Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Subject Number 3 (NSFW)

“Can we check on subject 3 please” said a Man as he looked at a guy in a white jacket. 

“Certainly sir” said The guy in the white coat took the man to the observation room for test subject 3. 

Test subject 3 was a interesting scientistic experiment, the Idea was to see a male’s reaction to being swapped into the body of a female and then put through different tests, currently the Subject was crying out in pleasure as they were testing to see if masturbation as a female was better than a man. 

“Very interesting experiment, how had the man reacted to being in a female body” asked the man 

“At the start he was of course shocked and hated it but after many months of being in her body he had accepted his reality” said the Man in the white Jacket. 

“What’s next for him then ?” Said the Man as watched the Subject orgasm again. 

“The big one, Sex and impregnation using a subject 4” said The man in the white jacket 

“Subject 4 ?” Said the Man

“Oh yes Subject 4 is our experiment to see how a woman would react to being in a male body” Said the man in the white jacket 

“Keep me posted on this experiment, and I would like to see the technology that you used to swap there bodies” said The man. 

The Man left the facility leaving the man in the white coat confused as he had no idea who he was all he knew is he worked for a top secret part of the government, he had left with information on subject 3 and the technology which they used to swap there bodies. 

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Interactive Winner: ‘Great Mind Swap’


The Winner and my 1st Interactive story will be:  


1. Interactive ‘Great Mind Swap’

- A young 22 year old boy is hit by ‘The Great Mind Swap’ who’s body does he end up in you decide. 

Will start working on it immediately 



Monday, 22 March 2021

Swapper For The Stars 1

Mark loved his job, he had been working as a private hire Body Swapper for a long time, he was hired by people normally so they could have some time off as Mark carried on with there normal life. Celebrities had heard of this very unique service which Mark provided and it was not long before he was getting requests to swap with celebs to give them some time away from the cameras and paps. 

Dua lipa was sick of award shows and needed a night off from attending so she hired Mark for the night, Mark turned up at Dua’s house went through some stuff with her about the swap she told him all about herself and the awards he was attending. 

Swapping with Dua was weird but he felt and look dropped dead sexy as he walked down the red carpet posing for photo’s, the best thing was he had a night in hotel room all to him self in Dua’s body as he had agreed to swap back the next morning, Mark was looking forward to examining Dua’s body a little more this evening.  

Moving On

Peter sat there smoking in his new body as he looked back at his previous body laying there unconscious, Peter had been switching bodies for a long time now he had just left his previous body a very good looking man call Vince after nearly 20 years, he had recently turned 40 and Peter decided it was time for a change. 

Peter had only been a girl once he accidentally swapped with his sister when he was young, that was when he discovered his power. Peter finished his cigarette and start looking at his new body, being a woman was strange for him as he played with his new boobs and looked at his little dainty fingers and hands he felt every inch of his new form until he reached were for many years a very well sized penis had hung, which was one of the reasons he had stolen Vince’s body in the first place. 

He lightly massaged his new Vagina and was blown away by the pleasure which he felt he had to explore more, he laid there for a while masturbating and bringing his new body to orgasm, finishing up Peter got dressed and left the house which for 20 years had been his. 

Megan’s body was looking like a good choice for Peter he wanted to stay as Megan for a while he wanted to see what life as a woman was going to be like. 

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Blog Update: Interactive Caption


I’m going to make my first interactive story this week and I was wondering what of the following stories would you prefer. 

1. Interactive ‘Great Mind Swap’
- A young 22 year old boy is hit by ‘The Great Mind Swap’ who’s body does he end up in you decide. 

2. Interactive ‘Take A Chance’
- A 49 Year old man uses his life savings to ‘Take A Chance’ a Random body swapping service which could land you in the Body of your dreams or the body of your nightmare, Chose a body and hope for the best.

3. Interactive ‘The Idol’
-Billy and his friends break in to a haunted house a go room to room looking for stuff to take, in one room is a idol which causes Billy and his friends Soul to leave there bodies, where Billy's soul goes is up to you. 

