Sunday, 29 August 2021

The Couple Swap 3

 “Fuck why is there a dick poking into my arse” said Sam as he shot up out of bed. 

Remembering that he and Ellie had swapped bodies yesterday he kind of felt uneasy as he watched Ellie touch his morning wood. 

“Wow this is really hard Sam, Wow it feels good how do you guys wank, like this…..oh my….” Ellie gripped her new morning wood and started wanking. 

“Your seriously just going to wank there, in our bed” said Sam 

Ellie was still rubbing away. 

“Sam can you give me a hand…..” but before Ellie could finish Sam interrupted her and spoke. 

“No chance for fuck sake, right you finish that I’m going to the bathroom…..” 

Sam started washing and admiring Ellie body all the while he can hear Ellie rubbing away on his morning wood and moaning and groaning as she experienced what it was like to masturbate as a guy. 

“HOLY SHIT!!!!!!” Screamed Ellie. 

Sam watched Ellie walk in to the bathroom. 

“That was amazing, why don’t you have a shower and maybe give my body and test drive.” Said Ellie to Sam who was brushing his new teeth. 

“Erm okay” said Sam smiling 

“I can help you if you want” said Ellie 

“No it’s okay I will figure it out” 

To be continued…..

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Request Week 16: Sex….Sex……Sex (NSFW)

When Mark found out her could Perform Astral Projection and he decided to stay close to home with his first couple of possession, to start with one night he Projected his soul into his sisters body, it was odd being in her body and also strange having female parts, he was not Pervy in her body but he had to wee in her body and found the sensation really weird. 

He decided to Project next time into his mother Emma but this Projection was a little different as he had Posseseed her while she was having sex with her boyfriend Jake, at first he was in complete shock as the feeling of pleasure coursed through his mother’s body he struggled to leave her form as the feeling of being fucked by a guy was quite distracting but Mark found himself enjoying himself the feeling was so different so unique for him he loved it and then he orgasmed as the man thrusted faster and faster and he screamed out loud as he felt his own mother body shake. 

A hour later he finally got out of his mother and back into his, it was only them he felt a little sick about what had happened and decided then never to Astral Jump into any of his family again but he found himself for days after craving sex but not as a man as a woman he knew what to do in order to scratch this itch, a bar near him was famous for prostitution and all Mark did for the next week was sit in closed stall and waited for people to come in to the toilets, that night he had Possessed a prostitute called Cindy and was so happy when her client started pounding her hard, Mark would continue visiting the Bar every time he need some fun in a female body. 


 Can you create a story where a guy learns Astral projection and decides to use it by taking control of other people starting with his older sister then his mom but accidentally possessing her while she was in the middle of sex with her husband which really gave him some insight to the pleasure so much that he wants to try that with others until he jumps into a prostitute's body and can't seem to leave as his soul bonded with hers locking him into her body and life

Request Week 15: Becoming Belle (NSFW)

Jose was obsessed with Belle Delphine she was in his eyes perfection he loved everything she had done, his love for Belle had gone so far that he wanted to be her and he had found a way to do it, while in a old antique store he found what he had been researching for years the reversal rings all he needed to do was to get Belle to place one of the rings on while he is wearing the other one. 

He knew there was a meet a greet coming up and decided he would give it to her then, he waited and waited until it was his turn he got the ring out and was told by a security guard to approach. 

“Hi Nice to meet you……” Said Belle 

“Jose and this is for you” Jose handed her the ring and she smiled. 

“That’s pretty…..” Jose watched as she picked it up and looked at it, Jose them watched as she slipped the ring on. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh………Nooooooo……help……..” Jose to his shock was looking back at his own body screaming and shouting with security guards telling him to calm down, next thing he knew his former body was grabbing at Jose, security acted quickly and pulled Jose body away. 

Jose then looked down, he almost fainted he was in Belle body and he spoke 

“I’m going home, please take me” the security walked with Jose to a car and he got in. 

He did not want to start exploring his body yet he wanted to wait until he got home, he knew where she lived and also where her spare key was hidden. 

He opened the door to his new home and ran around trying to find a mirror 

“FUCK!!!!” Said Jose as he started exploring his new body pulling clothes of him until he stood there naked his hands played with his new boobs and then he plunged a finger into his new pussy, then making Jose jump a man walked in. 

