Saturday, 31 July 2021

The Couple Swap 1


Sam and Ellie were getting ready to try ‘Swapping Bodies’ they had been told by a friend that this drug got you so high and relaxed that as long as you are touching another person in a particular way thar after a while your souls will switch bodies. 

Sam and Ellie started smoking and after a while decided to get into the position that there friend had told them about hands together after about 20 minutes they both felt something happening and then suddenly a Pink light left Ellie’ body at the same time a blue light left Sam’s body and both lights entered each other’s body. 

“Fuck It worked, I’m You” said Sam as he looked at his body sitting across from him. 

“I have your cock, I can feel it, how strange” said Ellie as she looked back at her body. 

“I can’t believe it worked” said Ellie as she started feeling her chest. 

“Wow no boobs” said Ellie 

At that point Sam looked down and smiled. 

“No I have them” Said Sam 

“This is mental” Said Ellie as she looked up at Sam playing with his boobs. 

“For god sake Sam, it’s been 30 seconds” said Ellie 

To be continued……

Monday, 26 July 2021

Request Week Is Back Starting Monday 9th August


I have received so many great requests lately and I will be working on them for request week, I Will take all request up till the 6th August and then will work all Weekend creating your requested captions. 

Hoping to do up to 15-20 requests so keep sending them to me. 



Sunday, 25 July 2021

Swapper For The Stars 3

Peyton List hired Mark for a upcoming Awards show unlike most people Mark swapped with he got no information from Peyton about what to wear or anything about her Life to help him. They swapped and then Peyton was straight out the door. 

Alone in a massive house in the body of a very attractive young actress, he walked the house looking in all the rooms he then revived a text Mark always had a work phone, the text read. 

“Sorry I left so quickly got a concert to get to, Car will pick you up at 6pm wear something classy and I will see you tomorrow night…..” 

Mark had 4 hours to explore his new body and find a killer outfit, this was not Marks first time going to a awards show so he knew what type of thing to wear, after a long shower he started looking through Peyton massive wardrobe, after looking for a while he found the perfect out fit. 

As he stood there posing for the cameras he felt so great, people asked him who dressed him and he answered by saying it was a friend she knew called Mark. 

Arriving back to Peyton’s house he decided to carry on exploring his new body as he still had another day almost in Peyton’s body. 

Monday, 19 July 2021

What A Evening

Vincent was so happy he had a night in by himself in his roommates body, Vincent and his roommate Silvia swapped bodies after a prototype body swap machine went off by accident in a local lab most of the east side of town were now in other peoples bodies while they fixed the machine. 

Vincent cooked some food and then put on the tv a rubbed his hands together. 

“I think I will watch Star Wars, eat my food and then maybe a cheeky little play with my new body before bed, so glad Silvia decided to go and see her friend tonight” Vincent grabbed Silvia’s boobs and laughed. 

Picking up the remote he turned on the movie and started eating and drinking…..

30 minutes in to the film Vincent had eaten his food, drunk his beer and was unable to wait for the movie to end before he was naked on the sofa fingers deep in his new pussy, What A Night In he thought as he screamed out as a orgasm hit his body. 

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Request: Becoming Giu

For Gareth watching Giu Hellsing was not enough any more he was obsessed with her and he felt the only true way to enjoy cosplay was to become her and really start dressing her up it what he liked, stealing her body was going to be hard he had a way but it meant getting close to her and a upcoming meet and greet she was having seemed to be his best opportunity. 

Waiting in line her felt nervous he was holding the ‘One Way Swap Device’ who he had punched illegally of the internet and was ready to use it on her as soon as he got in range. Next in line a security guard called Gareth forward and that’s when he did it he pulled it from under his jacket and pointed it at Giu thinking it was a gun she ducked and two guards jumped on Gareth but next thing he knew he was being helped up off the floor and as he looked forward he saw his old body being carted off by security. 

Gareth barely got time to think but as he looked down at his new body he smiled, it had worked he was Giu, he finished the meet and greet before being driven home. After exploring his new body for a while he decided it was time to get dressed up. 

