Friday, 28 May 2021

Hell Of A Ride (Interactive) (NSFW)

Jamie crashed down on to his bed in Pamela’s body which for the last 30 years had been his body, at the age of 19 he stole Pamela’s body, but now at the age of 49 he decided it was maybe time for a change he had enjoyed his times as Pamela and had defiantly lived a good life, he had enjoyed his youthful days in her body partying, sleeping around. 

The milf years were the best for Jamie he found being able to seduce any young male or female he wanted to be so sexy but in the last year or so he had found Pamela’s body to be losing its sparkle, but for Jamie he had no idea who to swap with he had some options but he could not chose who.....could you chose for him. 

Monday, 24 May 2021

Request: Dream On..... (NSFW)

Cameron had this recurring dream that he stole the body of Angel Wicky she was his favourite porn star and he could not thinking of her and her mature body and massive boobs the dreams were getting more and more real until he awoke to find himself in her body, unsure if this was a dream or not he decided to really explore the body that he adored. 

Cameron just stood there infront of the mirror hands playing with his new boobs, he checked out every new detail of his new body, from his new toes and feet to his new short hair. 

Cameron laid down on the bed and started playing with his body his new pussy tingled as he pinched his nipples and then he plunged two fingers into his new aching wet pussy, the feeling was so different, so mind blowing he could not believe the feeling as he brought Angel Wicky body to orgasm. 

After a long and sweaty hour of masturbating he decided to run a bath and clean himself up. This all felt to real to be a dream and Cameron hoped that this was complete reality he wanted to stay in this fantastic body forever. 


Could you please do a caption where I steal Angel Wicky's body

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Nooooo......I’m Not Doing It Again

Curtis was sitting there in the front room when he looked up to see his wife Karen walking down the stairs dressed in some very sexy lingerie. 

“Wow babe you look amazing, So Sexy....” but then Curtis saw Karen holding the swap device a very rare device which she inherited from her grandmother. 

“No....No.....No....Not again, I’m not swapping” but Karen pointed the device at Curtis a next thing her knew he was standing on the stairs in Karen’s body. 

“No.......Karen swap us back how does this device work....come on.....” Curtis pushed some buttons but nothing happened. Karen looked up and her body and smiled at Curtis and spoke. 

“Look Curtis, I’ve got a boner” 

A very unimpressed Curtis looked outraged he folded his wife’s arms in anger as Karen started walking towards him. 

Curtis laid there as he watched his own body go down on his new female equipment, it was a strange feeling, and after they had made love they both laid there....

“I have to admit Karen, that was not bad....not saying I want to do it again.....but” Karen smiled at Curtis and spoke. 

“You like your own penis, and what I can do with it......If you take care of this morning wood I will swap us back” 

“Your Kidding” said Curtis 

Karen shock her head a pushed Curtis down under the covers.  

Friday, 21 May 2021

Another Day 3 (NSFW)

Brian urges were getting to much in Jennifer’s body and he needed a good seeing too, so that night Brian decided to hit the town and find himself a man. 

He got Jennifer’s body dressed up, did his make up and left with some of his new girlfriends. It did not take long for Brian to attract to attention of people at the nightclub, Brian forgot how sexy and heavy chested Jennifer’s body was, he started dancing with a very attractive man and before he knew it he was in a taxi going back to his house. 

Laying on the bed Brian could not control himself, it was finally happening he was getting fucked, his pussy was on fire this is what his body had needed for ages and this man was incredible. 

Brian laid there his body was still trying to recover from what was a amazing experience, the guy then asked Brian if he was around for dinner tomorrow night and to Brian’s surprise he gave ‘Kevin’ his number and left hoping to hear from him later in the day. 


Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Slides Right In (NSFW)

“Wow it just slides right in, oh my god that feels different but good” said Miley as she continued thrusting  her borrowed penis into her best friend Lucy’s pussy. 

“Keep going that’s amazing your doing a great job” said Lucy as she bit her bottom lip as Miley plunged deeper into Lucy’s pussy. 