“Brilliant your getting warmed up, ready to film that sex scene for your website ?” Said the man 

“Yeah…..100%” said Jose 

The man pulled him into the bedroom where Jose started getting Belle body dressed into some sexy stuff. 

Jose could not believe it as he felt a penis thrust inside of him, he loved it he loved her, her felt so sexy what a night. 


May I request a caption where a guy named Jose is obsessed with belle Delphine finds a body swap spell or reversal ring and steals belles life and has sex as her and stays as the new belle

Request Week 14: Crazy Fans

Luke was a massive fan of Scarlett Johansson but in the eyes of Scarlett Johansson he was just a crazy fan she had taken a restating order out on him, but this was not going to stop Luke from trying to see her. 

He waited outside a shop he knew she was in there as her car was parked outside he recognised the number plate, he had a plan he was going to confront her over this silly restraining order he was going to show her he was not crazy just a fan. 

Scarlett walked out and saw Luke approaching her she screamed back at the security guard as Luke tried to reassure her and grabbed her by the arm. 

“HELP!!! HELP!!! He is mad he’s going to kill me” Screamed Scarlett. 

A security guard ran out of the store and aimed his taser at Luke and fired but he was still holding the arm of a sacred Scarlett. Luke and Scarlett collapsed to the ground. 

Luke awoke to see paramedics looking down at him, he felt terrible. 

“Mrs Johansson please stay still” said the Paramedic. But before Luke could respond he passed out. 

Luke awoke to a room of people who started talking to him immediately but he blanked them as he grabbed the hair which was in his eye line, doing that he noticed his hands they were dainty more female looking hands, as people talked a hand slipped under his covers to feel boobs and then it shot down to feel a gap where his penis once was. 

Then he saw his reflection in a mirror by his bed 

Screaming loud he started cheering everyone in the room was confused, a Man walked up to him and spoke.

“I’ve spoken to your lawyer and that man who attacked you has been arrested” the man looked down at Scarletts body and it looked back. 

“Who are you ?” Said Luke 

“Bit of amnesia I suspect…I’m your agent Paul” said the man 

Luke smiled and spoke 

“Can you make a announcement please ? Tell everyone Scarlett Johansson is going into the porn industry find me some work please ? Now everyone please leave” said Luke. 

Everyone went outside and all they hear was Scarlett shouting in celebration little did they know Luke was on the other side of the door dancing naked around the room.


 Hi could you doing a body swap between Scarlett Johansson with a crezzy fan how starts to destroy her live. And become a slute and make porno movies?

Request Week 13: Get Out (NSFW)


“For Fuck Sake, If your going to stay in my mothers body at least put a top on or something I’m sick of seeing you walk around naked in my mums body you Perv” said Duncan as again the man possessing his mother was walking around with no top on. 

“Sorry Bro, but these boobs are amazing I’m loving the milf lifestyle, amd don’t worry next week I will leave her body so chill man and do what ever you want” said the unknown male who for a month now had been possessing Andrea, Duncan’s mum. 

“Actually you maybe want to leave the house tonight as I’ve invited some people around, for a party and things might turn a little explicit and I’m taking you won’t want to see that ever” 

“Gross, fine I will stay at a friends but you promise to leave her body next week ?” Said Duncan 

“Of course man, don’t worry about it….” Duncan watched his mum’s body walk into the front room and put the tv on, but to his disgust he saw the man place his hand under his mother’s bikini bottoms so Duncan just left the house. 

Returning the next morning all Duncan could smell when he opened the door was weed and smoke he looked into the front room where loads of woman and men some old and young were sleeping on the floor, his mum body was awake and saw him. 

“Hey mate, sorry for the mess but things got really mental last night….” 

Duncan looked down on the floor to see a used condom and he spoke. 

“Was this a orgy ? Your a complete arse hole, leave my mums body now!!!” Shouted Duncan waking more people up.

“Dont worry man next week and I’m out of here….chill boy have a smoke” 

A angry Duncan throw the cigarette to the floor and stormed of upstairs…

A week later and The man was still in his mother’s body when he asked him to leave he said “1 more week man” Duncan is now convinced this man will never leave his mums body. 


