Sunday, 27 June 2021

Fat Losers Are We....Fuck You (NSFW)

Neil and his best friend Caleb had know each other almost since birth and had grown up together they went to the same school and spent a lot of time with each other they both loved playing call of duty and both were big pokemon card collectors but both friends were always tourmented by there older sisters. 

Neil sister Jenny (Left) was a massive bitch to not just him but also Caleb and so was Caleb’s sister (Right) Kim, like there brothers Jenny and Kim were best friends and hated there fat nerdy brothers. 

Caleb one day found a web site on the ‘Dark Net’ which for a small fee could swap the bodies of 2 people. 

Showing Neil this website Caleb came up with a idea. 

“You know how are sister are complete bitches to us why don’t we steal there bodies and humiliate them?” Said Caleb. 

“Won’t that be weird being our own sisters?” Said Neil. 

“Who cares man we can really get these bitches back” Said Caleb 

“Let’s do it” Said Neil 

Jenny awoke to find herself to her shoke laying in her brothers bedroom, she screamed out her brother name and then slapped a large fat hand over her own mouth. 

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” Jenny screamed as she looked into the mirror.

“IM IN NEIL’S BODY!!!!!!” 

Just across town a equally shocked and upset Kim was crying as she looked into a mirror at her stupid brothers big ugly face. 

At the same time both sisters in there brothers body got texts on there new phones 

Opening the image on the text both girls almost collapsed in shock. There was a picture of Caleb in his sisters body licking the pussy of Neil in his sisters body sticking there middle fingers up towards the camera. 

The boys only took that picture as a joke but got a little carried away as Caleb made Neils sisters pussy squirt everywhere. 

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Love Of Her, His Life

Tim was so in love with Violet (Sitting) but she was in a very solid relationship with Emma, it broke Tim’s heart to know that the love of his life was gay but he was not going to give up on her she was his everything. 

Tim felt a little bad about stealing Emma’s life he tricked her into meeting him behind the coffee shop where she worked, where he used a ‘Illegal Swap Device’ to steal her body. Awaken in Emma’s body to sight of his own body laying there was a really strange feeling but he had a plan. 

“HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!! Come quick he’s going to kill me” before Emma could speak from Tim’s body a guy from the coffee shop rushed out and tackled Tims old body to the ground, Tim carried on working until he returned to his new home and found violet sitting on the sofa, she was so beautiful and now she was Tim’s girlfriend.

Tim wasted no time getting to know his and also Violets body having sex with her as a woman was amazing she made him orgasm and then they just laid there in each other’s arms until Tim woke up, he put on a dressing ground and walked up behind Violet who was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee. 

“That guy who stalks me has been arrested babe....he’s gone mad apparently” Tim dismissed this information quickly and kissed Violet on the neck he was now with the love of his life and was not going to waste a second.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

A Simple Wish On A Shooting Star

“Holy Shit!!!!!” Said Duncan as he played with Kathys boobs. 

Kathy who lived next door to Duncan was a 37 year old Yoga instructor who for the last couple of years had been one of Duncan’s biggest crushes she was so sexy, she had a great pair of tits and always liked to practice her yoga in the garden in some really tight yoga outfits. 

Duncan was not really a creep about it though he was a very respectful lad he looked but did not stare for long but he like any kid he had moments where he really lusted after Kathy he laid there one night thinking about her while he looked out the window he saw a shooting star which made him laugh. 

“Make A Wish they say on a shooting star…Erm……I know I wish I could be Kathy for just one day…..” 

Duncan never expected for the wish to come true though. 

Duncan ram into the bathroom and looked directly at Kathy’s beautiful face in the mirror he pulled his silky top off and almost fainted when he saw Kathy’s boobs. He had a good play and examine of his new body until he realised the wish he had made ‘1 Day’ as Kathy, Duncan needed to get start exploring this body more he ran and jumped on the bed. 

It took Duncan a little while to get use to all his new equipment but after a while he got the hang of it and 
found himself orgasming over, over and again, Duncan only wish he had wished to be Kathy for a week. 

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Request: A Win-Win Situation

Leia (Left) was laughing and joking with her best friend Audrey (right) as they entered the final stages of there hike they had just crossed over a small river and entered a secluded area where unknown to Leia floating in the air was the soul of Audreys friend James who was very much in love with Audrey but he was not there to steal Audreys body he was there to steal Leia’s body, Audrey was a lesbian and for years had been in love with Leia but she was straight so both of them hatched a plan so they both could get what they really wanted. 

Leia then noticed to her great wonderment a little light flying towards her and then it her right in the chest knocking her to the ground, Audrey looked down and spoke.

“James are you in there” Audrey looked worried as she was not sure if this was going to work. 

“Hey babe” Said James from Leia’s body. 

“I can’t believe it worked” said Audrey 

“I know this is mental” said James as he got to his feet and started checking out his new body. 

“Let’s finish this wark James....or should I say Leia and then maybe we can share a shower” Audrey smiled and kissed the lips of the woman who for years she had dreamed of being able to date. 

“Let’s get going” said James as he grabbed Audrey by the hand and carried on walking. 

James would continue to live Leia’s life and date Audrey leaving Leia’s soul lost in the woods. 

 I would like to request the following:

Leia was following her bestfriend Audrey on a hike. They come to a secluded area when Audrey smirked. Leia was confused when a light came out of nowhere and entered her body. The light was James, Audrey other friend. Audrey wanted to date Leia but Leia wasn't a lesbian. She knew James loved Audrey and she suggested that James steal Leia's body which he agreed. James would take over Leia's body and life forever and date Audrey.

