person into something sexy or old or even in between :3

  3. what i found out from request week is there's a lot more people like me who love age progression captions especially ones where a young teen ends up in a milfs body.

  4. im loving the content you're putting, also the blog is doing great i think you're an amazing writer