Perverted ghost possesses a mom, and doesn't want to leave her body.

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Request Week 12: ‘Rent The Body Of Your Dreams’


Matt was worried about his mother and sister as recently they had been acting very strange for example his sister Bianca had been dressing a lot sluttier recently and spending a long time locked in her room this was also the same with his mother Leslie she was spending a long time alone in her room with the door locked. 

Matt wanted answers from his mum and sister but they would not tell him why, one day Matt walked past his sisters room and as he looked in he saw his mum and sister kissing. 

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!!!” Shouted Matt in shock. 

“Leave us alone man we paid for a entire hour as these two girls so can you please go away…..” Matt watched as his Mother got up closed the door and locked it. 

Matt waited in the front-room for his sister and mother to confront them about what the hell had been going on the last couple of weeks. Leslie and Bianca walked in and sat down next to Mat. 

“It’s time we told you what has been going on recently, me and your sister have signed up to a website called we rent our bodies out for a hour, it’s a great way to earn some extra money, 
Ike tonight me and Bianca rented our bodies out for a hour.” Said Leslie 

“That madness, I don’t want to see my mother and sister making our” Leslie looked shocked . 

“What….Fucking hell they promised they would not be Perv’s in our bodies….I need to call and report them….I’m so sorry you had to see that Matt” said Leslie hugging her son. 

That night Matt went onto and saw that one his former colleagues at his old job was renting her body, he got his credit card out and booked a hour in her body, actually he better make it two. 


Can u do one where there is a site called were u can hire/rent girls bodies. Matt started to noticed his sister and mom acting in a very strange pervy behavior.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Request Week 11: Ronald The Weirdo (NSFW)

Ronald had been shapeshifting and stealing lives for a long time now, only problem was he had a fetish for older ladies mostly mums and stuff so after about 15 years he would find a new body and shapeshift himself into there form and reverse shift there bodies into his previous form this would normally cause the person to die from the pain or if they survive go crazy from the experience. 

Ronald had just stolen his neighbours body she was a 57 year old mum and Ronald had been eyeing her up for weeks now as his previous body had just had its 70 birthday and was getting to old for him. Ronald was already getting his new body ready for a night out he knew a bar where men like him love meeting older woman and if there’s a thing an old Perv like Ronald loved was to have a little fun in his bodies. 


 A shapeshifter perverted steals his neighbor's mom form and replaces her.

Request Week 10: The Great Mind Swap Strikes Agian (NSFW)

Sammy was so confused everyone he saw was acting really strange there were people looking at them selfs in shop windows some women were playing with there boobs and laughing some men were crying as they looked at there bodies, one grown man was lying on the ground crying like a new born what was going on. 

Unknown to Sammy at this point as he walked home the ‘The Great Mind Swap’ had just hit the earth causing 95% of people to swap bodies randomly with people. As Sammy turned to go down the street where his house was he saw something odd the crazy old drunk guy was sitting there crying into his hands, Sammy creeped past as he got close to his house. 

Opening the door first thing he heard was smashing coming from upstairs. 

“MUM!!!!!” Shouted Sammy as he walked up the stairs….

Then from the bathroom Sammy heard something even stranger his mum was speaking from inside the bathroom. 

“Fucking Tits…..A pussy and free drink….what a day…..” Said Sammys Mum. 

Sammy looked at his mum and covered his eyes. 

“FUCK MUM….your naked” said Sammy. 

Sammy’s mother’s body turned and looked at him and walked towards him. 

“Mum….I’m not your mum boy……im not sure if im drunk or this if this some kind of crazy trip from the drugs I took earlier but I have a female body…. And Alcohol so FUCK OFF because im going to enjoy it” 

Sammy watched his mum take another sip of he drink and then plunge two fingers in to her pussy. 

Running down stairs Sammy turned the tv on and the news headline he saw read; 

‘Strange Event Causes Majority of People To Swap Bodies’ 

That explained it all and then it hit him that’s why his mum was acting so strange she was not his mum anymore she was now in another body amd some drunk old guy….was… hers, the old drunk guy crying outside was that his mum, he rushed out and spoke to the body of the old drunk which still crying 

“Mum, is that you ?” The drunk guy looked up 

“Mum? no…no….no……” the drunk guy carried on crying it was not his mother. 

