Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Oh My

 “You want to swap bodies ?” Laughed Elliot as he looked at Debbie his very attractive next door neighbour who he was hoping had invited him over for some fun, Debbie sat down and looked at Elliot as he carried on laughing.  

Debbie smiled at Elliot and then said 
“Don’t believe me…..” 

“Oh My……” said Elliot as next thing he looked down to see a pair of boobs busting out of the very revealing top Debbie was wearing. 

“Your not laughing now” said Debbie as she watched a shocked Elliot fondle her boobs and explore other parts of her body. 

“Oh my you were telling the truth this is mental…..I have boobs and a pussy….” Elliot stopped talking as a hand started feeling the empty void between his new smooth legs.

Debbie watched for a while as Elliot looked into the mirror at his body every now and again he would look back at Debbie and then back at his reflection. 

“So what do you think, fancy staying like this for a couple of days ?”said Debbie 

“Errr……okay……yeah….” Stuttered Elliot 

“But why would you want to be me ?” Asked Elliot as he tried to walk forward and stumbled due to the high heels he was now wearing. 

“No reason really I just enjoy trying out different bodies I spent last week as Elaine but other than my ex husband I haven’t really tried guys body.” 

“Wow really that’s mad, Elaine she’s cute so what I just live your life for a couple of days.” 

“Yup just enjoy the next couple of days in your body” said Debbie 

Elliot watched as Debbie left in his body leaving him in a big house with a female body, maybe a shower or a nice bath as he needed to explore this body….

Saturday, 27 November 2021

That Bitch!!! (NSFW)

“That Bitch!!!!! What has she done to me ?” Said Barney as he pulled down his top to reveal a pair of tits. 

Barney was meeting a girl called Martha a local Goth girl who Barney had a little crush on, she had never even looked or spoken to Barney until one day he spoke to her after witnessing her have a massive argument with some guy. 

To Barney shock Martha started chatting and flirting with him and asked to meet him at a old house just outside of town, Barney could not believe that Martha wanted to see him he was so nervous but could not wait. Barney arrived to see Martha sitting there reading a book and holding a bag as he walked in Martha got up and hugged him and then started removing strange items from the bag she had. 

“So Barney fancy joining me in a bit of magic ?” Said Martha. 

“Really you do magic ?” Said Barney as he sat down. 

“Yeah ready……..” Barney watched as Martha drew a symbol on the floor and then through a weird powder at him and then she grabbed his hand a cut it dripping his blood over the symbol….the wind started blowing hard as Martha looked at Barney with a smile….

Waking up Barney looked down and to his shock he found this the was no longer in his body. 

“She’s switch our bodies…….I’m her…..I’m Martha…..” Said Barney as he recovered his new boobs. 

Walking back into to town he saw his own body about to board a bus, pulling his own body out of the queue he spoke.  

“What’s going on Martha what have you done…..” Said Barney but His own body just pushed him away. 

“Go away, you don’t you understand I’m not Martha…I’m her boyfriend well ex boyfriend, we wanted to know what being the opposite sex would be like and Martha liked it, we were arguing about her not wanting to swap our bodies back when you approached me days ago, so I decided to lead you on knowing you would do anything for Martha I wanted to be a man again, I loved Martha but being her forever no thanks, I’m going now so long Martha.” Said his own body. 

Barney stood there feeling betrayed and heartbroken as she watched some guy boarding the bus in his body leaving him stuck as Martha. 

Monday, 22 November 2021

Put A Baby In My Daughter

Cheryl was so pissed at her daughter Hayley when she heard from Aaron Hayley’s husband that she had decided after 5 years of marriage that she did not want to have a baby, Cheryl was so upset she wanted grandchildren so she decided to act but she could not really see how she could get her daughter pregnant. 

Weeks later Cheryl had a idea she would swap bodies with Hayley and then get her pregnant all she had to do was dress up and seduce Aaron into having sex, simple really she thought as she picked up the phone to call a friend who knew a way of swapping bodies. 

Cheryl knew it was a little odd as she looked into the mirror at her daughters face her own body was asleep and locked in the guess bedroom deciding to drug her own body before the swap as Hayley would freak if she woke up in her mother’s body staring but one day Hayley would understand why she did what she did, Cheryl of course knew her daughter was a very attractive woman but as she started looking at her body she realised that she had not looked this young and beautiful in years. 

Cheryl was all dressed up waiting for Aaron to return home from work she stood there on the stairs dressed to impress and as Aaron entered the house he looked up and smiled. 

“Babe you look amazing….” Said Aaron 

But before he could utter another word Cheryl was kissing him and pulling him up the stairs to the bedroom as they entered and Aaron throw his wife onto the bed he opened the top draw of the dresser and picked up a condom. 

“No…no…..no….. my love I want you to put a baby in me…..” said Cheryl as she spread her daughters leg. 

Laying there after what was hands down the best sex Cheryl had ever experienced in her life Aaron rolled over and put his hand on his wife stomach. 

“I think we may of made a baby” said Aaron. 

Cheryl was hoping they had not made a baby, last night was amazing and she would not mind maybe having sex again with Aaron is this young body, maybe in the morning she thought as Aaron held her in his arms. 

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Family Curse 2 (NSFW)

Danny knew that at any moment he could be swapped into another family members body, he had found his first swap so odd but he could not help exploring and playing with his Aunts body he knew it was wrong but he could not help it Aunt Mel was a very sexy woman, Danny was laying there in bed drinking coffee when he felt odd like he was going to be sick….then next thing he knew he had his legs in the air, tits in his face and something else…. 

