Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Hey There

6 months ago after the Minor shift hit the town were Sue and Larry and swapped the 2 strangers Sue had reached out meet up with Larry to see if her needed any help adjusting to her body and she was shocked to see what he had done to her body when she meet up with him, in order to feel more like a man again, he cut her hair short he was dressing in very manly tops and had done his best to hide the fact he now had boobs. 

That day Sue was a little upset to see what had happened to her body Larry clearly hated being stuck in her body, Sue had of course been shocked when she realised she would be stuck as a man forever but she adjusted, she was just dreading tomorrow the day she was meeting Larry and her body again. 

Sue stood there waiting for Larry to arrive he was late but he was coming from the other side of town, Sue just hoped he was doing okay but she knew that he probably would never accept his new body and life…

“Hey there” 

Sue span around as she recognised that voice and as she turned around she almost fainted as she looked at her own body in disbelief. 

“I know, dressed a bit different than when we last meet” said Larry looking at his former body stunned facial expression. 

“Larry…..you look wonderful….you look like a woman……I can’t believe the difference” said Sue struggling for words. 

“It’s taken a lot of adjusting but I’m finally starting accept that this is my new body and life now” 

“You don’t hate being me anymore ?” Said Sue. 

“I did. I hated being a girl so much but after a while I realised how stupid I was being so I started to embrace my new body and look at me now I feel so comfortable the way I’m dressed now” 

“I’m happy for you Larry……” Larry cut across her. 

“I like to be called Sue now….” He said. 

“Okay…..Sue, shall we get a coffee or something ?” 

“Sounds great I can tell you about what I’ve been up to recently” said Larry as he and Sue started walking towards a coffee shop.

Turned out that Larry had adjusted a lot to his new life and body he told Sue about everything he had done since they last meet, including dating, getting a new job and a upcoming holiday he had booked. Sue could not believe how much Larry had changed as she sat there drinking her coffee she watch in shock as a guy started flirting with Larry at the counter when he went up to get another coffee for them both and she saw him give his number to that guy. 

Larry was certainly now enjoying his new body and life as he returned with some more coffee. 

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