6 options for each one, comment the # down below and most requested one will be done by the end of this week. 
@ 6pm GMT (London) I will check to see which story you have chosen 


Friday, 19 March 2021

The Favourite Child (NSFW)

Carly hated her sister Lucy she was little Mrs Perfect in there parents eyes, Carly on the other hand was seen as the little trouble maker, in her eyes she was just ‘Carly’ if she wanted to do something she did it like when she got a tattoo, when her parents found out they were so pissed , But Lucy was always there favourite and Carly was always pissed off with Lucy because she played on this and was able to get new stuff whenever she wanted like a new phone, she got a brand new car for her 21 and just last week she got a really expensive ring. 

Carly stood there watching Lucy showing of her ring rubbing it in that she always got at she wanted but as she showed the ring to Carly it started lighting up both sisters looked at the ring when a small light shot out both sisters hitting there bodies. 

“Lucy are you okay, what’s wrong my little princess......” typical Carly thought, mum and dad are fussing over Lucy I’ve been knocked over too but then Carly felt arms lifting her up and found her mum and dad talking to her but calling her Lucy. 

Spinning around Carly saw her own body getting up and then it screamed as Lucy now In Carly’s body screamed. 

“What’s going on why am I in your body” said a very scared Lucy. 

Looking down at her sisters body she realised this was a opertuntiy to become the preferred daughter. 

“Mum, dad Carly is being weird....” she only had to say that and both her parents were telling of her former body which looked so confused. 

After seeing her former body being thrown out the front door and told not to come back until she had grown up and stopped lieing about a so called body swap between the sister. 

“Mum I’m going to have a bath then have a early night” said Carly in a great imitation of her sister. 

“Okay my darling you have a nice relaxing night me and your father are going out for a bit anyway so you relax and we will see you in the morning and hopefully your sister will return home a apologies” 

After a bath in which Carly examined her sister body she decided to do something which the perfect and pure Lucy had never done masturbate, grabbing her own vibrator she caused her sisters body to orgasm and squirt everywhere, Carly was going to enjoy being the favourite child from now on. 

Monday, 15 March 2021

I’m Not Mad

John was sitting there tied to a chair he was staring at nothing, no one would believe John he had been telling these doctors for months that he was a man who had swapped bodies with a woman. 

John had been ignored and told by every doctor that ‘body swapping’ is not possible and that he is just not accepting reality but John always told them he was a man. 

“I’m John Warren I’m 28 and I work as a accountant.....” he told the doctor who sat in-front of him every session and he always got the same response. 

“Emily you are not a man called ‘John’ you are Emily, a 25 year old woman who was training to be a doctor, I’m sorry but body swapping is not possible, so please Emily come back to us” said the doctor 

“MY NAME IS JOHN, JOHN, JOHN....” John got angry and tried to break free of his restaritns but then the doctor injected him in the neck and he fell asleep. 

John was never able to accept his new body and life and to this day still remains in hospital receiving treatment. 

Taking Down The Mob 2 (NSFW)


Ray had been expecting this to happen and as he was in the body of Bruno’s wife it would of been silly for him not to have mentally prepared for this, as Bruno pulled out his penis from his trousers Ray could not believe how big it was, Ray grabbed the throbbing penis with his new dainty hand and started giving one of the most dangerous crime bosses in the world a blow Job, for a while Ray just choked and gagged as he continued sucking Bruno off, in the end Bruno removed he’s penis and pulled Ray up and pushed him down onto to chair, Ray knew what was coming and he was not sure if he was ready for this but it was happening. 

He screamed out in his new girly voice as he felt Bruno’s penis thrust into his new pussy, it hurt to start with but each thrust felt more pleasurable, Ray was now not acting anymore as he screamed out as a orgasm rippled trough his female body, Next thing Ray knew he was bouncing up and down on Bruno’s cock orgasms making his little body shake after what seemed like a age Bruno pulled his cock out and shot cum all over Rays new boobs. 