After the world calmed down family members started to meet back up and it was not long until Sammy was reunited with his mother in the body of a 5ft 8 , 18 Year old College student called Lexi. 


 I have one request it's about one teen who wasn't affected by great shift. He had a big surprise when returned home, his mom was naked and drunk at his bedroom, actually was a old drunk man occupying her body.

Request Week 9: Becoming The Tutor


Mrs Margret Davis was a teacher at Elliot’s local school, all the boys liked her she was what the young lads call 'A Milf' she was a very attractive woman for her age. 

Elliot was failing his exams so decided to ask Mrs Davis for help and she agreed to tutor him at home. 
Elliot and Mrs Davis were going through some stuff when a ball of light came through the window both were very confused, Elliot reached a hand out to touch it and next thing he knew he was on the floor looking up, as he pulled himself up he found himself looking back at his own body somehow he and Mrs Davis had swapped bodies. 

When Margaret woke up she too was in complete shock to see her own body fondling it’s self was terrified, they both screamed and shouted for a good hour about what had happened until Elliot's parents returned home paid Elliot who was in the body of Margret some money and somehow he was leaving his own house in his own teachers body. 

“Why are you dressing my body like that like, that’s way to much cleavage…” Said Margret as she looked at her own body which was showing quite a lot of skin. 

“Come on Margret your body is banging for a woman your age everyone at schools thinks your a Milf…..your so hot” Said Elliot as he ran a hand down his smooth legs. 

“Fine I’m more worried about swapping back, did you find anything about people body swapping after to seeing a ball of light and what we can do ?” Said Margret, she was a little distracted still by her own beauty. 

“Err….yeah about that I looked online and people have swapped bodies like we did before….” 

“Brilliant so what did they do to switch back ?” Said Margret cutting across Elliot. 

Elliot lent back in his chair and spoke. 

“They never did” 

Margret laughed and was almost shocked by her new manly laugh. 

“Very Funny, honestly” but as she finished talking she saw by her own facial expression Elliot was not joking around

“I’m stuck as you forever” Margret clapped her large man hands over her face and started crying. 

“How do you think I feel Margret I’ve lost 24 years of my life now I’m stuck as you….” Said Elliot as he put a hand on his former shoulders and listened as Margret carried on crying. 

Elliot would continue to do his best as a teacher but he was pretty crap in the end he would quit teaching and started working at a nightclub as a waitress, Margret passed Elliot's test and decided to trying something new with her new youth she decided to study to be a doctor it was her dream when she was young. 


Could you make a body swap between a hot milf teacher and a nerd. With no way to swap back.

Friday, 13 August 2021

Request Week Extension Until 25th August


I got 30 fantastic requests and I’m going to do them all, just need more time 

So will continue writing and posting until next week 

Won’t be taking any new requests unfortunately. 



Request Week 8: Seeing Things (NSFW)

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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Request Week 7: The Dangers Of Trolling


“Look at her she’s so ugly and how is she even a actor she so awful” Said Mike as he looked at a picture that Brie Larson had just put on Twitter. 

“I know she so overrated, let’s troll her” said Mikes friend Harry. 

The comments Mike and Harry left in the Comments were bad 

‘Your so ugly’ ‘Down with all the Feminist’ and ‘Worst Actress I have ever seen’ 

The comments went on until the early hours of the morning until both Mike and Harry went to bed. 

Mike awoke the next day to a loud scream but it was not from a male voice but from a female voice getting up Mike ran into Harry’s room and to his complete shock standing there looking into the mirror Harry kept on his desk was Brie Larson. 

“WHAT THE FUCK……IS GOING ON!!!!!!” Mike was in shock as Brie Larson turned around and spoke. 

“Mike it’s me Harry, I’m Brie Larson…..” Mike Laughed 

“Vert funny, great joke Harry” Said Mike Looking for Harry.

“No man, this is not a joke, I’m Harry honestly…..” Mike looked at Brie and spoke again. 

“Is that really you Harry” Brie’s body nooded and looked back into the mirror 

“I’m a girl” Harry looked down his top and his new boobs and placed a hand under his night shorts to feel nothing but a vagina. 

