Friday, 5 March 2021

When You’ve Tried Everything

“This has to work, this body is so horny this worked when I was a guy” said Marshall why sitting in a bath full of ice. 

Marshall had swapped bodies with a woman called Laura during ‘The Great Mind Swap’ he was upset about being permanently stuck as a woman, although Laura was a very young attractive woman Marshall found out a couple of days in that Laura had a problem she was constantly horny he tried masturbating but it only relieved the aching of his new pussy for a couple of hours, he had tried everything and this ice bath was the last idea but after a 20minutes he was sitting on the bathroom floor masturbating again. 

Waking up the next morning Marshall decided there was only one thing left to try ‘Sex’ he looked at his new body in the mirror and decided that night he would use his new body to find a man and have.....Sex. 

Marshall found his night with a man more enjoyable that he thought and he did feel better but after a while the urge started to return, so he called the guy and invited him back around for another try, what’s he got to lose. 

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