Sunday, 16 May 2021

Back At The Gym In His Girlfriends Body

“Look at that ass” said Zach as he flashed his girlfriend Melanie her own body via video chat. 

“Stop mucking about and getting working, my body needs a serious workout and you promised me that after lock down you would get me back in shape” said Melanie from her boyfriends body. 

“I don’t understand babe your body is still amazing, but I have no problem swapping with you for a couple of hours, being in the girls changing room was so cool, and communal showers....” Zach spoke to Melanie about how much he was enjoying her body. 

“I’ve got go babe” said Zach 

Cutting the phone off Melanie sat there thinking about what Zach would be doing in her body and she panicked....

Zach returned home from the gym and swapped back with Melanie, her body felt tired and a little odd little did she know that Zach had given her body a good workout while he was alone in the ladies locker room.  

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