Looking into the mirror he could not believe how sexy Giu looked dressed up in the outfit he had picked, he felt so strong and beautiful as he started feeling up the body he had been obsessed with for years, next step before posting a video of his new look was make up which he loved doing but rather than just a normal Insta video or tik tok it was time to maybe make Giu new cosplay a little more explicit and hot as he started setting up a onlyfans account for her, this was going to be fun as he started broadcasting his first video. 


hi, i was wondering if you could do this one for me, its about a teenager who's obsessed with a cosplayer called giu hellsing so he decides to steal her body, now as a adult woman he starts enjoying makeup and sexy clothes, doing more explicit cosplays and hot stuff, also starts presuming his new life to the old owner of the body

Sunday, 11 July 2021

The Freedom Cult

Cletus walked out the front door of his home and placed his hands on his new female hips as all his followers looked at him and started clapping. There leader had a new young body and they now knew he would be able to continue leading them for many more years. 

The freedom cult had been around since the late 1890s and there leader Cletus had thought he would be long dead by now but after he discovered a way of swapping bodies with young people he used it to live on, he had never in all the time he had been stealing others body been a female but he felt it was time to try the other sex. 

The swap was easy as his followers would go out and find him any type of body he required, using a old herb he would drug the person and himself until there souls released from there bodies and he would then enter the vacant body, sometimes the people would panic and enter his old body or sometimes there soul just disappeared. 

Cletus could hear his old body scream as this girls soul had entered his body after the swap, he hated the sound and ordered one of his followers to dispose of his old body while he goes of to examine and enjoy his new one. 

Request: I Cheated On Myself (NSFW)

Simon was convinced his wife Alice was cheating on him, so he did what any normal husband would do he used a body swap device to steal her body to see if she was cheating. He awoke to find himself laying in bed as Alice instantly he could feel something odd between his legs as he placed his hands down there he felt something sticking out of his wife vagina pulling it out it turned out to be a very large dildo. 
“Fucking hell that felt good” said Simon as he pulled the dildo out. 
Maybe this is why she had been so distant lately because he was not enough for her sexually, he had to admit he had not been on his best form lately in the bedroom he had no idea his wife was having to turn to masturbating privately in order to get her fix. 
Simon felt so stupid his wife would never cheat, maybe he could finish her off though as he could feel the wetness between his wife’s leg her body was aching for it, picking up the dildo he went to push it back in but then the door bell went. Chucking on a dressing gown he went down the stairs his new large boobs bouncing as he went, he opened the door and to his shock there stood his friend Sam forgetting that he was now in the body of his wife he shoke him by the hand and asked him in for a beer it wasn’t until he felt his dressing gown start to come undone that he remembered he was in his wife body, he could still feel the aching of Alice’s pussy. 
After talking for a while with Sam, Simon could not help but still feel horny he had not really had time finish of what his wife had started.  
“Are you okay Alice” said Sam noticing a still horny Sam fidgeting in his seat. 
“I’m good just a little….hot you know” 
Simon got up and as he did his dressing down came undone revelling his wife’s naked flesh to Sam 
“Fucking hell” said Sam as he got up and kissed Alice’s body without saying a word, the kiss from simon was to much his pussy ached even more and before he knew he was taking of Sams clothes and was sucking on his best friends cock, Alice’s body needed it and next thing he knew he was being penetrated by Sam and he loved it each thrust was a new burst of pleasure coursing through his body. 
After being pounded by Sam, Simon just laid there feeling a little guilty he had just somehow cheated on himself in his wife body, it had been a amazing feeling though, at least Simon knew Alice was not cheating on him but somehow Simon had used his wife body to cheat on himself. 


I have a request where a guy hijacks his wife's body to make sure she isn't cheating on him but it turns out he's doing the cheating within her body

No Daughter Of Mine (NSFW)

Kayleigh knew her mum would not be happy with her the day she came home with her girlfriend Joanne, her mum Mary was a real traditionalist she was in Kayleigh’s eyes a ‘homophobic’ and that’s why Kayleigh had waited a long time before coming out to her mum and brining a girl home. 

Mary was trying to understand and accept Kayleigh life style but really all she wanted was for her daughter to live what she called a normal life and get married to a man and have children. 

