Sunday, 5 September 2021

This Is Why…….

 “Fucking Hell Tony do not sit like that, it’s not very lady like” said Nina who was driving and trying to stop Tony from exposing her body. 

“Sorry Nina but it’s just so strange I have a pussy, it’s just flat and no Balls ever, I kind of prefer it if I’m honest” Tony placed a finger down towards his new area but before he got close Nina slapped it away, while doing this she almost crashed the car. 

“Look it’s simple we drive back to where we brought those strange drugs and wait for that guy who sold it to use, we smoke it, we switch back and go on with our lives.” Said Nina. 

“Fine” said Tony who sat properly in the chair but as he sat up he grabbed Nina’s boobs and started playing with them. 

“So strange, they feel amazing…..” Nina looked over and Tony. 

“STOP IT!!!” She shouted. 

“Oh come on Nina be honest this is pretty unique, I’m just exploring I won’t don’t anything to strange” said Tony still playing with Nina’s boobs. 

“Doesn’t matter we are here, let’s wait for that guy….” Said Nina. 

Darkness arrived and still the two friends sat in the car waiting until Nina spotted the man standing in a door way. 

Both Friends approached the man and spoke. 

“We would like to buy some gear please” Said Nina in her new manly voice. 

“Hey i remember you too, Switched bodies have you ?” They both nodded. 

“Same price as before” Nina handed the money over to the man and he have them a bag with a blue drug in it, shall we wait till we are home or do it now. 

“Now” said Nina rolling a  joint up and lighting it. 

Sitting in the car they both took some puffs and started to feel drowsy, it was working but then Tony saw the Man they brought the drugs from open Nina’s door lean across and take a puff on the joint as well, but tony could do nothing as he passed out. 

Waking up Tony looked down at his hands and then he looked into the mirror in the car he saw himself looking back but then he looked across to see to his shock the Man waking up next to him in the car. 

“It worked” said the man but as he spoke a hand clapped over his mouth and then he spoke again. 

“Tony ?” Said the man. 

“Nina?” Said Tony, Nina looked in the mirror and burst into tears. 

The Man had waited for them to light up and smoke before taking a secret puff while they passing out, not caring which body he ended up in but he had awoken in Nina’s body and ran for it. 

“What are we going to do ?” Said Nina still crying as she looked still into the mirror. 

Tony sat there not knowing what to say but then he saw on the floor a large bag of blue drug that had caused all this. He looked at Nina and Spoke. 


But all Tony could do was drive back to his flat and let Nina stay with him. 

This is why you should never do drugs. 

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