Ray said very little after he got dressed, Bruno kissed the woman who beilived to be his wife and spoke

“I have a bit of bussiness to take care of I may be away for a couple of days, I will miss” Bruno kissed a confused Ray and left. 

Ray was convinced that Indra was a big part of Bruno’s business and intel told him that she went with him on all ‘Bussiness meetings’ Ray wondered if this thing Bruno was going of to do was maybe a surprise for Indra. 

Ray returned to Indra’s room, Ray had studied to plans of Bruno’s estate and knew where everything was he entered the room and looked at him self in the mirror, he needed a shower and stripped off and jumped in hopefully when Bruno returns Ray can start learning more about how Bruno’s organisation works and hopefully get some evidence to bring him down. 


Friday, 12 March 2021

27 To Go

 Duncan put his clothes back on and lit up and cigarette and thought to him self. 

“27 to go” as he looked up then man who he had just slept with walked back into the bedroom and spoke 

“Are you not gone yet, Leave now I’ve paid you haven’t I”

 Duncan stood up and was almost pushed out the door by his latest client, 4 weeks ago Duncan was desperate and hired a escort  to help relieve certain urges but as he ejaculated into her she spoke. 

“That’s 50, YES IM FREE, IM FREE.......” next thing Duncan knew he was looking at his body getting dressed, the person now in his body explained that he had been stuck as Jasmine the escort for nearly 4 months and that he had his body stolen by another guy who was stuck in her body. 

“So now your leaving me like this what do I need to do to leave?” The man finished putting on Duncan’s clothes and spoke. 

“Have sex with a man 50 times it triggers the swap, and then you take there bodies, Now get out of my new house.” 

Duncan walked down the street away from his latest client, another 27 to go until he could get out of this body, having sex with guys was horrible but he had to keep going in order to get back to being a man. 


Monday, 8 March 2021

Walking Annie (NSFW)

Jason was so happy to be living with his new wife Annie and there dog Marley, his life was complete he had a great job and came home everyday from work to a fantastic home but his life was about to change in a way he could not imagine. 

Marley was naughty dog but Jason loved him he was always chewing on things his slippers mainly but one night Jason and Annie were about to watch a movie when Marley came into the room and started chewing on a wire behind the TV, Annie got up and went to stop Marley but as she did Marley bit through a cable causing both Marley and Annie to fly across the room. 

Running over to Annie he spoke trying to wake her up and after a moment her eyes opened looked at Jason and started licking his face. 

“Annie what are you doing, stop that are you okay ?” Jason could hear whimpering from behind him and saw Marley awake crying.

Annie’s body got up on all fours and started barking and then went into the kitchen and started drinking water from Marley’s dog bowl, Jason was so confused as he saw Annie crawl over the Marley’s bed and lay down. 

Jason looked at Marley the dogs body and spoke. 

“Annie is that you ?” The dog just looked at him and barked, Jason spoke again he was going to test to see  if what he thought had happened was true. 

“Time for your Bath Marley” he said to the dog infront of him, but there was no reaction. 

Going back into the room were Annie’s body laid on the dog bed he spoke again tears in his eyes. 

“Time for your bath Marley” Annie’s body went mad just like Marley did when ever it was bath time, his worst fears were true Annie and Marley had swapped bodies. 

6 months later and Jason had still not totally come to terms with what had happened but he had been training Marley in Annie’s body to be more human like but he still had to keep a collar and lead on her, Marley came up to Jason in Annie’s naked body with his lead in his mouth wanting a walk. 

Jason looked down and spoke 

“We can walk but remember what I taught you ‘Stand’ That’s a good girl.....boy” as Marley stood up on Annie’s body. 

“Let’s get you dressed and no running after squirrels today” 

Jason would train Marley to be a very good Annie but he still missed the Annie he fell in love with. 

