Friday, 7 May 2021

Leaving As Soon As Possible

“I need to get the fuck out of here!!!!!” said Colin from Emma’s body, a body he had just stolen. 

Colin needed to get Emma’s high heels on quickly, he just used a ‘One Way Swap Device’ and needed to get out of his old flat before Emma woke up in his old body. 

“These fucking heels are so hard to get on” 

Colin finally got the high heels on and struggled to walk towards the door but then he heard his old body coming too so he picked up his new handbag and closed the door. 

As Colin sat in Emma’s car her heard a scream from his flats open window, Emma was awake in his body Colin turned the engine on and drove away from his old life in his new body. 

Pulling over a couple of miles away from his old flat her looked into the car mirror and smiled, Colin had not had any time to check out his new body he grabbed his new boobs and felt every inch of his body, he smiled again turned the engine on and drove back to his new home to start his new life. 

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