Thursday, 30 December 2021

Swap.Net 1 (NSFW)

Bruce laid there naked in his girlfriend body when he heard her mobile ring sitting up he looked at the text Sophie had just text his and laughed. 

“She wants to swap back now…..No chance” said Bruce texting a reply. 

“She agreed 2 weeks and anyway charge a early switch back fee and I can’t afford that.” Said Bruce. 

Luke his friend sat up in his girlfriends body and spoke. 

“Strange Becky wants to extend for another 2 weeks and to be honest I’m going to agree, I kind of like being a chick…..I mean I have been using her vibrator every night this week and it’s amazing.” Said Luke 

“I mean I like Sophie body too but I know for a fact her period is due so a extension for me is out of the question” said Bruce. 

“Shit did not think of that, bet that’s why she wants to extend well I’m replying no, but I’m going to enjoy the last 4 days” said Luke. 

Bruce and Luke both swapped back with there girlfriends 4 days later, Bruce was interested in swapping with Sophie again but she refused, Bruce was disappointed but Sophie was not the only woman out there Bruce could swap with. 

Monday, 27 December 2021

Woman Have It Better….Much Better (NSFW)

“Fucking hell!!!!! This is amazing……this pussy is unbelievable being a woman is so…..I’m Cumming again……..ahhhhhh” Mark had been masturbating in his stepsister Nancy's body for hours now and he could not get over how much better masturbating as a girl was, he had orgasmed about 3 times and had just managed to make his new body squirt and he was still going. 

‘The Great Mind Swap’ had caused him to swap bodies with Nancy and after a couple of weeks they both found out they were stuck like this, Mark was so happy when he found out unlike Nancy who was so upset but he knew for a fact that she had been playing around in his body she was young horny and curious just like him. 

Mark laid there try to regain his breath feeling the last pulses of pleasure ripple through his new body….

“You little perv” said a familiar voice, covering himself up he saw his former body standing there. 

“What this is my body now and don’t pretend you having been jacking off in my body” said Mark. 

“Gross… I’m telling dad….I mean mum……fucking Great Mind Swap....its happening again” said Nancy as she ran off holding her crutch.  

Mark laughed as he knew fall well that Nancy had got a hard on by her won body half naked body, life was going to be different for Mark now but so far he could only see the swap as a improvement as he headed online to but himself some new toys. 

Monday, 20 December 2021

Fly Karma 2 (NSFW)


Part 1

James was so happy to see Janet return home after sending her away to get help, James did not understand why she had been acting like a fly but was so happy to see that she was no longer buzzing around the kitchen all though not completely herself again, at least she would now not freak out when she saw the fly spray. 

James did notice though that the fly swatter was in the bin. 

Little did James know that occupying the mature female body of Janet was a fly, a fly which now was starting to become more human and after being away had learnt many new human things. 

James took Janet out for a walk and things were going well she was engaging him in conversation a lot of the talk about what was James favourite sticky food to eat but James was happy she was just talking normally and they even manage to have a couple of laughs, but James could not help noticing little odd moments like when Janet walked passed a melting ice lolly on the floor she started walking towards it’s pouting and licking her lips and James had to pull her away. 

Returning home James watched as Janet went up stairs, James knew Janet was better she was not acting like a fly much anymore but he knew something was still not right with her and James thought he knew wait it was, since coming home they had not been physical with each other and James thought maybe after what had happened he did not want to be physical with her which was not true, James loved Janet but knew he had to wait until Janet was ready. 

The fly in Janet’s body was finding human life so much more interesting and also was finding its new female human body interesting as well it found a strange slit like body part between its human legs very interesting it felt wet and to the flys surprise sent a strange feeling through its human body when it touched it, laying there naked it started to explore its new form, it was exploring its body in a very odd position when James walked in. 

“Finally babe I’ve waited so long for this and now your better and ready we can start fresh and have some fun.” Said James as he unbuckled his belt. 

The fly laid there as it felt pleasure erupt throughout this new strange body it found it self in, the more James thrusted the more the Fly thought that it like being a human female and laid back to enjoy it. 

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Some People Are Just Perfect

“Now this is the life” said Shannon out loud as she sat down on the massive inflatable pool float and removed her sunglasses, Shannon did feel a little bad for Tanisha who was now stuck in her boring old life but Shannon could not lie after a week this body and life was a massive improvement. 

Yeah Shannon had lost her family who she loved but she also loved waking up in a massive house in her own room as she use to share with her little sister plus no bathing in a shared family bath, she now could relax in a massive Bath which had a jacuzzi setting which she found very enjoyable plus Tanisha body was amazing and Shannon loved how she looked, especially in this bikini. 

So far Shannon could find no fault with Tanisha life her parents were really nice but worked a lot which was not a problem as she loved being alone and just enjoying her new perfect life. 

Looking at her message on her phone she screamed “YES!!!!” As her new mum just texted asking if she wanted to go to Paris. 