Sunday, 7 March 2021

The Other Gender

 ‘Babe stop bouncing my tits like that.....I know there great but your getting your body excited” Said Kelly as she placed a hand over her boyfriends penis which was getting hard. 

“Oh Babe you getting a boner, I’m sorry these boobs are so nice and bouncy....WOW I’m getting a little wet!!!” Colin put his hands down his skirt and placed a finger into his girlfriend pussy

Kelly and Colin swapped bodies after both of the m made a wish after having sex, they both wished they could know what Sex would be like for the other gender and they woke up like this. 

“Well babe we did both make a wish about sex as the other gender maybe that’s how we reverse the swap, me using your Dick to Fuck my pussy” Said Kelly as she looked at Colin one hand down his skirt the other playing with Kelly’s boobs. 

“I can’t help it LETS FUCK!!!!!.....” said Colin 

Both Kelly and Colin stripped and stood infront of each other naked, Kelly looked down at her throbbing penis and Colin massaged his pussy keeping it nice and wet, they kissed and then Kelly dragged Colin into the bedroom his boobs bouncing, Kelly pushed Colin onto the bed and went down on him she licked her own pussy until Colin cried out 

“Put it in me!!!!!!” 

Kelly slid her dick into her pussy and Colin screamed out in pleasure.....the couple fucked for ages until Kelly finally blow her load all over her own pretty face.....the couple fell as sleep very happy and satisfied. 

Waking up the next morning Kelly felt down and to her shock she still had a penis, she had her hand on Colins morning wood, Colin was awake already looking down at Kelly’s boobs. 

“It did not work Babe” said Kelly 

“I know, I’m so glad you want a blow job to sort out that morning wood ?” Kelly nodded and Colin went under the sheets and latched onto to his former penis, the couple would never swap back but would go on to have a wonderful life with each other. 

Friday, 5 March 2021

When You’ve Tried Everything

“This has to work, this body is so horny this worked when I was a guy” said Marshall why sitting in a bath full of ice. 

Marshall had swapped bodies with a woman called Laura during ‘The Great Mind Swap’ he was upset about being permanently stuck as a woman, although Laura was a very young attractive woman Marshall found out a couple of days in that Laura had a problem she was constantly horny he tried masturbating but it only relieved the aching of his new pussy for a couple of hours, he had tried everything and this ice bath was the last idea but after a 20minutes he was sitting on the bathroom floor masturbating again. 

Waking up the next morning Marshall decided there was only one thing left to try ‘Sex’ he looked at his new body in the mirror and decided that night he would use his new body to find a man and have.....Sex. 

Marshall found his night with a man more enjoyable that he thought and he did feel better but after a while the urge started to return, so he called the guy and invited him back around for another try, what’s he got to lose. 

Thursday, 4 March 2021

A Younger Version

Brenda was a world renowned piano player and had performed at some of the biggest music halls in the world but she was approaching her 80th birthday and she was getting worried as she was finding it hard to play the piano her body had aged badly and her fingers were getting very bad arthritis, Brenda did not want to stop playing she wished she was young again, after speaking to Robert her manager she made a joke about becoming younger again and Robert smiled and sat forward and spoke. 

“You know what Brenda I think that’s possible, but it could be risky” Robert stood up and walked around to her. 

“I can’t becoming younger Robert I wish I could....” Robert interrupted her and laughed. 

“Not making you younger, swapping you with a younger body” Brenda looked at Robert and smiled 

“Is it possible ?” Said Brenda 

“You leave it with me” Said Robert 

3 weeks later Robert was in his home hoping to get new financial backing for his new found young talent. 

The girl played the piano and then when she finished she turned around and smiled at the people who were applauding her 

“She reminds me of a younger Brenda Matthews you know” said one of then girls watching 

“Yes she is like a younger version” said another 

Brenda and Robert laughed with each other after and had some champagne, Brenda loved her new young body and was so happy to carry on doing what she loved.