“I don’t believe it, Your a girl…..haha that’s hilarious your going to have periods and stuff plus your not even a hot girl I mean we were right She not all that is she….” 

Mike carried on for days and days taking the piss out of Harry for somehow turning into Brie and it was really pissing off Harry he was kind of enjoying it and finding Brie’s body very nice. 

Harry needed a shower as Brie’s body was starting to smell, Mike watched as Harry walk towards the bathroom and closed the door. Mike was starting to change his mined on Brie really in the last couple of days he too had seen up close just how beautiful Brie really was, it was at that point it hit him Brie Larson was naked and having a shower. 

He opened the bathroom door to see a very wet Brie with a towel around her, Harry looked at Mike and instantly realised what Mike wanted. 

“No……… it’s wrong….It’s me Harry” Harry backed up until he was back in the shower Mike tried pulling the towel off Brie’s body, Harry p tried to stop him but then the towel dropped and before Harry knew what was happening he was in bed with mike and they were fucking….

Mike woke up the next morning and reached over to find Brie…. Well Harry but to his shocked there laying naked next to him was Harry back in his own body both looking at each the two friends started screaming and Mike ran out of the room….. the two men never really spoke about that night again and never did they ever troll anyone online again.


Can i request story about two guys who hated Brie Larson, would spend hours on the internet calling her names for being woke feminist actress, etc. But then one day somehow onw of them wakes up as Brie Larson. They both initially panic, with one making fun of the other for being a girl. Of course being a bunch of horny dudes, one thing led to another, they found themselves in the bathroom doing.. stuff (GIF below) And so they both learn to love Brie.. in different ways.. Here's the gif (If the gif doesnt work, you can search "brie larson shower gif on google Thanks!

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Request Week 6: A Complete Hoax (NSFW)


Nathan was disgusted and Embarrassed when he woke up one day in his sisters body, Gemma was Nathan’s younger sister and had just turned 19 he did not know why they had swapped bodies but all he knew is he was desperate to swap back. 

Nathan never wanted to see Gemma’s body naked which meant he washed her body every night with a blindfold on, he even hated the feeling his body would give out when he washed his boobs and vagina that was disgusting enough for Nathan more days went by like this, Nathan decided he would do anything to swap back….anything……

Nathan searched the internet for days going onto forums and talking to people, Nathan went on to one blog and a guy spoke of a very rare event known as the FOSE which according the man this FOSE would cause a person to swap body with who ever they were thinking about while masturbating or having sex but they needed to orgasm the event lasted for about 1 hour and in that time the person would need to bring there body to orgasm, the idea of having Sex or Masturbating in his sisters body sounded sick after a couple of days thinking he decided to try it, this meant seeing his sister naked for the first time and violating his sisters body. 

He laid down on his bed looking down at his sisters naked form and picked up a brush, he had to think about himself and somehow get his sisters body excited and orgasms thinking about himself, this was so twisted he felt awful but as he placed the end of the brush into his Sister’s vagina he knew in that moment there was no turning back he had to try this he could not stop now, his face grimaced as he started moving the brush in and out while thinking of his own body, he started to his disgust start to feel a little pleasure starting to course though his body and after 10 minutes the pleasure had taken over still thinking of himself he carried on and on until he felt a massive wave of pressure and he spasmed as he orgasmed. 

He opened his eyes but knew it had not worked what had he done wrong he had thought of himself all the time, feeling disgusted with what he had just done he went back onto the forum and saw a new post from the man. 

“Got you all, there’s no such thing as the FOSE hahaha, your all sick losers” 

Nathan started crying as he read the post he at that point knew that evethimg he had just done was for nothing he had just masturbated in his own sisters body for nothing……


Could you make a caption about a guy who is stuck inside his sister body. He's never done anyhting in her body because hes embarassed by it. He wants to change back. But then he heard a rumour that a FOSE is coming so he forced himself to mastrbate in hope it will swap him back to his old body. But turns out the Fose rumour is a hoax and he pleasured himself for nothing

Request Week 5: Becoming Giu 2

Part 1

Gareth was getting more and more comfortable in Giu body and he was dressing up in more hotter cosplay outfits, in a matter of months Gareth had completely changed Giu life he was still dressing up and performing on onlyfans and he was making so much money, he was now getting changed into one of his most favourite and sexiest outfit for a very explicit photo shoot. 