Here is my photo sugestion. I'd like Leia be the left one and Audrey the right one:

Sunday, 6 June 2021

My Girlfriends Stepmother 7

Kenny had to return home before setting off to find his body and Caitlin he did not want to but he was covered in Caleb’s cum, he got changed and the headed back out to the car he knew that if he could find Caitlin he could convince her about what had happened he knew things only he would know about there relationship. 

After driving for an hour he had to stop for Petrol and while paying he realised something what if Caitlin did not believe him would he be stuck as Monica for ever he had no idea how Monica had stole his body, there thought made him shiver as he paid the cashier. 

He drove on until he found the address he pulled up and got a strange feeling in his stomach as he knew soon he would find Caitlin and Monica and confront her over stealing his body. He walked up towards the door of the hotel and went in he saw the woman at the desk look up and smile 

“Hello can I help you ?” 

“She I’m looking for some people, a girl and guy, the girls called Caitlin here I have a picture....” Kevin showed a picture to the lady who smiled. 

“Yes I know her she staying in one of our luxury rooms, number 4....” before she could finish talking Kevin walked out of the door and walked towards the luxury room which were like houses. He got to number 4 and knocked on the door, it opened and there stood Caitlin. 

“Monica what are you doing here ?” Said a very confused Caitlin 

“You have to believe me Caitlin, I’m not Monica I’m Kevin she stole my body and ran away with you” Kevin knew Caitlin was not convinced. 

“Your Crazy Monica, your my step mother and I love you but I think you’ve gone crazy” 

Kevin thought of a great way to prove to Caitlin who he really was....

Kevin lunged forwards and kissed Caitlin like he always use to and whispered in her ear, what he whispered was were they had there first kiss with each other which no one other than them knew. 

The kiss was passionate and Caitlin looked  at Kevin and spoke 

“It is you, Oh my god babe what’s going on......” But before Kevin could reply the door slammed behind them it was Monica and she did not look happy 

“Caitlin babe what are you doing with her she wanted to break is up” but Caitlin spoke across who for weeks she thought was Kevin. 

“What have you done Monica, why have you stolen Kevin’s body, no wonder you’ve been acting so strange lately because your not you” 

Monica looked at Caitlin and smiled a very evil smile she knew the only way to keep Caitlin away from Kevin for ever was to become her...

Next thing Kevin knew he saw Caitlin and his old body collapse to the ground after Monica in his body started speaking in some old language. 

Caitlin opened her eyes and looked at Kevin as he bent down...

“KEVIN....” spinning around Kevin looked at his own body were instantly he knew what Monica had done she had swapped bodies with Caitlin and now Caitlin was in Kevin’s body. 

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Request: A Carbon Copy (NSFW)

Kelly walked into the front room of her house to see to her complete shock her own body standing there naked feeling up her own boobs

“What the Fuck Is going on....who are you.......what the fuck!!!!!” Said a stunned Kelly. 

“Hello Kelly, is it not obvious I’m enjoying your amazing body....and soon I will be enjoying your life...” 

Kelly stood there still in shock as she looked at her own twin. 

“Please get out of my house, you freak....I’m so confused my son will be home soon I want you to leave” 

Kelly watched as the copy of her body finished playing with her own boobs and looked at Kelly. 

“Yes it is time for you to leave as my Son is on his way home from school” 

Kelly went to speak but her body then started to feel strange next thing she knew she was on the floor, she tried to speak but to her shock, just bark came out from her mouth, she watched stunned unable to speak as her own body bent down and stroke Kelly and then picked up the clothes which had fallen of her body. 

Kelly watched in horror as the clone of her body welcomed her own son back from school and then introduced her as there brand new pet dog...Kelly was unable to understand what was happening as her own Son bent down to stroke her new dog body. 

Request: Accepting requests? I have one, it's about one shapeshifter he steals one single mother's form and replaces her.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Accept It, I’m Your Sister Now

“I’ve told you Steve I don’t care what you do or say I’m not swapping back with Charlotte, you are going to have to accept I’m your new sister.” 

Before Steve could reply his Mum and Dad entered the restaurant where he thought he was going to be having a nice family dinner until her found out that the person inside his sister was not his sister at all but his best friend Robert. 

“Hi Kids” said Roberts Mum as she kissed him and then kissed Charlotte’s body. 

Robert replied 

“Hi Guys I’ve been so looking forward to this nice family dinner all week....” said Robert, There Dad looked at Charlotte body oddly and spoke. 

“But honey we only planned this dinner this morning” Robert just laughed and put a hand over his mouth. 

Steve could not say anything to Robert about stealing his sisters body as he did not want to look insane in front of his parents, plus despite a early mistake Robert knew a lot about Charlotte’s life it was a little creepy. 

Steve tried for weeks and weeks to get Robert to swap back into his own body, Charlotte in his had gone a little mad and was in hospital but after a while Steve started to sometimes forget that it was Robert inside the body of his sister he was so good and pretending to be her, sometimes he even teased Steve like a big sister would do. 

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Boob Swap

Stella still could not believe it as she sat outside getting ready to have breakfast ahead of day of sunbathing in her new body. Stella and her friend Amelia were kind of in love with each other’s body, Stella’s body was very nice but she as missing one....well two things she really wanted a big pair of boobs and Amelia’s body was very well developed. 

We’re as Amelia hated her large chest and had considered having boob reduction surgery before the two friends mutely agreed to swap bodies using a company call ‘Body Swap Incorporated’  and now Stella could not help but smile as she looked down and saw her new large boobs. 

Amelia loved her new smaller chest and she was looking forward to meeting up with her old body to join her in a spot of sunbathing.