Sunday, 7 March 2021

The Other Gender

 ‘Babe stop bouncing my tits like that.....I know there great but your getting your body excited” Said Kelly as she placed a hand over her boyfriends penis which was getting hard. 

“Oh Babe you getting a boner, I’m sorry these boobs are so nice and bouncy....WOW I’m getting a little wet!!!” Colin put his hands down his skirt and placed a finger into his girlfriend pussy

Kelly and Colin swapped bodies after both of the m made a wish after having sex, they both wished they could know what Sex would be like for the other gender and they woke up like this. 

“Well babe we did both make a wish about sex as the other gender maybe that’s how we reverse the swap, me using your Dick to Fuck my pussy” Said Kelly as she looked at Colin one hand down his skirt the other playing with Kelly’s boobs. 

“I can’t help it LETS FUCK!!!!!.....” said Colin 

Both Kelly and Colin stripped and stood infront of each other naked, Kelly looked down at her throbbing penis and Colin massaged his pussy keeping it nice and wet, they kissed and then Kelly dragged Colin into the bedroom his boobs bouncing, Kelly pushed Colin onto the bed and went down on him she licked her own pussy until Colin cried out 

“Put it in me!!!!!!” 

Kelly slid her dick into her pussy and Colin screamed out in pleasure.....the couple fucked for ages until Kelly finally blow her load all over her own pretty face.....the couple fell as sleep very happy and satisfied. 

Waking up the next morning Kelly felt down and to her shock she still had a penis, she had her hand on Colins morning wood, Colin was awake already looking down at Kelly’s boobs. 

“It did not work Babe” said Kelly 

“I know, I’m so glad you want a blow job to sort out that morning wood ?” Kelly nodded and Colin went under the sheets and latched onto to his former penis, the couple would never swap back but would go on to have a wonderful life with each other. 

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