He walked out into the apartment where he was going to do some poses for the camera in a tight latex outfit with a very small bit of it covering his boobs looked amazing it felt so amazing to be able to dress Giu’s body up. 

“That was great Giu” Said the photographer as he showed some of the best pictures to Gareth. 

“You ever thought about trying cosplay porn, you would be a natural” 

Gareth Froze as the photographer handed him and business card and spoke again.

“Well think about it lesbian cosplay stuff its worth so much money and I’ve seen your only fans stuff, it’s got a lot more explicit over the last couple of months and I think you could be a star” 

The photographer left and Gareth looked down at his body and smiled the idea of performing Lesbian cosplay stuff made him become very aroused, later that day Gareth was making arrangements for his firsts scene and was looking forward to telling all his fans.  


 i was wondering if you could do a continuation for Becoming Giu, the guy in her body is becoming bolder and bolder doing super hot cosplays

Monday, 9 August 2021

Request Week 4: A Popular Choice


Madison Gardener….. When Luke heard the teacher read her name out he almost collapsed he was going to spend the next 4 months in the body of Madison Gardener she was by far the hottest and most popular girl at school all the boys wanted to be with her and all the girls wanted to be her. 

Madison looked over at Luke a smiled, she was not a bitch she spoke to Luke about the swap and told him stuff he needed to know about her life and body, all though she was kind to Luke deep down he knew she hated the idea of being in his body for 4 months but that was the risk of Swap Class, she probably would of like to swap with her boyfriend Martin but he was partnered with Leanne the quite girl who sat at the back of the class. 

The swap was quick and painless and after it happens the student could return home, Luke when straight to the mirror and snapped some picks of Madisons body, Luke was a gentleman but it was going to happen he was at some point going to have to shower and see his new naked form so why not now he thought while taking of his new clothes. 


Could you make one about her? She's the popular girl on college type of girl, thank you :)

Request Week 3: Fly Karma

Janet was so pissed off with all the fly’s is her house, she kept hitting them with magazines and she sprayed loads of bug spray around the house but it did not seem to do anything, one day while out shopping she saw a electric fly zapper and thought it would be a great idea. 

Janet was preparing to have some water melon when she turned to see and fly on it she grabbed the zapper and hit it… thing she new she was looking up out of multiples eyes she felt her body twitching like she had just received a electric shock, she then panicked as through her eyes she saw her own body looking at its hands and then looking down at her, it then hit her she had swapped bodies with the fly. 

She screamed but no sound was made, she felt nothing….then to her horror she saw a magazine coming towards her……….(Splat) 

A hour later James’s husband walked into the kitchen to see Janet’s body on the kitchen counter eating the water melon.

“You Okay sweetheart” Said James

 She looked up and twitched her head 

“yyyy…….eeeee…….ssssss” said Janet’s voice as it carried on eating the watermelon, James found his wife behaviour very odd over the next couple of weeks and decided to get a doctor to help her get over this acting like a fly issue she had developed. 


 This is a nice idea. Could you make a body swap between a spider or fly with a sexy milf.

Request Week 2: The Film Bizz

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Request Week 1: Jason’s Exchange Island Nightmare (NSFW)

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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

The Couple Swap 2


Ellie watched Sam play with her boobs for a while before asking him. 

“How do they feel?” 

Sam looked up and smiled. 

“They feel great, honestly they are fucking amazing…. Being you is so strange look at your dainty hands” said Sam 

“I’m kind of getting turned on Sam so please stop touching my amazing boobs” said Ellie as she looked down at her new penis starting to stand to attention. 

Sam looked down and then he realised he now had a vagina, he plunged a hand down and felt it. 

“Wow that strange, I have your vagina, I have a pussy……. Fucking hell Ellie this in metal……what should we do swap back now ?” Said Sam. 

“No way, I paid £500 for this drug so we are getting our money’s worths let’s just spend some time living as each other and maybe exploring each other’s bodies” Said Ellie. 

“I’m not having Sex Ellie no chance I’m not putting anything in this pussy okay” said Sam 

Ellie nodded but in her mind she thought that there no way she being a guy and not having sex, she knew she would be able to change Sam’s mind it might just take a while…..