“WHAT A LIFE!!!!” Shouted Shannon. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

My Girlfriends Stepmother Finale (2 Choice Ending)

After Kevin and Caitlin discovered how Monica had been switching bodies with everyone they decided to drive home and confront Monica. Caitlin knew that she would return home in order to retrieve some important documents and also get some cash out of the safe. 

Kevin was now finding it harder and harder living in Monica’s body he just wanted everything to be back to normal, he loved Caitlin and just wanted it to be her and him together in there own bodies but he knew Monica would not swap them all back she now had a escape she could leave and live in Caitlin’s younger body forever why would she want to swap back. 

Caitlin on the drive home had been trying to research the Necklace to find out how it works, she found a old story about 4 Necklaces made for a princess hundreds of years ago and 1 of these necklaces aloud 2 people to swap bodies when worn, Kevin needed a plan but no matter what he came up with he knew Monica would not go for it for all they knew she had left already and any chance of swapping back were gone. 

As they pulled up to the house both Kevin and Caitlin did not know what to expect but they had to try, what would happen when they entered the house. 

Sitting there was Monica in Caitlin's body stuffing Money into a bag….

Monica looked up and saw her former body and Kevin’s body standing there.

“What do you want I’m not swapping back so please just leave……” said Monica 

“Please Monica swap us back….I thought you loved me….” Said Caitlin getting upset in Kevin’s body. 

“I do and I tried to protect you by getting you away from him (pointing at her own body) but it did not work so now I’m leaving and I’m taking your body to start over.” 

“Please don’t leave us like this….we have the necklace we can swap back” said Kevin from Monica’s body. 

“The necklace does nothing but I will do one thing before I leave….this……” Said Monica. 

Waking up Kevin looked at his hands 

“I’m me again…..I’m me again….oh thank god no more Monica’s body….she swapped us back…..” 

“No she didn’t” said a voice 

Looking across Kevin saw Monica sitting up looking at her hands. 

“Caitlin…..are you in Monica’s body ?” Said Kevin really dreading 

“Yes I guess this was he parting gift at least we are our the correct sex…..” said Caitlin. 

After months of trying to find Caitlin while being in Monica’s body Kevin was now faced with a the prospect of loving the Caitlin while she in the body of Monica the woman who had caused all this madness or would it be impossible for Kevin to love Caitlin while in Monica’s body, Kevin decision was to…..

1. Stay With Caitlin (NSFW) 

2. Kevin Leaves Caitlin

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Truth Would Only Hurt Her (NSFW)

Lucy watched from the body of her dog 'Dotty' as her own body stood there in the bathroom feeling up her boobs while masturbating with her vibrator, she was in shock how had this happened she felt so strange in Dotty’s body she kept trying to speak but all she could do was bark and whimper as she watched her body orgasm, Lucy could not understand it how the hell was Dotty acting so human like in her body how did the dog know to do that to a female human body. 

Lucy was unaware that standing in the bathroom Vibrator pushed hard up against her new aching pussy was actually Lucy's Grandmother Mabel, Mabel had been planning on stealing her granddaughters body for years now but was waiting for the right moment. 

Mabel decided that a direct swap between her and Lucy would be to much of a problem so she decided to swap Lucy with her dog Dotty first and then she would swap bodies with 'Dotty' who for a moment had been in possession of a Lucy’s body, Mabel knew that her own body now acting like a dog would just be considered a mad old lady and shipped off to a hospital somewhere plus Lucy would always think that Dotty the dog was occupying her young vibrant body she would never truly know who was in her body and Mabel believed the truth would just hurt Lucy. 

Mabel had plans for her new life and after she orgasmed for the 3rd time she was not going to waste a moment as she started pulling out clothes to try on, she wanted to find herself a man to test her Granddaughters body out properly.  

Lucy would never find out that her grandmother had stolen her life and body she spent the rest of her days as a dog wondering how Dotty had been able to act so human like for all these years. 

Thursday, 2 December 2021

The Couple Swap 4

"How did it go ? did you enjoy showering in my body ?" said Ellie as Sam walked into there bedroom after spending over an hour in the bathroom. 

"Yeah it was fine....." Said Sam 

"Fine ? Fine ? my body is more than fine" said Ellie a little hurt. 

"Of course I think your body is banging babe it’s just could not get your engine started if you know what I mean" Said Sam. 

“Thank you, my body is as you put it ‘banging’ and as I said before if you come here I will show you how to get my engine started” Said Ellie as she pulled the towel away from Sam exposing her naked body. 

“I’ve told you not going to happen now come on, I’ve got to get ready as I can’t be late for your job and you’ve got things to do today in my body as well” Sam picked up the towel a covered Ellie’s body he could see that Ellie enjoyed seeing her self naked and he watched as she walked out of the room trying to push down her boner. 

Sam found getting Ellie body all ready and dressed up very fun he loved how the clothes looked on Ellie’s  and could not get enough of how good his ass looked in that skirt, a final brush of the hair and he was out the door remembering Ellie handbag and rucksack. Ready to explore the world in Ellie’s body. 

To be continued…..