Mary laid there that night unable to sleep as she knew Kayleigh and Joanne were sleeping in the same bed as each other and might be have lesbian sex with each other……

Mary was drifting off when she had a feeling of pleasure between her legs, it felt like her pussy had just been licked but as she looked down she saw no one……

“Oh Kayleigh you taste so good…….” Awaking again Mary looked around she thought she had just heard Joanne….but no it can’t be…..

Next thing Mary knew she felt so odd and strange she felt many feeling at once……

“So fucking tasty……” Mary looked down to her shock to see Joanne between her legs licking her pussy but it was not her pussy never were the tits on her chest…..after a moment of confusion Mary realised she was in the body of Kayleigh while she was having sex with Joanne. 

Trying to push Joanne away from her new vagina she could not help but enjoy the very pleasurable feeling coming from her daughters Vagina……

It was hard to speak for Mary to tell Joanne to stop this and explain what was happening but Joanne was not stopping as she to Mary shock slipped two fingers into Mary’s pussy……

From that moment Mary had gone she had lost all her anger and was just riding each orgasm as it hit her daughters body……..

A massive orgasm hit her and she felt a very strange and odd feeling again….

She awoke back in her bedroom……..Confused….was that all a dream…. Was it all real, she knew that despite her dislike of her daughters lifestyle what she had just experienced what sex was and she had never known sex like that before. 

Mary awoke the next to find Kayleigh and Joanne down stairs having breakfast. 

“I want to apologies Kayleigh for what I have said about you and Jo, I want to say I approve of your lifestyle now after last night” 

“Why what happened” said Kayleigh. 

“Nothing…just had a think that’s all” said Mary a she poured some coffee and left the room. 

Kayleigh and Joanne winked at each other and laughed they knew that last night was risky but it had worked and that’s all that mattered to Kayleigh as she had her mums blessing now. 

Request: Living Like A Hobo (NSFW)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

A Strange Family

 “Fuck Sis you have a really big one” said Marshall as he measured the dildo he had just found in his sisters room up against his new tattooed arm. 

“WHAT THE FUCK Marshall!!!!! Your such a little creep put that back in my room and let’s go down stairs and swap back, dads machine should have recharged now” said Kelly 

“I checked it’s still on 57%, maybe another 6 hours or so” Marshall was still holding the dildo and examine it. 

“Fuck!!!!! Give me that….” Kelly took the dildo away from her own body. 

“This is so fucking messed up….” Said Kelly as she watched her brother start playing with her own boobs. 

“I’m quite enjoying it tbh…..” Kelly smacked her hands away from her own boobs. 

“Stop that Now!!!!!” Marshall stopped and jumped onto the sofa. 

“Now we know why mum and dad act so odd sometimes they swap bodies with each other” said Marshall 

“I know we are a strange family….” Said Kelly

“Can I have that back” said Marshall reaching for the dildo. 

“NO FUCK OFF!!!!!” A sad Marshall turned the Tv on and laughed. 

“Very strange indeed” smiled Marshall has he plunged a hand towards his sisters area. 

Friday, 9 July 2021

Jog On (NSFW)

“What the fuck is wrong with you man!!!! You’ve be running close behind me for ages now......” said a very Angry Sophie as she turned to confront the man who was now after chasing her for miles was acting out of breath. 

“I just wanted to talk to you about how fit you are looking, I’m sorry I did not mean to scare you...I just love fit girls who are in really good shape.” Sophie found this a little weird and replied. 

“Okay that’s really weird, I’m going to ask you to stop following me please....” but as she spoke to the man she saw him smile and laugh, he spoke 

“Sorry I need to go into the bushes” 

“What a loser……..” 

“Fuck this is the body great” said Marcus as he looked down at his newly acquired body, she was so fit and sexy. 

Marcus had a fetish about woman who worked out and loved following joggers in his local park, a couple of months ago he found out he was a body hooper and decided to use this power to steal bodies of woman who caught his eye. He felt bad about stealing her body but he had chased her for miles and was not going to let her get away. 