“Disgusting!!!!” Said Danny throwing the dildo away and looking down at what was his new body, unfortunately for Danny knew who’s body he was in as he was in his mum and dads bedroom. 

“Mum…….I’m in my mum’s body, what the fuck was Silvia doing……she such a slut….” Said Danny out loud. 

He slowly walked up to the mirror and gasped with shock he knew swapping with his mother was a possibility but to swap at the same time that Cousin Silvia was masturbating was awful, what Danny hated the most was that he could still feel the pleasure that Silvia was experiencing before he had swapped into his mother, he felt a little sick thinking about it. 

Putting this image out of his head Danny got the usual text from Ian’s his grandpa phone which meant his mum was in his body.
Confirm bodies please: 
Leanne (Mother) in Grandpa’s (Ian)  body 
Ian (Grandpa) in Doris body 
Doris (Grandma) in Aunt Mel’s body 
Aunt Mel (Aunty) in Uncle Tony’s body 
Uncle Tony (Uncle) in Silvia’s body 
Silvia (Cousin) in Nadine's body. 
Nadine (Sister) in Alan’ body 
Alan (Father) in Danny’s body. 
Danny sent his text: 
Danny (Son) In Leanne’s body. 

He looked at the list he hated the idea of Silvia in his sisters body as she had really respected his mother’s body very well but then Danny thought that these swaps have been happening for years so god knows what each family member had done in each others bodies. 

Danny looked back into the mirror and started looking closely at his mother’s face he felt odd after swapping with Aunt Mel, swapping with his own mother made him wish that the next swap was soon. 

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Did Not Take Long (NSFW)

Maggie and her boyfriend had agreed to swap bodies for 2 weeks in order to understand each other better all Maggie wanted after a week was to explore her own body with her new male body but Alan was completely against it he told Maggie it was never going to happen but Maggie knew she only had to wait before Alan would himself need to some sexual release as she knew how horny her body could get after a week without sex. 

Locked in a passionate kiss with her own body Maggie felt her new man hood rise as Alan started stripping, Maggie lifted her petite body up against the wall and thrusted into herself and started thrusting in and out. 

Alan could not speak as he was thrown up against the wall by his own body as his former penis penetrated him all he could do was scream out as waves of pleasure caused through his girlfriends petite body the pleasure built up until Alan felt his first female orgasm. 

Maggie and Alan laid there in each other’s arm trying to get there breath back, Maggie knew it would not take long for Alan to break and she was glad he did as the pleasure she felt was amazing, they swapped back a week late but 3 Days later the couple were arranging another 2 week swap they need to experience sex as each other again…..and again……

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Give Me That Statue (NSFW)

Jason had been helping his Aunt de-clutter her house he was moving one box when he noticed a strange looking statue poking out of the box he picked it up and started looking at it when his Aunt Nadine walked in and saw him holding it. 

"Give me that...." She said snatching it out if his hands but as she touched the statue the eyes lit up next thing they knew both were looking back at there own bodies. 

4 hours later......

"Erm.....Jason what the fuck do you think you are doing ?" Said Nadine as she walked into the bathroom to see her Nephew Jason playing with her body. 

"Sorry, it just so strange having a pussy and these tits there so big and heavy, I love them...." 

"Stop it......" Said Nadine as she hit her former body over the head. 

"Ouch stop hitting yourself" laughed Jason, as he continued staring down at the mature body of his aunt. 

"Concentrate, according to what I have just read the curse of that statue causes 2 people to swap bodies for 72 hours which mean you will have to go on my anniversary weekend...." Said Nadine as she again gave Jason evils as one of his new feminine hands dropped down and cupped one of her boobs. 

"Out of the bath I think you have soaped up enough of my body you litter perv" said Nadine 

"Fine, I can't believe I have to spend a entire weekend pretending to be you, plus I have to spend time with Uncle Mark the guy is so boring and what if he wants to have sex while I’m pretending to be you I mean it is your anniversary I can tell you now that is not going to happen " said Jason as he started drying off. 

"I cant say that Mark wont try but just say your tired or on your.... i mean my period, Look I don't like the idea of you pretending to be me either but if I try to explain what happened he will think we are insane, trust me this is the only solution" said Nadine 

70 hours later 2 hours before swapping back  

Nadine looked out the window and saw Jason walking up the drive with Mark she was so happy to see that Jason had looked after her body other than the terrible outfit choice Jason was wearing, Nadine was happy to know that in 2 hours she would be swapping back into her own body, she had kind of enjoyed being young again despite being in her nephews body plus she actually enjoyed being alone in her own house for the weekend. 

After a bit of small talk Nadine pulled Jason aside and asked about the weekend. 

"How did it go ?" Said Nadine 

"It was awful all Mark wanted to do was have sex with you....." 

"Please don't tell me......" 

"Of course not, I just told him I was to tired....he wasn't happy but he accepted it" Said Jason 

"Good Good" said Nadine. 

2 hours later 

Jason and Nadine swapped back, Jason left the house quickly as Nadine started talking to her husband.

"What a weekend babe, you have never fucked me like that before" said Mark 

Nadine eyes opened as she screamed out loud 


Jason could not tell his aunt that after a little to much Wine at dinner he found himself having sex with Mark, Nadine hated Jason for what he did while in her body and intended to destroy the Statue as she never wanted it’s curse to affect her again but when she got upstairs the statue was gone it turned out Jason had stolen it and maybe planned on using it again. 

Monday, 8 November 2021

Back And Ready (Update)


Sorry I have not been active for a while but have been super busy moving and trying to get set up again but now I'm back and ready to start posting again. 

Will be posting some new posts in the next couple of days if not sooner..... 

Thanks to those who messaged me or commented with your support.