Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Request: A Win-Win Situation

Leia (Left) was laughing and joking with her best friend Audrey (right) as they entered the final stages of there hike they had just crossed over a small river and entered a secluded area where unknown to Leia floating in the air was the soul of Audreys friend James who was very much in love with Audrey but he was not there to steal Audreys body he was there to steal Leia’s body, Audrey was a lesbian and for years had been in love with Leia but she was straight so both of them hatched a plan so they both could get what they really wanted. 

Leia then noticed to her great wonderment a little light flying towards her and then it her right in the chest knocking her to the ground, Audrey looked down and spoke.

“James are you in there” Audrey looked worried as she was not sure if this was going to work. 

“Hey babe” Said James from Leia’s body. 

“I can’t believe it worked” said Audrey 

“I know this is mental” said James as he got to his feet and started checking out his new body. 

“Let’s finish this wark James....or should I say Leia and then maybe we can share a shower” Audrey smiled and kissed the lips of the woman who for years she had dreamed of being able to date. 

“Let’s get going” said James as he grabbed Audrey by the hand and carried on walking. 

James would continue to live Leia’s life and date Audrey leaving Leia’s soul lost in the woods. 

 I would like to request the following:

Leia was following her bestfriend Audrey on a hike. They come to a secluded area when Audrey smirked. Leia was confused when a light came out of nowhere and entered her body. The light was James, Audrey other friend. Audrey wanted to date Leia but Leia wasn't a lesbian. She knew James loved Audrey and she suggested that James steal Leia's body which he agreed. James would take over Leia's body and life forever and date Audrey.

Here is my photo sugestion. I'd like Leia be the left one and Audrey the right one:


  1. Thank you for making my request.

    1. can a follow be done to this please

    2. What happened to Leia ?
      Yes I think theres a spin off in this story