He normally spent the day in there bodies before hopping back into his, he needed to change his technique as he always wakes up in the bushes at 2 in the morning all cold and confused after hopping back but it was worth it to Marcus as he walked home. 


Request: Life Is Getting Better

“Wow that’s really cold” said Tony as he ran into the sea. 

Tony was having so much fun he still had no idea how he had swapped bodies with Model Alexis Ren but he was really enjoying being in her body this skimpy little green bikini he was wearing looked so sexy. 

Tony found it so strange that no mater where he went as Alexis people followed him he now had body guards and a manager as well as a personal assistant, although Tony enjoyed going around town as Alexis he was always looking forward to returning back to his new penthouse apartment for some alone time. 

He laid there naked looking down at his new female form feeling up his new boobs when the door to his bedroom opened, standing there was Miley his personal assistant who smiled and walked towards Tony. 

Looks like life as Alexis was going to get even better. 

 Hello friend i was wondering if I could request a body swap caption with model alexis ren here are some links to pics. Thank you for listening.

One Finger Is All It Takes (NSFW)


Mark and Laura had been best friends for years they always liked to do strange things together and when they heard about ‘Body Swap Incorporated’ they decided it would be so much fun to experience life and sex in each other’s bodies. 

Mark was so fascinated by Laura’s body, she was a very attractive woman and had real unique style.

He laid down naked rubbing his new female equipment the pleasure of just rubbing his pussy made him scream out, but he knew what he really wanted to do. 

After stimulating his new pussy for a while he decided it was time, how many fingers would it take he thought, slipping one in made him almost faint a fire burnt through his body making his toes curl, he was drunk on this feeling he continued fingering his pussy he felt juices squirt out as he felt his little petite body get hit by another orgasms……Mark needed more though he got up and rummaged around in Laura’s underware draw until he found what he was looking for, he knew she had one….jumping back on the bed Mark closed his eyes and slammed the dildo into Laura’s aching pussy…. The pleasure was so good he almost blacked out……he was so glad he and Laura and swapped bodies. 

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Tonight’s Body Is……

Owen laid there in bed, he was nervous with excitement which body would Jenny chose for tonight’s love making session, he hoped it would be a sexy milf maybe Mrs Bailey from down the road she was so sexy. 

Owen heard the door slam shut and knew that it was Jenny retuning home in the body she had chosen for the evening. 

Owen loved that his wife Jenny was a ‘Body Hopper’ it took her a long time to tell Owen about her ability but now they both love what it’s done for the marriage really keeps there sex life alive….Owen looked up and he smiled and cheered 

“Fuck!!!!! Yes Mrs Bailey….” Said a very happy Owen. 

Jenny stood there in the doorway in her new older body and smiled. 

“Knew you had a thing for her, I must admit being in a mature body Is so cool” said Jenny as she started exploring her own body.” 

Owen could not wait and never could Jenny. 

The love making was very different than when Jenny is in her own body…. Owen wound never say but Mrs Baileys body was way better everything just felt so fantastic. 

They both laid there after talking about Mrs Baileys body. 

“Next time babe I think you should try and get that Goth girl from the cinemas body, there something about her I like” Jenny looked at Owen and smiled. 

“Really? Okay if you want me to I will, thought you enjoyed it when I surprise you” said Jenny as she put a hand under the covers and grabbed Owens penis. 

“I do….but…..Wow” Owen could not speak the feeling was to much as Jenny dived under the covers….

What a life Owen thought as he prepared for sex again. 

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

What’s Wrong With My Wife (NSFW)

Andy was worried about his wife Maria for weeks now he had been returning home from work to find her in there bedroom masturbating or sometimes laying on the sofa fingers plunged deep inside her pussy but every time he confronted her about it she would say the same thing. 

“What Man I’m just so horny…..” 

Andy tried starting something up later that night in bed but Maria just laughed and said 

“Soz man don’t swing that way….. night” 

Andy was so confused, Maria was acting so strange…

What Andy did not know is that Maria was not actually Maria she was Curtis the 18 year old kid from next door, somehow he and Maria swapped bodies one day and have still not solved how to swap back.  problem is both Curtis and Maria were enjoying there new equipment and had not even tried to research what had caused there bodies to swap.