Miley had always wanted to feel what sex as a man would be like, so she and Lucy’s boyfriend Mark swapped bodies so she could try it, Mark did not mind it he was happy to be in Miley’s body for a while. 

Miley carried on thrusting into Lucy the feeling was amazing she could not believe how big Marks cock was Lucy was a lucky girl, but then Miley felt a strange feeling and next thing she knew she was shooting Marks seed into Lucy. 

“Oh shit Lucy I just cam in you!!!!” Lucy looked down in shock. 

“Fuck, what are we going to do ?” Said Miley 

“Let’s just hope I don’t get pregnant” Said Lucy as she got up. 

Mark swapped back with Miley later the next day and was shocked a week later when he found out he was going to be a dad, but luckily for Miley and Lucy he was over the moon about becoming a father and never asked how Lucy became pregnant. 

Monday, 17 May 2021

New Twitter Account


I have created a Twitter account hopping to post my content and share good body swap media content.



Sunday, 16 May 2021

Back At The Gym In His Girlfriends Body

“Look at that ass” said Zach as he flashed his girlfriend Melanie her own body via video chat. 

“Stop mucking about and getting working, my body needs a serious workout and you promised me that after lock down you would get me back in shape” said Melanie from her boyfriends body. 

“I don’t understand babe your body is still amazing, but I have no problem swapping with you for a couple of hours, being in the girls changing room was so cool, and communal showers....” Zach spoke to Melanie about how much he was enjoying her body. 

“I’ve got go babe” said Zach 

Cutting the phone off Melanie sat there thinking about what Zach would be doing in her body and she panicked....

Zach returned home from the gym and swapped back with Melanie, her body felt tired and a little odd little did she know that Zach had given her body a good workout while he was alone in the ladies locker room.  

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Over 1.5million Views - Update


Just wanted to thank all of you for viewing my blog for the last couple of years, really did not except it. It’s been a difficult year for everyone and I have found myself sometimes not being able to give the blog my full attention. 

I’ve not been great with some things on this blog, Requests are one of those things I hope to get more time soon and really start posting a couple each month. 

Interactive captions are coming I’ve started 2,  the Great Mind Swap Interactive story and another story called ‘Hell Of A Ride’ there not finished yet hopefully they will be out soon. 

I’ve tried not to post content for the sake of it, I want to post quality stories. 

So a big thanks to over 1.5million Views and I hope I can keep producing stories you all enjoy. 



Friday, 7 May 2021

Leaving As Soon As Possible

“I need to get the fuck out of here!!!!!” said Colin from Emma’s body, a body he had just stolen. 

Colin needed to get Emma’s high heels on quickly, he just used a ‘One Way Swap Device’ and needed to get out of his old flat before Emma woke up in his old body. 

“These fucking heels are so hard to get on” 

Colin finally got the high heels on and struggled to walk towards the door but then he heard his old body coming too so he picked up his new handbag and closed the door. 

As Colin sat in Emma’s car her heard a scream from his flats open window, Emma was awake in his body Colin turned the engine on and drove away from his old life in his new body. 

Pulling over a couple of miles away from his old flat her looked into the car mirror and smiled, Colin had not had any time to check out his new body he grabbed his new boobs and felt every inch of his body, he smiled again turned the engine on and drove back to his new home to start his new life. 

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Dat Ass

Beth watched her body walk away and she felt her husband penis start to get hard, she could not take her eyes of her own ass she loved her little wiggle. 

Beth and Mark swapped bodies while on holiday at swap resort. 

Mark knew what he was doing as he walked away he knew that Beth’s ass was what got him going so he knew that she would be getting excited. 

Beth ran after her husband who was still walking away in her body, spinning her own body around Mark smiled and looked down at his throbbing penis underneath his swimming trucks and smiled.  

Beth and Mark enjoyed there evening as they laid there in each other arms after making love, swap resort was a great idea and they still had 2 weeks in each other’s body’s and they were both looking forward to it.